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Magnets in Commercial Products may Cause a Fatal Attraction
(image) A type of magnet, that is currently used in many commercial gadgets may cause visible disturbance in the functioning of

Development of Influenza A Virus
(image) It is important to comprehend the evolutionary dynamics of the influenza virus, which will enable scientists evolve bett

Gene Warfare and Lobular Cancer
(image) Every one in ten or fifteen cases of breast cancer can be attributed to Classic Lobular Carcinomas (CLC).

The President Gives Away National Disability Awards
(image) The President of India, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam gave away National Disability Awards to the persons who have excelled in v

The Fat Divide
(image) There appears to be something of a great divide in terms of flesh, between the less informed chips and pizza chomping Br

Who are Prone to Suicidal Tendencies?
(image) A significant academic insight into the factors that enhance the risk of suicide was published in the British Journal of

Underweight Moms: Weighed Down by the Risk of Miscarriages
(image) The British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, published a study that looked into the some of the factors that incre

Frozen Yet Potent Viruses Found
(image) Virus causing flu can survive for decades and longer, in frozen lakes and are very well capable of infecting humans and

Enzyme to Boost Effect of Tumor Vaccine
(image) The effect of tumor vaccines seem to get boosted by a "super" form of an enzyme called Akt1. This enzyme is expected t

Drug Coated Stents Under the Scanner
(image) Drug-coated stents are minute coils implanted in the artery that gradually releases a medicine to ensure the artery does

Phone-Based Care Program Reduces Risk of Death in Older Adults
(image) A telephone-based program linking chronically ill older adults to home or community services significantly reduces morta

Tax Concession to Pharma Comapnies
(image) India is emerging as one of the most favoured destinations for collaborative R (and) D, bio-informatics, contract research and

Vice President Urges Dental Institutes to Adopt Some Villages
(image) The Vice-President Shri Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, has said that in India where 30 crore people still live below poverty l

Molecular 'Marker' on Stem Cells Aids Research, Perhaps Therapies
(image) A sugar molecule present on embryonic stem cells also has been found on the surface of a type of adult stem cell, a disc

Sleep Deprivation may Lead to Impaired Memory, Says Study
(image) Researchers from the Princeton University have stressed the importance of adequate sleep, the lack of it could lead to i

Indore Surgeon Offers New Hope for Erectile Dysfunction
(image) An Indore doctor's claim to cure erectile dysfunction through an innovative surgery has raised hope among the impotent./

Quick -fix Solution: Spray-on a Condom!
(image) German researchers have designed a spray-on condom which will be suitable for all men. Jan Vinzenz Krause

Former Chilean Dictator Hospitalised After Heart Attack
(image) Chile's former dictator Augusto Pinochet, 91, suffered a heart attack Sunday and was taken to a military hospital, an of

Extra Funding To Fight Bird Flu
(image) The World Bank has prepared a report in which it says, a funding of over (Dollor) US1.2 - (Dollor) US1.5 billion ( (Dollor) A1.5 to (Dollor) A1.9 billion

India Stands Eighth Among South Asian Countries in Infant Mortality Rates
(image) With 1.1 million infants dying in India in their first month of life itself, the country stands a poor sixth among the e

Are Hospitals Practicing What They Preach?
(image) Most US Hospitals have fast food outlets in their site, thus giving an idea to the patients of fast food being healthy,

India's Law on Homosexuality Needs Recourse - Hampers HIV Prevention
(image) Denis Broun, UNAIDS India coordinator, explained how India's legal stance on homosexuality is actually causing a setback

Puppets Spread Health Awareness in Rural Rajasthan
(image) Rajasthan has employed a new spokesperson to spread health awareness in rural areas - puppets. A health aw

Integrated Child Development Scheme
(image) Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme was launched in 1975 in 33 Community Development Blocks. The Scheme

Advertising Blamed For Kids' Poor Choices
(image) The American Academy of Pediatrics blames inappropriate advertising to be the cause of most of kids ailments and urges t

Presence of Pesticides and Metals in Fruits and Vegetable
(image) The Registration Committee constituted under Section 5 of the Insecticides Act, 1968 registers pesticides only after sat

Research In A New Direction To Develop Innovative Psychotropic Drugs
(image) The American College of Neuropsychopharmacology held its annual meeting at Nashville on 4 th December. At the meeting ,l

From Six to Sixty, Everyone is Prone to Anorexia
(image) Eating disorders like Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa can affect children as young as seven years old to older men

Taco Bell Restaurant in NJ Tainted by Reports of E Coli Outbreak
(image) Central New Jersey was the focus of attention following an E. coli outbreak . In the last fortnight, at least 22 peopl

Obesity may Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer in Pre-menopausal Women
(image) A new study has challenged the ill-effects of obesity, as a causative factor for breast cancer. It is well known that be

Teen Boys At Greater Risk To High Blood Pressure Than Girls
(image) A Canadian Study finds that adolescence boys are at higher risk for high blood pressure than girls of the same age. Re

Hair-Growth Drug Artificially Lowers Psa Levels in Prostate Cancer Screening
(image) The popular hair-growth drug finasteride, taken by millions of balding men, artificially lowers the results of the prost

Chew on This-Eating Slowly can Reshape You!
(image) A recent scientific research has gained new ground to prove that your moms' advice ,to eat slowly and not to gulp down

Schwarz's New Epilepsy Drug Reduces Seizures
(image) An experimental epilepsy drug, lacosamide, developed by U.S firm Schwarz has found to be potential in reducing the frequ

WHO Spearheads a Global Initiative for Development of Malaria Vaccine by 2015
(image) Bangkok: The World Health Organization has fueled a global initiative to develop a vaccine against malaria, the diseas

Heavenly Notes from a Life Etched With Disability: The Strangest Song
(image) Aged 51, Gloria Lenhoff, struggles to do simple arithmetic or to make change for a dollar. She is incapable of pointing

Anti-Craving Drug, Naltrexone Helps Women Quit Smoking
(image) A new study finds that the anti-craving drug, Naltrexone may lessen cessation-related weight gain and negative moods and

Lenalidomide Gives New Hope To Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Patients
(image) According to a phase II study conducted by Asher Chanan-Khan, MD, Department of Medicine, Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Teen Marijuana Use Does Not Predict Drug, Alcohol Abuse
(image) A 12-year long study by University of Pittsburgh has suggested that Marijuana is not a "gateway" drug that predicts or e

Low Doses Of Arsenic Have Broad Impact On Hormone Activity - Says A Research
(image) Dartmouth Medical School investigators are learning more about how low doses of arsenic, such as the levels found in dri

More Bacteria and Less 'germ-free' Chicken, 83% of Chickens Infected
(image) 'Consumer Reports' has just enabled some valuable advice about chicken, which finds itself in the news, for all the wron

Pay Back Time
(image) A senior and well-known scientist of America's premier medical agency the National Institutes of Health has been charged

Reach For That Bar
(image) For those who would rather shake a leg that skip their favorite food, there's good news. Scientists at the Metropolita

Multivitamin Supplements Keeps Teenagers Healthy
(image) According to Lindsay Reaves of the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, teenagers who take multivitamin supp

Use of Trans Fat to Be Banned in New York
(image) Meet organized by the city board of health on 5th Dec '05. The agenda would be to cut down the use of Trans fat in the c

21 Kg Tumour Removed From Woman
(image) A woman who reported at a hospital here with what she thought were labour pains ended up being operated for a 21 kg tumo

New Lung Heating Device can Help Asthma Patients
(image) A new tiny heating device that can be inserted inside the lungs with the help of a flexible tube through the mouth or no

Death Does Not Take Place in Most Suicidal Attempts Through Antidepressants
(image) People who opt for Antidepressants for committing suicide have increased but people actually dying because of it have de

British Heart Experts Use Cricket To Target South Asians
(image) Britain's heart experts are hoping to exploit the passion for cricket among South Asians to launch a campaign to encoura

Cancer? Get A Second Opinion
(image) Researchers feel that a second opinion is very vital for cancer patients as this would help improve the type of treatmen

Vaccines - Good for Adults too
(image) Vaccines - credited with eradicating diseases such as diphtheria, polio and measles in the United States - sometimes sti

Medication Not Available On Time To Inner-city Children
(image) Inner-city children suffering from chronic asthma do not get proper treatment and medication on time, according to a stu

Chlorpyrifos Affects Mental Development of Foetus
(image) Children exposed to chlorpyrifos-an insecticide, while in their mother's womb, show significant reduction in mental and

Wards Pose Danger to Mother and Child
(image) Mother and babies face danger at the wards due to insufficient doctors, midwives or due to lack of wards. At times the c

Does Treatment of Fibroids Guarantee Fertility ?
(image) Women choose to bear the inconvenience of abnormal vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain caused by growth of fibroids in the

Creating Memories During Sleep
(image) It is still unclear how the brain actually stores or deletes memories. Several researchers, who study the intricate func

Kerala Hospital To Get Australian Accreditation
(image) The Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), a leading hospital here, has successfully completed formalities for an

Kashmir To Get Cancer Hospital
(image) Jammu and Kashmir is to get its first cancer hospital with Governor Lt. Gen (retd) S.K. Sinha Monday laying the foundati

Fears That Connect Cell Phone With Cancer Risk Baseless: Reports Study
(image) Over 420,000 cell phone users were closely monitored by scientists in Denmark from the Cancer Epidemiology in Copenhagen

Scientists On New Venture - An Online Global Map To Help Fight Malaria
(image) Kenya and Britain Researchers have started creating an online global map called as 'Malaria Atlas Project', which aims t

When Your Pet Forgets Who You Are
(image) Alzheimer's disease, characterized by dementia including forgetfulness, confusion and behavioral changes in humans has a

Unholy Grail Found?
(image) In the exciting and hotly debated world of stem cell research yet another request has been put before the US Food and Dr

Surgeries Stalled For Fear Of CJD Outbreak
(image) All surgeries and procedures in a hospital of London Health Sciences Centre University at London, Ontario, are currently

Taste Buds Could Suggest Best Cures For Depression
(image) Clinicians treating depressed patients often decide on the method of treatment by speculating about the probable neurotr

Mental Disorders Strike First Time Moms More
(image) A very extensive research that spanned over 3 decades was conducted by Danish researchers. The study proves that 1:1000

Health Care In Canada To Cost (Dollor) 148 Billion In 2006: Report
(image) Health spendings by Canadians is estimated - (Dollor) 148 billion by the end of 2006, accounting to (Dollor) 4,548 per person - says a r

Name the Healthiest State in The United States
(image) No marks for guessing, Minnesota wins hands down for the fourth year in succession, as the Numero Uno healthiest U.S. St

Parkinson's- Transplanting Cures
(image) U.S. neuroscientists have infused hope in patients suffering Parkinson's disease, with transplanted neural stem cells,

Good Sleep Could Make You Slim
(image) It may not be necessarily diet control or exercise, but if you want to become slim develop a good sleeping habit, sugges

Dogs May Help Prevent Kids From Wheezing
(image) Exposure to multiple dogs along with presence of a certain types of bacteria could help prevent kids from wheezing, says

Ban On Trans Fats Comes Into Effect From July 1
(image) Trans fats are chemically modified fats rich in cholesterol and known to cause heart disease. They are widely used as a

Jamba Juice Co. Cautions Consumers On Smoothie Contamination
(image) San Francisco based Jamba Juice Co., warned consumers about the potentially harmful bacterium that could have contaminat

Acomplia Reduces Blood Sugar And Promotes Weight Loss
(image) A six-month study named SERENADE (Study Evaluating Rimonabant Efficacy in Drug Naive Diabetic Patients) announced its fi

The GreeneChip- First Tool to Provide Differential Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases
(image) The GreeneChip System is a new tool developed by researchers at Greene Infectious Disease Laboratory at Columbia Univers

Juvenile Diabetes may Be Caused by Mad Cow Protein
(image) Researchers from Ottawa Health Research Institute have found a protein that causes a brain wasting disease called Creutz

Scientist Have Found A New Drug To Treat Impotent Men
(image) Doctors of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York have successfully found out a new treatment in the form of an i

Telomerase Expression Linked To Body Mass
(image) Telomerase is an enzyme that is known to have healing properties. It was earlier considered that the lifespan of an orga

How Taste-buds Develop?
(image) Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have come closer to understanding how the sense of tast

Tougher Fiber Dental 'bridges' for a Brighter Smile
(image) A tough fiber re-inforced dental material has been developed by, a professor of structural engineering Vistasp Karbhari

Detection of Neurological Disorder is Just a Sniff Away!!
(image) Simple sniff tests will now help detection of Neurological disorders in their early stage or even the chances of develop

Prevention of AIDS in Armed Forces
(image) In the Forces, HIV/AIDS control programme has been working effectively and the same has been appreciated by UNAIDS, USA

Free Plan B Faces Controversy
(image) Plan B is the name tagged to the new emergency contraceptive pill (ECP) that was approved by the FDA.This approval was s

Ontario Health Minister Censured Over Excess Radiation
(image) Ontario is a province that is home to one-third of Canadians. The health minister of this province is facing the flak fo

Dusted and Polished
(image) Canada's Food Guide is a scantly illustrated pamphlet. Do not let this fool you though. The information provided in it r

Costliest Lawsuit for Chinese Hospital
(image) In a case of dubious consolation, nineteen persons infected with AIDS will be given (Dollor) 2.5 million in compensation, making

Teen Tendencies: 'Vicedom' Enthralls Teens Who Smoke
(image) This is probably one more reason why teenage years are perceived as 'tumultuous'. When teens take to smoking, it is like

Former Chilean Dictator Recovering
(image) Augusto Pinochet, probably Chile's most hated dictator is said to be in a stable condition after a heart attack on Tuesd

Two-Slice-Touch Rule
(image) According to a study conducted by the Department of Radiology at the University of Wisconsin Medical School and Hospital

Study Uncovers Mutation Responsible for Noonan Syndrome
(image) Scientists have discovered that mutations in a gene known as SOS1 account for many cases of Noonan syndrome (NS), a comm

Mifepristone Reliable For Treating Uterine Fibroids
(image) According to a study conducted by University of Rochester, Low doses of the drug mifepristone (also known as RU-486) shr

When Type 1 and Type 2 Are Mouthed By Babes ...
(image) With the increasing number of children pronounced as juvenile diabetics, it is not surprising that parents are a paranoi

Osteoporosis Meds and Jaw Pain: What's the Risk?
(image) Reports of osteoporosis drugs causing jaw problems have you wondering: Should you stop taking them? It's

NHS Suggests Doctors To Treat More Patients At Home
(image) A draft report from NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement suggested that some patients should be cared for at hom

Uses for Botulinum Toxin - A Miracle Poison - Continue to Grow
(image) First, it was infamous as a deadly form of food poison. Then, fame came as a temporary remedy for wrinkles. Now, botulin

Kill Two Birds With One Stone!
(image) The relentless efforts of scientists to exploit prevailing drugs, already in use to treat other disorders, and their val

Five Self-Care Strategies For Depression
(image) There's no quick fix for depression. Even if you are under medical care and taking antidepressant medication, improvemen

Fluoridated Water Proves Harmful to Infants.
(image) The American Dental association announced on the 9th of November, urging parents to prevent use of fluoridated water in

'Sex-change' Only on Paper? Health Watch Dog Backtracks on Proposal
(image) New York City's Board of Health in a surprise move went back on a proposal that would have allowed people to change the

Scotland Women Wait For Weeks For Getting Breast Cancer Results
(image) Thousands of women in Scotland wait for weeks to find out if they are affected by breast cancer due to the negligence of

Laxatives are Not the Right Option for Losing Weight
(image) Many youngsters are trying their best to gain an amazing figure at the cost of their own health. With under eating and v