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Working to fix server issues

13 Sep 2015 18:16:25 -0800

My apologies for the server issues--both outright errors and general slowness of the site. I'm aware of it and working to fix it.

Reminder: Webmail is gone--see here if you need your email forwarded

28 Jan 2015 01:54:13 -0800

See this thread if you're looking for your email: Just a quick

Migrating servers this weekend (bit of downtime)

20 Jan 2015 14:37:38 -0800

We'll be migrating to new servers this weekend, assuming everything goes as planned. There will be some downtime, hopefully not too long--we've

Webmail going away, contact me if you need your email forwarded

11 Dec 2014 13:35:46 -0800

As most of you know, we're working hard on rebuilding the site. After spending a few days looking into it, I decided we will stop offering username@

Policy: Do not ask the community for money

15 Nov 2014 16:24:35 -0800

Going forward, the general policy will be that it's a no-no for users to ask the community for money, including on behalf of charities. Posts Wants Your Articles!

05 Nov 2014 05:36:38 -0800

Hey everybody, I'm not sure if you've seen the front page over the past month or so, but I've signed on to be a sort of in-house article writer/

Quit my day job, now working on RC full time

07 Jun 2014 13:30:12 -0800

Bad news: I've had a lot less time to work on this site than I wanted since I became the new owner. Good news: I decided to quit my day job to

Hi--I'm the new owner--ask me anything

31 Oct 2013 04:07:50 -0800

Hey All, As of last Thursday, my wife and I are the new site owners. We are still coming up to speed on things--we just got the last half of

Management update

04 Oct 2012 12:36:54 -0800

Hi everyone, A quick update about my involvement at, and the way forward: I've been managing for more than 7

D4DR Media Acquires, and

20 Aug 2012 08:12:27 -0800

Heya all, I have some exciting news to share today. We've entered into an agreement to buy back, and