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Functional Plant Biology

Recent research papers from the peer-reviewed journal Functional Plant Biology


Stomata control is changed in a chlorophyll b-free barley mutant


Elena V. Tyutereva, Valeria A. Dmitrieva, Alexey L. Shavarda, Olga V. Voitsekhovskaja

Simulating daily field crop canopy photosynthesis: an integrated software package


Alex Wu, Al Doherty, Graham D. Farquhar, Graeme L. Hammer

The LmSAP gene isolated from the halotolerant Lobularia maritima improves salt and ionic tolerance in transgenic tobacco lines


Rania Ben Saad, Ameny Farhat-Khemekhem, Nihed Ben Halima, Karim Ben Hamed, Faical Brini, Walid Saibi

NaCl markedly improved the reproductive capacity of the euhalophyte Suaeda salsa


Jianrong Guo, Yandi Li, Guoliang Han, Jie Song, Baoshan Wang

Protecting cotton crops under elevated CO 2 from waterlogging by managing ethylene


Ullah Najeeb, Daniel K. Y. Tan, Michael P. Bange, Brian J. Atwell

Co-inoculation of maize with Azospirillum brasilense and Rhizobium tropici as a strategy to mitigate salinity stress


Josiane Fukami, Clara de la Osa, Francisco Javier Ollero, Manuel Megías, Mariangela Hungria

The pros and cons of GM crops


Jennifer A. Thomson

Expressing Arabidopsis thaliana V-ATPase subunit C in barley (Hordeum vulgare) improves plant performance under saline condition by enabling better osmotic adjustment


Getnet D. Adem, Stuart J. Roy, Yuqing Huang, Zhong-Hua Chen, Feifei Wang, Meixue Zhou, John P. Bowman, Paul Holford, Sergey Shabala - Volume 44(12)

Variation in shoot tolerance mechanisms not related to ion toxicity in barley


Joanne Tilbrook, Rhiannon K. Schilling, Bettina Berger, Alexandre F. Garcia, Christine Trittermann, Stewart Coventry, Huwaida Rabie, Chris Brien, Martin Nguyen, Mark Tester, Stuart J. Roy - Volume 44(12)

Small rainfall pulses affected leaf photosynthesis rather than biomass production of dominant species in semiarid grassland community on Loess Plateau of China


Peifeng Xiong, Jiali Shu, He Zhang, Zhao Jia, Jinxi Song, Jairo A. Palta, Bingcheng Xu - Volume 44(12)

Vegetative desiccation tolerance of Tripogon spicatus (Poaceae) from the tropical semiarid region of northeastern Brazil


Saulo de T. Aidar, Agnaldo R. de M. Chaves, Paulo I. Fernandes Júnior, Melquisedec de S. Oliveira, Benjamim P. da Costa Neto, Tercílio Calsa Junior, Carolina V. Morgante - Volume 44(11)

Relative contribution of photorespiration and antioxidative mechanisms in Caragana korshinskii under drought conditions across the Loess Plateau


Juan Bai, Tai Kang, Hongdou Wu, Baiyan Lu, Xiaogang Long, Xinjuan Luo, Yanyu Zhang, Yulu Zhou, Chunmei Gong - Volume 44(11)

The effect of elevated atmospheric [CO 2 ] and increased temperatures on an older and modern cotton cultivar


Katrina J. Broughton, Michael P. Bange, Remko A. Duursma, Paxton Payton, Renee A. Smith, Daniel K. Y. Tan, David T. Tissue - Volume 44(12)

Effects of Ni 2+ and Cu 2+ on K + and H + currents in lily pollen protoplasts


Maria Breygina, Denis V. Abramochkin, Nikita Maksimov, Igor Yermakov - Volume 44(12)

Light inhibition of foliar respiration in response to soil water availability and seasonal changes in temperature in Mediterranean holm oak (Quercus ilex) forest


Matthew H. Turnbull, Romà Ogaya, Adrià Barbeta, Josep Peñuelas, Joana Zaragoza-Castells, Owen K. Atkin, Fernando Valladares, Teresa E. Gimeno, Beatriz Pías, Kevin L. Griffin - Volume 44(12)

Divergence in plant water-use strategies in semiarid woody species


Rachael H. Nolan, Kendal A. Fairweather, Tonantzin Tarin, Nadia S. Santini, James Cleverly, Ralph Faux, Derek Eamus - Volume 44(11)

Roles played by invertase and gene expression in the development of the horn-shaped gall on leaves of Rhus chinensis


Zhen-Yuan Ruan, Xiao-Ming Chen, Pu Yang, Bing-Yi Wang - Volume 44(12)

Variation in photosynthetic traits related to access to water in semiarid Australian woody species


Rachael H. Nolan, Tonantzin Tarin, Kendal A. Fairweather, James Cleverly, Derek Eamus - Volume 44(11)