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Pennies for Papa

Fri, 12 Jul 2013 07:18:00 +0000

Be Part of Something Purposeful and Rewarding! Akha Hill Tribe Village or Chiang Mai We are a Non Profit Education Foundation offering a 120hr TESOL with 30 hours of real class room experience. No teaching experience required -but certainly welcome. Your Internship will be focused on Helping Children Learn Basic English Skills in our Free Community Classrooms. Real Experience and 120hr TESOL Accreditation will give you an advantage for the very best employment opportunities -paving the way for a Great life in Thailand. (image) Worried about Accommodations? Visa? You need not! We sponsor and do all the legal work for the highly sought after visa status We are also sponsor of a Very Affordable Lodging Package that includes a long list off service helping you in all areas of your relocation to Thailand. We strive to provide the Best Possible Experience. We do this by providing a VALUE FILLED PACKAGE that includes: • 120 hour TESOL with international accreditation, • Your own comfortable private room • Free 24hr WIFI • Hands on teaching experience in community classrooms with a variety of students • An opportunity to help motivated children and adults learn English so they too can have a better life in Thailand • We prepare and provide all the legal paperwork and sponsor you for your long-term visa • Airport transfers from either Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai • A written reference signed by the President of the Foundation documenting your service to the people of Thailand • Job assistance in Thailand and throughout SE While space lasts!Pennies for Papa.

Love, Hate and the Velveteen Rabbit

Sat, 12 May 2012 18:44:15 +0000

 Love, Hate and the Velveteen RabbitIn the tiny village in Mexico where I live, violence recently threw a horrifying shadow over our community. The details aren't important, there's nothing that can be done to undo damage to the families who lost their loved ones.In addition to the sadness I feel for my neighbors, I'm left to evaluate and re-frame my beliefs about what it means to live here and how it feels to be faced with the ugly face of hate.Hate is an insidious thing; it hides in the dark recesses of the psyche like a parasitic virus, hiding its true nature within something else - a belief, a cause, a religion, a club, a society, a gang, a government. While criminal haters easily bear its label, hate hides so well that many of its carriers may not recognize it for what it is and confuse it with opinion, principle, tradition, prejudice, intolerance. The softer stuff that thrives quietly under the radar.No one can control the actions of others, or circumstances outside of our control. But what we can do is look within - like a gorilla searching for lice - and take an honest look at our real motives for whatever negativity we are hiding in our hearts.The sunlight is a great cleanser and time is the ultimate healer. We may have to wait for both to cleanse and heal us from things outside of our control, in their own time - but we are fully empowered to cure those negative things we harbor within ourselves.Today I search my memory, my heart and my soul - for negative thoughts, lingering prejudices, areas of unforgiving, hurtful gossip, and most of all, those tiny lies we tell ourselves to disguise the disease of hate - whether the tiniest cell or a malignant tumor, a blurred shade of gray or the zebra stripes of black and white.I think of the Velveteen Rabbit when times get dark, and his journey to become worthy of being loved. The question is always, worthy of being loved by whom? Love starts within me, and moves outward. It's an outward-bound thing that returns like a boomerang to its source. So it's not really about who else loves me - it's about me loving me enough to be my authentic self.Love attracts, heals, inspires. So in light of what has happened in this lovely village by the lake, I won't let the shadows of hate defeat me, limit me, scare me. I will be smart, I will be careful, and I will be diligent - but I won't be driven out of the home I love. And I won't ever, ever, ever, let hatred, fear or violence win. It may cast its shadow over me, but it will never find a place to roost inside of me.Today I will focus on pouring the love out to those around me who need the reassurance that the sun does come out tomorrow and time does heal all wounds. I will be there to remind them every day that kindness exists, that love outweights hate, that humanity supercedes apathy.That's how I will create happiness in the face of grief, joy in the shadows of sadness. I will simply love - and feel the warmth of that bonfire our humanity as it burns up all that is rotten in the world.Golden Key #12 says "We Become Who We Really Are When We Learn to Love Ourselves. When We Love Ourselves Unconditionally, We Become Real. When We Become Real, We Create Happiness." The act of loving yourself allows you to exist as your True Creative Self, which is a state of empowerment in which you can harness your creative energy to pursue your dreams, live in peace and create a life of everlasting happiness.Like the children’s story about a velveteen rabbit that becomes real when he is loved, we all seek love. But in real life, it is when we learn to give it to ourselves that we become real, and that we have the abundance of love available to change the world. Because we cannot give to others, what we don't possess.Own it, nurture it, become it - and then share that most precious commodity with your family, community and world. There is a major shortage at the moment.[...]

Keep the Faith

Wed, 30 Mar 2011 02:06:01 +0000

If you were given a list of available children to adopt, which one would you pick? Would you look for the cutest, youngest, happiest little boy or girl? Or would you choose an older child... say around 15 or 16 years old?


My husband and I are currently going through this right now. Last year, we were chosen...yes, I said chosen... to adopt a child (or children). We have a natural son already but realized that adopting a child would make the most sense for us.


For anyone wondering, because I get asked this question a lot... Yes. We are able to still have children. We just chose not to have anymore after we had our one and only son. And why are we adopting?? Have you ever looked at your state's website listing of foster children waiting to be adopted? Have you ever thought about what actually happens to those children you see on the television that were left at home alone with their crackhead mom after mom got stoned, burned down the house, and went to jail? Yeah, those kids that you said "I can't believe the state didn't do something" or "I'm so glad they took those kids away from those horrible parents"... those kids are all waiting for someone to step up and actually be parents to them.


You see, when the kids are taken out of those horrible places that you see in the news, they make their way into the foster care system where they are either transitioned back into their natural parent's home or shuffled to foster parent(s) who may or may not be able to adopt them when they become available. If the foster parents can't adopt them, they're put in a database where they wait... and wait.... and wait... and wait... and depending on their age when they enter the system... they wait so long that they can't wait anymore and they age out of the system at the ripe old age of 18 when they are supposed to miraculously become productive, responsible adult members of society, even though they've had no real up-bringing.


I was adopted as an infant and was raised by the most wonderful parents anyone could've asked for. But that is only a small part of my draw to adopting. I believe that we were chosen. We both believe this. And I also believe that no matter what criteria for potential adoptees we may have, the right child (or children) will choose us, not the other way around.


I don't know the reason why we've been lead down this path. But I can tell you that the more real it becomes, the more nervous and... apprehensive.... I become. I've thought about backing out and wiping my hands of the whole thing, but I can't. New situations scare me and give me ridiculous butterflies... but if I don't help at least one chilid, who will? Will you? Your neighbor?


For now, my husband and I have faith in God that everything will go the way He has planned... and what is that? Well, it's not for me to know... at least not yet. But we will keep the faith.


For Every New Facebook Fan of Big Heart Baby Clothing Co, 6 cents is donated to children’s charities.

Mon, 25 Oct 2010 21:34:16 +0000

Starting Today, October 24th, 2010 Big Heart Baby Clothing Co. will Donate 6 cents to children’s charities for every new person to “Like” Big Heart Baby on Facebook.

Go to the Big Heart Baby Facebook Page, "Like" and suggest it to friends.

The people behind Big Heart Baby are working hard to inform as many people as possible about their products, and the positive impact each purchase has on the lives of children in need.  In an effort to minimize marketing expenses in order to maximize donations, they are launching a “Spread the Word” Campaign, turning advertising dollars into donation dollars.  For every person, who “Likes” Big Heart Baby on Facebook, they will donate 6 cents, spread evenly amongst their 6 children's causes.  The more people to “Like” Big Heart Baby, the more direct donations they make. 

Please do your part and suggest it to all your friends, and tell them to suggest it to their friends, because the more the word spreads, the greater the positive impact we can make.  Along the way,  everyone can do even more, simply by purchasing Big Heart Baby quality products.  With every item purchased on their website, $5 is donated to a children’s charity of the buyers choice.  And US Shipping is always Free!

Check out all the Big Heart Baby baby, toddler, teen and adult apparel.

Mommy Guilt (aka Baby Withdrawal)

Mon, 22 Jun 2009 20:28:46 +0000

A friend of mine, who does not have children, asked me to explain “mommy guilt”. I have to admit this is a difficult subject to discuss without a common frame of reference. But, on behalf of all the CareerMamas out there and for the benefit of those who do not have children, soon-to-be mothers, and men, I will give it my best shot.   The bond you form with your children is unlike any other bond you may form with another person. It is not stronger than the bond you form with your spouse or partner; it is just different. It begins well before you see your baby, which is an amazing experience. When your baby is born, you realize just how fragile he is and that he is completely dependent upon you for nourishment, comfort, and protection. When you and your baby see each other for the first time, when your baby is in what has been called a state of quiet alertness, you make a vow then and there to do everything in your power to support, care, and protect your child. Many of us think this means we can never let the baby out of our sight. I’ve talked to a number of moms who, desperate for some rest after delivering their baby, attempted to sleep in the hospital while trained nurses cared for their newborn baby. However, they were unable to part with them out of fear the baby would stop breathing if they were not watching them. I tried this after I delivered my son. No more than 10 minutes went by before I was out of bed and wandering around the maternity ward frantically searching for my baby boy. Three years and another baby later, I am still kicking myself for not taking advantage of the nurses at my disposal and getting the rest when I had a chance. So, did I have the nurses watch my daughter after I delivered her? No, of course not. A mother has a psychological and physical need to see and hold her baby. Therefore, the prospect of not seeing and holding her newborn for any great length of time can really frighten a new mom.   For my career, I have to do a bit of traveling. I waited until my son was 6 months old, however, before going on the road again. Even then, it was very difficult to leave him. With my daughter, I only waited 4 months before going on a business trip, which was only a day trip. On the way back home, my scheduled flight was canceled. I then discovered that some of the remaining flights were double booked (of course), that there was an eruption of an Alaskan volcano (causing the grounding of planes in that state), and that mechanical failure knocked out the remainder of potentially available planes. So, I was one of many tired and grumpy people at the airport who now had to attempt to get home by flying standby on another plane or airline. I was supposed to leave at 5:30pm, which means that I would have been home in time to give my son a good night kiss and give my daughter her last feeding. But, that ideal scenario flew out the window when I discovered that not only would I not be able make the 9pm flight, but I would be lucky to make the 10pm flight and would probably have to stay the night. What happened then can only be described as an anxiety attack. I had to do everything I could not to ball my eyes out at the prospect of not being with my 4 month old daughter that night.   My situation that night is not unique. I’m sure many CareerMamas have experienced something similar and understand the pain I went through. We sit at the airport and try to read or work or do something to take our minds off of how awful we feel. We admonish ourselves for going on a business trip this early in our baby’s life and envision our baby looking around for us and crying inconsolably for his mommy. This situation is even worse if you are breastfeeding. Just ask any breastfeeding mom what happens when she thinks about her baby. You feel as though you are going to explode or you lactate all over the place (hopefully you remembered your breast pads), or both. So, not only are you feeling guilty for not bei[...]

Summer Vacation: Packing Your Bags (And Baggies)

Tue, 16 Jun 2009 21:16:33 +0000

If you travel by air, then you probably know what it's like to have the neatly organized contents of your checked bags or even your carry-on bags disorganized during security checks. I won't complain about the minor inconvenience due to security checks because I support TSA security efforts at airports. 

The good news is you can minimize the disruption to your bag by placing related items such as clothing (folded), toys, and gadgets in quart, gallon and larger baggies. When your bag is examined, the baggies make it easier to keep related items together. If you travel with kids, placing toys and clothes in baggies makes it easy to control clutter when they pack. On a recent trip when we forgot to use the baggies system, my son's carry-on bag was so "overloaded" that when he was asked to remove all items at a security checkpoint he was unable to get all his things back into his bag! Since we have adopted using the baggie packing system, it's much easier to keep the bags organized. Remember to recycle your baggies on your next trip.
Happy travels! 

--When Chris is not busy carpooling, cooking, walking her dog, or just having fun with her kids, she is a freelance writer and illustrator.  Chris writes about parenting and families in her blog  Momathon Blog. You can see her illustrations and photography at her online shop LunaBlueStudio: Eco-chic, bleach-free cards and prints.


Element Eatry in Antioch, Illinois

Thu, 08 May 2008 12:10:35 +0000

I guess Oprah likes the Element Eatry in Antioch, Illinois since they are using her nam in News-Sun Newspaper today! Would have called Oprah on this issue to report but could not find a phone number to call!

Advertising Slogans Gone Wild: Scotland,Virginia and DHL

Sun, 09 Dec 2007 14:57:18 +0000

Advertising slogans are supposed to state the main benefits of the brand. Good slogans, make that great slogans, have a distinct personality of their own and are  hard to forget. Scotland used to have such a slogan. It was,"Scotland, the Best Small Country in the World." But that slogan was created by the last party in power and the new government found the slogan offensive saying it was too downbeat and typified the "Scottish cringe." Okay, so I'm not sure I know what "Scottish cringe" is,but I'm assuming it's something to do with an inferiority complex. So much for the back story.  After six months and about $250,000 (U.S.) Scotland unveiled its new super duper slogan. It is: "Welcome to Scotland." Oh, and  each sign will also include a local factoid like " Home of Golf" and " Home of Europe's Fastest Growing Life Sciences Community." To many, its no more than the advertising equivalent of The Emperor's New Clothes. From the BBC, Responding to the new catchphrase, Labour's Jackie Baillie told BBC Scotland: "I am so stunned." "We've waited with great expectation, we were promised something creative, imaginative to replace the slogan for Scotland that used to exist and I woke up this morning to 'Welcome to Scotland'. "If this is what the creative talent can bring to us and this is what SNP government is crowing about, frankly, I am astonished." Former first minister Jack McConnell launched the first slogan Liberal Democrat tourism spokesman Liam McArthur said: "Nationalist MSPs have spent years regaling us with tales of how fantastic Scotland is. Now, when they have a chance to create a brand for Scotland they give us this bland statement." Gavin Brown, the Conservative enterprise spokesman, said: "Next, Alex Salmond will be telling us this is the best small slogan in the world." Scotland is not alone in messing up a perfectly good slogan. The State of Virginia recently tweaked its " Virginia Is For Lovers" slogan by adding the phrase "live passionately."   To bring that message home they added a hand gesture of a heart. When they discovered that the Chicago-based gang "The Disciples" have a very similar hand gesture, Virginia tourism removed the gesture from their branding. In August, I challenged Virginia on that decision. Earlier last week,when the Tourism Office thought that the hand gesture was used by a small gang in South Carolina, they still  planned to go ahead with the promotion. Only when they learned it was the Chicago Disciples that the decision to remove the heart sign was eliminated. What's the real problem here?Are they concerned that the Disciples are going to be offended? Was the Commonwealth concerned the Disciples were going to haul them into court for copyright infringement? Are they concerned that the Disciples will think this is an invitation to visit to Virginia? Instead of kowtowing to a gang in Illinois why not should start a campaign " Bring Back Our Heart."  The idea would be that people who want to have a good time in Virginia should own the hand gesture and not worry about what goes on in the streets of Chicago.  If the Disciples want to use a similar gesture fine. But the message should be they don't own it. While the Commonwealth of Virginia never intended for their brand to provide a double entendre for gang members, you have to wonder exactly what DHL was thinking when they launched their "All The Way" slogan in Asia Pacific this year. There is an online game spoofing the slogan. Very Australian humor. It's a maze to collect packages with this warning, " But makes sure you look out for the secretaries! If they catch up to you, you'll cop more than just an earful."  Oleh Petra Di offers up some Subtitles that DHL could include in their marketing. We'll still respect you upon delivery Prov[...]

This year's back-saving measure: Digital Storage Lockers

Wed, 26 Jul 2006 19:07:10 +0000

Don't get me wrong: We love schwag! But with roughly 20 items going into this year's conference tote bag, being an attendee this year could be a mighty heavy proposition.

We've decided to lighten your load with the help of one of our technology partners, They've provided each BlogHer attendee with a Gig of digital storage space for their personal use, and we've pre-populated these accounts with a BlogHer folder containing speaker bios, Presentation Theater session schedule and synopses, session presentations, and sponsor special offers.

To get to your Gig, go to, complete the 30-second sign-up, and phwah! Behold your BlogHer digital file folder. Use it well.

A few words from our Sponsors: BlogHer's Sponsor Presentation Theater

Wed, 26 Jul 2006 17:54:15 +0000

For those of you who are like me and like to plot their schedules at conferences (do you color code too?), you should know about BlogHer's Presentation Theater. The Presentation Theater is designed to be a place where sponsors can run through extended presentations (15 - 20 minutes) for attendees who are interested specifically in their product or service. BlogHer adheres to a policy of no product shilling or demo-ing during sessions, but we recognize that our sponsors have valuable content to share, so we've reserved spaces for them scheduled during breaks and networking times. On Day 1 of the conference, the presentations will take place outside of the General Session Room; on Day 2 the Presentation Theater will be in the Gazebo in the outside courtyard/common area. Here's the Sponsor Presentation Schedule--with synopses from those companies that provided them. I encourage any of the presenting companies to offer up a synopsis in the comments of this post, if they'd like to share the content they will be presenting at BlogHer. DAY 1 3:20-3:40PM - Yahoo! 3:40-4:00PM - Kaboodle Day 2 10:00-11:00AM - WeightWatchers Online 12:30-12:50PM - Pluck Pluck will discuss and demo BlogBurst, it's groundbreaking new service that puts mainstream online and print publishers such as SFgate, The Austin American-Statesman, and in contact with bloggers and that provides member blogs with attributed exposure in mainstream publications. 12:50-1:10PM - ThisNext Learn how ThisNext—a shopcasting network where people can discover and recommend the best products for their lifestyle—is designed to help bloggers GROW your traffic, your voice and you! We designed our site, which launches in late August, to be a layer in your digital identity where we share traffic and, down the road, revenues with bloggers. Why? We believe that people who buy better live better and that product blogging can help further people's access to the things that help them express themselves in the world more fully. You don't have to wait a full month to see it: Get an early peek at our beta now. 1:10-1:30PM - FilmLoop Come see a demo of FilmLoop – free software that gives you a uniquely straightforward way to share photos, and an instant way to jazz up your blogs with a live photo “ticker.� With FilmLoop, you can share your photos with everyone you know without asking them to log into a web site, and without sending huge email attachments. And, whenever you add new photos – they see them too! Even if they are watching your photos as a screensaver! A terrific way to stay connected with friends and family. Plus, we’ll show you how you’re a couple of keystrokes away from adding a cool moving “Loop� of your favorite photos to your blog – a Loop that you can refresh whenever you like with a simple drag-and-drop. A fun, easy and free way to primp your blog! Demo attendees receive a free copy of Robin Williams book Mary Sidney's Sweet Swan of Avon: did a woman write Shakespeare?�(while supplies last). 2:00-2:15PM - Nestle/Contrex Did you know? As many as three out of four women do not get enough calcium. Contrex® Natural Mineral Water, sourced from a natural spring in Contrexéville, France, is now available in the United States. Like all water, Contrex can help the body flush out toxins. But, Contrex also replenishes you with calcium and magnesium for good health. A one-liter bottle, provides almost half of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for calcium (486mg) and 25% the RDI for magnesium (84mg). Contrex is packaged in one-liter and half-liter recyclable plastic bottles. Why not put something natural in your body without the unnecessary calories to replenish those needed minerals. Additional information on Contrex can be found online at[...]

Tell us a story....and win a FREE trip to BlogHer 2007

Sun, 16 Jul 2006 20:14:48 +0000

C'mon...tell me a story. I want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly of your summer vacation.

I'm writing as one of three judges in OurStory's "Good, Bad, & Ugly" vacation story contest. For me, this contest is all about celebrating the fantastic, stories people are sharing on the Web. Already this summer, bloggers' stories about family vacations have given me sideaches from laughing so hard. Or sent me in search of a hankie. Given the summer vacation hilarity around my own house, I certainly feel a sense of community I didn't have the first day after school let out...

The other judges are Author Firoozah Dumas and OurStory CEO Andy Halliday. So tell us: Have you written a great vacation story this summer? Or have you been waiting for the right opportunity? Tell it here and now. You could win a free trip to BlogHer Conference 2007 and a free camera.

Here's how it works: Visit, enter the contest and we judges will be sent your stories -- without attribution so we don't know who has written them. The contest closes at noon on July 24. The winner will be announced Saturday, July 29, at BlogHer '06.

I know you're out there. I may have read you already. I hope you'll enter. Even if you don't win the prize, it's a great opportunity to get the word out about your writing. And that's what BlogHer and OurStory are all about.

Questions? Comments? I'd love to hear them.

P.S. Here's a picture of my one calm summer not-vacation moment thus far...

Exciting news! On-site Childcare Available at BlogHer '06!

Fri, 09 Jun 2006 08:07:30 +0000

That's right! We are pleased and proud to announce to the BlogHer community that parents registered for the conference will now have the option to enroll their kids in our on-site childcare program! Corporate Kids Events, a nationally known provider of professional, licensed conference childcare, will be extending their services and expertise to registered BlogHer attendees. The Corporate Kids Events staff will be setting up the "BlogHer Conference Kids Camp" in the spacious comfort of adjoining suites at our hotel, the Hyatt San Jose. Plenty of age appropriate activities, lunches and snacks are planned for our campers, along with tender loving attention and safe supervision. A quick overview of the program: CAMPER AGE RANGE Infants to 12 years old. CAMP HOURS Friday, July 28th: 8:30am - 7:00pm Saturday, July 29th: 8:30am - 7:00pm CAMP FEES $84 per child including lunch and snacks. This works out to $4.00 an hour, an exceptionally low cost for high quality childcare. CAMP ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED! FIRST COME FIRST SERVE The Kids Camp can accommodate a maximum of 50 children. This number is based on the childcare survey we conducted several weeks ago. Per the survey results, we anticipate that 30 infant/toddlers and 20 children 4 years of age and older will attend the program. TO ENROLL YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN Complete this online registration form for the BlogHer Conference Kids Camp. Upon submittal of the event registration form, a representative of Corporate Kids Events will contact you to confirm your registration and make payment arrangements. Our on-site childcare program would not be possible without the gracious generosity and support of our corporate sponsors: AlphaMom TV, the brainchild of Isabel Kallman, offers a refreshing mix of programs on a variety of topics for all alpha moms. AlphaMom's online authors include BlogHers Heather Armstrong, Eden Marriott Kennedy, Amy Corbett Storch and Melissa Summers. ClubMom, the nationally acclaimed website, is where millions of moms go for real-mom information, mom-to-mom connections, and rewards. ClubMom recently launched their MomBlogs authored by many BlogHers including Janeen Armstrong, Kristen Chase, Tracey Clark, Amanda/The Naked Ledger, Tracey Gaughran-Perez, Jennifer James, Jenny Lauck, Lena Lotsey, Sheri Reed, Dawn Rouse, Jenn Satterwhite, Amy Corbett Storch, Kathy Snead Williams...and this blogger. PBS Parents is the online home for the always excellent PBS kids programming. This informative website provides a wealth of resources on child development from birth through the early school years. This is also a fun site for kids and parents alike. (Take a look at the totally cute and fun game on the PBS Kids 'Fetch' ad on the right sidebar.) We thank these kind sponsors and applaud them for acknowledging the critical need for childcare at professional meetings such as BlogHer. Please send me an email ( if I can assist you in any way with questions or concerns regarding the BlogHer Conference Kids Camp. Should you require alternate childcare planning, such as an in-room private nanny, we would be happy to send you a list of local services. Warm wishes to all, on behalf of the BlogHer 06 Childcare Committee and the BlogHer Founders, Elisa, Jory and Lisa, Grace Davis BlogHer 06 Advisory Board Committee Chair Committee Members Jenny Lauck Jenifer Scharpen Jeneane Sessums Mary Tsao [...]

BlogHer Conference '06: How you can help make childcare happen

Tue, 18 Apr 2006 16:01:08 +0000

As you may know BlogHer has been investigating how to deliver childcare for the conference this July. We got a big boost when ClubMom stepped up and offered some sponsorship dollars for childcare.

Our Childcare committee, spearheaded by Grace Davis and including Mary Tsao, Jenifer Scharpen, Jeneane Sessum & Mizz Jenny, helped me create and analyze the Childcare Survey a couple of months ago and have been investigating options ever since.

Bottom line:

-Yes, we have some sponsorship dollars to subsidize childcare, but no, it won't cover it in its entirety.

-Yes, our surveyed parents are ready and willing to also pay an hourly fee to get their child on-site childcare, but no, this won't be a no-brainer expense for some BlogHers.

-Yes, we thought of trying for a sliding scale approach, but no, we don't want to pry into prospective attendees' financial portfolios to give them a childcare quote.

So, if you're interested in easing the burden for all BlogHer parents, I have added a new option to our BlogHer registration page:

Help Support Childcare at BlogHer '06

These donations will be earmarked specifically to offset the cost of providing 2 days of group childcare onsite.

If you'd like to pitch in, go to the registration page and donate whatever amount you like to the childcare cause (minimum donation $25.)

BlogHer Parents thank you, and we thank you.