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Published: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 22:05:18 +0100

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Required travel documents for Nigeria
Required travel documents for Nigeria: passport [...]

Electric power
Electric power: 230V / 50Hz. [...]

Area code to Nigeria
Area code to Nigeria: +234 [...]

Pategi Beach
Pategi Kwara State is located along River Niger and enjoys a bounteous stretch of sandy beach currently used by local fishermen. [...]

Agbokim Waterfalls
Not afr from the Nigeria-Cameroon border are the Agbokim Waterfalls. The falls are very pleasant and they are surrounded by green vegetetion. A great place for picnics. [...]

Wikki Warm Springs
A great attraction in the Yankari National Park. It is particularly prized for its warm water. It is available both night and day for tourists who cherish swimming. [...]

Yankari National Park
The Most developed Wildlife park in Nigeria. Many attractions for Visitors.Big variety of animals. The animals are better watched between November and May period of the dry season when the animals converge around the Gaji River, Baboons, Waterbucks, Eleph [...]

lgbo-Ukwu is an ancient town which has remained an attraction to tourists because of its bronze artifacts. The bronze which was first noticed in 1938 was later excavated by Thurstan Shaw, an English archaelogist. [...]

Ibeno Beach
One of numerous fine beaches in Nigeria. A great beach for water sports lovers. [...]

Yola Municipality
Yola is the capital of Adamawa State in the North-Eastern part of the Country. there are three hills which are called "three sister hills" because they stand side by side and share the same height. [...]