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Published: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 20:29:00 +0100

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Required travel documents for Burundi
Required travel documents for Burundi: passport [...]

Electric power
Electric power: 220V / 50 Hz [...]

Area code to Burundi
Area code to Burundi: +257 [...]

Burundi in general has a tropical highland climate, with a considerable daily temperature range in many areas. Temperature also varies from one region to another, chiefly as a result of differences in altitude. The central plateau enjoys cool weather, wi [...]

Burundi remains a highly volatile and dangerous destination. Fighting is at its worst in outlying areas but gunfire is not uncommon on the streets of the capital, Bujumbura, where a curfew is usually enforced. [...]

Electric Power in Burundi
Electric Power is 220V running at 50Hz. The Plug types used are : Round pin attachment plug. Round pin plug and receptacle with male grounding pin. [...]

Visas are required by all visitors to Burundi. Tourist visas can be extended at the immigration office in Bujumbura and it's best to apply in the morning. [...]

The official currency is the Franc (FBu) divided into 100 Centimes. [...]

The official languages in Burundi
The official languages are Rundi and French, although Swahili is also widely spoken throughout the country. Only 3% of the population can read or write French. [...]

Climate in Burundi
Burundi has an equatorial climate that is uncomfortably hot but varies with altitude and season. There are two wet seasons alternating with two dry seasons. The dry seasons are between June to August and January to February with the long wet season betwee [...]