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JMail returns garbled FROM address ASP VBScript

Thu, 07 Jul 2016 13:13:20 -0700

Our website includes a listserver written in in ASP VBScript using JMail. It has been working fine for several years. I recently encountered a problem where emails sent from one particular group of users (all sending through the same agency email server). When JMail retrieves the FROM object from these users the email address is not displayed, but the last few characters from the end of the users FROMNAME is displayed. When I look at these messages through webmail, or other email clients the from address is correctly shown, only JMail seems to get confused.

The from name of the users is longer than usual and had commas, dashes, and a period so I tried to recreate the problem by formatting my personal email from in the same manner, but have not been able to repeat the behavior. JMail reports my from address correctly.

Here are two examples of the information being returned by JMail. The first is correctly reported:


vMsgNum - 1
msg.From -
msg.FromName - Chris Stockard
msg.ReplyTo -
msg.Subject - Test Message
msg.Body - Test Chris
msg.Attachments.Count - 0
msg.ContentType - multipart/alternative

Here is a test message showing the bad FROM return:


vMsgNum - 2
msg.From - CSA"
msg.FromName - "Morris, Shaunna K. - Police Department -
msg.ReplyTo -
msg.Subject - Test email
msg.Body - Hopefully you received this email.
msg.Attachments.Count - 1
msg.ContentType - multipart/related

Here is the simple test code I am using to test this problem:


Set pop3 = Server.CreateObject( "JMail.POP3" )
pop3.Connect "", "xxxxxxxxx", "x"xxxxxxx
vMsgCount = pop3.Count

Check for emails to process
If vMsgCount > 0 Then

For vMsgNum = 1 to vMsgCount
Get the message
Set msg = pop3.Messages.item(vMsgNum)

Response.Write("vMsgNum - " & vMsgNum & "
Response.Write("msg.From - " & msg.from & "
Response.Write("msg.FromName - " & msg.fromname & "
Response.Write("msg.ReplyTo - " & msg.replyto & "
Response.Write("msg.Subject - " & msg.Subject & "
Response.Write("msg.Body - " & msg.Body & "
Response.Write("msg.Attachments.Count - " & msg.Attachments.Count & "
Response.Write("msg.ContentType - " & msg.ContentType & "

Set headers = msg.headers
Response.Write("msg.Header - " & headers.text & "



End If

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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How to call one controller method from another controller ??

Mon, 04 Jul 2016 02:56:50 -0700

How to call one controller method from another controller in angular java script ??

WhenItry to call one controller method from another controller inthe angular Java script, But here occur error. I think somethingis missingthere. If anyonehasthe complete methodfor to do this, give answer me.

From : Mol-tech Solution

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PHP script to merge arrays with keys

Sat, 07 May 2016 16:53:18 -0700

Hopefully this is a simple array question which I am having trouble with.

I have a number of arrays that were created by someone else.
The array is


The arrays are created and stored. $i can vary from 0 to whatever number.

I know the value of $i whenever these arrays are created.

as an example I know the value of $i varies from 0 to 2, that is, 3 values of 0, 1 and 2

This means then that there are 3 arrays


What I need to do is combine these 3 arrays into one array with the value of $i as the key

[0] => Array
[ab] => xxxxxx
[cd] => yyyy
[ef] => 1798

[1] => Array
[ab] => hhhhhh
[cd] => pppp
[ef] => 3526

[2] => Array
[ab] => zzzzzz
[cd] => wwww
[ef] => 6258


Could someone help me out here?

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Using fsockopen() with IPv6

Fri, 06 May 2016 20:55:35 -0700

I have the following ipv6 address:


Now using the command prompt in my windows 8 I ping it and get:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600]
(c) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:WINDOWSsystem32>ping 2001:4998:58:c02::a9

Pinging 2001:4998:58:c02::a9 with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from 2001:4998:58:c02::a9: time=40ms
Reply from 2001:4998:58:c02::a9: time=64ms
Reply from 2001:4998:58:c02::a9: time=62ms
Reply from 2001:4998:58:c02::a9: time=42ms

Ping statistics for 2001:4998:58:c02::a9:
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 40ms, Maximum = 64ms, Average = 52ms

Now I try to connect using the fsockopen()

$fp = fsockopen([2001:4998:58:c02::a9], 80);

I put [ ] around ipv6 as mentioned in the PHP manual

When I run I get the following:

Could not connect to [2001:4998:58:c02::a9]
The error message was 101: Network is unreachable

Am I doing something wrong?

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IPv6 address from Hostaname

Mon, 02 May 2016 09:34:39 -0700

I am trying to get the IPv6 address of a hostname.

As an example:

$IPv6 = 2001:4998:c:a06::2:4008 or Expanded = 2001:4998:000c:0a06:0000:0000:0002:4008

I first get the hostname by

$hostname = gethostbyname("2001:4998:c:a06::2:4008") --->
$hostname = gethostbyname("2001:4998:000c:0a06:0000:0000:0002:4008") --->

Whether I use the compressed or full version ipv6 I get the same hostname.

Now I use the hostname to get the ip address

$ipaddress = gethostbyaddr("") --->
This is the IPv4 addresss.

I find the DNS_AAAA record by:

$recordAAAA = dns_get_record("", DNS_AAAA)

[0] => Array
[host] =>
[class] => IN
[ttl] => 300
[type] => AAAA
[ipv6] => 2001:4998:c:a06::2:4008


I can definitely see the ipv6 compressed address.

Is there any way to use the gethostbyaddr() function somehow to get the ipv6
Having to use the DNS_AAAA record is not very efficient
I am surprised that this was not thought of.
Maybe it was and I just need to find out how to do it.?


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preg_match colon :

Fri, 29 Apr 2016 11:39:55 -0700

Hopefully a simple question.

I need to detect if a colon (:) is in a string

I need to use the negative as there must be no colon in order to do something:

//If no colon found do something
//colon found

I have tried various regex versions but cannot seem to do it.

They say the colon is special, could be a delimiter, etc.
Does this mean there is a special way to detect it.

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Learning C#

Wed, 27 Apr 2016 13:11:07 -0700

Well, Ive decided to learn C# and in the progress, Ill be having a lot of questions on it. So Ill start one thread for all of them so I dont litter the forum with tons of threads.

My first question is concerning bitwise operators (Tutorialspoint). I Dont understand them. Additionally, the shifting operators in there got me even more confused (E.I: A << 2 = 240, which is 1111 0000)*

Any help in getting this sorted out for me would be greatly appreciated

* = Example taken from Tutorialspoint

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Limit maximum length of PHP array

Tue, 26 Apr 2016 11:42:45 -0700

I create an output file called $output which is a number of text lines with line breaks
These lines are created on a webpage for which I then use cURL to get the contents which are the text lines with line breaks.

I then create an array as follows:

$arrayoutput = explode("n", $output);

This works quite good until the $output file becomes so large I get the following error:

Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32 bytes) ---> 128M

The $output file is not always that big, but on occasion can be.

Now I do not want to increase memory levels or anything like that.
I would like to be able to limit the maximimum length of the array.

Lets say, create the array with only, 100,000 lines maximum in it, or whatever to be within memory limits.
When it reaches 100,000 elements, it stops

Is it possible to do this?

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PHP Blacklist Checker

Wed, 20 Apr 2016 22:17:57 -0700

Hi All

I developed a PHP script that checks to see if a Domain/IP Address is on any of the Blacklists.

When I check a Domain, I find the associated IP Address and then do the test.
For an IP address, the test is done directly.

I have a problem, I think, when the domain name does not resolve to an IP Address.

From what I see on the net, IPs are used to check against the Blacklists.

If a domain name does not resolve to an IP Address, does that mean I cannot check it against the Blacklists.

Would appreciate some comments.
I would like my scripts, or scripts, to be able to check both domain(with and without resolve to IP) and straight IP addresses.


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Best programming language to edit video/pictures

Wed, 13 Apr 2016 08:28:35 -0700

I have an idea for a video/image editor and would like to know which language would be best suitable for such a program?

I dont know if the computer does this by itself or if it needs to be directly implemented in the program, but I would like the program to take advantage of processor threads and all other features available. This would be a learning project for me (want to start from scratch... from 0) and would also be something interesting once done (if Ill be able to get it done).

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