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This show will feature music released on our label, Endemik Music - avant hip hop to folk electronic. You can also expect to hear exclusive songs from our artists and music from other artists who are affiliated with Endemik Music. Enjoy!

Last Build Date: Fri, 09 Dec 2005 17:00:00 EST

Copyright: © 2005 Endemik Music

Transmission11 : Prinzenallee : Hyper Standstill

Wed, 3 Mar 2010 22:15:00 EST

Our eleventh podast is from party noise makers, Prinzenallee. Named after the street where they lived and recorded, Prinzenallee are bleubird (vocals/noise) and Jayrope (music). Hopping and hooting and hollering and banging immediately began after meeting in Berlin in early 2008. This previously mentioned racket led to the two performing a last minute improv set at the kick-off party for the Goldmund Festival and due to its great success they were quickly asked to perform another improv set during the festival itself. The second improv set didn’t work out as nicely as the first so they decided to hurry home and write some songs. File under: Sidetracked Hiphop, Rap, Noiserock, Electronic. bleubird is a hungry-hungry rapper from Florida, USA who ate too many Dead kennedy’s and 2live crew records and made his name touring relentlessly and releasing albums on Endemik Music out of Montreal. Jayrope is the child of two pipe organ players, which sentenced him to be audiotic ever after. Ever after, then, includes having been the main recording engineer for Atari Teenage Riot and releasing two albums on the DHR sublabel Geist Records under the name Rope. This project was born out of their mutual disdain for music they do not hear on the radio. They exist within their own West German Turkish ghetto Utopia and that is cooler than cool. SONG 1 – intro
SONG 2 – piano motherfucker! SONG 3 – don't let nerds take over your life(jayrope booty mix)
SONG 4 – Sobo(Scott Da Ros remix)
SONG 5 – live in Berlin  Sep 2009
SONG 6 – haiku (to fuck to) semi-live in copenhagen Feb 2010
SONG 7 – drunk on movement live in copenhagen Feb 2010
SONG 8 – horny electro free jazz
SONG 9 – live hippie jam copenhagen/dresden 2024
SONG 10 – laser metal dogs
SONG 11 – your party's burning (live/studio mix)
SONG 12 – reverse party burn disco

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Transmission10 : ANGO : You Should Know

Sun, 14 Feb 2010 20:15:00 EST

Our tenth podast is from our good friend ANGO. After leaving his hometown in Nova Scotia for Montreal’s thriving bass music scene, this accomplished bassist, avid jazz fan and notebook collector now ranks among those who’re currently redefining the rules of hip hop, post-punk and live electronics. Holding things down as a regular performer at the city’s infamous Turbocrunk night, while honing his production skills with Ninja Tune’s Sixtoo, he’s also working on the new album by female MC Sontiago and putting the finishing touches to his next solo effort for Canadian indie label Noyes Records. Expect synth-based rap beats around improvised soul vocals. If a song is a story, bass is definitely the plot for this self-proclaimed BBQ don... SONG 1 - Beekeeper SONG 2 - Prince SONG 3 - Get Dumb, Get Dumber SONG 4 - Solar Agitator SONG 5 - Banana Split SONG 6 - Hep, Hep SONG 7 - Believe It - Trina ft. Lil Wayne (ANGO RE-CLOCK) SONG 8 - Bad Guy Clothes SONG 9 - Dinner Bell SONG 10 - Mean Muggin' In Montreal SONG 11 - Death Proof SONG 12 - Death Proof SONG 13 - Gloves too big, Eyes Too big SONG 14 - Mob the DJ Night SONG 15 - So Far, So Good SONG 16 - Fuck That SONG 17 - American Graffiti

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Transmission9 : bleubird - Street Talk III - The Mixtape

Fri, 4 Sep 2009 18:56:00 EST

Our ninth podast is bleubird's newest mixtape titled Street Talk III - The Mixtape. Artist: Bleubird Album: Street Talk III - The Mixtape Duration: 40:33 (STB004) Recorded, mixed, and arranged by the Second Hand Outfit live clips taken from Orange You Glad festival performance with Astronautilas @ Will's Pub Orlando FL 2008 recorded by Josh Rogers TRACKLIST : 01. old dirty bollywood 02. a millie joel 03. iggy half live 04. crybaby thug live 05. slim hugs make weird 06. sallyfornia w/TSHO 07. little trouble floyd 08. back in bleu 09. willie WU 10. phargazi w/TSHO 11. mobb lime! 12. come on betty live (from prinzenallee) 13. karate song 14. clean yo plate (Bomarr Monk remix)

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Transmission8 : Mega Posse Cut

Mon, 28 Jan 2008 19:40:00 EST

Our either podast is one long song. a mega posse cut brought to you by bleubird and all of his homies. 26 rappers each with 12 bars. worked on since august 2007. Produced and mixes by Scott Da Ros. here is the order of appearances: bleubird ceschi babel fishh noah23 cuer james p honey filkoe soup choke recyclone penny jewels hunter mc egon hermit of the woods emc nomad secondhand outfit sontiago touch epic bizzart x:144 ancient mith ghettosocks timbuktu jdwalker

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Transmission7 : soso : from here to there

Thu, 12 July 2007 01:15:00 EST

Our seventh podast is our good friend soso, and newest friend of endemik music. soso locates his work in a cold and desolate place - the middle of nowhere. An artist, writer and beatsmith from Saskatchewan, Canada, his music is unapologetic and decidedly home-made. all songs on this podcast are produced by soso, except where noted and all songs were released on his own label, Clothes Horse Records. www . clotheshorserecords . com soso will be working with endemik music on his next release, due in the fall of 2007. Interview exerpts from interview conducted with CBC radio, May 2007. Mixed by soso. SONG 1 - Intro SONG 2 - it goes from Birthday Songs (Japanese Reissue, 2006) SONG 3 - Drink from sour suite (2000) SONG 4 - Instrumental - unreleased (2006) SONG 5 - Waiting Under a Wax Paper Sky Instrumental from Tenth Street and Clarence (2005) SONG 6 - The First of a Thousand Goodbyes from Birthday Songs (Japanese Reissue, 2006) SONG 7 - Finding Out About a Big Pile of Stones from Tenth Street and Clarence (2005) SONG 8 - Returning to an Empty House from Tenth Street and Clarence (2005) SONG 9 - Sweet Euphemisms from Tenth Street and Clarence (2005) SONG 10 - Waiting Under a Wax Paper Sky (Maki Remix) from Hue and Laugh and Cry (2006) SONG 11 - all the useless things these hands have done (demo version), unreleased (2007)

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Transmission6 : Bleubird : rip u$a [the birdfleu]

Sun, 17 June 2007 15:16:00 EST

Our sixth podast is a overview of bleubird's latest album, "rip u$a[the birdfleu]". Interspersed throughout the podcast are interview questions from Rennes, France (2007). Also included is the mysterious drunken posse cut that was recorded late one evening in 2005 and a song from French group X Makeena off their latest album titled "Instinctive Derive" (2007). Bleubird pieced together this podcast. SONG 1 - Intro SONG 2 - rip u$a - from Bleubird's "rip u$a [the birdfleu]" (2007) (produced by The INSTRUMENTS) SONG 3 - Playing Dressup with Filkoe176 - from Bleubird's "rip u$a [the birdfleu]" (2007) (produced by Scott Da Ros) SONG 4 - "the hits" - selections from Bleubird's "rip u$a [the birdfleu]" (2007) SONG 5 - Duct Tape Rubberoom - from Pilgrim of St.Zotique (2006) (produced by DJ Mayonnaise) SONG 6 - Duct Tape Rub[bear]room - from Bleubird's "rip u$a [the birdfleu]" (2007) (produced by shortfacedbear) SONG 7 - Everything Up - from Bleubird's "rip u$a [the birdfleu]" (2007) (produced by Scott Da Ros) SONG 8 - drunken posse cut (2005) (vox: Barfly, Isaiah, Bleubird, Astronautalis, Existero, Barfly) SONG 9 - weasel+bird+tiger - from Bleubird's "rip u$a [the birdfleu]" (2007) (produced by Alias) SONG 10 - Drunk on Movement - from Bleubird's "rip u$a [the birdfleu]" (2007) (produced by The INSTRUMENTS) SONG 11 - Motivationally Speaking - from Bleubird's "rip u$a [the birdfleu]" (2007) (produced by Scott Da Ros) SONG 12 - Noise Conspiracy featuring bleubird - from X Makeena's "Instinctive Derive" (2007) SONG 13 - outro

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Transmission5 : introducing filkoe176

Thur, 2 December 2006 14:16:00 EST

Our fifth podast in a spotlight on Endemik's filkoe176. Filkoe is from Cleveland and now resides in Seattle. As a member of Jerk Circuit with Bleubird, Tweetch and SignOne we have featured some older song he made with this group, only featuring the songs produced by and rapped with SignOne. Filkoe176 can also be known as Doug Yuck and we feature 3 songs form this time period, all produced by Doug Yuck. The only commercial release on this podcast is the song that was apart of Scott Da Ros' debut album, titled "...One Kind of Dead End" released on Endemik Music. The last two songs are tribute to fellow Jerk Circuit members, SignOne and Bleubird. Expect Filkoe176's debut album in 2007 on Endemik Music titled 'Lost zoo keys and the Animal Spirits that haunt them'. The mix was put together by Scott Da Ros. SONG 1 - Intro (unreleased) SONG 2 - Dining for Dimes (unreleased) (2000 jerk curcuit flea house Orlando) SONG 3 - Dicky Roberts (unreleased) (2001 signs apartment in Orlando) SONG 4 - Property (2000 jerk curcuit flea house Orlando) SONG 5 - Garbage (2001 signs apartment in Orlando) SONG 6 - Delicious Homies (2002 noni's basment cleveland) SONG 7 - Police State (2002 noni's basment Cleveland) SONG 8 - We Rap Naked (2002 noni's basment Cleveland) SONG 9 - Outline of a Valentine - from Scott Da Ros - ...One Kind of Dead End (2006) SONG 10 - Nother Other - Tribute to SignOne (2005 capial hill nook Seattle) SONG 11 - Some Other - Tribute to Bleubird (2005 capial hill nook Seattle)

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Transmission4 : mixed by scott da ros

Thur, 27 July 2006 20:00:00 EST

Our fourth podast in a spotlight on Endemik's good friend and affiliate, jdwalker. All song by jdwalker. Features songs from his latest commercial release, Them Get You...Them Got You - both North American and Japanese releases. This podcast also features unreleased song ands and alternative mixes and a special collaboration with Sole as Live Poets from 1994. The mix was put together by Scott Da Ros. SONG 1 - Nailed (older version) (vox: jdwalker) SONG 2 - Cat Box Song (unreleased) (vox: jdwalker) SONG 3 - 123 (unreleased) SONG 4 - The Get You...Them Got You (vox: k the i??? + jdwalker) from Them Get You...Them Got You (2006) SONG 5 - 987 (unreleased) SONG 6 - LIve Poets 12" (vox: Sole + jdwalker) (1994) SONG 7 - 987 (unreleased) SONG 8 - Everything is Outta Control (vox: jdwalker + Bleubird) (unreleased) SONG 9 - Moment Over Arizona - from Them Get You...Them Got You (2006) SONG 10 - Shripms and Mermaids - from Them Get You...Them Got You (2006) SONG 11 - Sonya Song - from Them Get You...Them Got You (Japanese version) (2006)

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Transmission3 : mixed by skyrider

Fri, 7 April 2006 20:00:00 EST

Our third podast in a spotlight on Endemik's own Skyrider in a live setting. All songs are composed by skyrider. Features older songs from his two commercial release, 47:34 (debut full length) and 'Master of Deception' (single on 7" vinyl) - both released on Endemik Music. This podcast also features new unreleased song and live collaborations with Jim Wurster, Bleubird, Astronautalis and Sole. The mix was put together by Skyrider. Intro - Edited by Skyrider SONG 2 - Armageddon (with jim wurster) *recorded by jason misner at the atlantic in gainesville 6.19.05 and will's pub in orlando 3.24.06 SONG 3 - Blackhawk Down vs. skyrider's theme (with bleubird) *island oasis 1.31.06 SONG 4 - Still untitled mashup (vox: bleubird and skyrider) * the atlantic in gainesville 6.19.05 * island oasis in orlando 1.31.06 * will's pub in orlando 3.24.06 SONG 5 - Masters of Deception (with jim wurster) * the atlantic . gainesville . 6.19.05 * will's pub . orlando . 3.24.06 SONG 6 - I Make Weird (with Bleubird) * island oasis 1.31.06 SONG 7 - I tried (interlude with Bleubird) * the atlantic . gainesville . 6.19.05 SONG 8 - Cartoon Love Bubbles (with Bleubird) *island oasis . 1.31.06 SONG 9 - still untitled * will's pub . orlando . 3.24.06 SONG 10 - Down and Out in the Bold New City of the South (with Astronautalis) *will's pub . orlando . 3.24.06 SONG 11 - Hello Loneliness *will's pub . orlando . 3.24.06 SONG 12 - Two Beats + A Bikini (with Bleubird) *island oasis . gainesville . 1.31.06 SONG 13 - In on Cavalry (with Sole) *will's pub . orlando . 3.24.06 SONG 14 - Fretless Waltz *island oasis . orlando . 1.31.06

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Transmission2 : mixed by Scott Da Ros

Sat, 18 Feb 2006 17:00:00 EST

Our second podast in an interview with Endemik's own Bleubird. The interview took place in Aug.2005 over the telephone between Bevin Campbell of The Blend on PBS 106.7 FM (in Melbourne Australia) and Bleubird (in Montreal Canada). The interview is not mixed in full - certain sections are included and spliced together with new and old Bleubird songs. During the interview sections we have placed some instrumental peices from other Endemik artists. The mix was put together by Scott Da Ros. Intro - Bleubird - Welcome to my Fuck (produced by Scott Da Ros) SONG 2 - SignOne - Energy SONG 3 - Les Swash Buckling Napoleans are Bleubird + Thesis Sahib (produced by Synesthesiak) SONG 4 - SkyRider - Tramp SONG 5 - Bleubird - Crybaby Crunk (produced by Scott Da Ros) SONG 6 - Scott Da Ros - untitled #2456 SONG 7 - Bleubird - Dark Dirty Places Remix (produced by Scott Da Ros) SONG 8 - SignOne - My Line SONG 9 - Bleubird - Bleubird + Divinci Holding Hands (produced by Divinci) SONG 10 - SignOne - Don't Die SONG 11 - Bleubird - Simple Man (produced by SkyRider)

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Transmission1 : mixed by Scott Da Ros

Fri, 09 Dec 2005 17:00:00 EST

Our first podast in an introduction to the label, Endemik Music, and was put together by Scott Da Ros. We have started you off with a 25 minute mix that covers one song from each release in our catalog. Intro - Stigg of the Dump (produced by Stigg of the Dump) END002 - Stigg of the Dump - Pointing Fingers (produced by Stigg of the Dump / feat. vocals from Buck65 + Sixtoo and Eric M.O. on bass) END003 - Bleubird - Living Through Others (produced by SignOne) END004 - SkyRider - Everyday of their Lives (produced by SkyRider) END005 - Scott Da Ros - MonsterMashout (produced by Scott Da Ros / feat. vocals from Bleubird) END006 - Scott Da Ros - Ocean Splits In Half (produced by Scott Da Ros / feat. vocals from Kthei??? + Apt) END007 - SkyRider - Masters of Deception (produced by SkyRider / feat. vocals from Jim Wurster) Tweetch !zown - Boxed (produced by SignOne) Mixed by Scott Da Ros

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