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Comments on Breaking the world of syndication

a digital magpie

Updated: 2016-10-24T13:44:47Z


By: GiacomoL


Absolutely with you.

By: Neil T.


I make sure that the guid isn’t a permalink in my feeds. The filename that link points to in my case is generated from the title, and so if I change the title for whatever reason, the link changes too. Therefore I use guid with permalink=”false” and then use MTEntryID@MTBlogURL as the ID in the tags, since that will be unique for an entry and won’t change if I edit the title of the entry.

You comment about retaining link for backwards compatibility is a good one though.

By: Geodog


Thanks for speaking up — I hope they listen.

Magpie won’t parse Salon Radio blogs RSS 2.0 because the newest update did away with link and title. Now I don’t read some of my favorite blogs.

By: Dave Winer


Geodog, I would be very surprised if ”the newest update did away with link and title.”

In Radio, if the user has titles and links turned on, then the feed will have titles and links. If the user doesn’t have them turned on, the feed will not have titles and links. That’s the way it’s been since early 2002, well over two years.

Aggregators have to be prepared to handle feeds that don’t have titles and links. But there may be apps that were built to work with a small number of MT sites, a private app, that depends on the link element being there. Why break them? Better yet, let’s not break them.

I think Phil’s advice is good (although a little colorful for my taste) and I sent an email to Anil and Mena saying that and pointing to this post.

If you really think that the Salon blogs all changed, then that’s a serious issue and we’d better look into it, asap.

By: Phil Ringnalda


Oops, Ben says my leftover crapflood throttle’s kicking in (apparently I never expected to get more than 100 comments in 24 hours).

Anyway, his comment would have been something along the lines of:

Hi Phil, Thanks for the (subtle :) ) note. The removal of the item-level link element in the latest beta was an accident that has now been fixed.

Cool, thanks!

Now, about Sam’s both link and guid, but different URLs… :)

By: Geodog


I’m not an RSS geek, just a user. Maybe you can debug this for us. Compare:

Real Live Preacher: (titles & links) vs. (neither)

Scott Rosenberg of Salon (titles & links) vs. (neither)


By: Randy Charles Morin


Using guid instead of link is valid. If your aggregator doesn’t like it, then your aggregator needs an upgrade. Nevertheless, change for change-sake is never good. MTs guid has always been less than useful, as it’s not a permalink. I like the dual link/guid concept. Last, since MT is highly configurable, then it doesn’t really matter what they do, does it? Just reconfigure it.

By: Dave Winer


Geodog, we don’t know how they have things set in their content system. It could be that they are formating the text that way, rather than entering a title into the Title field of the form. It’s impossible to tell from here, you’d have to ask Scott and the Preacher how they have set things up.

By: Matthew Ernest


On the other hand has titles and links. It’s not some effect of Salon’s community server, so it must something done on the client end. And that could be anything.

By: Geodog


Thanks for checking. I emailed both of them a while ago about it, and
they didn’t know anything about it — they were just using the
default setup that Salon/Radio gave them. I had to explain to one of
them what RSS was.

I guess maybe this is a matter of changing the default Salon setup,
and I don’t have clue who to go to about that.

P.S. Phil, I like the pink, but where is Barbie?