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By: john

Mon, 23 Jul 2007 02:54:14 +0000

As a lifelong and devout Roman Catholic, I was personally saddened by the 'clarification' coming out of Rome. The sad part about the 'clarification' is that it does NOT say what it is interpreted to say (i.e.: that Catholics have a lock on the path to salvation and that Protestants are out of communion with Christ) BUT that is how it will be read. It just will. Does anyone really believe that some of these twisted priests who have physically, emotionally, and spiritually harmed children are in better stead with God than some truly holy Protestant, like Billy Graham? I assure you the Pope does not think that. In fact, it is a very 'Catholic' dogma the believe that it is solely in God's realm to declare salvation, and we are not worthy to judge who is or is not fitting in God's eyes to enter paradise (Catholic or non-Catholic alike). Obviously, all devout Catholics believe that they have it right or else they wouldn't be Catholic. Obviously, all devout Protestant brothers and sisters in Christ believes that the Catholic church does not have it right, or else they WOULD be Catholic. Like Christ's disciples, we are hard-wired to quarrel (remember the riff they got into over their anticipated places in Heaven), and only through the grace of God can we rise above it to do His work. If my Protestant brothers and sisters wish to assert that the post-reformation Catholic church is not legit, and not technically a real church, or that there is no legitimate apostolic succession, or whatever else they wish to fire back at us- fine, turnabout is fair play. What I would RATHER hear from both sides of the Catholic/Protestant divide is: how can I live today and tomorrow and the next day in a way pleasing to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior? Sigh.... with all of the suffering, injustice, starvation, cruelty, and death in the world, why oh why would we wish to send out a document highlighting differences with our Protestant brothers and sisters, rather than finding common ground and building bridges? I hope this fire burns out quickly and allows us to get back to the charitable and humanitarian works that churches do best.....