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Tue, 21 Feb 2006 18:55:37 +0000

Well it was -28 c last week...and now I am soaking up the sunshine on my back poarch...what strange weather we have. Nothing feels as great as some nice winter sun on my face.....I think I need it to feel better about things. DD is sleeping and I cleaned off the deck chairs and I am actually reading a book that is not "all about fuzzy bunny" and actually has words!
I love these Chinooks!

I am just beaming today....

Thu, 29 Dec 2005 22:58:54 +0000

I am accomplished sooooo much today. I need to share.

1. Got up ON TIME!
2. Got DH/DD out the door early!
3. Got DD to daycare and she did not cry today when I left...she went over to her new friend and said "hi". "bunny". and didn't even look at me when I said bye (I feel better about her being there today.)
4. Got report for Accounting done. It balanced (I am not in the Accounting Dept.)
5.I managed to go out and get my filthy car washed..and pick up a healthy lunch.
6. I have a peanut butter cookie in my purse I am about to eat
7. I am going to wash it down with a capuccino..
8. Taking DD swimming tonight.
9.I am actually in a good mood!
10. Dog rescue org. has found a home for my dog who bit our baby last month....yippie!

I'm back after a loooooong absence

Mon, 19 Dec 2005 23:15:47 +0000

Hi everybody I know (knew) and all those new him-mommas.

I have been off-site at work (maybe I should change my login name) since July...but still a hip-momma.

I am so glad I found time to check out this site is a different format than I remember, but still the same great content.

I am the momma who's baby was born missing her hand...and you ladies made me feel so welcome. This was (and still is) such a great place to post feelings, make friends and vent about what is going on in your world. I am glad I found my way back.

What have I been up to? well working, moving to a 1912 house from a 3 year old house (perhaps a mistake, but only time will tell) gutting a kitchen and re-building a workable modern one, getting 3 different prosthetic arms for my though my dog biting my 15 month old daughter ....having to give my dog to my sister-in-law..just in case he does anything like that again....
I am actually GLAD this year is coming to a close.
Enough about my are the rest of you doing?


Posting Pics.

Fri, 24 Jun 2005 19:20:35 +0000

Posting Pictures again. Oh how I love my Bella Bear. We were trying on clothing and doing her laundry and I dug up her funny polar bear bunting finally fits her in the beginning of summer. She thought she looked pretty smashing in it.

Bella Bear

Brushing our Teeth

Thank you everyone so very much

Thu, 16 Jun 2005 21:55:48 +0000

I have been so busy this week that I have not formally had time to thank everybody who responded to my "why today sucks" post last week. You are all such wonderful, strong, and gorgeous women. Reading all of your postings really helped me get through a tough week. The good news: Bella is now crawling! Started this monday. I used my keys (which she loves) as bait and I put them on one side of the living room floor and her on the other....

Thank you all again for your responses. I can't belive the roadblocks we have hit so early in the game, but I am all collected and feeling strong and ready to fight for my daughter's rights to be with everybody else. It is funny, the educated and smart people know that she is fine, it is the ignorant and uninformed or uncaring that don't.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Why today sucks

Fri, 10 Jun 2005 00:25:30 +0000

1.10 minutes Late for my workout at the gym, and for putting Bella into the childcare at the "y". Get chewed out by daycare staff...huh?

2. Get turned down for drop-in child care at the only 2 child care centres left with space available for August - becuase Bella is missing her hand they think she has a "learning disabilty and perhaps is slow". AAAARRRRUUUGGGHH. Why are people so damn ignorant.

3. Went to mom's playgroup. All the kids are about 1-3 weeks apart. They are all crawling like crazy...zooming around my friens place. Crawling for Isabella is difficult without a hand...I am noticing how hard she is trying and I excuse myself and burst into tears in the bathroom.

4. Called Childrens link to see if there are any special daycares with extra help for Bella when she gets her myo-electric hand in a few months. She is not considered handicapped for some reason so there is no help availabe. They suggesed I LIE to the daycare providers and then mention her hand after we are enroled and go for our first day.

5. Hubby is at Soccer after work (now) and I really need a break. Bug is playing quietly in her playpen, but I need to go for a walk alone.

6. Crying again.

7. I am upset with myself for even thinking about going back to work - I did not know we would have a child who's hand is missing....I should know that my life has changed more so than other mothers and I should accept this.

8. Crying about the above.

Posting after a long absence

Mon, 06 Jun 2005 20:07:01 +0000

Hello everybody. I have been away for quite some time and thought I would catch up and post.
My hubby took 1 month Parental leave and we went to Vancouver and Nelson British Columbia for some much needed rest and to visit family and friends. I am glad he took the time off, but he drove me crazy near the end. He is just such a "do it now" kind of person, and every day we had a list of "chores" as he calls them of things to get done. Is it terrible that i am realived he is back at work today and I can log onto this site while baby sleeps and not feel like I should be sorting out the linnen closet or helping him alphabetize our library at home?

Ok, this is officially hell today. (rant)

Fri, 29 Apr 2005 00:43:10 +0000

Had a great day @ our mothers group. DD was such a good girl - she played, laughed, ate and had her bottle. She refused to have her afternoon nap, so she was pretty cranky on the drive home, but managed to fall asleep in her car seat. I pull into our garage. Get the baby out of the truck, then open the door to the house....and this SMELL hits me like a brick wall....... It smells, parden my french but SHIT. Awful horrid, smelly, get a gas mask kinda shit.

I quickly put Bella into her crib and she proceeds to wake up and start screaming at the top of her lungs. I venture to our basement, where our 3 dogs are in their crates for the 3 hours that I am away today.......I open the basement door and a smell 10 times WORSE than the 1st smell hits me and nearly knocks me over.....Huge SHIT stinky smell......

I peer into the dogs kennels and my Aussie Shepherd Rupert is squished at the back of his crate....and in the first 3/4 of his crate is masses of liquid dog poop....and dog vomit and more dog poop. I open his crate and he runs out stepping in dog poop. I quickly grab a rag, clean his paws and look at his rear end.....his long hair is COVERED in dog poop. It is literally hanging from nearly every strand. I grab a dog towel..kinda fashion a dog diaper and escort him outside into the snow and try to clean up is bum with the snow and soapy water.

I leave him there and go through 2 rolls of T.P. trying to sop up the dog poo and vomit and then I have to crawl into the back of his kennel to get the rest of it. I have to run to the bathroom and vomit.....

Baby is still screaming at the top of her lungs.

I scrub myself, change clothing infront of the washing machine and put the dirty stuff right in. Get baby out of crib...she stops crying and giggles. Put baby back into crib and look outside. Dog has just sprayed liquid poop all over the fence in his dog run outside and is now EATING IT. A few moments later he vomits it up...and proceeds to EAT IT AGAIN!

My husband shows up from work in the middle of all this =- baby screaming, me sobbing, the dog eating shit and voming....and he takes one look at us and says "oh, sorry, wrong house."

He gets the dog into the basement bathroom and we give him a bath to get rid of the poo. Our dog is terribly upset and cant figure out why he is banished to outside. We cuddle and feed the baby, and then the dog trotts into the kitchen, drinks a ton of water and vomits again all over the tiles...shit, vomit and water this time.
Poor dog. He is now outside. We had to hose down his run so he would not eat his poop he is looking at me so sadly.

What a horrible evening. Now DH has gone to soccer practice....I am left with the baby, dog and feeling just worn out. It reminds me of that scene in the Divine secrets of the Ya Ya sisterhood...when all the kids are throwing up or pooping their pants and screaming...and the mother steps in the poop, then has a complete break down.

Thats nearly me today.

Good things for today

Tue, 12 Apr 2005 19:33:09 +0000

1. Going to the "y" and having 2 hours to myself

2. The sauna @ the Y.

3. Burning up 350 calories on the eliptical machine.

4. The ladies at the "y" daycare - you girls rock.

5. The smile on bella's face when I picked her up from Daycare.

6. mmmmmmmmmm latte.

7. My dogs wanna snuggle today.

8. My house is shiny clean...hurray no cleaning today!

9. Picking out a few books for storytime this afternoon. "That's not my bear" and one fish 2 fish.

10. Having time to post on here this afternoon.