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Preview: Ask MetaFilter questions tagged with funny

Ask MetaFilter questions tagged with funny

Questions tagged with 'funny' at Ask MetaFilter.

Published: Sat, 03 Feb 2018 17:01:37 -0800

Last Build Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2018 17:01:37 -0800


Food-related misnomers

Sat, 03 Feb 2018 17:01:37 -0800

What are some examples of food-related misnomers? For example, the infamous "Rocky Mountain Oysters" obviously have nothing to do with oysters, while a "Boston Cooler" is from Michigan, not Boston. Even restaurant names are welcome, like Boston/Boston's Pizza, which is not available anywhere near Boston.

Funny kids’ books with girl protagonists

Sat, 20 Jan 2018 12:08:30 -0800

Our daughter is 6 and has just devoured the [#] Storey Treehouse books. She’s quite lively and silly herself and I’d love to find more funny and surreal books like those, but I’d especially like to find ones with female lead characters. Can anyone recommend any children’s books, whether standalone or in a series, that feature girls being silly? There’s a female character in the Treehouse books, but she’s more of a sensible foil to the chaotic wackiness of the guys. And so many of the books for first readers with girl leads are fairly earnest, “girl detective” type tales, or about bloody fairies. (We’re in the UK, which seems to make a difference when it comes to children’s books - there isn’t always an overlap - but we can get hold of US titles.)

Korean drama prank video

Wed, 03 Jan 2018 09:58:30 -0800

I'm trying to find a humorous video (probably on Youtube) where a person goes up to strangers and improvs scenes like those from a Korean drama without them expecting it (reuniting with a lost child, paying off a loan shark, romantic proposal). It may have been from a Korean or Japanese game show type of video, but I can't recall exactly.

Funny, quirky, earnest movies?

Fri, 10 Nov 2017 13:08:01 -0800

Looking for movie recommendations for a blustery weekend. I loved "We Are The Best!" and "Lars and the Real Girl," because they were sweet and funny and slightly offbeat, but also earnest and thoughtful with endearing but not saccharine plots and characters. What other movies might I like?

What else is like Unicornland?

Sun, 29 Oct 2017 14:23:09 -0800

What else is like the short series Unicornland?

Basically I'm looking for fictional, "raw emotional realism" (crushingly awkward, inspiring, or otherwise) involving intimacy and sexuality that can still be over-the-top, satirical, or humorous.

Other things that vaguely remind me of this are the HBO show Girls, Fleabag, and the sitcom(?) You Me Her.

I need some short, funny or fun but *uncomplicated* videos to watch

Sat, 30 Sep 2017 17:41:06 -0800

I'm having a hard time concentrating, so I'm following doctor Google's advice and trying to relax my noggin. I'd like to have some short, funny, and fun videos to turn to this weekend. What are your favorites? Things like blooper reels from Prks and Rec or individual SNL skits would work, as would this Christopher Walkin Movie Dance Mashup. Otoh, things like my beloved Tig Notaro Taylor Dane Story would be too taxing even though I know it by heart. Animation is fine, short audio clips are fine, but probably no reading. I don't care if it's from real life or fictional. And no straight animal videos, I can trawl Johhny Wallflowers posts for that!

Distract me from my dripping sweat.

Wed, 27 Sep 2017 08:24:34 -0800

I'm looking for video series to watch for times that I'm at the gym (elliptical or rower). Something bright, mostly episodic, and will not make me feel uncomfortable if someone else sees what I'm watching. Absolutely no laugh tracks. Something I haven't seen already. Winter is coming, which means poorly shoveled sidewalks and unmaintained trail networks will move this runner to be indoors about 50% of the time. I've found that if I have nothing, or just music/podcasts I get bored out of my mind on a treadmill/elliptical/rower. However simple video is great for my mind. Reading is definitely out. I'd prefer tv series over movies because of the extended time getting to know the characters. I don't need constant fight scenes to push my pace, but something paced like Orange is the New Black would be a non-starter. I'd like something with at least 30 episodes, so no one-season series to fall in love with and gnash teeth and their canceled status. Something filmed within the last 20 years is probably better than newer. No laugh tracks, they're just making up for bad timing. I usually do ~60 minutes at the gym; I'm OK with episodes not meshing perfectly to time boundaries. By bright, I mean very few dark (mostly coloured black) scenes. Even with my tablet at 90% brightness with gym lights trying to chase away all shadows, cinematic dark scenes are essentially a black screen during a radio drama. My episodic request is that as a part of the exercising, from time to time I'll be more inward focused and I'll stop following the show and don't want to consider rewindingr. Assume that I won't pay attention to 25% of what I've seen, this shouldn't interfere with the series. At the same point, nothing too simple (kids shows) nor sappy. By not embarrassing, I mean something that won't offend someone else. Sex/seduction scenes, even the fit network standards would make me feel like a creep at the gym. Fan service definitely need not apply. Anything where one would need my headphones / or to have watched the show to not be offensive also counts, but I can't immediately think of an example what I mean by that. I haven't watched much Rick and Morty, but I get the feeling it would fall into this category? Examples of what I've used/tried and my thoughts: iZombie, was pretty perfect for what I was looking for, but I've run through this series three times already (well, the most recent season only got one play). Better off Ted. Bright, episodic pretty great. The only downside is it might have been a bit too funny - nothing that interfered with my ability to keep moving, but had some people giving me side eye for my frequent audible laughter. Dark Matter - Generally too dark, and this pretty much hits against my boundaries of plot vs episodicness. I definitely liked the small bits of action/fighting. Currently watching Terminator, the Sarah Connor chronicles - again, lots of dark scenes (but better than Dark Matter), and would be bordering on not being episodic enough if this was my first watching. Had a few scenes with Cameron or with Jesse and Derek that left me fast forwarding. Three more episodes and I'm out. Things I'm not considering and why: Archer (bright and episodic, but fails on embarrassment/offensiveness) Once Upon a Time (generally bright and colourful and I think I only saw the first season, but the family thing got a bit too played up instead of just the mix of modern and flashbacks of the fairy tales). Arrested Development - Seen too many times. The Office - Seen too many times. Doctor Who - Seen too many times. Farscape - Seen too many times. Mr Robot - I only saw the first season (not on an elliptical), but this seemed way to plot heavy for what I'm looking for. Modern Family - Have this for one of the kids, but it's only "meh" or "OK" - I don't find it engaging despite it hitting a lot of other points. Malcolm in the Middle - I lik[...]

Noun or Adjective?

Wed, 13 Sep 2017 15:28:28 -0800

School has started again and homework is in full swing, maybe I don't remember my parts of speech or have their functions mixed up but... "Yesterday Maria collected ten large eggs." What is the part of speech of ten in this case, I say Noun. So which is it and why? Thanks much.

After grieving, funny videos with chickens or goats?

Thu, 07 Sep 2017 06:08:16 -0800

A dear friend had to euthanize her elderly pet this week, and will need plenty time to be sorrowful. When she's ready to smile though, I'd love to send her a video or two that would give a guaranteed laugh. She absolutely loves chickens and goats and I'd love to forward a little trove of videos for her to check out if she feels the inclination. Do you have any favorites to share?

which quote or text should we print on the ceiling of our elevator?

Mon, 21 Aug 2017 05:12:08 -0800

Our office building manager has decided he wants to order a custom sticker to place on the ceiling of our elevator, which is in need of a little facelift. He wants to have a "fun" or "feel-good" quote to brighten people's day when (if) they look at it. Only he doesn't know what text exactly. I'm in charge of the graphic design for said text, but i'm personally not convinced we should have a text there at all, so i'm turning to the hivemind to convince me with your great ideas. Short is good, something that could be read in once glance. Funny, interesting fact, feel-good or uplifting are all good options.
If it's helpful, the building is home to a co-working space and smaller startups and companies who all focus on sustainability and social issues. Elevator users are mostly people who come to that building for the first time.
The manager's first ideas were along the lines of "did you know only really smart people look at elevator ceilings’ or ‘an elevator ride is the perfect moment for a quick hug’... meh.

Curious what you guys come up with, whether you've seen it before in an elevator somewhere, or think you'd like to see it in ours!

Looking for sassy Facebook posts that went viral

Mon, 19 Dec 2016 03:51:33 -0800

I'm interested in reading opinion-heavy, probably political, Facebook posts that went viral. Stuff like this and also this and this. I am particularly looking for posts that are satirical, humorous, sassy, witty, encapsulate a common view in a new and original way, and preferably of a liberal or left-wing bent. If you know of bloggers who are regularly churning out this kind of writing, please point me in their direction!

I can't get enough of this kind of post, but they don't seem to be collected in one particular place (or are they?), and they dont seem to pop up very often either, so I'm turning to the wonderfully up-to-date and media savvy world of MeFites to find as many of these as I can!


Happy Twitters!

Thu, 08 Dec 2016 16:55:58 -0800

I need some fun Twitter accounts to follow! Cartoons preferred.... I don't Tweet myself, but the all encompassing election 2016 threads made me aware that BLOOM COUNTY IS BACK and can be found on Twitter! So I follow Bloom County now and when I get an alert that there is something new it makes me feel warm and happy.

Any suggestions for other happy twitterers? I'm especially loving cartoons - I hadn't realized I'd missed the newspaper funnies that much.

I want to laugh, dammit!

Sat, 12 Nov 2016 08:04:09 -0800

I keep hearing we're in the golden age of TV. And yes, there's definitely too many acclaimed dramas to even keep up with, and new must-watch ones each year. But what are the great new sitcoms of today? What makes you laugh on a regular basis?

Montage of trying to teach someone something

Thu, 10 Nov 2016 09:47:20 -0800

Looking for a montage (maybe Simpson's?) where a group of people are trying to teach someone something and have to keep going backwards to a more and more simple idea because the student doesn't get it. The joke is that they have to go back pretty far, like to something incredibly basic that apparently the student doesn't know in order to move forward. This is what I'm picturing Trump's transition time being like, and can't get the idea of this montage out of my head. Like, I assume they'll have to teach him about the three branches of government and what/where the 50 states are.

Fake humorous cult recruiting video?

Tue, 06 Sep 2016 16:23:35 -0800

There is a YouTube video, several years old, that features an earnest-seeming commercial about individuals accepting some sort of cult religion. As the video went on, the material got more and more ridiculous. I feel like the fake cult starts with a K. The artist who put it together had 2 or 3 videos in the series. I know it was mentioned on MeFi before. Any help?

The right kind of funny

Fri, 01 Jul 2016 21:56:38 -0800

I enjoy taking in funny stuff as a relaxing escape from my intense social service job. Perhaps I can distill my personal sense of funny to: cerebral, not reactionary/racist/misogynist/etc, sometimes weird/surreal. I am a little bit snobby. I don't like violent comedies. Not so much looking for websites but that's OK in small amounts. International/subtitled OK! Please advise: Some stuff I find funny:

Terry Pratchett
Hitchhikers Guide
Steve Martin's Cool Shoes (yes to weirdness)
(Not as funny to me: Christopher Moore - more clever than funny?
Bill Bryson - just... didnt' make me laugh?)

Master of None
Broad City
Original Arrested Development
Lady Dynamite
(Didn't like: Louie - too uncomfortable! Portlandia - eh! Most sit coms I've ever tried to watch - just not funny to me!)

Pootie Tang
Galaxy Quest
The Muppet Movie
Monty Python
Hollywood Shuffle
Zanier early Woody Allen (but I don't watch him anymore because morally abhorrent)
Charlie Chaplin
(Not funny to me: Cohen Brothers - too violent [loved Raising Arizona])

@MrGeorgeWallace on Twitter - always funny!
Sarah Silverman
I don't really know who else I like in stand up as I don't follow this world but I have been pretty consistently liking Two Dope Queens because they choose pretty funny guests, and if the guest isn't so funny, they are not on very long!

Uh... I don't get it

Sun, 26 Jun 2016 07:25:34 -0800

I don't understand last week's Oglaf comic [NSFW ads]. Do you? And can you explain it? Thanks!

Looking for amusing advice podcasts

Sat, 25 Jun 2016 10:52:05 -0800

I'm looking for podcasts where the host and/or guests take listener calls or letters and answer them, but in a funny way. To be clear, I'm not talking about absurdist or humor podcasts that are only nominally advice podcasts (Judge John Hodgman or Me, My Brother and Me).

I'd like to find some podcasts or podcasts of radio shows where the hosts give real advice to real people, but also aim to amuse the audience. A couple of podcasts in this vein I've been listening to is Unqualified by Anna Faris and the J Train Podcast.


Looking for funny article about a young child arguing with parents

Wed, 25 May 2016 23:17:11 -0800

I remember reading a humorous article about a 4 year old arguing with her parent about whether she can have a cookie*, but I can't seem to find it in google. *I might have the age and cookie parts wrong.

help me be funny

Wed, 18 May 2016 08:11:33 -0800

I want to be funnier, as in, making people actually laugh, ideally having ‘funny’ be one of the descriptors friends and acquaintances use for me. I don’t really mean for stand-up, scripted, or professional purposes, just in general everyday scenarios and conversation. How do I go about this? Is there anything I can do to flex and tone those muscles? Details on dealbreakers etc. under the cut. So yeah I want to be funny(er). Most of the resources I see are for stand-up and crafting scripted jokes which is fine but I'd like to hone it for the everyday. I really admire for example people in interviews who have an easy humor. I'm wondering if some of that is self-confidence and willingness to make mistakes but I could do with some guidance.

I have a good sense of humor and people seem to think I’m pretty amusing but I want to up my game. That said, I have a pretty deep streak of social anxiety and deep remorse for things I’ve said going back to when I was like 12 sooo….. but it’s still a part of who I am and a part that I like and I think it’s worth developing. And also, my sense of humor is pretty weird apparently for a lot of people, moreso than I tend to think. I guess ‘goofball’ might apply, lame/dad humor on occasion, but often really bizarre/surreal/dada stuff as well. So.... a lot of tumblr humor basically. I shift a lot between dry/sardonic tone and overt enthusiasm.

Things I already know or suspect:
Reading the room — I think I already have a natural style I enjoy but I know that won’t work for everyone and I’m not sure how to be more flexible in that (within reason).
Medium matters (twitter vs. tumblr vs. real world conversation)

Dealbreakers include traditionally “edgy” or "shock" humor, deliberately offensive humor, extreme vitriolic anger, sexual/raunchy humor (I'm afab and while sexual humor seems to be one of the accepted kinds for women I am not gr8 with it for various reasons)
Things I think I'm pretty good with are self-effacing stuff, observational, sometimes movie riffing, uhhh I don’t even know really, I’m basically a total novice here. I think I’m pretty much one-liners and observations, I don’t do a lot of setup, which I think in casual conversation might be difficult anyway. In this article for example I think I am best when working with exaggeration and surprise.

I love satire but I’m not sure if it’s something I can pull off because it’s a delicate balancing act even professionals and the idea that I might go too far makes me nervous and probably guarantees I’ll tank. I really am not into comedy that starts out with the intent of hurting people's feelings or deliberately harassing marginalized groups. Punch up and all that.

Doing something like stand-up would be awesome someday but that’s just not where I’m at. Still, if you have any really good resources for things like developing a set/approach/etc. on hand I'm sure I'd appreciate that too.

Laughter may be the best medicine, but where can I buy some?

Tue, 17 Nov 2015 22:51:13 -0800

Movies, tv shows, YouTube, books .... looking for the BIG LAUGH. Not ironic, not sarcastic. Immediately, viscerally funny. Mr. K just finished a course of radiation treatments for the "odd lump in his throat" which was indeed cancer. Did that, are now focused on healing and immune strengthening. Norman Cousins claimed Vit. C and Marx Brothers movies did it for him. We find the Marx Brothers kind of tedious. We want out-loud, falling-over-on-the-couch laughing. Things like:

* The "Make 'em Laugh" scene with Donald O'Connor from "Singing in the Rain"
* Laurel and Hardy trying to get the piano up the stairs
* The 1997 Australian movie "The Castle"
* "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"
* "Airplane!"
* "Some Like It Hot"
* "Addams Family Values"

We already read out loud; two favorites are the Donald E. Westlake Dortmunder series and anything by P. G. Wodehouse.

I know there's more examples, but I'm too tired to think of titles. Please just bury me in suggestions. Thank you!!

More podcasts please.

Fri, 25 Sep 2015 08:49:57 -0800

What are some good podcasts about niche/specific interests hosted by comedians/comedy writers/funny people? Basically, I want the podcast to be funny and about a specific topic where that topic is not comedy/the comedy industry (Never Not Funny) or just goofing around (Jordan Jesse Go!) or generally talking about current events and pop culture (the Read, Pop Culture Happy Hour) or a very broad topic like 'movies' (How Did This Get Made?, Doug Likes Movies). So examples of stuff that fits:

Doughboys (chain restaurants)
Can I Pet Your Dog? (dogs)
The X-Files Files (the X-Files)
U Talkin' U2 To Me? (U2)
Sawbones (weird medical history)

It would also really be awesome to hear some not-white-guy-voices.

Also nothing featuring any of the McElrory brothers (yes I know two of the examples above have them.)

Funny Linux man page for IE (Internet Explorer) Anyone remember this?

Fri, 28 Aug 2015 16:25:25 -0800

Waaay back I ran across it and now I can't find it again. Google is failing me. Can you help? It was humorous in nature pointing out all the major flaws and whatnot. Link would be ideal! Thanks!

Still MORE funny, charming, intelligent movies?

Wed, 06 May 2015 08:16:24 -0800

Please recommend well-written, funny, charming, gentle movies. As a follow-up to my previous questions about charming TV shows and movies and smart Britcoms, I'm looking for still more intelligent and funny movies to watch - emphasis on just movies this time (not TV).

Here's what I'm looking for:

  • charming and gentle - avoiding excessive snark or cringy humor, as well as gory murder mysteries

  • really high quality - great writing, great acting, great directing

  • all countries welcome - US, UK, Canada, Australia; foreign language stuff is okay too

  • doesn't HAVE to be funny but definitely prefer at least some comedy in my dramedy

  • strong preference for stuff that's available in the US on DVD, although if you know of something amazing that's not available, I'd still love to hear about it for my "maybe someday" list

Things recommended in the previous thread I have now seen (and liked!):

Baghdad Cafe
Being There
Big Night
It Happened One Night
Lars and the Real Girl
Love Actually
Love in a Cold Climate
Me and You and Everyone We Know
Midnight in Paris
Mighty Aphrodite
Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont
Notting Hill
Shall We Dance
Sweet Land
Win Win

(And I'm still working my way through dpcoffin's fantastic suggestions.)

Other good examples - things I've seen and liked that exemplify what I'm looking for:

  • lots of Studio Ghibli, including Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and especially My Neighbor Totoro

  • lots of Pixar, including The Incredibles, Up, Finding Nemo, and Monsters Inc

  • Coraline and Paranormal


84 Charing Cross Road
The Artist
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Despicable Me
Galaxy Quest
In a World
Kitchen Stories
Lilo and Stitch
Monsieur Hulot's Holiday
Robot and Frank
Schultze Gets the Blues
The Triplets of Belleville

So - what have I missed? What else is out there?

Thank you so much!

Something funnier than "Hang in there, baby!"

Thu, 08 Jan 2015 23:46:31 -0800

My guy sent me this cute photo of a cactus when I was nervous about a big presentation. He has a big interview coming up. Do you know of a similarly adorable, quirky, inspirational-ish meme photo that I can send him? Because seriously, that cactus photo is awesome.