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Anyone still use nPOPuk?
Hi -
We're releasing nPOPuk 3.0 this week, and I wonder: does anyone actually still use it actively on Windows CE? Many of my beta testers say they've moved to Android. The reason I'm asking on the HPC Pro forum is that I found my major improvement doesn't compile for WinCE211, because CP_UTF8 is not defined, and the OS apparently does not have the UTF-8 codepage installed.

nPOPuk used to save the messages to disk/flash memory using CP_ACP, the default codepage, and it would make a complete hash of messages in eg Cyrillic. I'm considering writing a UTF-16 to UTF-8 function (or finding one I can use for free), but if no one actually uses nPOPuk on WinCE211 or WinCE3, then I won't bother. I did compile a version for WinCE 5 (and later), which supports UTF-8.

Conduits Pocket Browser license?
Since there's no way to purchase this program now and Conduits don't reply to any emails I've sent them, does anyone have a valid license that I can use (if legal)?

Seems like their website hasn't updated since 2012, so I highly doubt they support any of their software now.

Any modern web browser?
I am looking for a web browser to use on my Jornada 680, but IE is way outdated (obviously) and Conduits PocketBrowser is shareware and has even less functionality.
There's WinWAP Browser, of which an evaluation copy is provided, and it is claimed to support SH3, but the evaluation copy is for Pocket PC on Windows Mobile.
I even emailed the developers to no avail :(

I also plan on obtaining a big CF and installing JLime, but I'd like to push WinCE to its limits in the meanwhile.

Will a MobilePro 770 battery fit other devices?
Okay, so I saw on ebay this awesome battery Addon for the NEC MobilePro 770 and was wondering if it would fit a MP 790 or 780. Does anyone here know? It would be awesome to have a "modern" H/PC powered by double A batteries. Are there any other models with battery addon packs like this?

NEC MobilePro770 AA 6v 3.6w Battery Adapter New MC-BA10
eBay auction:

Jornada 680 (WinCE 2.11 / H/PC 3.0) - SSL not working
As I said in the subject. I use an Orinoco Silver (PC24E-H-FC) WLAN card (operating tethered to my Android phone).
When I try visiting any site via HTTPS, IE just fails: "Unable to establish secure connection".
I've already installed the 128-bit SSL driver which did not change anything.
I've even found an obscure utility called rootcert (from MS SQL Server CE 1.1), which can import certificates into the registry.
It successfully imported my DER-encoded root certificates (I was using the GeoTrust Global CA for testing), I verified that in regedit (from Power Toys 3.0).

Still, nothing else happened, and I am quite disappointed.
Any ideas?

3Com 3C589 issues
Hi all

Stuck with 3Com 3C589 on a Jornada 680, have installed the drivers from this site but cant seem to get it to connect/get an ip at all.

Anyone have any ideas ?

Anyone still use a Jornada 690 in the Year 2016
Just curious to see if anyone still plays around with the vintage tech and what you have installed on your Jornada.

3com Etherlink III 3C589C Drivers?
Hello! I just joined this forum.

Does anyone still have the drivers for 3com Etherlink III 3C589C for windows CE 2.11? I need it for my HP Jornada 680, and i think i have searched everywhere for the drivers.


EDIT: Nevermind, i got the driver. Now im just configuring it to work with my network bridge

Dlink DWL-650 Rev P1 in a IBM Workpad Z50
Can anyone help geting this combination to work? I managed to find the driver and software for this card for Windows XP using a PRISMNDS.sys file as a driver.

Is it possible to get it working with Windows CE2.11 on my IBM Workpad Z50?

Can someone send me a driver file which I can place on a CompactFlash? Will this work or do I have to use Activesync?

I read an article on HPCFACTOR about compiling driver files, but I dont understand it. Can anyone help?

HELP !! Research Lemmings for J680
I am looking for Lemmings games fore J680.
Thanks a lot !

Software Installation error
I am trying to install a program onto a couple of hpcs. One is a Jornada 690 and the other is a Mobilepro 780. The software is/was sold by Hardcover Software named Cyber Man, a Pac man knock off. I purchased this years ago and never had an issue installing it. I am using activesync 3.8 on a PC running XP. The erro message is:
"An error occurred during the move data process:-623"

Any ideas as to what this means?


HELP !! Research DOOM for J680
Hello, I'm looking for DOOM on J680.
If you program or a track called me!
Thank a lot!

Driver for Dlink DWL-AG660
I am trying to install NetBSD 7 on my IBM Workpad z50 via FTP and need a working wireless card.
I purchased a Dlink DWL-AG660 which is supported under NetBSD however I cant get the device recognised under Windows CE.
I didn't think this would be a problem as thought the Atheros driver would pick it up when installing the NetBSD kernel.
Does anyone have a Windows CE driver or something so can get it working under CE first?

SSH client for MIPS
I'm looking for a SSH client for MIPS H/PC Pro.

Does anybody know one that is available for download still?

Connecting a Jornada 680 to wifi?
Hi All,

I am new to this site, but I think I have come to the right place for my question! I have an HP Jornada 680 that i really haven't done anything much with. I am wondering how I might go about connecting this to modern wifi? Can anyone please help me out? I'm not really sure what pc card/ or compact flash card or what i need to get to make it work with wifi.

Thanks in advance!