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Preview: Handheld PC Community Forums - Reviews

Handheld PC Community Forums - Reviews

Handheld PC Community Forums - Reviews


Review: NEC Mobile Terminal S1596-01
When you come across a snappy product name, you know that good things are sure to follow. Unfortunately we have to suggest that the prodigies behind the instantly memorable S1596-01 will not have been living it large this (or any other) holiday season as a result of their marketing bonus (it is the "-01" which makes it classy, right?).

The NEC Mobile Terminal is for the most part exactly what its name states it is, an industrial device that has been designed to accommodate the needs of a wide number of stakeholders. As a result it has the potential to offer a comprehensive set of connectivity options in a compact Windows CE 5.0 package.

Rich Hawley explores the merits of this Windows CE Tablet PC in his latest review here on the site.

View: NEC Mobile Terminal S1596-01

Flashback: Sharp HC-AJ1
Joe Chow takes a look at the Japanese market, Sharp HC-AJ1 from a 2013 perspective in this flashback hardware review.

Read the review and have your say here on the forums.

View: (Flashback) Sharp HC-AJ1

Review: (Flashback) Aplux E-Diginote TIM2C
It has been quite some time since we had a review on the site, so it is great to start off again with one of our trademark flashback reviews - a review of a legacy device written from a modern stand point.

Rich Hawley delves into a seldom referenced Windows CE .net tablet device distributed by Aplux (amongst others) as the E-Diginote TIM2C. How does a once $800 USD, now far less, largely unknown tablet from eBay compare with the historic leviathan that is the SIMpad?

Read the review and have your say here on the forums.

View: (Flashback) Aplux E-Diginote TIM2C

Review: Chinese 7" Netbook
You've heard of them, because quite frankly they are everywhere. The plethora of 7", unbranded netbooks based around the same format with slightly different styling’s has taken eBay by storm; but is there anything to their low cost form factor or are some things really too good to be true?

Rich Hawley shares his thoughts on this Asian phenomenon in his review of the ubiquitous Chinese 7" Netbook.

View: Chinese 7" Netbook

Review: (Flashback) NTT DoCoMo Sigmarion III
If there is one word that is probably safe to use when discussing the NTT DoCoMo Sigmarion III 'unusual' is likely it.

Made by NEC but released exclusively by Japanese telecommunications giant NTT DoCoMo, the device was exclusive to NTT and had no follow-up anywhere in the world under and brand. More so the device was one of the first to include TFT screen technology and native SD card reading technology. Furthermore it was one of a very small number of devices that was ever released to market with Windows CE .net 4.1 on-board, making it a truly unlikely contender in the popularity stakes. Yet surprisingly despite its Japanese only origins, the Sigmarion III is a highly regarded and very popular H/PC device (if you can get hold of one!).

It has been a while since we've run a Flashback review here on HPC:Factor and to mark the occasion Mikey Pizano takes the oddity that is the NTT DoCoMo Sigmarion III for a trip down memory lane as he reviews the device in his first article on HPC:Factor.

As ever, read the review and have your say in the comments and on the forum.

View: NTT DoCoMo Sigmarion III

Review: (Flashback) Vadem / MainStreet Clio C-1050
It has been some time since we last published a review here on HPC:Factor, so it is exciting to see that our first review for 2010 is a flashback review, where the author takes a perspective on a legacy device through modern eyes.

The topic of discussion for this review is the Vadem / MainStreet Networks Clio C-1050, a device which at the time of its released created quite a stir with its innovative design features and multi-mode form factor.

Gregg Fritchle takes us through the features of the Clio and outlines how he thinks the device stands up a little over 10 years since its original release.

Once you have read the review, let us know what you think of the Clio in the discussion through the comments or, as ever, join in with the ongoing discussion of all things H/PC on the forums.

View: Vadem / MainStreet Clio C-1050

Review: (Flashback) NEC MobilePro 880
Julio Ortiz has always had a soft spot for H/PC Professional, an early adopter and a hp fan, after all these years it seemed sensible to try something new. As a H/PC pundit and a writer, Julio needs something a little more scalable from his Handheld's. So after much deliberation the venerable NEC MobilePro 880 sub-notebook Handheld PC seemed like it fit the bill, but after nearly a decade can such a device really be all that useful?

In the latest HPC:Factor flashback review, where a legacy device is reviewed through modern eyes, Julio explores the merits of the NEC MobilePro 880 from a writers context and finds out if it offers value for money on the second hand market.

View: Flashback: NEC MobilePro 880

Review (Flashback): Intermec 6651
Mr. Gregg Fritchle dives into the latest in our series looking at legacy Handheld PC hardware from a modern perspective with a flashback to 2001 and the HPC2000 release of Intermec's reversible tablet H/PC, the 6651.

Perhaps a good few years ahead of its time, the 6651 offers design features that may be common place in 2008, but were still quite innovative and certainly unique in the Windows CE world of the time.

Join Greg in his evaluation of the MIPS3000 powered 6651 and let us know what your memories (fond or otherwise) and modern uses for the device are as we move into 2009.

View: Flashback: Intermec 6651

Review: NuShield Screen Protectors
The most expensive party of any Handheld PC device is the screen. No matter what the screen technology, be it STN, DSTN or TFT, the screen forms an often irreplaceable part of your H/PC investment. In many cases, in the high demand, low supply replacements market the screen, and primary input device for many H/PC's is an irreplaceable asset, one worthy of spending that little bit more to look after.

H/PC Community regular Tak Wu takes a transparent look at the performance of one such screen protector product; the patent-pending protection technologies of NuShield Inc.

Read the review and have your say here on the forums.

View: NuShield Screen Protectors

Review: Microsoft Plus! Pack for Windows CE Handheld PC 3.0
It's an application to which many of us are already familiar, but if you are not, it might surprise you that even Windows CE was gifted with one of Microsoft's "Plus!" branded releases.

Historically providing additional integrated functionality and tweaking power to the standard Windows toolset. Plus! has been a constant to Windows releases since Windows 95, and to date the Handheld PC remains the only Windows CE platform release to be given the Plus! treatment.

John Ottini takes a look at the popular, yet easily overlooked Handheld PC Professional release in our latest review here on HPC:Factor.

Read the review and have your say here on the forums.

Review: Microsoft Plus! Pack for Windows CE Handheld PC 3.0

Help Wanted: Reviews Writer
Here at HPC:Factor we need your help!

Reviews are one of the pillars on which the site stands on and is an area that has been challenging to keep up-to-speed. Frankly we have too many things to review and not enough people to review them.

I'm looking for someone who can agree to writing on a regular schedule a review of either hardware or software. In the case of software reviews, often you will be able to keep the software you review.

In order to qualify you will need to have strong English language written skills, own an H/PC device, have the ability to capture screenshots and willingness to fairly review an application (not make it an opinion piece).

If you are interested, please Private Message me or drop me an email and we can discuss further.


Review: "The Great Handheld PC Software & Resource CD 2007"
We dreamed of it, and they did it. UsedHandheld's have taken some of the most prestigious Handheld PC Software applications, from some of our most elite developers and put them together on in one place, exclusively and for the very first time.

UsedHandheld's backup the offer with discounts for buyers of the Jornada 720, and are giving all new MobilePro users the chance to own the bundle for free as part of the MobilePro 900/900C package. Excellent value if you're in the market for new hardware, but what about as a stand-alone purchase?

Chris Tilley takes a look at the UsedHandheld's CD, sizes up the offer and sees if it deserves the title the Great Handheld PC Software & Resource CD.

Read the review and have your say here on the forums

View: "The Great Handheld PC Software & Resource CD"

Review: IBM Workpad z50 (Flashback)
The second hand Handheld PC market is booming. With H/PC's seeing far less depreciation, and much higher long-term value to their owners it is no wonder that the H/PC produces such strong passions amongst their owners.

If you are looking at the second hand market for a device, then chances are you have scoured the Internet looking for reviews and up-to-date opinions on the various models that have peeked your interest.

With what we hope will be the first of many 'Flashback' articles, we take a detailed look at the IBM Workpad z50 from the perspective of a 2005 user, showing you the pros and cons as well as what type of user the device is best aimed at.

Review: IBM Workpad z50

Review: Nokia D211 GPRS/WLAN Card
If you are the sort of H/PC user who likes to remain connected at all times, and your device lacks built-in cellular support - which you find on devices such as the bSquare Power Handheld or the SmartBook G138 - then chances are you are fed up with having to juggle the infrared connection from your PDA to your phone, carry cumbersome data cables, or are fed up of having to swap between Bluetooth and WiFi adapters as you move between communication mediums.

If this is sounding familiar, then the Nokia D211 mobile GPRS/WLAN card could be the solution you are looking for. We take a look at the D211 and find out if it really is a saving grace for H/PC users.

Read the review and have your say here on the forums.

View: Nokia D211 GPRS/WLAN Card

Review: Summit SCD-CF22AG Wireless Card
Windows CE devices have been limited in their wireless capabilities, often relegated to the older and much slower 802.11b standard. Coupled with the difficult to overcome security issues associated with Windows CE 4.0 and lower, wireless on the H/PC is often painful and a trade off of getting any connection at all vs. the security of its use.

If you are a user of a Windows CE 4.2 or higher device, Summit Data Communications are one of a few manufacturers to offer a range of cards which buck the trend in CE read wireless hardware.

Rich Hawley investigates the 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g ready SCD-CF22AG wireless adapter in his latest review here on HPC:Factor.

Read the review and have your say here on the forums or in the discussion.

View: Summit SCD-CF22AG Wireless Card