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Published: Tue, 19 Sep 2017 21:28:42 PDT

Last Build Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2017 21:28:42 PDT


El Silenci Terrenal feat Hektor Thillet

Tue, 19 Sep 2017 03:46:57 PDT

El Silenci Terrenal / The Earthly Silence A poetronica track with two spanish poems "Viola" from Hektor Thillet and "Me Gusta Cuando Callas" from Pablo Neruda. I combined the spoken words with electronic music and samples from "Falling (Suddenly)" by Siobhan Dakay and "Unlogical Bossa" by Martijn de Boer. lyrics: Viola Written & Performed by Hektor Thillet al final de la noche la viola la msica mas bella el amor mas primitivo la belleza que se hace viento los amigos que se dicen adis el silenci terrenal la msica del universo una criatura que juega por siempre cuerdas de memoria donde correr libre lo eterno que es todo lo que conoci amor at the end of the night the viola the most beautiful music the most primitive love the beauty that becomes wind the Friends who say goodbye the earthly silence the music of the universe a creature that plays forever acres of memory where to run free The eternity of all that knew love Me Gusta Cuando Callas/I like for you to be still Written by Pablo Neruda & performed by COFFEEEUROPE I like for you to be still It is as though you are absent And you hear me from far away And my voice does not touch you It seems as though your eyes had flown away And it seems that a kiss had sealed your mouth As all things are filled with my soul You emerge from the things Filled with my soul You are like my soul A butterfly of dream And you are like the word: Melancholy I like for you to be still And you seem far away It sounds as though you are lamenting A butterfly cooing like a dove And you hear me from far away And my voice does not reach you Let me come to be still in your silence And let me talk to you with your silence That is bright as a lamp Simple, as a ring You are like the night With its stillness and constellations Your silence is that of a star As remote and candid I like for you to be still It is as though you are absent Distant and full of sorrow So you wouldve died One word then, One smile is enough And Im happy; Happy that its not true

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Caixa preta

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 12:38:29 PDT

Msica Autoral pra registro posteriores Oh garom faz um favor, me traz um copo com gelo Pra esquecer o beijo dela, a cama e o travesseiro Complete com montila e limo, pra dar um novo rumo ao um corao que sofre de amor e no aguenta mais dor Porqu, ela me falou est apaixonada e disse que sem mim no seria nada Que a nossa histria tinha apenas comeado Mas tudo que me disse No aconteceu Quem teve prejuzo foi eu De acordar e no ter mais voc do lado (Refro) A despedida sem motivo machucou Quebrando o sinal entre a razo e nosso amor Foi como queda de avio Destruiu o corao Ficando a caixa preta com sua declarao (1min52sec) (Final) Pode at no perceber A falta que me fez voc...

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PARIS ....

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 02:34:30 PDT

A small adaptation of the music of Paul, with the participation of Cat LeBlanc, who wrote and sang this melody ....

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Mother Nature healing me

Sun, 17 Sep 2017 12:45:58 PDT

A dream came true. I could finally remix a duet. With 2 very good vocals in good quality and separate stems. I hope this song will help you to keep your spirits in good condition.

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a word from the dinos

Sun, 17 Sep 2017 10:03:30 PDT

I combined reiswerks glorious Dinosaur Bones and parts of Kara Squares vocal with a field recording from a Brachiosaurus Afterlife Facility. Very special thanks to Penthy Ar & RITS

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Wake Up Kiss

Sun, 17 Sep 2017 05:38:37 PDT

I started thinking about doing something like this some years ago, but didn't dare yet. I struggled to mix the vocals better into the music. Whatever I've tried made it even worse. If you have any suggestions on that, please let me know. Thank you! I'm gonna do some more heavy metal remixes in future. If you have any pella in mind that you'd like to hear as a metal version, let me know in the comments. Vocals: Snowflake. Guitars recorded with Ibanez 7-string and Hughes & Kettner Tubeman Plus preamp. Acoustic guitar recorded with Walden steel-string. Recorded, mixed & mastered with Zynewave Podium.

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Showdown: ElRon, unreal dm, Admiral Bob

Sat, 16 Sep 2017 21:57:13 PDT

Funkin' showdown between ElRon, unreal_dm and Admiral Bob Started noodling around with bass, keyboards, horns and New Orleans Grease by Bill Ray. Once guitars were added song got funkier than planned. Except for two unreal_dm breaks, Bill Ray's New Orleans grease drums were replaced with Oakland Easy Bay grease drums and electro club drums during ElRon's parts. Tambourine parts were created over Bill Ray's drums and use "as is" over East Bay grease drums. Song is in A minor with ElRon's intro and break in E. ElRon - intro Baritone & tenor sax - verse 1 unreal_dm - break 1, verse 2, break 2 ElRon - bridge Admiral Bob - verse 3 unreal_dm - verse 3 outro Yes, we got the idea for the title from Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Johnny Copeland - SHOWDOWN! Was able to create a hotspot on a tablet to network connect the music computer. Primary internet access is still out due to Hurricane Harvey. Ratz!

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Watching Other People's Holidays

Fri, 15 Sep 2017 06:21:13 PDT

Improvisation on Javolenus' Watching Other People's Holidays

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Primitive People

Fri, 15 Sep 2017 04:51:44 PDT

primitive Arrangement for " Primitive People" Thanks Donnie !

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Even After All This Time (Secret Mixter Mixture)

Fri, 15 Sep 2017 04:46:12 PDT

Made from the samples provided with Shifting Seasons Secret Mixter uploads. Plus bass from Martijn de Boer and some airtone samples. SackJo22 - vocals (poem by Hafez) onlymeith - piano robwalkerpoet - flute reiswerk - beats and synth Bluemillenium - beats, bells and birds Martijn de Boer - bass airtone - percussion, epiano and synth

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Morom Hoi Norbhoi

Fri, 15 Sep 2017 01:48:32 PDT

verse 1: moromor xongya paboloi mur bhoi nai jodi para tumi muk har peluwai kora muk xoxai tumi xodai xodai paribane baru tumi muk bujaboloi aye morom ki hoi bisari bisari xabathuri khai nai moromor kunu xokti nai kuneene koi xridoyot jaar morom nai ohonkaarot xokoluke dukh diyaay nijor atmak jukaai kosto puwaay verse 2: nai kunu sreestee, ase bhoi jodi paba tumi mathu dukh aru dukh xukh bisari morom narakhi hobo naakh tumar xokolu xoktir kuwa tumi mur kotha buji paisa ne nai bortomaan upolobdhi asu korai morom rakha hridoyot hoba nirbhoee nijok xudha proshnor uttor paba xodai hook: nai kunu bisora morom, nai kunu dukh nai kunu xukh hridoyot, nai mur lubh nai kunu xotyo mur lukaboloi, asu enekoi mur kolom aru moi, misoliyaar porajoi

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