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GPs Suggested to Provide More Than Just Consultations
(image) The government has welcomed a suggestion by the national clinical director for health care, Dr. David Colin-Thome to per

Erroneous Laboratory Operation May Lead To a Cancer Drug
(image) An error in the laboratory may pave way to the discovery of a new drug for cancer. This was disclosed by Katherine Schae

Doctors -you've Got Mail
(image) In this 'net'-overworked world surprisingly few doctors are 'logged' in. For years the medical world was pro

Food from Cloned Animals Will Not Have Indicative Labels
(image) The food obtained from animals that are cloned will not bear any labels to signify the same. As long as the food is safe

Expect More Outbreaks in Europe, Bird Flu Expert Warns
(image) Top bird flu expert Dr.David Nabarro, Senior U.N. Coordinator for Avian and Human Influenza has warned of more bird flu

South Dakota Hospital Receives (Dollor) 400 Million from a Philanthropist
(image) Denny Sanford, Chairman and CEO of United National Corp. has donated a whopping (Dollor) 400 million to Sioux Valley Hospital at

Anorexics Need Help
(image) According to a latest research finding, two thirds of the young population who suffer from eating disorders is unable to

Low Fat Dietary Habits can Help Check Breast Cancer Recurrence
(image) Results from a study carried out by non-profit National Institute of Cancer Research delving into the influence of healt

On the 'Fast Buck' Trail: Kidneys on Sale
(image) bI"Many have made a trade of delusions and false miracles, deceiving the stupid multitude"

Is Extreme Irritability - a Childhood Bipolar Disorder?
(image) A new study done by researchers from National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) helps in improving the diagnosis and tre

Food Odors Linked With Lifespan in Fruit Flies
(image) Researchers studying fruits flies have made a Startling discovery. The researchers who want to learn why organisms tend

Newborns' Cerebral Palsy Risk Increased By Alzheimer's Gene
(image) Researchers at Children's Memorial Research Center have, for the first time, identified Apolipoprotein E (APOE), a gene

New Supplemental Therapy for Common Jaw Disorder
(image) The UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have found a new supplemental therapy that teaches pain coping and biofee

U.S. Issues Guidelines in Case of Flu Pandemic
(image) Cities should close schools for up to three months in the event of a severe flu outbreak, ball games and movies should b

Mental Health of Kashmiris Needs Urgent Attention: Survey
(image) New Delhi: A damning report on Jammu and Kashmir by humanitarian group Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) says a third of it

Health Workers Need Better Preparation for Developing World
(image) UK doctors and nurses who work in the developing world would benefit from better preparation for cultural challenges, ac

A Young Girl Loses Her Leg Due to Surgeon's Carelessness
(image) Bhubaneswar: A 12-year-old girl was allegedly operated on her leg instead of her polio-afflicted hand in Orissa's coasta

Ultrasound Technology - Boon or a Bane?
(image) A recent newspaper article reported that a brain dead pregnant woman on life support had passed the milestone in her pre

About One Third of Children Overweight in California
(image) Los Angeles: About one in three children in California is overweight or at risk of becoming overweight, according to sta

Consult Doctors Before Whitening Teeth
(image) If you are planning to whiten your teeth by bleaching them, consult the right technicians because getting it done by unq

Hipbone Replaced in an Aged Woman in India
(image) Shimla: Doctors in Himachal Pradesh claim to have successfully carried out a hip replacement for a 97-year-old woman.

India Developing Oral Vaccine to Fight Diabetes
(image) India is on the threshold of launching an oral vaccine for diabetes that would replace the current practice of insulin i

South India to Have Modern Military Hospitals
(image) Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu will upgrade their existing military hospitals to state-of-the-art Command Hospitals.

Japanese 'bilk' the Cow for Beer
(image) Tokyo: A brewery in Japan launched production of unusual beer from cow's milk on a tip from a local dairy farmer who was

Study Links Socio-Economic Deprivation to Maternal Obesity
(image) Pregnant women from economically disadvantaged background are likely to become obese, says a study that linked socio-eco

Mercury can Kill
(image) Mercury in the glass thermometer that we use for checking body temperature is most lethal and can pose serious health pr

Health Issues That Can Impact Sexual Satisfaction
(image) Here's the good news, the bad news, and some more good news about Americans' sexual health: Most (64 percent of American

Early Detection of Artery Weakening Can Be a Life-Saver
(image) Demetrios Spanos was shocked when his doctor discovered a potentially life-threatening weakening affecting his body's la

Jaw Pain? See a Cardiologist Right Away
(image) Toothache or pain in the jaw may be a sign of a heart attack, according to a study conducted by researchers in Sweden an

Condition That Causes Irregular Periods Can Lead to Fertility Problems
(image) For many women, irregular or infrequent menstrual cycles may not sound like such a bad thing. But a condition that can c

Helium Helps COPD Sufferers to Exercise
(image) Helium - a colourless, odourless and tasteless chemical element - could help treat respiratory disorders, say researcher

Increased Mental Disorders In Children
(image) According to a latest study, there is a pronounced increase of mental illnesses among children. This includes autism, To

Support Claims With Science Not Magic, Beverage Owners Warned
(image) A 'merit less publicity stunt' is how Beverages Partners Worldwide describes a lawsuit from CSPI -Center for Science in

Severe Form of "Enlarged Prostate" Disease Discovered
(image) Millions of middle-aged and older men experience the symptoms of an enlarged prostate multiple times during the day and

Research Explores Chiropractic's Effect on Diabetes
(image) Diabetes is the fifth deadliest disease in the United States and a growing epidemic worldwide. Now, researchers are find

'Manual on Healthy Lifestyle Choices' Released
(image) Tony Clement Canadian Health minister released the revised version of the Canada Food Guide. Health Canada last

"Loneliness And Dementia are Linked", A Study Reveals.
(image) A study conducted by Robert Wilson of Rush University Medical Centre of Chicago suggests that elders who are subjected t

Two New Studies Back Vitamin D for Cancer Prevention
(image) Two new vitamin D studies using a sophisticated form of analysis called meta-analysis, in which data from multiple repor

Higher Serum Selenium Linked With Reduced Risks of Prostate Cancer - in Some Men
(image) Scientists Dr. Ulrike Peters, of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, and colleagues have come out with

Teens Unaware of the Link Between Smoking and Blindness
(image) Teenagers fear blindness more than lung cancer or stroke, but nine out of 10 don't know that smoking can rob them of the

Suicide Rates in Children Soar
(image) According to a latest Government data, there is an alarming rise in suicides in youth population. Health authorities fee

Bird Flu Claims Next Egyptian Victim
(image) A 17-year-old girl is the next to succumb to bird flu, bringing the death toll from the dreaded disease in the country,

Indonesia Has Stopped Sharing Vital Bird Flu Data
(image) Indonesia, the country worst hit by the flu pandemic, has stopped sharing human genetic samples of the most deadly strai

The Search for Organ Donors
(image) The low numbers of organ donors in Australia is an ongoing problem according to Australia's leading organ donor advocacy

High BP During Pregnancy Linked To Heart Disorders
(image) According to a Dutch study, high blood pressure during pregnancy could lead to diabetes and cardio vascular disease late

European Medical Research Still Ignoring Women
(image) Despite the European Union's commitment to gender equality, women are still underrepresented on the committees that sanc

Doctors' Own Fear of Death Linked to Hastening Death of Very Sick Newborns
(image) Doctors who fear their own death say they are more prepared than other doctors to hasten death in sick newborns for whom

Developing Countries- Still The Least Likely To Use Contraception
(image) A recent Analysis of the survey data from 55 developing countries has shown that, a 'contraceptive gap' separates the ve

Human Skin Harbors Many More Types of Bacteria
(image) According to a new and first study to identify the composition of bacterial populations on the skins using a powerful mo

Environmental Toxicants Target Stem Cells
(image) A study published today in the on-line journal PLoS Biology concluded that the low levels of toxic substances cause crit

Mentally Ill Have High Risk Of Cardiovascular Death
(image) A large British study reported in the February issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, one of the JAMA/Archives journal

Symptoms of Depression Associated With Artery Diseases
(image) According to a report in the February issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, one of the JAMA/Archives journals, depres

Teens More Likely to Become Victims of Online Harassments
(image) A recent survey identifies teen's online behavior associated with online interpersonal victimization. Teens who talk to

Salk Scientists - FISH-Ing for Links Between Cancer and Aging
(image) Scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies Wielding a palette of chromosome paints, have taken a step close

High BP - More Common in Sedentary Teens
(image) A recent study by a team of researchers reported that the teenagers who spend a lot of time planted in front of the TV a

Action Video Games Improves Vision
(image) A new study finds that video games that contain high levels of action, such as Unreal Tournament, can actually improve y

Ayurveda Firm's Name Change Irks Experts
(image) Thiruvananthapuram: Experts of the traditional Indian science of ayurveda have questioned the name change of leading fir

Vellore's CMC Offers Hope for Bhutanese Patients
(image) Thimphu: Sonam Choden, the mother of two-year-old Leki Dorji, never hoped to be happy again. But thanks to the Vellore-b

New Brain Cells Love to Learn: Study
(image) Researchers have found that wisdom in old age depends on a fresh supply of new brain cells. Canadian resea

Funds Increased for Treating Bhopal Gas Victims
(image) Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh will spend Rs.30 million per annum for the treatment of cancer patients afflicted with the diseas

A New Plan to Restrict Cardiovascular Diseases in Scotland
(image) Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) has published a set of guidelines that are aimed at averting 7,200 de

Call for a National 'Drugs Funding Program' for Cancer Treatment in Canada
(image) Cancer remains a dreaded disease even today. But whether patients survive cancer seems to depend on where they live and

Review Meeting on Avian Flu
(image) The high-level review meeting regarding preparedness in the country for dealing with any outbreak of Avian Influenza was

Vitamin D Deficiency Observed in Breast Feeding Mothers
(image) In a study published in Clinical Pediatrics, it is reported that breast feeding mothers may be deficient in vitamin D. I

Growth Factors Given With Chemotherapy may Increase Risk of Blood Diseases
(image) Women with breast cancer who receive compounds that stimulate white blood cell production to help their bodies better to

Take Third Generation Oral Contraceptives Off the Shelves-consumer Group Insists
(image) Public Citizen- an advocacy group for the protection of consumer health has come out strongly against the FDA. br

Smoking Increases the Danger of Losing Vision
(image) Advertising campaign pointing out the threat of losing vision due to smoking will prove to be more effective in young po

Researchers Analyzes Risk Between Hodgkin Disease and Heart Attack Mortality
(image) Doctors have long known that patients treated for Hodgkin disease are at an increased risk for heart attacks. Researcher

Drug Used in Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery may Increase Risk of Death
(image) Aprotinin, a drug used for limiting blood loss in patients undergoing cardiac surgery, is associated with an increased r

Epileptic Drug Found To Be Efficient As A Single Therapy
(image) A study conducted by the scientists at Western Infirmary Epilepsy Unit in Glasgow, confirmed that drug levetiracetam i

Genetic Variations Associated With Risk of Venous Thrombosis Identified
(image) Researchers have identified new genetic variations that may be associated with the risk of developing nonfatal venous

Statutory Warnings on Cigarette Packs- Make It Bigger and Brighter, Say Researchers
(image) Researchers have a piece of advice for governments who want to help smokers kick 'butts'; keep all warnings printed on

Advice To Canada On Right Kind Of Food
(image) Canadians are advised to follow a dietary regime which will include lots of green vegetables, less of saturated fats a

Unknown Species of Bacteria Among a 'zoo' of Them on the Human Body
(image) Scientists have found more than 250 species of bacteria dwelling on the human forearm, around the number of animal sp

Marked Increase of Cancer Cases Among Aging Population
(image) The number of new cases diagnosed with cancer among the aging population has risen considerably in between 2004 and 20

Bait as Heavier Pockets for Doctors to Fort McMurray Hospitals
(image) Local authorities have chalked out a plan to support doctors sagging under the pressure of overwork in Fort McMurray, Al

Stem Cells Use in the Future
(image) The future use of stem cells is obviously a difficult question to answer. There is no doubt from the levels of researc

Ban on Non-iodised Salt Challenged
(image) New Delhi: The Supreme Court Tuesday admitted a petition challenging a government notification banning the production,

The Other Side of Transsexuals
(image) Villupuram (Tamil Nadu): Over 3,000 transsexuals in Tamil Nadu who donated their eyes last month are hoping that society

'Smart House' Developed to Monitor People With Dementia
(image) British scientists have developed a house to help people with dementia. It uses smart technology to monitor activity a

New Zealand Doctors for Restricting Trampoline Sales
(image) New Zealand doctors have warned children that jumping for joy can hurt them, according to a newspaper report.

AIIMS Official Files Complaint Against Venugopal
(image) New Delhi: All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) director P. Venugopal is again in trouble after the institu

New Inhaler is Child's Play
(image) A new inhaler with a child-friendly design aims to solve the problem of dosage variance and patient compliance - key iss

FDA Approves New Product to Treat Von Willebrand Disease
(image) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today announced the approval of Antihemophilic Factor/von Willebrand Factor

HIV-positive Individuals Have a Massively Increased Risk of Osteonecrosis
(image) People with HIV have approximately a hundred times greater risk of developing osteonecrosis (bone death) than the genera

Space-Age Bandage Monitors Patients With Raynaud's Disease
(image) Clinicians from Johns Hopkins Scleroderma Center together with engineers from the university's Applied Physics Laborator

X-ray System to Show Moving Bones in 3-D
(image) New project, being developed at Brown University, promises to improve our understanding of the complex motions of bones

Ex-teacher Sues Delhi Public School
(image) Delhi High Court has issued notices to the state government and Delhi Public School (DPS) Society on a petition by a f

13,000 Cases of Dengue Found in Brazil in January
(image) At least 13,000 cases of dengue fever, including two fatal hemorrhagic dengue, have been reported in the southern Brazil

Health Officials Urges to Launch Campaign Against Counterfeit Malaria Drugs
(image) Nigeria should launch a campaign to combat counterfeit artemisinin-based combination therapies to prevent malaria para

Doctors Advise Shifting of Ailing Soren
(image) A three-member medical board, who examined former union coal minister Shibu Soren in the Dumka central jail, has recom

Children's Behavioral Problems Not Linked to Marital Discord
(image) Fighting genes may be passed from parents to their offspring while behavioral issues in children are not due to marital

New Mad-Cow Case Detected in Canada Bull
(image) Canada has confirmed its tenth case of mad cow disease after a "mature" bull from the province of Alberta has been teste

The Longest Living Ulcer Bug With Humans
(image) Stomach ulcer is caused by Helicobacter pylori which is found to reside in the human digestive system for a long time. I

Childhood Obesity Linked With Sleep
(image) According to one of the major findings of a new study, children who sleep more tend to weigh less than children who slee

Obesity and Older Adults
(image) According to new research from Wake Forest University School of Medicine and colleagues, today's older adults face a dou

Forge Ahead On Folate Fortification
(image) AMA Vice President, Dr Choong-Siew Yong, today said the AMA is yet again calling for immediate mandatory fortification o

Smartcard Legislation Fails The Privacy Test - AMA
(image) AMA President, Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, today urged Federal MPs to vote against the Government's proposed Health and Social

Eli Lilly Releases Digital Insulin Pen
(image) Eli Lilly is set on releasing a new line of digital insulin pens for the US market. Currently available in Europe, Huma-

Man-Made Proteins Could Be More Useful Than Real Ones
(image) Structure of the Zwit-1F beta-peptide bundle as determined by x-ray crystallography. The bundle contains eight copies of