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Database Managers

DataFlex and C++ programming tips. Information about DataFlex Decompilers is also provided.


C++ Interview Questions
Unless you're a hobbyist, at some point in your career you will be interviewed for a software development position. Software engineers are expected to be able to communicate their knowledge of their art and demonstrate their skills on demand. Prepare for your next C++ job interview by reviewing the questions on these pages.

Stringify __LINE__ using preprocessor directives
Create a string that contains the C++ filename and line number that a runtime error occurs on using preprocessor directives. Show how to stringify an integer (__LINE__).

Append or Create a Log File Using fopen()
Use fopen to create a file if it doesn't exist and to append to a file if it does exist.

FindFirst and FindNext Directory Listing Example
An example program shows how to use findfirst and findnext to drill into directories using user-specified attribute filters.

Create a Custom Icon for a Console Mode Application
Modify the default icon for a console-mode application. The modified resource can have both a 16-bit and a 32-bit icon. Each console-mode application can have a unqiue customized icon. Step-by-step instructions for modifying the icon are provided.

Loan Payment Calculator in DataFlex
There are some programs that are universal to programming -- the kind of program that everybody eventually makes. One of those programs is a loan payment calculator. As a student, you might need to calculate a monthly loan payment for a class project, or you might need to calculate it for the finance deptment for your business, or you might need it for yourself to find out the monthly payment for a car or house loan.

Detect Construction, Destruction, Copy and Assignment in C++ members
Use noisy.h (provided in the article) to easily detect when the data elements of a struct or class are being automatically copied or assigned. The article is also a bare-bones example of how to code a constructor, destructor, copy constructor and assignment function (operator=()) in a C++ class.

Reading a text file into a vector
This sample program shows how to read a text file into a vector. It can be the launching point for a much larger program.

Compiling DataFlex Programs
A tutorial that presents a batch file that conveniently compiles arbitrary groups of DataFlex source files on a single command line. The filenames on the command line can contain wildcards.

Connecting an MS-Dos Application to a Printer on a USB Port on Windows 2000
How to connect an MS-Dos application to a Printer that uses a USB Port on Windows 2000. The technique involves associating a network name with an unused LPT port. DataFlex (a 16 and 32-bit application) can then write to the LPT port and the operating system redirects the job to the USB printer port.

Timing an Event in DataFlex
This tutorial demonstrates techniques I've developed for measuring how long things take in DataFlex. Some techniques are so accurate that they even detect the amount of time that Windows steals from a process to do its own processing.

DataFlex Flexkeys
Flexkeys provide a powerful way for DataFlex programmers to create flexible programs for a variety of terminals. This article includes a DataFlex program for finding the definition of a Flexkey and it discusses the history and architecture of DataFlex Flexkeys.

Measuring the SET_TIMER Resolution in DataFlex
The behavior of the SET_TIMER command depends on the underlying hardware. This article includes a DataFlex test program that demonstrates using the SET_TIMER command and a way to detect the minimum resolution that the SET_TIMER command will use on your hardware.

DataFlex: An Introduction
DataFlex is a relational, 4GL Object Oriented database programming language. This article provides an overview of the DataFlex database language.

DataFlex File Extensions
Even though DataFlex has been around for over 25 years, all of the file extensions used in the first versions of DataFlex are still used and mean the same thing. This article provides a list of the file extensions used in DataFlex.