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Handheld PC Community Forums - Handheld PC 2000

Handheld PC Community Forums - Handheld PC 2000


Skype on Jornada 720
How can I use Skype on Jornada 720, with Win CE, HPC2000?

Does anybody know? :unsure:

3G on Jornada 728?
After getting a WiFI card for my HPC, I still can't get online - which I understand, the device doesn't support WPA2. Still would like to get online though, and for a while I've been thinking of mobile Internet card for it, a GPRS or 3G one. After doing a bit of looking around I see the GPRS networks are (apparently) being taken down now most people are on 3G/4G, and I've found a 3G card (Merlin U530 on my carrier) that looks like it might do the job.

So... does anyone have experience of this? Any ideas if it might work, if I might need to try and locate drivers for it or whatever? Not only that, but would it be a silly thing to do anyway, or a valid alternative to setting up an unsecured WiFi network in my house?

Jornada 720 randomly turns on at midnight - looking for PCO.dll
I used the search function and found around 5 other threads about the problem of Jornadas and MP900s randomly turning on.

The proposed solution is a NEC power management tool which replaces PCO.dll in the Windows folder.
Sadly the link to the NEC site doesn't work anymore and the file isn't mirrored on either.

Sooo, does anyone have this DLL around somewhere? :)

Lua 5.0.3 and Metamath for Jornada 720/728
Hello HPC enthusiasts!

In case someone is interested, I ported a couple of applications to the Jornada 720/728.

Hope you enjoy.

difficult to install .exe software on 728
Hi everyone!

I revive an jornada 728 (gift lost in digital catacumbs, i love that machines :) ), bought batteries, stylus, found a cf card (16MB, smaller), cr2023 battery. (later i post a photo)

My 728 dont have a craddle, i manually select cab files and execute directly on handheld, in searches found a lot of software, and start some difficulties.

1= softwares like redgear for exemple came in .exe , if put directly and execute, error: "that software is not compatible, CE valid", have a software or a procedure that make possible convert .exe in cab format to install on 728?

2= I won a wireless card, sl2511 cdplus (senao), i wrote to senao asking for a ce driver, until now (4 days) , no responses, here in HCL, that senao card mentionates its compatible, theres a alternative driver to install that hardware, or other form to install?

Thanks for attention.


HP Jornada performance increase when installing software to RAM
Does someone ever noticed a performance increase when installing software to RAM? I got pretty much everything installed to CF to save RAM apart from RedGear and wondering if there would be an increase in performance when installing or starting some programs to or from RAM. How much faster is RAM compared to CF anyway?

Please let me know your thoughts.

Bluetooth Activesync Setup?
I have a Lenovo S10-3t laptop running XP SP3, Activesync 3.8, a J720 (with J728 ROM). Through the wondrous Rich Hawley, I have a Socket BT compact flash, and I have successfully paired the Lenovo and the Jornada.

Digging into the forum here, "you can unofficially sync via Bluetooth in ActiveSync 3 by mounting the BT device as serial..."

Not quite sure how to go about that, and I would like to keep AS 3.8 going, rather than update to 4.* and lose syncing with my older HPC's.

Any pointers would be much appreciated,

Jornada 728 USB
Wondering about this, thought I'd ask before shelling any money out.

I've been doing my Jornada up again, thinking I could use it for my work (as a novelist) when I'm out and about. I've seen threads on here saying you can use upto 32GB in a CF card (if you do the reg fixes/blah, which I'll look into), which is awesome - I bought a 4GB MicroDrive which - of course - is CF type II, so it doesn't fit other than in an adaptor in the PCMCIA slot. So, I'm thinking, if I can get a bigger CF card I can put the MD into my 820, in which it fits without an issue.

A big part of it, though, is that I'd like to be able to transfer stuff to/from my desktop without having to take the CF card out, so I was thinking of getting a USB adapter to leave in the PCMCIA slot. There are some that sit in flush, and some that stick out like an old-school WiFI interface. Problem is, I don't know if it'll work - and if it does, if I'll be able to mount a thumbdrive to it.

Does anyone know...? I'm not going to start getting upset if nobody knows or if it won't work, I can take the card out (obviously) but was just trying to avoid it.

Danke schon :)

ClearVue and VGA-out card
I've tried on my Jornada 720 older version og ClearVue Presentation (2.11) and standard VGA-out card from HP (F1252A) was not detected.
Has anyone some experiences with this combo?

Youtube on a j720
Hi everyone !

Recently I buy a lan card, and i would like to go on youtube.

I don't know if I need a new browser or it's possible.

Thanks a lot !

Irda sync with J720 and active sync
Hi !

I have a problem...
When I try to synchronize my j720, active sync does not detect the j720...
But on my j720 I configured :
IRDA in communication tab
And my pc (Its win 2000 on vm)
I install active sync 3.5 and I can't configure IRDA COM in connection setings tab.

Can you help me ?

Thanks a lot !

I have just bought a new Margi Presenter cf card for my FEX21 having dowloaded the software from the supplied disk
i get the message card not inserted correctly. The software seems fine I have also tried a soft reset.
The though occured to me is the card getting the 5v it requires through the cf on this device no light is on.
I am going to try a pcmcia adapter has anyone else had this problem or have I got a faulty card?

nPOPuk and SSL

I've set up my old J720 on a secondary 128bit WEP network at home and have been trying to get access to my or Gmail email. The Jornada is able to get online (NetFront and IE both allow web browsing) but I cannot get email access in nPOPuk (v3.03 with SSL)

I've used the Gmail.ini settings import from the nPOPuk website (edited with my own username etc), installed OpenSSL from HPCFactor, and put a copy of the resulting SSLeeay32.dll in the nPOPuk folder for good measure. An attempt to open the Gmail mailbox returns the following error: "Verify of SSL failed - unable to get local issuer certificate (20)". SSL is set for 'auto' in the Gmail.ini but I've tried all the other SSL options nPOPuk allows (STARTTLS, SSL 3.0, etc) to no avail.

Sending mail doesn't work either. After a few seconds of "connecting...", a pop-up error says "Server disconnected".

Attempts to set up access my GMX email account have the same results.

Anyone have an idea on how I can proceed, or has SSL now evolved beyond the reach of HPCs?


728-to-720 ROM Swap Question
My 728 has a lower left crack in the screen frame and I can't seem to fix it.

I'm contemplating swapping its ROM/RAM chip to my 720. I've watched the very instructive HPC:Factor take-apart of the 720 and the fine video is clear enough for even someone like me.

My question is: after removing the keyboard and pulling out the ROM/RAM chip housed on the machine's left side, is there anything else I need to do? Other than safely button up everything after inserting the 728 chip?

I'm hesitant about this, having recently bricked a Sony Vaio P.

Any advice/pointers would be much appreciated,

Celco BT-PCMCIA/CF Bluetooth adapter on J7xx?
Hi, anybody use this bluetooth on J7xx? On CD are drivers for winCE but which system I don't know?