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N4G: ps2 news feed

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Xenosaga is Better Than Xenoblade Chronicles
Xenoblade has been a great franchise for Nintendo, but it comes nowhere near the greatness of Xenosaga. Xenosaga is better than Xenoblade Chronicles

An Interview With the Gaming Influenced Rapper Who Holds a World Record For His Songs
Mega Ran is an influential rapper who loves rapping about video games. He loves it so much he has even managed to acquire a Guinness world record for it. Whilst doing all that he's also toured the world, been given the seal of approval from Capcom and so much more. Read our interview with him to find out what he loves and what makes him tick, plus see an exclusive music video about Monster Hunter: World!

Japanese gamers rank the top 10 most memorable Final Fantasy bosses
You might have your own list of favorite Final Fantasy bosses, but do you know which ones Japanese players think are the most memorable? Goo Ranking polled its users to find out, and here are the answers for you.

Top 5 Worst Colossi in Shadow of the Colossus
VGChartz's Craig Snow: "With the third, and likely final, release of Shadow of the Colossus now in the bag - this time beautifully remade on the PlayStation 4 - what better time to wave lyrical on one of my favourite games of all time? The stars of the game are the 16 colossi and almost every fan has a favourite (and perhaps a least favourite too). I'm no exception and after completing the PlayStation 4 version of the game several times since launch my views on the best and worst colossi have changed slightly and then been solidified. Thus this two-part article - one for the top 5 colossi and one for the worst 5. Up first are my least favourite."

5 Vaporware Games Wed Like to Finally See Released in 2018
Agent Vaporware is a term used for software and games that are announced, but never released or cancelled. Essentially stuck in limbo due to development hell, lack of communication to the public, or pushed aside for other, more lucrative projects. Here are five long-awaited games we would like to see released this year.

Shadow of the Colossus isn't for newcomers
Growing up, Gabe Gurwin saw critics and players heap praise on Team Ico's Shadow of the Colossus constantly. But experiencing it for the first time in 2018 presents its own challenges.

Sex, Love, and Relationships Can Make Pretty Much Any Game Better
"If there is one thing I have noticed when playing games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, or Persona, its that stakes feel higher during battle when youre side-by-side with characters you are invested in. Games that feature in-depth relationships, dialogue trees, and love interests have the ability to enhance a titles gameplay, even if it may only be subconsciously." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

The Spyro Trilogy Did Sequels Perfectly
Rumors suggest that Vicarious Visions, the same team that worked on the excellent Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, would be back to bring the little purple dragons classic games into the limelight once again later this year. Not only is that a great idea, its the perfect time to show developers exactly how sequels can and should build on their predecessors.

PSN Deals: Over 250 PS4, PSVR, PS Vita and PS3 Deals on UK/EU PSN
Pure PlayStation: This week's European PlayStation Store sales are pretty mega to say the least. While us Europeans looked on in envy yesterday as our North American comrades got over 100 PSVR games discounted, as well as numerous EA games in the EA publisher sale, it is now our turn to bask in the glory of sweet, sweet discounts.

From Game to Film: Mortal Kombat - Culture of Gaming
Video game movies don't have a reputation for being the best they can be, but sometimes its fun to see just how accurate these films are to their source. The game in question this week? Mortal Kombat.