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Yahoo Messenger not displaying messages

Wed, 06 Apr 2016 14:47:57 -0700

I have been using YM to communicate with a co-worker for a while. Recently, he upgraded. Since then, I do not see his messages when they come in. I have to log out of yahoo mail and then log back in to see any new messages.

I tried to delete YM but cannot. It does not show up under Programs and Features

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Is Yahoo Support (0800-086-8676) Customer Care,Phone Number

Mon, 07 Dec 2015 01:42:41 -0800

What on earth do I do?


Midday, a spam email was sent from my account to all my contacts. I could still log on, see my emails and send new emails but no incoming mails were reaching my mail box. Asked a quesiton on Yahoo Answers forum, but got a useless response

Tuesday, by 2pm my account was suspended completely, I can;t log in? I cant reset my password? there is on line form to fill out to contact customer care, I filled it out, but no one has responded.

Wednesday, still cant log in to my account, filled out the form again, but again no response

Thursday, still cant log in to my account - 8 years of emails lost. Lots of security and privacy concerns. Tried phoning yahoo, but the london number[Removed]is for billing enquiries and you need a credit card, I dont pay for any services from Yahoo, and this is not a billing enquiry.

HOW DO YOU CONTACT YAHOO, and I don;t mean an online form, I have done all that, I mean telephone and speak to a person, or LIVE CHAT with a human not a "Bot"

So I want to ask what is Genuine Yahoo Phone Number For United Kingdom, is 0800 086 8676 Yahoo Contact Phone Number UK


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Website Crawling problem on Yahoo and Bing!!

Fri, 27 Jun 2014 05:35:35 -0700


I am working as an Online Marketer and now i am looking my website indexed by Bing bot and Yahoo slurp but my website is not ranked on those browser despite all when i searched it on Google it is on first page from "Make You Travel" website www(dot)makeyoutravel(dot)com.
Please suggest me what to do to be on rank with the domain name keyword

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About Yahoo

Wed, 11 Dec 2013 02:46:57 -0800

Hi friends,
I am new to this Forum and didnt use yahoo for Search results. but now our clients were targeting the yahoo SERPs. In Google we will have Analytics, Webmaster tools and adwords. In yahoo also we will have the same benefits. Explain me friends what benefits we will get by yahoo and how we will get adsense from yahoo.

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Yahoo Groups to website transition

Fri, 06 May 2011 02:07:23 -0700

Does anyone have a Yahoo Group that is doing very well and want to make it into a site of it s own? Has anyone ever done this before?

Id like to hear from anyone that has experience with migrating to a static site that you have more control over. Things like the CMS used and plugins/themes. I have been using Drupal but find the themes arent that great and it is a little bit complicated for many users. If there were a clone of the groups though that would make it an easy switch. Anyhow, the point in doing this is to have more control to make some money. Yahoo groups give you like 2000 characters to put on the main page and that is it.

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Deleting pages from Yahoo index

Fri, 22 Apr 2011 02:19:19 -0700

Google has an option to remove url or remove from cache option - what is the procedure for Yahoo to remove a search result (an outdated page or nonexistent page on your site perhaps) or to delete a cached page?

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Yahoo Messenger Deletion Error : -50304

Sat, 01 Jan 2011 22:43:46 -0800

Jatin: H i Miles .Jatin: I was talking with Trixi .. something like this name .Miles: Hi! Welcome to our Yahoo! Messenger Live Chat service. Im glad youve joined us.Miles: Please hold for about 1-2 minutes while I read your chat history.Jatin: ok ..Miles: Thank you for waiting. Ill be with you in just a moment.Jatin: ok // no problem .Miles: Thank you for waiting.Miles: As I understand, it gives you an error message deleting a contact in Yahoo! Messenger. Am I right?Jatin: yes right /Miles: Thank you for the confirmation.Miles: I do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.Jatin: But is showing server error not mine computer problem .Miles: What is the error message that you are getting when deleting a contact in Yahoo! Messenger?Jatin: no error msg . I am login in yahoo already .Jatin: -50304Miles: I see. Please try to delete a contact now.Jatin: ok . 1 min . i add mine and delete . else how many frds i find for delete .Miles: Sure, Ill wait here.Jatin: -40402 . single deletion operation . But error msg same . & -50304 : for Multiple Deletion .Miles: I see. Thanks for letting me know.Miles: Let us check your version.Miles: Heres how:Jatin: yes , new one .Miles: 1. On your Yahoo! Messenger window, go to the "Help" menu.Miles: Let me know when youre on the "Help" menu.Jatin: i installed by ur another operators instruction .Jatin: Okay, thank you.Miles: Please sign out from Yahoo! Messenger, and tell me when youre done.Jatin: ok .Jatin: but when u sign in , please add 2 - 3 contacts and then delete .Jatin: ok , Done .Miles: Please sign in to the link below:Miles: dot com/Jatin: okMiles: Tell me when youre signed in.Jatin: yes . I am .Jatin: did .Miles: Please delete your the contacts that you wish to delete in Yahoo! Messenger for the Web.Jatin: ok .. wait sir . I add .Jatin: here no option to delete .Jatin: Multiple delete .Jatin: single can delete and no error , bcz here we do not have option to Mark "Delete from Address Book too " .Miles: Yes, in Yahoo! Messenger for the Web, you need to delete the contacts one at a time.Jatin: ok .Miles: Thats an alternative when you cant delete contacts in Yahoo! Messenger.Miles: When you sign in again to Yahoo! Messenger, the contacts that you have deleted in Yahoo! Messenger should be gone.Jatin: yes , I can understand it is . no problem . .Jatin: how can u know that I sign in in yahoo messenger ?Miles: What I mean to say is when you sign in to Yahoo! Messenger, the contacts that you have deleted should be gone.Jatin: ok . sir , understand .Jatin: now say me , what i can do or how can get solution ?Miles: Please get back to us instead, Jatin.Jatin: means ?Miles: I mean get back to this live chat.Jatin: yes , we are doing it . now ?Miles: Im sorry for the delay. Ill be with you as soon as I can.Miles: Thank you for waiting.Miles: Did you delete the contacts in Yahoo! Messenger for the Web?Jatin: yes , no error . bcz it;s only messenger .Jatin: and this error only when i select from address book also .Jatin: bcz after when I am deleting contacts from messenger , it means i dont need for mail too .Jatin: so I click address-Book .Jatin: but Error comes after deletion finish .Miles: Okay, thanks for letting me know.Miles: Please try to delete those contacts from Yahoo! Messenger for the Web first.Miles: If the contacts are still showing when you sign back in to Yahoo! Messenger, please uninstall and reinstall your Yahoo! Messenger this time.Miles: Should the issue still persist, please get back to us immediately.Miles: I sincerely appreciate your cooperation and patience while we troubleshoot your issue.Miles: Is there anything else I can help you with?Jatin: wait sirMiles: Sure, I am here.Jatin: no . the contacts i deleted from webyahoo , it is no in my yahoo messenger .Jatin: but the problem is u know sir, it is different . not this .[...]

Yahoo Messenger At Sign In

Fri, 14 Jan 2011 11:33:52 -0800

Hello Everyone ! I am new here and sure hope someone can answer this for me ....At the YM sign, everyone knows there is a " Smiley " there sleeping and when we hit the " Sign In " button ...the smiley comes alive and bounces up and down until sign in has finished ...WELL ....when I hit sign in the Smiley comes alive and ALWAYS the right eye pops open and then make a different facial expression at every sign in . The right eye pops open Everytime but has a different facial expression every sign in . Some expressions are very strange ! I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this because this has been going on for at least 8 month and the " Bug " survives a Complete Clean Install because I have gone through this 2 times and the YM Starangeness Stays . I sure hope someone can help me with this not know who to ask . I have posted this in several places but nobody will touch this on with a 10 foot pole ! Thanks

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Ways on not Being Flagged as Spam on Yahoo Answers?

Mon, 14 Mar 2011 01:06:01 -0700

Im currently answering questions on yahoo answers and one of my answers was marked as spam even if it was unique and helpful.

I always change my responses and I always provide good information. A lot of my answers have been chosen as best and I dont want this to happen again... Can you help me to avoid this? Thanks !

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Yahoo Messenger not showing messages

Sun, 16 Mar 2008 20:52:21 -0700


my yahoo messenger wont show any messages on the IM window. I can see what i am typing but not when ive sent it already. I cant also see the messages sent for me. Ive already reinstall different versions of yahoo messenger and have followed the instructions to troubleshoot it but it still doesnt work.

thank you

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