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Tailor-made Cancer Treatment for Multiple Myeloma Patients Offered by Mayo Clinic
(image) Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, has singled out tumor specific alterations in cellular pathway by which drug bortezomib (Ve

Websites That Offer Panacea for Eating Disorders may Be Dangerous
(image) Web sites that profess to help out teenagers with eating disorders can do much damage ,found a team of researchers from

Ontario Plans a New Centre for Disease Control
(image) In an attempt to be prepared to face any kind of unforeseen pandemic, the province of Ontario ,in Canada,is all geared t

Gene-Altered Foods ? Still Not Sure
(image) Ignorance might well be bliss for the American public. A decade after genetically altered crops were first cultivated in

Lung Cancer Surgeries Doesn't Help Breaking Nicotine Dependence in Smokers
(image) A new study by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine have found out that successful lung cancer surg

Exercise can Reduce Smoker's Lung Cancer Risk but the Most Important is Quitting Smoking - a Study Reports
(image) In a study of more than 36,000 women, researchers from Universities of Minnesota and Pennsylvania observed that smokers/

New Ban on Smoking to Be Considered
(image) For smokers, it 's bad news again. The Queensland (Australia) government has decided to toughen its laws on anti-smoki

Unnecessary Diseases on the Rise in Queensland (Australia)
(image) The Health of Queenslanders report, 2006, presents a grim fact. Diseases like diabetes, heart conditions, kidney probl

Third Bird Flue Case Found In South Korea
(image) South Korea confirms H5N1 Outbreak as the Flu killed thousands of quails at a farm in Kimje. It was reported that mor

Brain Scan Helps in Spiting Schizophrenia
(image) Researchers at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland say that MRI brain scans could help predict schizophrenia, a me

A Basic Symptom Index For Early Detection Of Ovarian Cancer
(image) An index comprising of the basic symptoms associated with ovarian cancer may aid clinicians detect ovarian cancer in its

Doctors And Staff Resign En Masse At Janakpur Zonal Hospital
(image) Patients at Janakpur zonal hospital found themselves in peril after doctors and all staff members of the hospital submit

Gene Discovered by Researchers Tied to Pancreatic Cancer
(image) A gene discovered by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine has been associat

A Collaboration to Find New Tools to Fight Leukemia
(image) Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, working in collaboration with Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, presented

Has Bird Flu Chickened Out? Experts Peck at the Subject Once Again!
(image) The talk of bird flu which had reached a feverish pitch early in the year seems to have abated, leading the experts to w

Light Drinkers Tend to Shirk Work Often
(image) People, who consume alcohol occasionally, tend to opt for sick leave the following day due to the hang over caused by al

Salmonella Contamination Suspected In A Brand Of Fresh Spinach
(image) An alert has been issued by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to the public asking them not to consume Queen Victoria

Sports-Formulated Jelly Beans Just as Effective as Sports Drinks
(image) Sports-formulated jelly beans were just as effective as popular sports drinks and gels in maintaining blood sugar leve

Excessive Dietary Fat can Lead to Asthma
(image) Till date we associated fat in the diet with obesity, diabetes and cardiac problems, recent study reveals it leading t

More Americans Affected by Sleeplessness
(image) If visions of dancing sugarplums are keeping you awake nights, you're not alone. According to the National Sleep Found

Scientists Devise a Novel Way to Organize Stem Cells
(image) Washington: U.S researchers have hit upon a good device to utilize original stem cells with the help of an "inkjet"-st

The Cause Behind Water Polo Players' Sickness Remains A Mystery
(image) A water polo championship for under-14 is being conducted at the Auckland Aquatic Center in Henderson. Six 12 to 14-ye

Now Facial Treatment With Cashew And Almonds
(image) Jaipur: After flower, fruit and ayurvedic facial, dry fruit facial is the new entrant to skin treatment in Jaipur. Be

Keep Kids Away from Magnetic Toys
(image) Health experts have advised parents to keep children away from magnetic toys because if the magnet is accidentally swall

Funds Allocated To Prevent Transmission of HIV From Mother To Child
(image) The National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) of India, has come up with another project. This scheme named "Prevention of

Gene-Altered Foods -Still Not Sure
(image) Ignorance might well be bliss for the American public. A decade after genetically altered crops were first cultivated in

Protein 'Fingerprint' in Spinal Fluid Could Spot Alzheimer's Disease
(image) Scientists collaborating at Cornell University in Ithaca and Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City have identif

Even Slight Weight Gain Can Set Stage for Obesity and Health Risks
(image) Although some Americans gain five to seven pounds with a diet of big meals and sweets between Thanksgiving and New Year'

Injuries Cost Hospitals (Dollor) 20 Billion
(image) U.S. hospitals spend roughly (Dollor) 20 billion to treat the nearly 2 million Americans injured seriously enough each year to r

Epidurals Associated With Breastfeeding Problems
(image) A study done by researchers from University of Sydney suggested that having an epidural to relieve labour pains is assoc

Hysteria Has Palpable Underlying Causes: Says Canadian Researchers
(image) Patients who complain of symptoms of hysteria are often ticked off, by physicians, for having any discernable cause for

Revolutionary Pill Promises Relief for Hay Fever Sufferers
(image) For a million of red- nosed, bleary- eyed Britons, relief from hay fever may soon be a pill away. The release of G

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing
(image) Most people, especially if they are overweight tend to reach out to low fat products. Yet how deceiving these are was h

FDA Proposes Availability of Experimental Drugs
(image) Experimental drugs will now be made more easily available to critically ill patients. The Food and Drug Administration,

Sweat It Out- Prevent Colon Cancer
(image) An in-depth expansive study involving more than 413,000 persons from 10 countries has come up with a promising find; an

Increasing HDL - Still A Worthy Way To Prevent Heart Diseases
(image) Researchers say that they are not abandoning their quest of finding ways to prevent heart diseases through raising HDL,

A Molecular Condom Against AIDS
(image) University of Utah scientists designed a "molecular condom" women could use daily to prevent AIDS by vaginally inserting

Sea Snails May Aid Chronic Pain Treatments - Says Researchers
(image) Researchers from University of Queensland believe that the conotoxins present in the deadly sea snail venom, could revol

Study Reveals That Americans are Keeping Better Tabs on Their Blood Pressure
(image) A new study has found that more Americans, especially the senior citizens have become sensitive to health issues, and to

Abnormal Height Loss May Forecast Mortality in Men
(image) Investigators have said that loss of height which happens as people catch up with age is fine, but one needs to guard ag

Haryana, Maryland Universities Tie Up to Develop Bird Flu Vaccine
(image) The Haryana Agriculture University, Hissar Monday tied up with the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the U

Survival of Mice With Human Breast Cancer Extended by Monoclonal Antibodies
(image) According to a study done by Kate Rittenhouse-Olson, Ph.D., the monoclonal antibody developed by researchers at the Univ

Andhra Wants Withdrawal of Warning Signal from 'Beedi' Packets
(image) Andhra Pradesh state legislative assembly Monday unanimously passed a resolution urging the central government to withdr

Soy's Restorative Powers Confirmed
(image) Researchers have come up with yet another significant product from soybean. A study conducted on animals has established

Reliance Group to Develop Specialty Blood Products
(image) New Delhi: Reliance Life Sciences, the biotechnology venture of Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Group, is developing specialty

Hundreds of Children Put on a Trial to Trace the Cause of Peanut Allergy
(image) A clinical trial is set for seven years on children to identify the cause of allergy due to consuming peanuts.

Addicts in India Taking to Pharmaceutical Drugs: UNAIDS
(image) For nearly 200,000 injectible drug users (IDUs) in India, heroin is no more a favourite substance. They make a heady coc

Panic Gripped Young Man After Wrong Diagnosis With HIV
(image) Patna: A young man and his family spent a week of mental trauma after a private hospital in Patna wrongly diagnosed him

US NGO to Counsel HIV/AIDS Patients in Assam
(image) Guwahati: A leading US HIV/AIDS healthcare provider will soon be reaching out to hundreds of people living with the viru

Polio Outbreak on Wane: Next Rounds Must Focus on Youngest Children
(image) With this year's polio outbreak on the wane and excellent coverage during recent pulse polio campaigns, the Independent

A Nurse's Job Is Nerve Breaking
(image) A nurse's job has always been regarded as one of the toughest and most strenuous jobs. A Canadian study has confirmed th

A Home Kit For Early Detection Of Killer Diseases
(image) A home diagnostic kit, early diagnosis of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, early detection. A home diagnostic kit to det

Folic Acid Supplementation in Bread: Boon to Neonates and Curse to Pensioners
(image) Bread loaves would be fortified with certain vitamins, in order to reach out to the needful masses. This week, Governmen

A Spanish Woman Gets A Double Hand Transplant
(image) A 47-year-old woman who lost her hands in a chemical explosion some 19 years ago had double hand transplant done on 30 N

Testosterone Decline in Men Linked to Lifestyle, Increases in Obese Girls
(image) The following highlights represent papers accepted for publication in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metaboli

Balance Training Better Than Tai Chi at Improving Mobility in Older Adults
(image) Physicians and physical therapists in recent years have explored whether tai chi, balance programs and fitness routines

Antibiotic Ear Drops Favored Over Oral Antibiotics for Ear Infections
(image) A multicenter study on treating common ear infections in children with ear tubes adds to a growing body of evidence that

Britain Scientists Support the Use of Primates in Research
(image) A high-level investigation report by some of Britain's leading scientists have supported the use of primates in medical

Industrial Chemicals Are Impairing the Brain Development of Children Worldwide
(image) Fetal and early childhood exposures to industrial chemicals in the environment can damage the developing brain and can l

New Drug Offers Promise as Single Treatment for HIV
(image) An experimental antiretroviral drug designated "MK-0518" rapidly achieves sharp reductions in human immunodeficiency vir

Law Professor Finds Home Health Care Workers Have Few Legal Protections
(image) As more and more Americans turn to in-home health care workers to take care of elderly family members, research from a U

Quarantine Hits 3 More Hospitals In San Mateo
(image) According to a report, San Mateo Seniors quarantine 3 more medical facilities after the Norovirus outbreak this winter,

Excessive Drinking Cuts Life Span
(image) A new study has shown that sensible drinking, which can be likened to about two to four drinks a day for men, and one or

Memory Improves After Sleep Apnea Therapy
(image) Patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) may improve their memory by using continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)

Team Discovers a Gene That Causes Familial Pancreatic Cancer
(image) An international group of researchers has discovered that the mutated form of a gene called Palladin causes familial pan

Brain Images Show Hysteria Not an Imaginary Disorder
(image) In what's being called a novel finding, researchers using brain scans have uncovered evidence of cerebral dysfunction in

Toy Story Turns Bitter-Christmas Toys, No Music to the Ears!
(image) The Charity Deafness Research UK has suggested that certain Christmas toys are not safe and could hamper children's hear

Birth Order and Brain Tumor: Related?
(image) Here is a new dilemma for parents who have multiple numbers of children. A latest study done by German researchers cla

Having OCP's All Year Round to Eliminate Menstrual Cycles Not Unsafe: Says Study
(image) Researchers have shown that oral contraceptives taken on a long term basis to do away with menstrual cycle is safe to us

Overworked Doctors May Put Patients At Risk
(image) Can sleepy doctors put patients at risk? Long shifts done by doctors in the hospitals results in preventab

Ways to Fight Childhood Obesity
(image) Poverty, excessive drinking and smoking could be damaging to health, but obesity has higher damaging properties, making

Exertion Incontinence - A Common Postnatal Problem
(image) According to a new doctoral thesis from Karolinska Institutet, almost quarter of all mothers have problems with exertion

Vaccines For Cervical Cancer Will Soon Be Available In Developing Nations
(image) Human papilloma virus (HPV), is the virus that causes cervical cancer as it affects the lining of the mouth of the uteru

Impotent? No Problem - Have An Injection
(image) A pilot study conducted by Melman and colleagues at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, t

With Early-Stage Prostate Cancer Treatment, Older Men Live Longer
(image) "Watch and Wait" - a usual statement - often recommended by the doctors to the older patients with early stages of Prost

Study Reveals That Folate Does Not Prevent Heart Attacks
(image) Patients having history of cardiac problems are not protected from attacks or stroke by taking a supplement of folate ac

Schizophrenics At Greater Risk Of Developing Chronic Diseases
(image) Persons suffering from schizophrenia have greater chances of getting cardiovascular, pulmonary, neurological, and endocr

Indian American Doctor Uses Milk Instead of Barium for X-rays
(image) An Indian American doctor here is using milk instead of commonly used barium as a way of highlighting the bowel for radi

Cancer Patients End Up Homeless
(image) Cancer patients have great difficulty making ends meet and most often end up selling their homes according to a survey c

Circumcision Can Halve HIV Risk - A Study
(image) Two major study results from African trials have shown that Circumcision can cut the rate of HIV infection in men by 5

Madhya Pradesh to Set Up Medical University
(image) The Madhya Pradesh government is considering setting up a medical and health university to promote the study of variou

Man Made Heart for Man from Quebec
(image) A 65-year-old man from Quebec had a man made heart implanted inside him last month .This makes him the only living Ca

Conjoined Twins Ready to Leave Hospital (and) Could Be on Their Way Home
(image) Canadian Conjoined twin girls, Krista and Tatiana Hogan, who were born in late October, could be going home for Christ

Cases of Cancer in N.S. Are On The Rise
(image) Cases of cancer among Nova Scotians are on the rise and expected to jump up to 30% in 2020,say a new report from Cance

Art of Living Foundation to Set Up University in Orissa
(image) The Art of Living Foundation of spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will set up a university in Orissa by 2008 that

A 'Brave' Toddler-The Youngest Organ Donor
(image) Four generations of his family served in the Indian Army and battled the country's enemies from across the border. His

Certain Gene Mutations Numbs Pain
(image) A team of researchers from the University of Cambridge have discovered a rare genetic disorder. People with an inherited

Jingle All the Way With a Lean and Fit Santa!
(image) Glasgow: Its time to be merry, for Christmas is fast approaching. The Santa Claus, who are so much a part of the Christm

Delhi Medical Board to Probe Mistaken Surgery on Child
(image) The medical board of the Delhi government will investigate the case of a four-year-old child who was mistakenly operated

Hospital Performance Measures May Not Make Much Difference When It Comes to Mortality
(image) Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Medicine have found that hospitals with high and low performan

HIV Cases In India May Be Lower Than Official Estimates
(image) A new study published today in the open access journal BMC Medicine has found that the methods used to estimate the HIV

How a Woman Holds Fort in Her Little Kingdom - The Kitchen
(image) The route to a man's heart is through his stomach, they say! Is that why the women are always in charge of the kitchen

Study Results on Stool DNA Testing for Colon Cancer Announced
(image) Mount Sinai School of Medicine and EXACT Sciences Corporation announced today the publication of results from a prospe

Marketing in Schools may Discourage Healthy Nutrition among Students
(image) Commercial activity permitted in schools, such as soft drink ads; the use of Channel One broadcasts in classrooms; sales

Wine, Women And Longevity
(image) A study was conducted on women in their 70's to observe the relationship between alcohol consumption and survival in ol

One in Three Drivers Under 'The Limit' for Alcohol Still Test Positive for Drugs
(image) One in three drivers suspected of driving while 'over the limit,' but subsequently found to be below maximum permissible

Over 500 Sudden Unexplained Deaths Every Year, Mostly in Young Men
(image) Every year there are potentially more than 500 sudden unexplained deaths in England, reveals a nationwide study publishe

Pros and Cons of Therapy for Lead Exposure
(image) Lead chelation therapy -- a chemical treatment to remove lead from the body -- can significantly reduce learning and beh

Kidney Transplant Recipients Can Do Away With Steroids
(image) Daily steroids form a major part of anti-rejection medications for kidney transplant recipients. It is well known that l

New Tool Being Tested to Halt Recurrence of Atrial Fibrillation
(image) Clinical researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Health System are starting a trial utilizing a new mechanism to t