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PXI topics

PXI topics

Published: Mon, 20 Nov 2017 21:22:29 GMT2017-11-20T21:22:29Z


NI DCPower 17 Error -225130 Windows 10

Fri, 17 Nov 2017 21:39:08 GMT2017-11-17T21:39:08Z



I'm having issues with DCPower on windows 10. Where I work, we have windows 7 on some computers but all new computers are windows 10.  All machines have LabVIEW 2017, TestStand 2016, DCPower and such. This error is only happening windows 10. If I move the chassis to a windows 7 machines, I have no issues.


I have tried to remove all NI software and reinstall it and even went as far as getting a fresh windows 10 install. Still no good. 


I saw this thread but it didn't solve my issue:


Has anyone had a similar issue? Any tips on how to solve it? 


PXIe-7915 DRAM clock issue

Fri, 17 Nov 2017 14:51:53 GMT2017-11-17T14:51:53Z

HI All,


I got early access to PXIe-7915 FlexRIO module. I was provided with beta software for this device. Everything works fine except it seems that DRAM clock is dead. I instantiated DRAM and saw that reading and writing were not working properly. Then I made a counter using DRAM clock and noticed that its value was always zero. I have two pieces of this hardware and I see the same behavior on both. From this reason, I will exclude board damaging.  Maybe the issue is beta software.  Is there release version of software for this device that can be downloaded from NI website? 


Thank you in advance.

XNET to send CAN message at variable a rate PXI 8512

Thu, 16 Nov 2017 14:19:49 GMT2017-11-16T14:19:49Z

I have managed to set up PXI 1082 chassis with PXI 8512 CAN card with 2 ports linking together. So that I can write to CAN1 and read on CAN2 to verify what I have written. (See attached Loopback Test 1.0vi)  Please refer the CAN DB file attached (Open in XNET Database editor)


My goal is to send 3 CAN frames (specified in XML file) one after the other, to a 3rd party instrument. Frames has to send at a rising edge of a clock event. So far I have tried by using an external clock to drive a real-time loop and at each iteration CAN frames will be written sequentially. This external clock frequency can vary from 6 – 133Hz. However, this architecture doesn't seem to work when I integrate with the rest of the application.


Could anyone please suggest me if there is any other method which I could trigger XNET driver to write a CAN message. 

PXI-4071 Feature: DC Noise Rejection. Different between modes ?

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 17:50:25 GMT2017-11-15T17:50:25Z

Hello everyone!

 DC Noise Rejection has 3 mode (Normal, second-order, high-order). In the description described that all of they are differing the relative  weighting. And shown the graphic with relative weighting vs t_aperture.

What does mean this graphics ?

How is voltage calculated ?

Is there a chance to install Windows 10 (64-bit) on a PXI-8108?

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 14:30:35 GMT2017-11-15T14:30:35Z

I am facing the request that the operating system on a PXI-8108 needs to move to Windows 10 (on account of a company rule).  Has anyone already done so?  Do I have to expect any issues?

NI PXI-5124 High Speed Digitizer, Timing Issue, don't have Extract Single Tone Information VI

Mon, 13 Nov 2017 16:36:56 GMT2017-11-13T16:36:56Z



So I am trying to complete a verification on a PXI 5124.

I do not have the full development version of labview, just the basic development version.

I am trying to complete the timing checks as in the procedure but I am at a point in which I am told to use the Extract Single Tone Information VI;


10. Measure the exact frequency of the peak around 11 MHz using the Extract Single Tone

Information VI with the following inputs.

advanced search»approx freq.: -1

advanced search»search: 5

export signals: 0 (none)

11. Calculate the error in timing as parts per million (ppm) using the following formula:

error = (a - 11,000,000) / 11

where a is the measured frequency.

Compare the result to the Calibration Test Limits or the Published Specifications listed in

Table 11. If the result is within the selected test limit, the device has passed this portion of

the verification.


Does anyone happen to know another way around this?

Because I don't have the extract single tone information VI.


Thank you, any help would be much appreciated.


5646R Calibration Execuitve 4.1.1 "Adjust LO Power Sensor" Error

Mon, 13 Nov 2017 15:03:00 GMT2017-11-13T15:03:00Z

During adjustment "Adjust LO Power Sensor", Calibration Executive displays a fatal error stating that the program "could not converge upon a single value". The error is repeatable for every VST unit for which the routine is attempted. Suspecting a memory issue, I restarted the controller and initiated an adjust routine immediately after CalExec boot-up. The error is persistent. The VSG cards just returned from MFR cal just a week or two ago, and haven't been used between then and now. 


Here is a list of what I have tried so far:

-Changing cables out one at a time

-Resetting 5611

-Self-test on 5611 passes


Interestingly enough, the 5611 when calibrated separately, fails IQ Impairments portion against our in lab FSU. The errors in question are attached as PNG files.


Any help would be appreciated!

Letter of Volatility for HDD-8261

Sat, 11 Nov 2017 15:38:29 GMT2017-11-11T15:38:29Z



Not sure where to post this as I did a pretty thorough search on this topic for this specific hardware component.  Looking for any information pertaining to the volatility of the HDD-8261 to meet our Security Requirements.  Any information is appreciated!

6674T not detected when trying to sinc 2 chassis (both with a 6674T)

Thu, 09 Nov 2017 11:32:02 GMT2017-11-09T11:32:02Z

Hi all, I have a problem when I try to sync the 2 PXIe 1085 chassis. Both of them are equal, they have a timing card 6674T in the slot 10 and 3x5645R (ports 2, 6 and 11). Each chassis works fine individually, so I can for example tx 1 and rx 2 (in labview 2014), but when I try to connect both chassis the timing cards are not recognized by windows (Windows 7 64 bit ) and I cant access anything. I have tried several combinations of wiring the Clock-out to Clock-in, PFI 0 to PFI 0, PFI 1 to PFI1 (this 3 at the same time). But none of the combinations worked. Just for clarification, when I work with 1 chassis I switch on first the chassis, then the PC and the timing card and the other slots are detected. But when I wire 2 chassis, turn them on and then the PC , then nothing is recognized Any advice is welcomed. Have a nice day jser

Jackpost information for PXI adapter

Thu, 09 Nov 2017 01:22:35 GMT2017-11-09T01:22:35Z

This may be the wrong location, its a little more 'hard' than 'ware'. I am not able to find a drawing of NI 187949-10. 


I am making a custom breakout adapter for an SHC68-68-EPM type cable. The connector for this is TE Connectivity 2-5174339-5. This website says what I need: 

The jackscrews listed on the site are a custom NI part: 187949-10, which is not available anywhere else.


Question 1: The 2-5174339-5 has M2.5 threads, the SHC68-68-EPM has 2-56 threads. Does the NI 187949-10 has M2.5 Male threads and 2-56 female threads? I know there are some different versions of the D68 connector out there, so I want to confirm.

Question 2: The 187949-10 says it comes in a set of 10. I take this to mean that there are a total of 10 connectors worth of jackposts, or 20 total jackpost pieces. Can anyone confirm that this assumption is correct? 

Windows PXI not listed in 'add targets and devices'

Tue, 07 Nov 2017 16:59:55 GMT2017-11-07T16:59:55Z

I have a pxi system that is currently running windows.
Can I access and deploy a project from a 'remote' labview environment?


When I install a Real-Time os on the pxi system, I am able to select 'Real-Time PXI' under 'add targets and devices' in a labview project. This allows me to develop an application on a 'remote' computer running labview and then deploy the application to the RT PXI.

I noticed that only 'Real-Time' PXI targets are listed when adding a target.


Can this also be done with a Windows PXI?


Or is the only solution to install the labview environment on the Windows PXI and develop the application on the windows PXI?


kind regards


Sam Buls

Analog Input Anti-Aliasing Filter PXI-6123

Tue, 07 Nov 2017 11:32:20 GMT2017-11-07T11:32:20Z

My apologies, I think I may have posted this incorrectly at first in the Multifunction DAQ board.  I am currently using a BNC-2110 to connect, monitor, and log dynamic pressure transducers (4 analog inputs in total) from a PCB signal conditioner to a PXI-6123 card embedded in a PXI-1052 chassis with PXI-8101 controller (note, I have inherited this system running SignalExpress).  Is there any inherent anti-aliasing filters for analog inputs in this system?  If so, how are they enabled/configured?  Is this software driven by the sampling rate?  If not, how/where should this be integrated?  Many thanks in advance for any feedback provided.

10 MHz ref CLK in pxie 5170 module

Mon, 06 Nov 2017 07:36:26 GMT2017-11-06T07:36:26Z


I want to use pxie 10MHz CLK in my FPGA code as IO port, but this CLK isn't accessible. what should I do to accessing this CLK?   

PXI HSDIO 6552 Added Memory changes identity of device but functions correctly

Fri, 03 Nov 2017 17:58:43 GMT2017-11-03T17:58:43Z

I removed a memory board from a PXI 6552 (HSDIO device) with only 8 Gb/channel and replaced with a 64 Gb/Channel board from a PXI 6551.  Functional tests including loading and unloading the memory at the correct frequency and quantity of memory for the 64 Gb/Channel option but the PXI 6552 identifies itself as a 6551.  The memory verification vi seems to have a bug which makes it fault out when run with this new configuration.  I am putting together the ModInst api/fp (software) to run the same identity tests as the memory verification vi. (


Can I fix this so the 6552 with the increased memory shows itself to be a 6552 and not a 6551?  HSDIO memory queries show the correct software and, as stated above, the generation memory and acquisition memory are tested to be correct.




PXIe-5413 maximum DC Offset

Fri, 03 Nov 2017 12:03:23 GMT2017-11-03T12:03:23Z

I upgraded my PXI system from the PXI-5402 waveform generator to the new dual channel  AWG PXIe-5413. Unfortunately I discovered that the DC offset for this last is only 50% of amplitude despite a more wide range of the PXI-5402:

Spec PXI-5402
(image) DC offset PXI-5402

Spec PXIe-5413(image) DC offset PXIe-5413


I'm really surprised because it's a big limitation. For example I need a sine wave of 20 mV amplitude and a DC offset ranging from 0 to 1V. With PXI-5402 it's a simple task using standard waveform settings but with PXIe-5413 probably I have to move to arbitrary settings and create the offset digitally with "niFgen Create Waveform".
Any suggestion is appreciated!

Power button event

Wed, 01 Nov 2017 19:15:45 GMT2017-11-01T19:15:45Z

Does PXI chassis log if power button was used to power it off?

Is that event accessible in RT?

Moving files out of the PXI trivial

Tue, 31 Oct 2017 20:15:39 GMT2017-10-31T20:15:39Z

We have a NI PXI-8184 that boots up with no windows and runs the labviw exe.


Test data is saved to the PXI and every few months we back up/move the test data to another location on the network using Measurement Automation Remote systems file transfer tool.


with great success


We also with great success used 3rd parties ftp tools to move the data ..we go thru the network  Ip address.

The problem..

We've had some huge orders and have been testings more product.


Ive tried to access the data and cant because the tools that usually work don't the error on both is a time out error.


I can access many directory's within the  hard drive but when i get the the actual folder i get the time out message.  Im trying to look at this outside the box and say its a hard drive and i just want to back up the data and delete the original.


ive had success with using the mget within the ftp in the cmd shell and had to click yes on moving over 3000 files thats alot of clicks lol


can any one diagnose the timeout issue is still need to delete the files.

thanx in advcance


Digital Multimeter Measurement Cycle for PXIe-4080

Tue, 31 Oct 2017 17:15:32 GMT2017-10-31T17:15:32Z



I am looking at the measurement defaults for the DMM instrument, PXIe-4080, similar to the page that I found here




But, from reading, the page is written for PXI-4070.  I want to ask if PXIe-4080 will use the same default number?  Or if there is other page specifically written for PXIe-4080?






pxi 2575 - 2 wire resistance measurement

Mon, 30 Oct 2017 23:10:38 GMT2017-10-30T23:10:38Z

Does anyone know why the 2575 is not recommended for 2-wire resistance measurement?



PXI 1033

Sat, 28 Oct 2017 00:01:48 GMT2017-10-28T00:01:48Z



Can anyone explain me difference between a DAQ card and a PXI controller unit. I know what is a DAQ and have been working on one but one of our new instruments came with a PXI-1033 unit and DAQ . I just want to understand what is the difference and need for it. Also suppose I need a multichannel DAQ like 6353 ,can that job be performed using a PXI and accompanyying DAQ. 


Thank you