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Spanish Doctor to Examine Cuban Leader Castro
(image) A renowned Spanish physician is to examine ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Barcelona's daily El Periodico de Catalunya

Manmohan Calls for Statistical Reforms in Healthcare and Education
(image) Expressing concern over discrepancies in official data for key sectors like healthcare and education, Prime Minister M

Health Care Suffers at Los Angeles Jails: Report
(image) LA County Jail Lacks to Meet Inmates' Basic Health Needs - a Report. A newspaper on Sunday reported on the deaths of a

Diabetic Population - Highest in India
(image) The International Diabetes Federation's (IDF) Diabetes Atlas released early December in South Africa confirms that diabe

Anti-rejection Therapy a Boon for Patients With "anti-donor" Antibody Levels
(image) Soraya Kohanzadeh, 30, Muir Beach, CA, was living day-to-day, extremely ill, with no hope and expecting to live a shorte

Climate Sceptics Issued With Challenge by a U.K Scientist
(image) Farmers in Wimmera, Australia, survey an empty dam, which has left them with fields of stunted wheat. Parts of Austral

Bad Luck Befalls Santa at Southwyck Mall, Diagnosed With Meningitis
(image) The Toledo- Lucas County health department has reported that a Santa at the Southwyck Mall is suspected to be suffering

World Leaders React to Libyan Court Decision
(image) World Leaders have expressed their shock and disappointment on hearing the news about a Libyan court's decision to re-im

MNCs are Against Ramdev's Remedies: Shiv Sena
(image) Shiv Sena on Sunday strongly reacted to the recent Union Health Ministry notice to yoga guru Baba Ramdev, saying the g

Eighth Human Dies Due to Bird Flu in Egypt
(image) According to reports from World Health Organization (WHO), an Egyptian woman succumbed to bird flu. With this, the tot

Reversal of Roles - Humans to Infect Mosquitoes to Mitigate Malaria
(image) A novel strategy to combat malaria is abuzz, and the main action plan of this strategy will use humans to infect mosquit

Streamlined Claims a Boon to Patients, Doctors
(image) The AMA today welcomed the first formal agreement to deliver a fast, efficient new electronic claiming and payment sys

Improved Wheats Could Reduce Magnesium Deficiencies: Research
(image) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists have reported that the newly developed low-phytate breeding lines of wh

Kidney Stones Occurring More Often in Children
(image) Kidney stones in children-considered all but a medical aberration until recently-are now becoming a fairly common condit

Italian Who Met Former KBG Spy is Arrested
(image) An Italian, Mario Scaramella who met - ex-KGB agent - Alexander Litvinenko on the day the Russian became ill from radiat

Research on Bipolar Disorder Launched
(image) Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder known to have a genetic predisposition. This study is lead by James Watson, who

Blood Transfusions Raise Heart Patients' Infection and Death Risk
(image) A new study suggests that patients who receive transfusions during heart bypass surgery have a higher risk of developing

Link Between Nanoparticles and Kidney Stones
(image) Researchers at Mayo Clinic have successfully isolated nanoparticles from human kidney stones in cell culturesand have

Laura Bush Makes Light of Cancer News
(image) Having a chat during "Face the Nation", a CBS News' program, on Sunday, U.S. first lady Laura Bush, did not make much

Is Workers' Comp. Settlements for Back Pain Fair?
(image) A Saint Louis University study finds that people who receive higher disability ratings for work-related back injuries do

Don't Let Eggs Harm You- Follow Egg Safety Rules
(image) A bacterium called Salmonella enteriditis (SE) is present in eggs sometimes, and when preparations made from these egg

Pregnant Women- Eat Broccoli And Cabbage
(image) A new study based on research in pregnant mice suggest that children born to mothers who eat large amounts of cruciferou

Gift Yourself A Healthy Heart
(image) New Year is around the corner and this is the time to make new resolutions. So what shall it be this year-for 2007 ?

Xylitol To Be Produced By Genetically Engineered E. Coli
(image) Xylitol is a mint flavored sweetener, produced naturally by plants and is found in fruits and vegetables. It is used a

A Drug That Curbs the Urge for Alcoholic Drinks is Here
(image) Scientists from Australia have announced that they have discovered a drug that will curb craving for alcoholic drinks. /

Private Health Care: A Bigger Boom
(image) Private health care is set to boom following expectations of the lowest premium rise of about 4 per cent in six years. /

Pioneer Heart Surgeon Faced the Scalpel at 98
(image) U.S heart surgeon Michael DeBakey who pioneered a heart surgery years ago underwent the same procedure that he had deve

Tsunami-Hit Coastal Regions Needs More Relief
(image) Now, a young man holds the hand of a little boy, looking at a row of new houses glistening in the morning sun, the area,

Colonoscopies can Detect Cancer in the Early Stages
(image) A U.S study has established that colonoscopies are capable of detecting cancers in the early stages, which is being at

You may Live Long and Think Clear With a Variant Gene
(image) A variant gene has been identified by researchers that help those who have it, to live really long. Strangely this gen

What It Takes for the Cookie to Crumble
(image) Miami: Christmas cookies and cakes are loaded with calories. Most often, despite knowing that a particular dish is rich

TB Risk For HCWs High in Developing Countries
(image) A Research published in PLoS Medicine shows that Health Care Workers (HCWs) in developing countries are particularly at

New Compound for Anti-Malarial Prophylaxis
(image) Two articles that were published in this week's PLoS Medicine suggest possible new avenues of treatment against malaria.

More Men Prompted for Syphilis Tests
(image) According to the evaluations published in PLoS Medicine, an innovative social marketing campaign called "Healthy Penis,"

Pediatricians Stress the Importance of the National Children's Study
(image) In a bid to salvage the National Children's Study- an attempt to study the health and the environment of children in the

Prior Experience to Stress Acts as an Immunization
(image) Previous studies on rats prove experiencing control over stressful conditions provide immunity to face stressors which

Prevention (Of AIDS) By Circumcision More Cost-effective Than Cure
(image) A remarkable trial conducted in Orange Farm, South Africa, concluded that male circumcision could considerably reduce HI

Methamphetamine Use Increases Risks of Artery Tears and Stroke
(image) Methamphetamine use may be associated with increased risks of major neck artery tears and stroke, according to an arti

Illicit Drug Use Among U.S Teen's Declines, but This is Not the End of the Story
(image) U.S teens have drastically reduced the use of illicit drugs, but have got enchanted with prescription painkillers, rin

Molecular 'On/Off Switch' Controls Immune Defenses Against Viruses
(image) Much like flipping a light switch, the hepatitis C virus turns on human immune defenses upon entering the body but als

An Online Portal To Aid Kidney Patients
(image) Anxiety usually aggravates any disease. Patients suffering from chronic diseases are faced with uncertainty and have a n

Profiling of Cancer Genes May Lead to Earlier Detection Human Cancers
(image) A research team at UT Southwestern Medical Center has for the first time identified several genes whose expression is

A World Health Insurance Needed: Report
(image) Author Gorik Oooms and his team from Medecins Sans Frontieres, in their article suggested that there has been growing re

Patna Junior Doctors Refuse to Withdraw Strike
(image) Patients continued to suffer at the Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) Monday as junior doctors refused to with

People With More Kids may Have Shorter Life Span
(image) People who have more children may have a shorter life span than those with few kids and the risks are particularly high

New Study Challenges How Regulators Determine Risk
(image) A new study provides the strongest evidence yet that a key portion of the traditional dose-response model used in drug t

Is Your Child Allergic To Peanuts?
(image) Elizabeth White's nibbled a peanut butter cracker when she was 14 months old that left her gasping for breath. br

Women Faces No Risk on Discontinuation of Osteoporosis Drug
(image) A long-term study of the most widely used osteoporosis drug has found that many women can discontinue the drug after f

Cloned Animal Products- To Eat Or Not To Eat ?
(image) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will release its approval for consumption of meat and milk from cloned animals ne

Malnutrition is a Silent Killer
(image) Millions of children die every year due to severe malnutrition. In spite of hospitalization the survival rate is less in

Stem Cells as Cancer Therapy
(image) It is widely hoped that neural stem cells will eventually be useful for replacing nerves damaged by degenerative disease

Malnutrition Kills Two Kids In Madhya Pradesh
(image) At least two children have reportedly died from malnutrition in Madhya Pradesh's Gwalior district, child rights activist

Indians Make One Major Human Race: US Study
(image) Indians make up one of the major human ancestry groups, with relatively little genetic differentiation among the people

Kerala Drafts a New Health Tourism Policy
(image) A new health tourism policy from Kerala promises heavy investment opportunities for Non-Resident Keralites (NRK), making

Specialists Mystified by Coughing Cases
(image) The 2d tests for pertussis have put the outbreak in doubt. The mystery began Sept. 18, when a Child was treated with sy

Long-term Use of Stomach Drugs may Weaken Bones
(image) Usage of certain stomach drugs may weaken the bones in the long run and increase the risk of hip fracture, warns a new s

Optimum Period is Five Years to Treat Osteoporosis: Study
(image) Osteoporosis is a disease in which the bones get prominently weaker and are at a risk of getting fractured easily. Stati

Looking For A Friend Or Life Partner? Join A Gym
(image) The popularity of 'The Gym' is due largely to the socializing that takes place there, according to a study.

Heroin Injection may Lead to Wound Botulism
(image) In a case study in PLoS Medicine, doctors report on the case of a 35 year old heroin user who came to the accident and e

Medical Clowns To Cheer Up Sick Children
(image) Sick children in various hospitals in New York are having a nice holiday with medical clowns hired to cheer them up.

Incidence of Stroke on Decline Over Last 50 Years
(image) The incidence of stroke in the U.S. over the past 50 years has declined, although the severity of stroke has not, accord

Glucose Sensor That Controls Glucose Metabolism Identified
(image) Scientists from Scripps Research Institute, have identified a sensor that identifies glucose levels. This sensor plays a

Misconceptions About Pet Owners Health Condition Revealed
(image) Generally people are of the view that pet owners do a lot of running about hence involve in a lot of exercise, but thi

A New Viral Infection Causes Death Of A Baby In Britain
(image) A new virus, a modified strain, has led to the death of a 27-week-old baby boy in a hospital in Britain. Five other pr

Why People are Addicted to Video Games?
(image) Holidays are the times when most people just don't move away from the video games once they start them, as it helps th

Planning for Good Health Resolutions
(image) Forward planning is the key to keeping new year's resolutions to achieve improved health and happiness, AMA Vice Presi

Medical Care Lacking In LA Jail
(image) An investigation into the jail infrastructure and health facilities has revealed that 14 inmates have died in the Los

Treat Soft Drinks As Toilet Cleaners: Baba Ramdev
(image) Continuing his attack on cola giants, yoga guru Baba Ramdev said here Wednesday that soft drinks should be treated as

Vitamin D or Anti-osteoporosis Drug Reduces Bone Loss from Binge Drinking
(image) It appears that alcohol-induced bone loss resulting from excessive binge-alcohol drinking can be prevented by vitamin D/

MIT Creates 3-D Scaffold for Growing Stem Cells
(image) Stem cells grew, multiplied and differentiated into brain cells on a new three-dimensional scaffold of tiny protein fr

Highlights from World Transplant Congress
(image) At the inaugural World Transplant Congress, held in Boston earlier this year, a trio of pioneers in the science and su

Regrowth of Zebrafish's Tail Fin may Offer Clues for Treating Human Injuries
(image) If a zebrafish loses a chunk of its tail fin, it'll grow back within a week. Like lizards, newts, and frogs, a zebrafi

South Korea Detects Dioxin in U.S. Beef Consignment
(image) South Korea has detected traces of dioxin in a U.S. beef consignment to Seoul, according to reports from

New Study Links Western Wildfires to Atlantic Ocean Surface Temperatures
(image) Western U.S. wildfires are likely to increase in the coming decades, according to a new tree-ring study led by the Uni

President Bush's AIDS-Fighting Program Fraught With Inconsistencies
(image) Washington - A team of investigators have allegedly found inconsistencies in President Bush's AIDS-fighting program, t

Toxoplasma Linked to a Protein
(image) London: Scientists in Britain are trying to investigate the reason why the common parasite Toxoplasma, does not cause

Taking Drugs for Heartburn may Cause Fractured Hip
(image) A study conducted in Britain has brought to light that taking drugs to ease heart burn regularly for over a year could

'Gender-Benders': Sports and Sex Determination
(image) 'iAnd after all, what is a lie? Tis but the truth in a masquerade/i' - Lord Byron The Olympic games i

Keep Kids Active in the Holidays
(image) Summer holidays are the ideal time for parents to encourage their children to put away the video games and DVDs and get

Safer ICU's: Cheap, Simple, "Low-Tech" Steps Work
(image) Hospitals will quickly slash the rate of common, costly and potentially lethal catheter-related bloodstream infections i

Counseling Helps Young Women Cut Drinking, Improve Contraception Use
(image) A few nonjudgmental counseling sessions can prompt women to both scale back risky drinking and practice more effective c

CDC Uses Advertising Campaign to Get Kids Moving
(image) Public health experts are taking note of what the food industry has known for decades: children pay attention to adverti

Fasting Mamata's Health Condition Deteriorates
(image) A seven-member medical team constituted by the Trinamool Congress monitored the deteriorating condition of party chief M

Madhya Pradesh Imbibes Family Planning Lessons from Pakistan
(image) Madhya Pradesh government of Bharatiya Janta Party has been inspired from the most unlikely of places - Pakistan - to de

Chemical in Vegetables Keep Blood Vessels Healthy
(image) Nitrates, a chemical found in vegetables like spinach and lettuce, may be responsible for keeping blood vessels healthy,

Schwarzenegger Undergoes Surgery for Broken Leg
(image) Actor and governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has undergone surgery for his broken leg. Schwarzenegger broke hi

Is Excalia an Excellent Weight Losing Pill?
(image) A California based company has developed a pill called Excalia ,the latest magic potion to fight excess flab . The rese

Rift Valley Fever Takes a Toll on 23 Lives
(image) Five more people succumbed to Rift Valley Fever in Garissa district, taking the death toll to 23. Confirmation to this e

The Bulging Waist Line Determines Your Life Line
(image) Did you know that a flabby waist certainly points to a greater risk of developing a heart attack?If you didn't, read on/

Breast Cancer Risk Influenced by the Timing of Weight Gain
(image) New York: A new study has shown a connection between gaining weight during middle age and the risk of breast cancer aft

Simple Steps to Safe Guard Patients from Bloodstream Infections in ICU
(image) Hospitals can ensure better safety for patients in ICU by adhering to simple techniques that can do away with potentiall

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sex Bias
(image) Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder, characterized by inflammation of synovial tissue leading to erosions o

New Treatment Offers Hope for Systemic Sclerosis
(image) Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is a chronic autoimmune disorder marked by early skin lesions and the progressive tissue fibros

Woman Undergoes Double Hand Transplant
(image) The first woman to undergo a double hand transplant was ecstatic as she got discharged from the hospital. The woman, A

Himachal Pradesh Launches Strawberry Wine
(image) After apple and plum, now strawberry wine will add variety from Himachal Pradesh. The strawberry wine was l

Thai's Health Ministry Stocked To Deal With Any Possible Bird-flu Outbreak
(image) Fresh bird flu outbreaks reported from Vietnam and South Korea has put Thailand on alert. Thailand's Public Health Min

US Company Develops Better Weight Reduction Pill
(image) A US company claimed to have developed a weight reduction pill, which works better and faster than existing drugs and

IMA Oppose Introduction of Polio Injections
(image) The Indian Medical Association (IMA) will oppose the government's plan to replace pulse polio immunisation drops with in

Tried To Quit Smoking And Failed? Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW
(image) Smoking, like all bad habits, is easily acquired but quite difficult to stop. All habitual smokers who would like to q

Inflammatory Genes Linked to Salt-Sensitive Hypertension
(image) One key to your high blood pressure might just be your inflammatory genes. It may sound odd but mounting ev