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Articles on Aromatherapy Essential Oil Usages

Aromatherapy is a alternative and natural medicine that uses natural plant materials, known extracted from parts of plants seeds flower known as essential oils and other scented compounds fragrances from plants for the purpose of affecting a person's mood

Published: 11 Jun 2007 17:50:50 GMT

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Usage of Rose Fragnance and Rose perfume oils in Aromatherapy

11 Jun 2007 17:55:10 GMT

The Amazing fragrance of rose has long inspired poets and lovers since they came into existence. It was said that the red rose came from the blood of the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. The name of Aphrodite’s son Eros, god of love, is an anagram for rose. Folktales that come from China to Europe tell similar stories about the rose’s symbolism as the unfolding of both spiritual and physical love relationship and perfection. An essence for those who have lost touch with the sweetness of life.

Usage of Jasmine perfume oil or Jasmine flower essential oil in Aromatherapy

11 Jun 2007 18:03:29 GMT

Jasmine flower opens at night and it is plucked in morning when the tiny petals of the jasmine flower are tightly closed. Now are then stored in a cool place until night. Between 6:00pm and 8:00pm in the evening, as the temperature cools, the petals begin to open automatically and its fragnance it then extracted. Jasmine fragnance is a great remedy in for severe depression. It soothes the nerves and produces a feeling of self confidence & optimism also revitalizes and restores energy. Its Smell is also effective in the flow of breast milk.Jasmine oil helps with sexual aligments such as impotence, premature ejaculation and frigidity.

Use of bergamot Essential oil for aromatherapy for uplifting , inspiring

5 Jul 2007 18:36:30 GMT

Bergamot is cold pressed from the peel of the fruit. its aroma is fresh, lively, fruity with sweet nature . It is very good deodorizer. Bergamot oil contains a constituent called bergaptene which increases the skin's sensitivity to sunlight. Bergamot BF means bergaptene free. Most of sensitizing bergaptene constituent has been distilled and taken out of this product but traces may still remain. Commonly we would not advice using bergamot and bergamot BF on the skin when there is a possibility of exposure to sunlight. Aromatherapy benefits: uplifting, inspiring, confidence-building

Lotus flower Buy lotus flower oil for aromatherapy

5 Jul 2007 19:03:16 GMT

The lotuses of heaven can change according to people's wishes, flowering when needed. In this way they bring joy to the hearts of all. There is no need to declare one false and the other real. Both are called the wondrous lotus flower. also known as water lilies, have round leaves with a notch at one side where the leaf stalks is attached. This flowers float on the surface of the water. Hardy lotus come in colors ranging from white through yellow to red. Tropical lotus come in more colors, including blue and purple, but are more sensitive and prefer to live in areas where orange trees flourish. They can be grown in colder climates, especially if the roots are stored in damp sand over the winter.

What are essential oils ?

5 Jul 2007 18:38:09 GMT

Many of us get confused between Essential oils and Perfumes, Essential oils are the highly concentrated volatile aromatic essences of plants. This may or may not yield a pleasant smell, we generally use pleasant smelling oils for aromatherapy and we also agree that essential oils may perform more than one function in living plants. In some cases they seem to be a part of the plant's immune system. In other cases they may simply be end-products of metabolism process in the plant. Essential oils may contain hundreds of organic constituents, including hormones, vitamins and other natural elements that work on many levels in human body and senses. They can be 75 to 100 times more concentrated than the oils in dried herbs. To extract essential oils from any plant or from flower in the most effective manner while preserving their therapeutic benefits, they are either distilled or expressed.