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One More Bird Flu Victim in Indonesia
(image) A twenty year old Indonesian woman is reported to have died due to bird flu in Indonesia. This was disclosed by Nyoman K

Viagra to Be an OTC Drug Soon
(image) It appears a gift for those burdened with shyness and impotence, and maybe those who 'just don't have the time'- to see/

Vaginalis Increases the Risk of Becoming Infected With HIV
(image) Infection with Trichomonas vaginalis significantly increases a woman's risk of becoming infected with HIV, according to

Lack Of Sleep May Affect Brain Cells
(image) According to a latest study sleep deprivation could affect the functioning of brain cells. This study was undertaken by

Gene Tests To Identify Potential Diabetics
(image) The identification of genes that are responsible for diabetes has been recognized resulting in tests that could spot pot

Turkey Confirms Return Of Bird Flu Among Chickens
(image) Turkey confirmed an outbreak of bird flu in the southeast of the country on Thursday; a year after the H5N1 strain of th

UC Davis Creates New Nanoparticles
(image) Researchers at UC Davis have created a new type of nanoparticle that could be used in tests for environmental pollution/

Still Births: Three Times Higher Risk for Older Moms-to-be
(image) Older pregnant women are to be monitored more carefully according to reports sounded at the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Con

Pakistan: Authorities Plays Down Bird Flu Risk
(image) Pakistani authorities on Thursday expressed confidence in their efforts to reduce the risks of further outbreaks of the

Researchers Complete Horse Genome Map
(image) The leaders of the international Horse Genome Sequencing Project announced Wednesday that the first draft of the horse g

Unknown Sickness Kills US Honeybees
(image) In the United States, a mysterious disease seems to have struck the honeybee population across the country killing thous

HIV/AIDS Epidemic may Strike Malaysia-experts Warn
(image) Malaysian health officials have doomsday predictions for the country's health scenario unless drastic measures are taken

Portugal's Citizens Vote to Legalize Abortion
(image) Portugal's Socialist prime minister Jose Socrates is smiling. His move to lift a ban on abortion has born fruit with 59

Site Called Safe Two Years After Anthrax Death
(image) A building vacated by the National Enquirer after an anthrax attack killed a photo editor has been deemed safe, more tha

Genes May Trigger Repeated Premature Birth In Blacks
(image) Black women may be genetically predisposed to giving birth prematurely, according to a new study from Washington Univers

Special Exams to Help Failing Medical Students
(image) Those failing in their MBBS examinations in Rajasthan need not despair about becoming doctors. Rajasthan Medical Univers

Kolkata's Birla Hospital to Foray into Bangladesh
(image) Kolkata's B.M. Birla Heart Research Centre is planning to set up a 200-bed super specialty hospital in Bangladesh as wel

Spanish Fashion Show Rejects Five Models as too Thin
(image) A top Spanish fashion show, the Pasarela Cibeles, has rejected five models from its team of 69 for being too thin,the

Increases in Autism Rates Not Surprising to Education Expert
(image) The new national study showing higher-than-expected incidences of autism comes as no surprise to special education perso

Secret to AIDS Resistance Is in the Blood
(image) The absence of a specific marker in the blood and tissues of certain monkeys may be part of the key to understanding how

Emerging Research Heralds New Era of Breast Cancer Management
(image) Aggressive research currently underway brings hope of dramatic advances in breast cancer management, according to a new

Cleft Palate in Fetal Mice Prevented by Treating
(image) Mice engineered to have cleft palates can be rescued in utero by injecting the mothers with a small molecule to correct

Early Switch to an Aromatase Inhibitor Increases Survival
(image) For breast cancer patients taking tamoxifen, switching to an aromatase inhibitor within three years significantly improv

Grape Expectations for Healthier Wine
(image) A new technique that uses ozone to preserve grapes could help prevent allergies and boost healthy compounds at the same

Calcium, Vitamin D Supplements Reduce Stress Fractures in Military Recruits
(image) Calcium and vitamin D supplementation, even over a short time period, can significantly reduce stress fractures (overuse

Extra Cortisol Protects Women's Mood Under Stress
(image) German researchers have found additional evidence that the stress hormone cortisol can have positive effects in certain

New Mechanism for Nutrient Uptake Discovered
(image) Biologists at the Carnegie Institution's Department of Plant Biology have discovered a new way that plant cells govern n

New York Teen's Miraculous Revival
(image) A New York teenager had an incredible recovery four days after his heart stopped functioning at the school gym. The med

Mid-day Naps Healthy for Your Heart
(image) For the sleep starved, it's another encouragement to shut those eyes. Scientists from the Harvard School of

Drug For Iron Overload Cleared
(image) In Scotland, a drug that aids patients who suffer from persistent iron overload has been cleared. This was approved by

One- Fifths of Lung Cancer Patients are Non-smoking Women: Study
(image) The American Cancer Society put figures of non-smokers who develop lung cancer as 10 to 15 percent. Resear

Fat And Stem Cells For Breast Augmentation
(image) Japanese scientists claim that women's breasts can be increased in size by using fat and stem cells. According to them

New Drug Therapy for Breast Cancer Offers Hope
(image) According to scientists, switching over from the standard breast cancer therapy drug tamoxifen, to another one exemestan

China Gearing Up for Bird Flu Season
(image) Higher temperatures than normal mean migrant birds will be outstaying their welcome in north and central China. b

Cloning From Mice Hair Follicle Stem Cell
(image) Researchers in U.S. for the first time have used stem cells from the hair follicles of mice for cloning purposes. Accord

High Rates of Latent TB Infection Found in Russian Health Workers
(image) Testing for tuberculosis has revealed that nearly 40% of the doctors in one Russian city have latent infection, with eve

Arsenic Compound Effective in Treating Rare Leukemia
(image) Through their participation in a national study, patients being treated for a rare form of leukemia by doctors at North

Surgeons Develop Simpler Way to Cure Atrial Fibrillation
(image) Physicians have an effective new option for treating atrial fibrillation, a common irregular heart rhythm that can cause

First Treatment to Directly Target Tumor Blood Supply
(image) For the first time, physician-scientists at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City

Concerns About Working Overtime May Be Misplaced
(image) Although working very long hours is linked to an increased risk of certain types of health and safety problems for parti

Colorado Smoking Cessation Program Targets Hispanics
(image) An anti-smoking campaign in Colorado that involves door-to-door counseling in low-income Hispanic neighborhoods has cost

Long-term Marijuana Smoking Leads to Respiratory Complaints
(image) Long-term exposure to marijuana smoke is linked to many of the same health problems as tobacco smoke, such as increased

Generic Drug Utilization On The Rise
(image) Recently released data indicate that more Americans are cutting their prescription drug costs by switching to generic me

More Women Opting for Caesarean, Unaware of Consequences
(image) About a quarter of all babies in Germany are delivered with the help of a Caesarean section or c-section, a surgical inc

India Lags Far Behind in Controlling Maternal Deaths
(image) Gwalior: There has been no appreciable decline in the number of women dying at childbirth in India since 1990, quite u

Passive Smokers may Face Higher Heart Disease Risk
(image) People exposed to passive smoke could face a higher heart disease risk, says a study that directly measured - for the fi

Now Fight Iron Disorders With a Drug Against Hypertension
(image) We all know that iron deficiencies are dangerous, but also too much iron is bad for our health. Our body stores excess i

Singapore to Offer Dengue Prevention Training to WHO Member Countries
(image) Singapore's method of dealing with dengue is being held up as an example of what other countries should do to tackle the

A New Two-gene Test to Discern Similar Gastrointestinal Cancers
(image) Researchers have devised a powerful two-gene test that can distinguish between a pair of nearly identical gastrointestin

Gene Test to Spot Adults Who Might Get Diabetes
(image) A set of genes that appear to raise the risk of adult-onset diabetes has been identified, promising a test that can pred

Disparities in Colon Cancer Screening Remain Among Medicare Patients
(image) Although Medicare coverage for colorectal cancer screening has increased, there are still significant disparities in scr

Natural Immunity Against Avian Flu may Be Possible
(image) A new research suggests that some people may become immune to avian flu. Richard Webby and colleagues at St. Jude Childr

'Benign' MS May Not Be So Benign
(image) People who have multiple sclerosis (MS) for 10 years and have few of the disabling symptoms of the disease are often tol

Marijuana Relieves HIV Nerve Pain
(image) Smoking marijuana effectively relieves chronic HIV-associated nerve pain, including aching, painful numbness, and burnin

Compulsive Gambling Linked to Parkinson's Disease Medications
(image) A new study suggests that patients who develop Parkinson's disease in youth and whose personal or family history include

More Funds Must Flow-NYC Mayor Talks Tough
(image) New York city's mayor Michael Bloomberg has called for more funds to flow, for those connected with the September 11 ter

Vasectomy Linked to Dementia
(image) Scientists of Northwestern University in Chicago claim that men who have undergone vasectomy may be at a risk of a speci

Women Wary of Coronary Diseases Get Two More Risk Factors to Worry About
(image) Scientists have revamped the traditional risk factor list for coronary diseases in women, by including two more risk f

Cancer Patient Wins Lottery
(image) A man from Naples, New York who was diagnosed with lung cancer has won (Dollor) 1 million in a lottery. Wayne Schenk who is a f

WHO Passes Rotavirus Vaccine
(image) World Health Organization has approved the vaccine for rotavirus which affects children under the age of five. This vacc

Vaccine in the Dock- Suspicions of Intussusception
(image) The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has come out with a warning to consumers and health care professionals who ha

Mobile Technology to Meet Healthcare Needs
(image) For those who thought 'the twain shall never meet'- health care and mobile technology, it is indeed a nice surprise.

Reduced Iron in Blood May Help Few Heart Patients
(image) According to a latest study, blood letting in patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD) is effective if carried out

Kids Who Snack in Large Groups Tend to Eat More
(image) Children snacking in big groups eat almost a third more than when snacking with a couple of mates, reveals research publ

Breastfed Kids Enjoy Greater Social Mobility Than Bottle-fed Children
(image) Breastfed kids climb higher up the social ladder than bottle-fed children, reveals a large, long term study, published

Genetic Testing Sheds Light on Degenerative Eye Disease
(image) Genetic testing for eye disease is providing vital information about complex retinal diseases, especially when used to

Shedding Pounds from Diet or Exercise-Take Your Pick
(image) People looking to lose those extra pounds have been told for decades that dieting together with exercise will bring abou

Liver an Excellent Target For Cancer Gene Therapy
(image) A study demonstrates that cancer cells in the liver are excellent targets for gene therapy using adenoviral vectors. I

Little Convincing Evidence That Omega-3 Combats Depression
(image) There is no convincing evidence that taking omega-3 fatty acids on their own can alleviate depression, says Drug and T

Doctors Still Deny Older Patients Tests and Treatment
(image) Doctors are still denying older people the sorts of tests and treatment they would offer to younger patients, reveals a

Autism Expert Creates Innovative Intervention Program
(image) Autism is the fastest growing disability in the United States, and public school systems are trying to catch up. One out

Poor People Worse Off Following Heart Attack
(image) People from lower socioeconomic backgrounds who suffer a heart attack come to the emergency department more often, are l

Enzyme Critical for Early Growth of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
(image) Surgery is the only treatment for an abdominal aortic aneurysm, a weak spot in the body's main artery that dilates dange

Influenza Virus also Protects Against H5N1
(image) N1 protein in the seasonal flu vaccine may trigger an antibody response to avian flu virus. The influenza va

New Cardiovascular Risk Prediction Models Developed for Women
(image) Researchers have developed a more accurate way to predict the risk of developing cardiovascular disease among women, acc

Delhi to Host South Asian Neurologists' Congress
(image) Nearly 600 neurosurgeons from south Asia along with renowned specialists from the US, Britain, Germany, Japan, Australia

Cochlear Implants in Both Ears Enables Better Hearing
(image) A recent study by scientists at University of Wisconsin-Madison examines whether deaf children who've received two cochl

Human Stem Cell Transplants Repair Rat Spinal Cords
(image) Human nerve stem cells transplanted into rats' damaged spinal cords have survived, grown and in some cases connected w

Cuba Computerizing Its Health System
(image) Havana: Cuba has undertaken computerizing and creating national networks in Blood Banks, Nephrology and Medical Images

Five Die of Food Poisoning in Chhattisgarh
(image) Raipur: Five women died and two fell ill after consuming homemade food in a Chhattisgarh village, police said Wednesd

PAHO Urges Readiness for Dengue Outbreaks in 2007
(image) Experts from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) are working with health authorities in Paraguay to help control

Attractive Male Not Only Attracts but Stimulates
(image) A recent study finds that the presence of attractive males stimulates the females to mature early. Scienti

Parents Cautioned About Prescription Drug Abuse Of Their Children
(image) Director of White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) has warned parents about the misuse of prescripti

Menstrual Cycle Linked To Bone Injuries
(image) A recent finding reveals that menstrual cycle has an effect on weakening of muscles and ligaments in women's body. This

Body Shop Founder's New Project-against Hepatitis C
(image) Dame Anita Roddick, 64,-veteran businesswoman and public campaigner, has made known the fact that she is suffering from

Toddlers Rejoice-Flu Jabs may Be a Thing of the Past
(image) It's welcome news, at least to the tiny tots- FluMist, a live viral nasal spray seems much more effective than jabs of t

Health Officials Suspect Salmonella In Peanut Butter
(image) In the United States, FDA and Centers for Disease Control are trying to verify if there is a link between salmonella inf

Researchers Warn Against the Use Of Garlic To Treat Childhood Ailments
(image) Researchers from the University of Alberta conducted one of the first extensive series of studies on the use of garlic t

Happy Impotence Day
(image) Every February, across the country, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St.

Blood Clot Warning Over Common Medical Device
(image) The leading type of angioplasty stent used in Australia, drug-eluting stents (DES), could be responsible for causing lif

Greater Quality Control Needed for Overseas-Trained Doctors
(image) The AMA has urged the Federal Government to toughen visa entry requirements for overseas-trained doctors if States and T

Giant Healthcare Provider to Set Up Massive Gene Bank
(image) A biobank with juggernaut proportions will soon be established as part of U.S health care provider Kaiser Permanente's p

Immunity May Be Weakened By Insecure Feeling
(image) Body's resistance to fight diseases is said to be associated with insecure feeling. This was disclosed by an Italian r

Max Planck Researchers Incorporate Odorant Receptors into Artificial Membranes
(image) An artificial nose could be a real benefit at times: this kind of biosensor could sniff out poisons, explosives or drugs

Swedish Biotech Licenses HIV Drug to China for Development
(image) The Swedish biotechnology company Medivir announced yesterday that it has licensed its experimental non-nucleoside rev

Coffee-time for Those Listening to Their Heart
(image) It's a yo-yo study and this time it has swung in favor of the coffee. There have been numerous studies on t

Large Study Finds No Need to Screen HIV-positive Patients for Thyroid Disease
(image) Rates of thyroid disease are similar in HIV-positive patients and the general population, according to a large British

Bird Flu Most Likely to Infect and Kill Young People
(image) Ninety percent of the people infected with bird flu have been under the age of 40, and 60 percent of them have died, acc

FDA: Rotavirus Vaccine May Harm Infants
(image) The government warned on Tuesday of potentially life-threatening twisting of the intestines in infants vaccinated agai

Researchers Improve Soy Processing by Boosting Protein and Sugar Yields
(image) Graduate student Bishnu Karki turned on an ultrasonic machine in an Iowa State University laboratory. With a loud screec