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Ozzu $100 Contest

Fri, 14 Mar 2014 07:51:44 -0700

We had sent out a message earlier in the week, but I wanted to remind those who missed the message that our $100 Contest begins tomorrow, March 15 at 12:00 am PDT. You can start checking standings tomorrow after it begins here:

We are giving away $100.00 and bragging rights this month to the member who most consistently posts on Ozzu. The dates we are counting are from:

March 15 @ 12:00 am
April 14 @ 11:59 pm

All you gotta do is login like you normally do, and post! Learn something new, or help someone out!

Fine Details: There is no cost to participate. You get a point for each day that you make at least one constructive post on Ozzu. The maximum points you can earn during this period is 31 points. The member with the most points will win $100.00 USD. A post will be disqualified if it is deemed not constructive, but you can still earn a point for that day if you have at least one constructive post. A post is deemed constructive if it offers unique value to a thread, is on topic, contains at least 150 characters, and doesnt break any of the forum rules. In the event there is a tie, the member with the most constructive posts during this 31 day window will receive the prize. If there is still a tie, the earnings will be split evenly among the tied winners. Any member can participate, including moderators, as long as you meet eligibility requirements. Contest starts on March 15 at 12:00am PDT, and ends on April 14 at 11:59pm PDT. Winner(s) will be determined within seven business days of the contest closing. You can find the full Official Contest Rules and Standings here:

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Server Upgrades

Mon, 24 Jun 2013 21:55:47 -0700

Just a quick heads up that we are upgrading many of our servers over the next few days, which includes the server Ozzu sits on. We are going from Redhat to CentOS and getting better hardware. For those of you interested before Ozzu (this site) was on:

Intel Xeon 3060 2.4 Ghz Dual Core Processor
4 GB Ram
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64 bit

We are migrating to:

Intel Xeon-IvyBridge E3-1270 V2-Quadcore 3.5GHz
8 GB Ram
CentOS 64 Bit
SSD Drive

We are also migrating our DNS servers which affect both Ozzu and all of our customers to CentOS from Redhat.

The main reason we are migrating away from Redhat is that Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) has changed how their licensing works and due to that we would be charged and additional $45 license fee per processor per month. This adds up. CentOS remains free, and thus our reasons for migrating to it.

There may be a bit of downtime over the next few days as we migrate everything over, but shouldnt be much. Everything should remain the same or better with our upgraded processors, double RAM, and use of the SSD drive.

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Ozzu's 10th Anniversary and the Next Decade

Thu, 20 Dec 2012 14:38:13 -0800

Today at 2:38 pm PST Ozzu became 10 years old. It has been an amazing ride so far, and am looking forward to another 10 years. We have been lucky over the years to have all sorts of amazing people contribute and participate at Ozzu. Without them Ozzu would not be where it is today.ozzu-10-year-anniversary.pngWhat do we have to look forward to in the coming 10 years?Ozzu is currently in the process of being completely re-designed from the ground up and will no longer be using phpBB. A few of the major drawbacks with phpBB is that spammers often target websites that run that board, because once they crack the registration they can target thousands of websites in an automated manner. Another major drawback, at least for me with phpBB, is that their release cycle occurs frequently enough that it is hard to maintain all of the additional modifications that we make. With the current Ozzu there are over 80 additional features/modifications added to the software, and it makes it quite a chore to upgrade and stay up to date with phpBB. With our new system since it will be all proprietary, we will no longer be dependent on phpBB or the problems they cause as far as maintaining Ozzu and releasing new features. This will open Ozzu up to being able to have lots of new core features including:BadgesBadges for hitting certain milestones, or passing certain tests which can include a variety of things. Badges could be awarded for trying new things on Ozzu that you have not done before. Badges could also be awarded for passing tests such as a complete understanding of how Ozzu works, skill tests for a variety of different fields including an understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C/C++, Python, Ruby, etc.PointsPoints will be rewarded to members when other members like their topics or replies, or if you receive a reward from answering a topic with a bounty. These points that you receive can be used for placing new bounties on threads to encourage members to answer it. An increase in points will also grant members more privileges and eventually being a full moderator.Tagging SystemTagging system to completely re-organize Ozzu. Ozzu Members will be able to "follow" certain tags that they are interested to see the posts important to them. This will make it easier for members to post as they wont have to figure out where their topic would best be located. One problem in the past is that certain topics actually do belong in more than one forum category, so it didnt make sense from an organizational standpoint. This should resolve that and simplify the posting process.New Authentication SystemAuthentication system which allows you to easily register or login via Facebook, Twitter, Google, or any website that uses OpenID. We will most likely be dropping all captchas as this only discourages members to join our community. The burden should be on Ozzu to find a way to stop spammers, not new members. This should make registering and logging in extremely easy. Here is a sneak peak at what the new dialog currently looks like:ozzu-login-preview.pngSocial MediaMuch better integration with social media to help keep our members engaged and participating in our community. Will optionally allow members to also have any topics they post be sent via their social media channels to encourage more replies. Popular topics on Ozzu will also be posted on Ozzus social media feeds.Different Types of TopicsDifferent topic types including: Question/Answer, Discussion, and Article/Tutorial/Blog.The Question/Answer topic type will allow a member to post a question and the answers will be organized by the ones with the most up votes or an answer marked for solving the question. Remarks can be made on the question or answers via members, and members with enough privileges will be able to edit topics or answers to make them more clear, or to fix typos, grammar, etc.A Discussion Type topic will be very similar to how Ozzu currently is, with any replies done in a sequential fashion based on when they were [...]

Updated Signature and Link Restrictions

Thu, 06 Oct 2011 17:37:09 -0700

Just a quick announcement that the restrictions in place now have lower thresholds. In the past to be able to post links or have a signature you needed to have:

150 posts and to be a member for at least 90 days

The new restrictions in affect are:

20 posts and to be a member for at least 30 days.

Will continue to monitor things to see how it goes.

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Ozzu is now using Secure Pages

Mon, 09 May 2011 13:30:58 -0700

Some areas on Ozzu are now using secure pages to prevent eavesdropping by other third parties. On these secure pages we encrypt the information you enter before it is sent via secure socket layer (SSL) technology. Areas on Ozzu that are currently using SSL include the registration area, user login area, payment areas, and any other area where sensitive data may be transmitted. This will allow members to securely login using their credentials at public places including libraries, Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels, or other areas where someone could potentially be looking at data you are sending.

If you notice any problems with the changes please let us know so we can address the issue. Thanks!

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Ozzu is now on Facebook!

Sun, 03 Apr 2011 12:48:37 -0700

Ozzu is now on Facebook, please support us by becoming a fan! We will be using this page to keep you updated on what we are working on, important headlines and threads we feel are important for webmasters, and special promotions for our website templates, hosting, and more!

Please click the Like Button below:

src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="background-color:#ffffff; border:none; overflow:hidden; width:512px; height:338px;" allowTransparency="true">

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Scheduled Downtime at 8pm PDT on 09/23/2010

Thu, 23 Sep 2010 11:24:45 -0700

Ozzu may have some downtime this evening between 8pm and 12am PDT. We are making some minor configuration changes to the ozzu server and at most we expect the server to be down between 30-45 minutes. Thanks for your patience and understanding (image)

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Changed Cookie Settings (which affects staying logged in)

Mon, 09 Nov 2009 11:37:22 -0800

Today I made a few changes to the cookie settings to allow cookies to be shared across all subdomains of ozzu. In the past only the www subdomain could read the forum cookies. Due to this change it will most likely require everyone to log back in. Sorry for any inconviences.

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Prevent accidental navigation away from posting form

Fri, 18 Sep 2009 13:07:54 -0700

I just implemented a new feature which prevents you from accidently navigating away from a page on ozzu that you are trying to make a new thread in or reply in.

In the past I have losts posts I have written by acciently hitting the back button or by hitting the backspace key on the keyboard when the actual textbox was not selected. Hitting the backspace key is the same as pressing the back button on the browser.

What should happen now is a javascript confirmation box will popup asking you if you really intended to leave the posting page. It allows you to hit cancel so that you do not lose anything you have written.

Please let me know your opinions on this or if you notice any bugs. I have tested with both IE and FF and they work correctly there.

This should work with both the new topic pages, and quick reply. The navigation check will only activate once you have selected the actual textbox where you would write your post / new thread in.

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Attachments Opened Up

Wed, 09 Sep 2009 16:08:44 -0700

As of noon EST today, file attachments should be available to everyone in all forums. This has been done to allow people to post screen shots of website problems, entries to digital art competitions, and everything else that attachments are useful for and Im forgetting to mention at the moment.

Under the message box and save/preview/submit buttons you should see an "Additional Posting Preferences" area.
Within that area you should see a "Upload Attachment" link.

When you click that link, you should see an upload form. Within that form you should see a list of extensions which are allowed. If you hold your mouse over an extension type you should see the maximum filesize allowed for that type.


The current filesize limits are fairly generous considering what Ive seen on other forums. Lets not ruin it by uploading a fullsized 2MB image when a lower resolution 150KB image would get the point across just the same out of laziness. (image)

If for some reason you cant see the attachment form, be sure to let someone with a red name know. (image)

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