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The Center Of The Bible
The Center Of The Bible

3 Hymns
One Sunday a pastor told the congregation that the church needed some extra money........

Moses and Bush
Moses and Bush

Two friends and a Tiger
Two friends are walking in the jungle.

On a business trip
On a business trip, my father approached a security checkpoint at the airport.

During basic training
During basic training one lesson stood out from all the others:

One night at McChord Air Force Base
One night at McChord Air Force Base in Washington, I was dispatched to check out the security fence where an alarm had gone off.

Royal Navy Base's gates security
My husband, a U.S. Coast Guard pilot, was on an exchange tour with the Royal Navy in England.

Working as a server at a sushi bar
Working as a server at a sushi bar, I saw a customer trying to get my attention. "What's up, babe?"

The day I immigrated to the United States
The day I immigrated to the United States, I was given an alien ID card that featured a cute photo of me at age 15.

Rabbits for a little girl
An adorable little girl walked into my pet shop and asked, "Excuse me, do you have any rabbits here?"

My boyfriend
My boyfriend was working in the souvenir shop at the Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, England.

Fitness center applicants
Fitness center applicants at my hospital are queried about their medical problems.

Rushing to work
Rushing to work, I was driving too fast and as a result was pulled over by the highway patrol.

Tech support people
Tech support people like me spend our days on the phone with customers.

Working as a secretary
Working as a secretary at an international airport