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UC Regents Approve Fundraised Campaign for UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay
(image) The University of California Board of Regents today approved a proposed campaign to raise at least (Dollor) 500 million toward t

Lyme Disease Cases Rising In The U.S
(image) Health officials are sounding the alarm as cases of Lyme disease increase in regions of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Phi

Coverage for Children's Mental Illness Reduces Out-of-Pocket Spending
(image) State regulations requiring equal insurance coverage for mental illness does not increase usage and reduces out-of-pocke

"Functional Foods" Must Be Monitored to Assess Their Long-term Safety and Effectiveness
(image) So-called 'functional foods' need to be systematically monitored because not enough is known about their long-term safet

25,000 Needless Deaths Each Year Due to Failure to Tackle Blood Clots in Hospital
(image) Up to 25,000 people may die needlessly each year due to the failure to prevent blood clots known as venous thromboemboli

Innovative Education Scheme Sees Fewer Rugby Players Suffering Spinal Injuries
(image) A scheme educating coaches and referees in the dangers of the rugby scrum could be a key reason for a reduction in the n

Poisoned Workers of Hindustan Lever Demand Treatment
(image) Representatives of workers of the Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL) in Kodaikanal, a popular hill station in the southern In

Strife in Kashmir Drives Thousands to Psychiatric Wards
(image) Any conflict situation inevitably gives rise to mental health disorders. Not many seem to have turned their attention to

It is Possible Reverse Hair Loss, US Scientists Say
(image) Going bald? Not to worry. Don't have to go after quacks either. A team of researchers in Pennsylvania say it is possible

'Rent-A -Body' Scam Busted
(image) Three American doctors have been arrested by the California Department of Insurance and the Orange County District Attor

Research Favors Aspirin In Prevention Of Pre-Eclampsia
(image) Scientists from Australia and UK writing in the Lancet, say that taking aspirin during pregnancy can help cut down the r

WHO to Investigate Hepatitis Vaccine Deaths in Vietnam
(image) Viet Nam has suspended the use of a Hepatitis B vaccine manufactured by global leader LG group (the Republic of Korea ),

Saving Powers Of The Ocean On The Wane
(image) A new report confirms earlier doomsday warnings from environmentalists. The oceans, which have absorbed excess carbon di

Natural-Birth Centers In U.S Pulling Down The Shutters
(image) The closure of a well-known Takoma Park midwifery practice and a Bethesda birth center have sparked an outcry. Those pr

Suicide Gene Therapy Kills Bowel Cancer Cells
(image) An innovative type of gene therapy has for the first time succeeded in making bowel cancer cells commit suicide, accordi

Clock Gene Plays Role in Weight Gain, Study Finds
(image) Scientists at the University of Virginia and the Medical College of Wisconsin have discovered that a gene that participa

Antibody-based Therapies Effective at Controlling Malaria
(image) Passive immunization through the development of fully human antibodies specific to Plasmodium falciparum may be effectiv

NIH Study Normal Brain Development in Children Across US
(image) Children appear to approach adult levels of performance on many basic cognitive and motor skills by age 11 or 12, accord

Quality Improvement Effort Pays Off in Diabetes Care
(image) Spending money to improve diabetes care at federally qualified community health centers is a sound investment, according

Junk Food Ad Ban - What Parents Want
(image) AMA Vice President, Dr Choong-Siew Yong, today said the AMA is heartened that a new national survey confirms the overwhe

Scientists Develop Method to Track Immune System Enzyme in Live Animals
(image) Scientists supported by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) at the Nationa

Soft Contacts Designed for Cone-Shaped Cornea
(image) Custom-designed contacts improved vision for subjects with keratoconic eyes and offer hope of nonsurgical treatment inst

BMA Urges Against Merging Fertility and Transplantation Regulatory Bodies
(image) "Although the HFEA and the HTA have similarities, there are vast differences in the areas they cover. The complex and se

Campaign Against Trans Fat Gaining Fruit in US
(image) The campaign started by health authorities in the US nearly three years ago is winning more and more adherents. The Appl

Quality Versus Quantity: Transforming Kidney Transplant Policy
(image) A new article published in American Journal of Transplantation examines the dilemmas faced in trying to change kidney tr

Significant Differences in Stroke Prevalence Among U.S. States (and) Territories - CDC Report
(image) Stroke prevalence varies widely from state to state, with some states and U.S. territories having more than double the s

Scientists Map Genome Sequence Dengue Mosquito
(image) Scientists have completed the first draft of the genome sequence of Aedes aegypti mosquito, thereby moving one step furt

30-year-old Woman Survives 'internal Decapitation'
(image) 30-year-old Shannon Malloy, critically injured in a car accident, skull separating from her spine, has survived to tell

Lipoic Acid may Help to Live Long, Free of Degenerative Disease
(image) Oregon State University (OSU) researchers have found the mechanism through which lipoic acid may help people live a long

Southern Ocean's Ability to Absorb CO2 Has Reached a Saturation Point: Study
(image) An international team of researchers from the University of East Anglia, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and the Max-

Ulcerative Colitis Disrupts Many Aspects of Daily Life: Survey
(image) Nearly three out of four ulcerative colitis (UC) sufferers responding to a new nationwide survey say not feeling well ha

A Fresh Alternative to Painful Chemotherapy Developed in UK
(image) Chemotherapy is a standard regimen in most cancer treatments. Since it is a very painful process, continuous attempts ar

Study Finds That Lincoln Suffered from Smallpox During Gettysburg Speech
(image) US President Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous Gettysburg Address, he was in the early stages of a deadly form of sma

Risk of Bladder Cancer Reduced by Broccoli and Cauliflower
(image) A recent research has found that intake of cruciferous vegetables with a high content of isothiocyanates may offer a pro

Common Pain Killer may Reduce the Risk of Brain Damage in Premature Babies
(image) A recent research has found that the cox-2 inhibitor celecoxib, a common pain reliever used to treat arthritis, may redu

Chronic Pain can Impair Memory and Concentration
(image) Chronic pain not only affects to work, sleep and performance of other activities but as it turns out, it can also impair

Tomatoes are Not So Effective in Preventing Prostate Cancer
(image) Researchers based at the National Cancer Institute and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center report that lycopene, an a

Deep-sea Mining can Damage Marine Ecosystem
(image) Undersea habitats supporting rare and potentially valuable organisms are at risk from seafloor mining scheduled to begin

Hyperactivity and Poor Academic Success Linked to Common Genetic Influences
(image) Researchers have revealed that hyperactive behaviour and poor academic achievement are linked primarily because of commo

Moderate Drinking may Lower Risk of Kidney Cancer
(image) Moderate drinking may lower the risk of a type of kidney malignancy called renal cancer according to a study.