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The recent global weather extremes


Last Reported Airport Tornado/Funnel Cloud/Waterspout
Schenectady Airport, NY, United States: 1259Z 20 Feb 2018
METAR: KSCH 201259Z 00000KT 1/4SM FC OVC003 04/04 A3023

Last Reported Airport Hail:
Chofu Airport, Japan: 2311Z 22 Feb 2018
METAR: RJTF 222311Z 36006KT 3500 -RAGS BR FEW005 SCT007 BKN015 02/00 Q1020 RMK 1ST005 3ST007 7SC015 A3014 SMALL HAIL

Maximum Temperature since March 2007:
54°C (129.2°F): Ahwaz,Iran: 1230Z 29 Jun 2017
METAR: OIAW 291230Z 23002KT CAVOK 54/22 Q0993

Maximum Temperature past 3 Hours:
38°C (100.4°F): Mildura Arpt,Australia
METAR: YMIA 230300Z AUTO 36016G26KT 8000 // NCD 38/11 Q1005

Minimum Temperature since March 2007:
-78°C (-108.4°F): Amundsen-Scott Stn,Antarctica: 1750Z 07 Jun 2013
METAR: NZSP 031150Z 14011KT 9999 SKC M78/ A2819 RMK CLN AIR 14007KT ALL WNDS GRID

Minimum Temperature past 3 Hours:
-39°C (-38.2°F): Gjoa Haven Airport,Canada
METAR: CYHK 230216Z AUTO 23015KT 1 1/2SM HZ FEW160 M39/M44 A2975 RMK SLP086

Maximum Dewpoint past 3 Hours:
31°C (87.8°F): Weno Island, Chuuk Int. Airp.,Micronesia
METAR: PTKK 230050Z 06009KT 15SM FEW014TCU SCT120 BKN280 31/31 A2985 RMK TCU SE SLP110 T03110306

Maximum Wind past 3 Hours:
46kt (24m/s): Chignik, Chignik Airport, AK,United States