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So Cal to Oregon

30 Dec 2014 05:52:23 -0800

My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Oregon over summer. We are starting in the High Desert and traveling up 395, so I'm looking for climbing

First time to Tahoe and Reno

01 Aug 2014 08:09:57 -0800

Hey folks. I'm heading to Lake Tahoe next weekend and then Reno the following weekend. I'm planning on finding some Sport Routes. Any

a very difficult question for rock climbing

25 Jul 2014 08:12:48 -0800

we are professional manufactory export rock climbing chalk ball, but now my profit is very very small, 60g chalk ball is only USD0.55/PC, 350 crushed

USA sport climbing without a car.

01 Jul 2014 01:08:18 -0800

Hello ladies and gentlemen, ...the time has come. Me and my friend(s?) are going to US for a month of sport-climbing. There has been plenty said

Looking for climbing partner for Southern California

13 May 2014 08:44:59 -0800

Looking for climbing partner for Southern California I'm flying in at LAX on the 14th and leaving the 20th I have some work to do in Santa Barbra

Ontario Climbing

21 Apr 2014 12:09:08 -0800

Hey, I live in Central Ontario, just North of Toronto. I know there is a section on the site that specifically talks about routes but its a bit

River Rock, Reno NV

13 Dec 2013 14:25:18 -0800

This might need to be in the trad forum, but I had a question about this crag. Is it all ground up, or can you walk off? Also, is it climbable in

Climbing Boulder Co Area

23 Oct 2013 21:22:25 -0800

Looking for a someone or more to go climb/boulder with in the Boulder, Co area Oct 26 to the 27 I'm also a photographer and looking to do some cool

How long to spend at rest stances

19 Oct 2013 15:49:57 -0800

Would be curious to hear how any you decide, in general, how long to stay at rest stances. I'm talking about on climbs you have trouble getting to


02 Oct 2013 09:30:31 -0800

I'm trying to find some decent sport climbing near Bar Harbor, Maine. I know of Canada Cliffs but that is all I've heard about thus far. Its kind of