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Published: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 22:44:13 +0100

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Required travel documents for Tajikistan
Required travel documents for Tajikistan: passport [...]

Electric power
Electric power: 220V / 50 Hz [...]

Area code to Tajikistan
Area code to Tajikistan: +7 [...]

Tajikistan is a country of ancient culture and traditions. The role of culture in the achievement of peace and social reconciliation in Tajikistan has been great. National traditions have brought people together and formed the basis for a lasting peace. T [...]

Languages in Tajikistan
The Tajik people speak Tajiki, a dialect of Persian. Tajiki is mutually intelligible with modern Farsi (spoken in Iran) and Dari (spoken in Afghanistan).

Besides Tajiki, Russian is still widely used and understood. The republic's third lang [...]

Tajikistan's time zone
Tajikistan's time zone is TJT, which is GMT+5 (five hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time/Universal Coordinated Time). There is no adjustment for daylight savings. In Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO), the timezone is officially the same as the re [...]

Tips are not usually expected in Tajikistan. Some restaurants make a 10% service charge, which is added to your final bill. Source: [...]

Bringing Money to Tajikistan
Tajikistan's unofficial currency is the US Dollar (USD). Euro (EUR) and Russian Roubles (RUB) are also accepted at most exchange points. Uzbek Sum and Kirgyz Som can be exchanged in some exchange kiosks in Dushanbe, Khujand, Penjikent and other border a [...]

Tajikistan's Currency - the Somoni
Tajikistan's new currency, the Somoni, was introduced on 30 October 2000 to replace the Tajik Rouble. Source: [...]

Electricity in Tajikistan
96% of Tajikistan's electricity generation is hydroelectric, and the hydroelectric potential is enough to meet all of Tajikistan's energy needs and to export electricity to her neighbours. However, low reservoir water levels sometimes leads to electri [...]