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Essai d'Introduction à l'Histoire Généalogique


Author: Oscar de Poli

Language: French

Published: 1887

The Incarnate Purpose


Essays on the Spiritual Unity of Life

Author: G. H. Percival

Language: English

Published: 1908

The Philosophy of Natural Theology


An Essay in confutation of the scepticism of the present day

Author: William B. Jackson

Language: English

Published: 1874

Essays on the Greek Romances


Author: Elizabeth Hazelton Haight

Language: English

Published: 1943

Philosophic Nights In Paris


Being selections from Promenades Philosophiques

Author: Remy de Gourmont

Language: English

Published: 1920

The English Village Community


Examined in its Relations to the Manorial and Tribal Systems and to the Common or Open Field System of Husbandry; An Essay in Economic History

Author: Frederic Seebohm

Language: English

Published: 1915

Essays in Rationalism


Author: Charles Robert Newman

Language: English

Published: 1891



Author: Arthur Christopher Benson

Language: English

Published: 1896

A collection of essays, among them are: Andrew Marvell, Christina Rossetti and The Poetry of Keble.

An Essay on Criticism


Author: John Oldmixon

Language: English

Published: 1964

Der Tatbestand der Piraterie nach geltendem Völkerrecht


Author: Paul Stiel

Language: German

Published: 1905

Comfort Found in Good Old Books


Author: George Hamlin Fitch

Language: English

Published: 1911

Address to the First Graduating Class of Rutgers Female College


Author: Henry M. Pierce

Language: English

Published: 1867

Gamblers and Gambling



Author: Henry Ward Beecher

Language: English

Published: 1896

With God in the World



A Series of Papers

Author: Charles H. Brent

Language: English

Published: 1899

Essays Upon Some Controverted Questions


Author: Thomas Henry Huxley

Language: English

Published: 1892

English Pharisees and French Crocodiles



and Other Anglo-French Typical Characters

Author: Max O'Rell

Language: English

Published: 1892

Speeches, Addresses, and Occasional Sermons, Volume 3


Author: Theodore Parker

Language: English

Published: 1855

Speeches, Addresses, and Occasional Sermons, Volume 2


Author: Theodore Parker

Language: English

Published: 1855

Jonathan and His Continent


Rambles Through American Society

Author: Max O'Rell

Language: English

Published: 1889

Max O'Rell, in this volume of impressions of America and the Americans, gives us the brightest and best work he has yet done. While often severe, he is always kind. Altogether the book is very lively reading and will unquestionably excite the interest of every American citizen who wants to know what a keen-eyed, intelligent, and witty Frenchman has to say of him and of his country.

Character and Opinion in the United States


Author: George Santayana

Language: English

Published: 1920

The major part of this book is composed of lectures originally addressed to British audiences. I have added a good deal, but I make no apology, now that the whole may fall under American eyes, for preserving the tone and attitude of a detached observer. Not at all on the ground that “to see ourselves as others see us” would be to see ourselves truly; on the contrary, I agree with Spinoza where he says that other people’s idea of a man is apt to be a better expression of their nature than of his. I accept this principle in the present instance, and am willing it should be applied to the judgements contained in this book, in which the reader may see chiefly expressions of my own feelings and hints of my own opinions.

Happiness in Purgatory


Author: Anonymous

Language: English

Published: 1897

Adventures and Enthusiasms



Author: E.V. Lucas

Language: English

Published: 1920

Held firm in the grasp of this wizard of words, we smile whether we will or no. But could any one withhold laughing sympathy from him who sees in the mosquito the true Italian question? How very few of us as visitors have not felt that "to be a really good guest and at ease under alien roofs it is necessary, I suspect, to have no home ties of one's own; certainly to have no very tyrannical habits." We are just as irresistibly drawn toward a study of John Leech, Thackeray's school fellow. However varied the interests of Mr. Lucas, they become our own.

Hints to Husbands


A Revelation of the Man-Midwife's Mysteries

Author: George Morant

Language: English

Published: 1857

A work, dedicated to the Husbands and Fathers of the United Kingdom, and consisting almost exclusively of Rhodomontade against the medical profession.

Milton's Tercentenary


An address delivered before the Modern Language Club of Yale University on Milton's Three Hundredth Birthday.

Author: Henry A. Beers

Language: English

Published: 1910

The Priestly Vocation


A Series of Fourteen Conferences Addressed to the Secular Clergy

Author: Bernard Ward

Language: English

Published: 1918

The aim of the following pages is to present well-known ideals and principles of action, and to apply them to the state of things actually existing among the secular clergy of this country. They contain the substance of Conferences originally addressed to Seminarists, which are now amended so as to be applicable to a wider circle.

The Operatic Problem



Author: William Johnson Galloway

Language: English

Published: 1902

As I have long desired that Opera should be placed within the reach of those, whose purses are not able to bear the strain of the high prices charged in England, and having some leisure before Parliament met this year, I made inquiries regarding the various systems of running Opera on the Continent of Europe. My chief desire was to put it before the public in a form that would arouse interest in the subject. Also, I realised that this information, however valuable, was like the desert, in its unwieldy form, and without any attempt to outline the conclusion to which it led. So after much trepidation of thought I determined to run the gauntlet and march right up to the cannon's mouth with a scheme of my own for the establishment of a system for National Opera in this country.

Quanto basta


a respeito do dia 25 de abril de 1828

Author: Manuel Cipriano da Costa

Language: Portugues

Published: 1829

Is Polite Society Polite?



and Other Essays

Author: Julia Ward Howe

Language: English

Published: 1895

The papers collected in the present volume have been heard in many parts of our vast country. As is evident, they have been written for popular audiences, with a sense of the limitations which such audiences necessarily impose. With the burthen of increasing years, the freedom of locomotion naturally tends to diminish, and I must be thankful to be read where I have in other days been heard. I shall be glad indeed if it may be granted to these pages to carry the message which I myself have been glad to bear,—the message of the good hope of humanity, despite the faults and limitations of individuals.That hope casts its light over the efforts of years that are past, and gilds for me, with ineffaceable glow, the future of our race.

Rural Rides



Author: William Cobbett

Language: English

Published: 1830

The Salvaging of Civilisation


Author: H.G. Wells

Language: English

Published: 1921

Before the war and even during the war, Wells was something of an optimist. He was able to believe that folly would ultimately be conquered and that cruelty would be one day trampled under foot. The Peace of Versailles and the consequences of the Peace left him with vastly diminished faith.