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Indonesia: 14 Year Old Boy Critical With Bird Flu
(image) Indonesia: A 14 year old teenage boy is confirmed to be severely ill following a human infection of bird flu, and is pre

Health Claim from FDA Promotes Dairy Products to Fight Osteoporosis Risk
(image) A health claim, written in simple language will inform consumers, about the benefits of a including plenty of dairy prod

Ethnic Background Influences Health, Study
(image) Australia - A survey by the New South Wales health department in Australia chose to understand the relationship between

Carriers With Alzheimer's High Risk Gene Type Age Normally Until the Disease Strikes
(image) Researchers from Australia have come to the conclusion that a high risk genotype that raises the chances for Alzheimer's

New Source of Stem Cells Discovered
(image) It is a discovery that seems to good to be true and that which will lend much cheer to those who raise ethical concerns

Quick and Inexpensive DNA Testing
(image) Professor Lewis Rothberg of the University of Rochester was awarded a NYSTAR grant to resume his research on a recent di

Kerala Doctors on Strike
(image) They are at it, once again. Doctors have been on strike last three days, protesting against the arrest of Dr. P.Ashokan,

Getting Nosey About Cold
(image) Seattle - The common niggling sensation that runs you down, and cannot be wished away - COLD, is known to be a wet blank

New Test for Treatment of AIDS
(image) It is an invention that should be hailed among doctors treating AIDS, and their patients. About 10 to 20 per

Meningitis and Encephalitis are Different
(image) Anxious parents in the state of California heaved a sigh of relief when the health officials announced that there was no

Garlic may Not Aid in Heart Disease and Cholesterol Levels
(image) A research conducted by Dr. Martijn B.A. van Doorn of the Center for Human Drug Research in Leiden, the Netherlands on 9

Estrogen Curbs Appetite In Same Way as the Hormone Leptin
(image) Estrogen regulates the brain's energy metabolism in the same way as the hormone leptin, leading the way to a viable appr

Young obese girls might develop heart problems later
(image) The seeds of good health are sown at a very young age. Girls in the age group of 9-12 should be extra careful about thei

Gardasil - Cervical Cancer Vaccine in UAE
(image) The creation of Gardasil vaccine is a boon for the kith and kin of those people who are suffering from cervical cancer

Fat Myth About Skimmed Milk
(image) New York: Most dieters swear by Skim milk and in their interest to shed weight, completely knock off whole milk from the

Increased Salt Intake Aggravates Asthma
(image) Various studies have shown that salt intake is directly linked to high blood pressure and heart disease. It is estimated

Food Labeling, Set to Sport a New Face in Britain
(image) London -A mammoth 4 million food labeling campaign is set to take off in Britain amidst bouquets and brickbats. A move

Now Vedic Mantras to Cure Diseases
(image) Jaipur: Now look forward to new age healing through mantras! Sanskrit scholars of Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Rajasthan Sa

India to Specialize Doctors to Treat Infectious Diseases
(image) With the outbreak of infectious diseases like dengue and chikungunya claiming many lives and affecting thousands across

Homeopathy can Cure Many Chronic Diseases
(image) Agra: People are increasingly going in for homeopathic treatment in India and in many countries. And there are good re

A Rehearsal To Deal With Possible Bird Flu Outbreak Conducted In Vietnam
(image) On Sunday, 700 people participated in a rehearsal, dealing with a mock situation of bird flu outbreak, in northern Qua

Excessive Jogging may Increase Arthritis Risk
(image) People who jog more than 60 km per week are at greater risk of developing osteoarthritis in their hips, says a new study

The Risk of Death from Prostate Cancer More in Obese Men
(image) A new study published in the journal CANCER, finds that the risk of death from prostate cancer is greater in obese men.

People With Depression Could Be Prone to Stroke
(image) People with symptoms of depression could face the risk of a stroke or mini stroke, says a new study. But the risk was no

Genetically Altered Cells Prevent Lethal Infections in Substituted Skin
(image) Researchers have developed modified skin cells which on being added to cultured skin substitutes, may help fight off pot

Hypertension, Prehypertension in Youngsters Linked With Heart Enlargement
(image) Hypertension and prehypertension in adolescents and young adults was associated with a higher risk of having an abnormal

Intervention Can Cut Job Stress While Protecting the Heart
(image) A simple workplace intervention can reduce the impact of stress on the heart, researchers reported in Hypertension: Jour

Allergic Reactions to Insulin Have Declined
(image) A review of published research from the University of Liege, Belgium, reveals a decline in the number of people experien

Not to Be Frozen
(image) Sneezers and snifflers, rejoice. Relief from the dreaded flu or influenza is just a step away; from the fridge. MedImmun

Hold the Milk Please
(image) Seems like tea break times are over for those who prefer relaxing with a good cup of tea, with milk, of course. br

Cold and Flu Rampant in Beijing
(image) Beijing - Beijing Center for Diseases Control and Prevention has reported that many have come down with cold and flu, wi

Memory's Link to Recovering from Addiction
(image) New research on the brain is showing that addiction is a matter of memories, and recovery is a slow process in which t

Respite for Burn Victims
(image) The primary problem of burn victims is infection. A protein called Human beta defensin 4 (HBD4) is said to combat infect

Oral Hygiene Can Prevent Tooth Decay for Patients With Cleft Conditions
(image) A child with cleft lip/palate faces predisposing factors to acquiring dental tooth decay. A new study reviews the lite

Nine Ways to Relieve Joint Stress
(image) It happens to all of us: joint pain from a lifetime of lifting, bending and normal wear and tear. Beyond medication, t

House of Lords to Consider New Mental Health Laws
(image) A law may be passed in the House of Lords in connection with the mentally ill patients.The proposed law may insist on

Novel Test Promises to Save Babies from 'testing' Times
(image) Pre-eclampsia, an extremely undesirable condition in pregnant woman, poses a grave threat to both mother and child. Th

Avian Nightmare
(image) It sounds like something out of a very scary science fiction movie, but the fear is real and to be tackled.

China Bars Obese from Adopting Children
(image) The People's Republic of China will bar foreigners who are obese from adopting Chinese children, several international

Mutated Gene and Bad Habits can Lead to Age-related Macular Degeneration
(image) Blame it on your genes and yourself too. Scientists, lead by Dr Debra A. Schaumberg from Brigham and Women's Hospital in

Results of Research Depends on Funding Agency
(image) There are many agencies which are involved in different kinds of research. People should be wary of such research find

Over-exercising Not Good for Muscular Dystrophy Patients
(image) People suffering from muscular dystrophy should avoid over exercising, say experts. Pain or a heavy feeling

Benefits of Diachrome for People With Type 2 Diabetes
(image) Nutrition 21, Inc. (NASDAQ: NXXI) today announced the results of a recent placebo controlled, double-blind, randomized

The Age of Tailor-made Babies
(image) Pinch yourself if you think this piece of news is science fiction; now, you may be able to order the baby of your drea

Full Cream Milk may Aid Slimming?
(image) "Consuming fatty dairy products may actually help in slimming down", a research study reveals. But health specialists

European Scientists Develop Novel Therapy for Cancer
(image) A maximal therapy with minimal side effects - Scientists of a consortium led by the University of Crete Medical School,/

Young Single Men More Likely To Bank Sperm
(image) According to a study published in the January issue of the urology journal BJU International, a quarter of men with te

Online Fitness Tracker to Get You on Track -Just Get Moving!
(image) Dallas- With most spending every waking hour in front of the computer screen, any surprise that resolution to stay fit

New Scan to Spot Early Effects of Alcohol on Liver
(image) Scientists have developed a scan that could spot the early effect of liquor on liver and signs of liver-related illness.

Women With Migraines More Likely to Have Depression
(image) Women with chronic headache, especially migraines, are more likely to be depressed, feel tired, and have a host of oth

Hong Kong to Charge More Birth Fee on Chinese Women
(image) Hong Kong is to impose a birthing fee of upto (Dollor) 6,150 on women from mainland China crossing the border to give birth in

Warfarin's Anti-clotting Property May Cause Hemorrhagic Strokes
(image) Warfarin, an anti-clotting drug given to patients suffering from atrial fibrillation has proved effective by reducing

Babies With Congenital Heart Defects Live Longer, Study Shows
(image) The number of adults suffering severe heart problems due to birth defects has gone up by 85% from 1985 to 2000 a study s

Sex Workers Meet in Mumbai to Discuss About AIDS
(image) Giving a fillip to the fight against AIDS, about 10,000 commercial sex workers from Mumbai and Pune will meet here Wedne

Intestinal Bacteria May Cause Obesity
(image) According to the report of a research team from Washington University School of Medicine, intestinal bacteria modify t

A New Test to Detect Drug-resistant HIV Strains
(image) A new test to detect infection of drug resistant forms of HIV even when present in small quantity has been developed b

Sextuplets Born in Vancouver, Canada
(image) Sextuplets were born at B C women's hospital in Vancouver, Canada last weekend. Neonatologists of the hospital feel that

Nicotine Dependence Gene Mapped to Chromosome 5
(image) Genes that appear to increase the risk of nicotine dependence are likely to be found on several locations, including a r

In Search of Truth - 'Lie Detector'
(image) bi'The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves. We live in denial of what we do, even what we think'/i/b

Mitochondrial Protein Maintains Appetite During Fasting
(image) Researchers at Yale School of Medicine have found that a thyroid hormone in the brain is linked to the "uncoupling" prot

Bowel Cancer and Lifestyle Choices
(image) Bowel cancer is a deadly disease. Yet recent studies have shown that the chance of developing it being liked to lifestyl

MS Diagnosed Cop Kept in the Dark
(image) Imagine feeling something is wrong with you and yet having no clue what it is? Police constable Gary Dimmock, 42 felt th

WHO on an Anti Rabies and Snake Bite Mission
(image) WHO plans to improve the treatment given to people bitten by snakes or dogs. An estimated US (Dollor) 10 million is assigned for

Red Algal Bloom - Gloom Time for Asthmatics
(image) Sarasota: Red tide on Florida's coast, a yearly occurrence, is a sign of more crease lines on Asthmatics' countenance. T

Yes, Chicken Soup Can Help
(image) Welcome to another cold season. If you're like most adults, you'll likely have two to four colds in 2007. Children, espe

Anti Cancer Drug from Blue Green Algae
(image) Anti cancer drugs have been created from blue green algae by scientists with the knowledge of synthetic chemistry techni

Gates Foundation Pledges (Dollor) 3 Million to Fight Malaria in Africa
(image) A United Nations-backed campaign to fight malaria in Africa has received its first-ever challenge grant from the Bill (and)

Meningitis Case Dismissed as Viral Infection Proves Fatal for Child
(image) It can only be described as deeply tragic. The General Medical Council Fitness to Practice panel, of UK, has heard the

Higher Folate Levels Linked to Reduced Risk for Alzheimer's Disease
(image) Individuals who take in higher levels of the nutrient folate through both diet and supplements may have a reduced risk o

High Hospital House Staff Workload Associated With Worse Patient Outcomes
(image) A heavier workload for hospital residents on patient admission days was associated with increased length of hospital sta

Viral Gastroenteritis Grips Quebec Enmasse
(image) Quebec and New Brunswick are facing one of the worst gastroenteritis epidemics that has thrown more than 35 hospitals ou

Eating Spicy Food Daily Could Kill Cancer Cells
(image) Scientists have found that consumption of spicy food daily can effectively help us fight cancer. Tumours can be killed

Alcohol Can Save Life Too!
(image) Jaipur: Alcohol is not always harmful for the heart. Sometimes it can add life to dying souls as well. Doct

Positively Charged Nurses, Best in Nursing Dying Children
(image) Nurses endowed with high levels of positive attitude are happy and confident in caring for dying children and their fami

Probable Biomarkers for Squamous Cell Carcinoma
(image) Genetic alterations have been found to be to be associated with the development of skin cancers related to smoking/

A Gene Associated With Severe Kidney Failure in Diabetes Found
(image) Diabetes is the leading cause of end-stage kidney disease worldwide, an illness that requires either kidney dialysis tre

Drug Linked to Increase in Brain Hemorrhage Cases
(image) The rate of brain hemorrhages associated with blood thinning drugs quintupled during the 1990s, according to a study.

Innocuous Blood Test Pitches in as Heart Risk Barometer
(image) In a recent finding, uncomplicated blood tests can actually foretell the risk of complications in patients due to heart

SARS Report on Health Workers
(image) The final investigation by a commission into the deadly SARS crisis of 2003, on Tuesday said that it has found that heal

Diabetics - Beware of Red Meat !
(image) A recent study suggests red meat and foods rich in heme iron may increase risk of heart disease in diabetics.

Is Evidence-based Medicine Enough to Support Additional Research in Alternative Medicine?
(image) Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is acclaimed as the "gold-standard" amongst researchers for scientific studies. On the one

Fresh Bird Flu Case Reported in China
(image) Beijing: A human case of bird flu was confirmed in China by the health ministry Wednesday. A 37-year-old f

Indo-American Doctors to Build Emergency Medical System
(image) New Delhi: Indian American physicians will build an emergency medical system in the national capital to help patients re

Cartoons Superimposed With People's Faces Help Autistic Children Learn Emotions
(image) Scientists at Autism Research Center at Cambridge University have designed a program involving cartoons to help autistic

Soy Compound May Fight Breast, Ovarian Cancers
(image) A compound produced by specially grown soy beans may prove to be successful in fighting the growth of breast and ovarian

Breastfeeding Mothers Need Calcium to Guard Against Periodontal Diseases
(image) Breastfeeding mothers should have enough Calcium in their diet, or may risk bone loss around their teeth and gums, repor

Ex-convicts Die Sooner Than the Normal People
(image) Ex-prisoners are found to die quicker than the general public. This was revealed by a research conducted by Dr Ingrid Bi

New Biotech Drugs to Aid in Renal Cell Carcinoma Treatment
(image) Two biotech drugs produced by Bayer AG, Pfizer and Onyx pharmaceuticals are astounding doctors with their effects on

Gonorrhea and Male Bladder Cancer-Ties That Bound
(image) A man with gonorrhea is probably twice as likely to develop bladder cancer, according to a new study. Publ

Jefferson Physicians Report on Potentially Fatal Complication of Heart Attack
(image) In a case study to be published in the January issue of the international journal Clinical Cardiology, physicians at Tho

Gere Jives To Bollywood Songs To Spread AIDS Awareness
(image) Hollywood icon Richard Gere Wednesday evening swayed to the tunes of catchy Bollywood numbers at a glittering event aime

A New Therapy for CFS
(image) A preliminary study suggests that there might be a hope in the offing for some sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CF

Better Healthcare for 100 Villages - Courtesy Indian American Physicians
(image) One hundred villages in India will soon be well equipped with primary healthcare facilities, mobile medical units and te

Why Immune System Doesn't Attack Small Intestine?
(image) Why the body's immune system - perpetually on guard against foreign microbes like bacteria - doesn't attack tissues in t

Indian Doctor In Britain Arrested, Bailed For Manslaughter
(image) An Indian doctor working in Britain's National Health Service (NHS) was arrested and released on bail for allegedly caus

First Imported Dengue Fever Case Reported
(image) The first imported Dengue Fever Case of this year has been confirmed. The Centre for Health Protection has confirmed th

McCain Chips in With a 'healthy' Variety of Chips
(image) There is a healthy crackle in the air! We have just been chipped in with this hearty piece of news about an all time fav

Obesity Surgery Tops Popularity Charts
(image) Washington - The last ten years have witnessed a surge in the number of obesity surgeries, US statistics portray.

Anti-smoking Programmes Should Increase
(image) "Funding from the federal government is not enough" says a report released in the American Lung Association's fifth annu

Kerala To Probe Hospital Equipment Rotting In Kochi Port
(image) Kerala Health Minister P.K. Sreemathi has announced a probe into news reports that hospital equipment worth Rs.50 millio