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Thailand Government Officials Asked To Be Health Conscious
(image) Diet and exercise have been prescribed for the officials of Thailand government. The country's health minister Mongkol N

Targeting the Adrenal Gland Could Be Key Against Heart Failure
(image) Scientists have staved off heart failure in animals by using gene therapy to shut down the adrenal gland's excessive o

Children's Television Viewing Linked to Early Puberty
(image) A latest report published in the current issue of Biologist, the journal of the Institute of Biology suggests that child

Hospital for 'special' People Under Investigations for Sexual Abuse
(image) Ireland's Health minister Paul Goggins is under pressure- he is asked to respond to allegations of sexual abuse of and b

Norwalk Virus Forces Closure Of Canadian Hospital
(image) Bridgepoint Health at Toronto, Canada has been closed to patients and visitors after an outbreak of Norwalk virus. It is

Support Fails Rural Heart Patients
(image) Chronic heart failure (CHF) patients in rural and remote areas of Australia are missing out on much-needed health and su

Mental Health Needs Greater for Foster Children
(image) Foster children suffer mental health problems far more commonly than other children, new research has revealed. b

Indonesia En Route to HIV Epidemic, Experts Warn
(image) The World Health Organization has sounded its concerns about HIV-infected cases growing by leaps and bounds in Indonesia

influenza Vaccination Needed to Stop Flu Bug
(image) Low influenza vaccination rates among Victorian hospital staff could be putting the health of patients at risk, say dise

Good News For Chocolate Lovers
(image) According to a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Associate for the Advancement of Science in San Fra

New Gene Linked to Autism Discovered
(image) Scientists have literally found the needle in the haystack as years of scientific slogging and cutting-edge technology c

Russia's Avian Flu Outbreak Linked to Single Market
(image) Russian officials have traced dead domestic poultry in several districts of suburban Moscow to a single market. b

New Moms Must Not Skip Meals
(image) Women who have just given birth should not worry about getting their bodies back into shape immediately, a leading Germa

Saif Ali Khan Recovering and Stable
(image) Mumbai: Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan, who was rushed to a city hospital here Sunday evening after complaining of chest

Sleep Disturbances Could Affect Performances in School
(image) Insufficient sleep at night could have an adverse effect on your performances in school, according to a study that shows

Garden Trampoline can Pose Great Risk to Kids: Study
(image) Jumping on a garden trampoline is a fun form of exercise and play but can pose a greater injury risk for children and yo

Artificial Teeth Developed to Replace Missing Teeth
(image) Tokyo: Japanese researchers have successfully developed artificial teeth that they say could replace the natural teeth

Computer Tool Helps Pinpoint Risky Gene Mutations
(image) Certain cancer risks can be passed down through families, the result of tiny changes in a family's genetic code. But not

Culturally Specific Diabetes Management Helps Low-Income Patients
(image) Diabetes case management that takes a patient's specific culture into consideration can help increase life expectancy

Sexualization Linked to Mental Health Problems in Girls and Women
(image) A study by the American Psychological Association (APA) has found evidence that the proliferation of sexualized images o

Merck Cuts Price of Efavirenz for Developing Countries Again
(image) Merck (and) Co has cut the price of efavirenz 600mg tablets (Stocrin) for developing countries that qualify for its access p

Primitive Yeast Yields Secrets Of Human Cholesterol And Drug Metabolism
(image) By first probing the way primitive yeast make cholesterol, a team of scientists has discovered a long-sought protein who

New Drugs Shows Promise in Slowing the Progression of Prostate Cancer
(image) A new class of targeted anti-cancer drugs that blocks the human epidermal growth factor (HER) receptor family shows prom

A Combined Research for Producing Chlamydia Vaccine Begins
(image) Researchers at San Antonio's South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases (STCEID) and at San Antonio Health Scie

RNAi Shows Promise in Gene Therapy
(image) Three years ago Mark Kay, MD, PhD, published the first results showing that a biological phenomenon called RNA interfere

Inflammation can Lead to Cancer
(image) Previous studies have shown that inflammation may sometimes cause precancerous tissues to become fully malignant. UCSF s

Modified Ligament Surgery Improves Outcomes Players, Athletes
(image) A team of Surgeons has determined that by modifying a classic ligament surgery, they can return more athletes, such as b

C-Reactive Protein Induces Hypertension
(image) Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have found that C-Reactive Protein plays a direct role in inducing hyper

Drug Companies May Be Penalize For Overcharging NHS Tax Payers Money on Branded Drugs
(image) The Nation Health Care System of Britain, the NHS, has been in constant light over the past few years. This focus has be

Cholesterol and Insulin Secretion -bound by a Gene
(image) Scientists have conducted a study, the first of its kind to link cholesterol with Type 2 Diabetes. The expe

Mothers Opting for C-Sections- Be Warned
(image) Mother Nature may be smiling. Researchers have given their opinion- Nature's way is far superior to pre-planned caesaria

Deadly Bug to Be Tracked Down
(image) A Coroner's inquest has begun into the death of 16 persons who were infected by the bacteria Clostridium difficile. b

Napping Beneficial For Hearts
(image) An interesting study by a team from Harvard and University of Athens Medical School suggests that mid day napping is act

Spearmint Tea To Combat Hirsutism
(image) Consuming two cups of spearmint tea was found to bring down the androgen levels in women. This was reported by scientist

Dizziness Linked To Anxiety Disorders
(image) According to a latest report published in Archives of Otolaryngology-Head (and) Neck Surgery, chronic dizziness may be attri

Specialists Caution About Diet Pills
(image) Further to FDA's approval on the latest diet pill under the brand name Alli, there has been much excitement in people wh

Cancer Risk Pronounced in Women With an Ample Waist
(image) An international study has pointed out that women with a 34 inch waist carry twice the risk of ailing cancer of the womb

Diabetes Risk Factors Develop Earlier in Women Than Men
(image) The 'diabetes clock' may start ticking in women years in advance of a medical diagnosis of the disease, according to a n

Permanent Weight Loss Requires Transition to Healthy Eating
(image) After the holidays and after many comfortable winter evenings, many people notice they have put on weight, particularly/

More Bones of Aborted Fetuses Recovered from Hospital Premises
(image) Bhopal: More skeletal remains of infants were dug out from the gutter of Ratlam's Christian Hospital Monday even as the

Study Links Attempted Suicide With Genetic Evidence
(image) A Johns Hopkins-led study has found evidence that a genetic tendency toward suicide has been linked to a particular area

Women Will Be Paid to Donate Eggs for Science
(image) Women will be paid to donate their eggs for scientific research in a landmark decision that will prompt a fierce backlas

Epigenetics to Shape Stem Cell Future
(image) Everyone hopes that one-day stem cell-based regenerative medicine will help repair diseased tissue. Before then, it may

Skimpily Dressed Dolls Send Wrong Cues to Young Girls
(image) A team of psychologists have expressed concern over the influence of scantily clad dolls on young minds, which could be

CDA Investigates Case of Bovine Tuberculosis
(image) The Colorado Department of Agriculture and U.S. Department of Agriculture is investigating a case of bovine tuberculosis

Researchers Identify Cell Pathway in Colon Cancer
(image) For the one in 18 men and women who will be diagnosed with cancer of the colon and rectum during their lifetime and over

High Cholesterol Increases Risk of Stroke in Otherwise Healthy Women
(image) A recent study conducted on 27,000 women adds support to the view that high cholesterol is a potential risk factor and i

Surgeons Skilled in Playing Video Games are Good at Simulated Surgery
(image) A report in the February issue of Archives of Surgery suggests that surgeons portraying skill in playing video games far

Reset Your Biological Clock and Prevent Heart Attack!
(image) A recent research confirms the role of our body's internal molecular clock in controlling blood pressure. I

Multiple Low-energy Plasma Skin Treatments Beneficial in Reducing Facial Wrinkles
(image) A recent study has demonstrated the benefits of multiple low-energy treatments, combined with a plasma skin regeneration

Cancer Drug can Extend Survival in Patients With Deadly Brain Tumors
(image) Avastin, a relatively new type of drug that shrinks cancerous tumors by cutting off their blood supply, can slow the gro

Organ Transplant Patients May Die When Insurance for Medicine Runs Out
(image) A new study shows that young transplant patients who lose their insurance coverage are more likely to stop taking necess

Controlling Malarial Transmission Not Easy!
(image) Malaria remains a dreaded human infection with around 300 million clinical cases and 3 million deaths reported every yea

Learning to Prevent Medical Mistakes in Caring for Stroke Patients
(image) Medical errors and adverse events can happen in patients with stroke, and hospital procedures need to be modified to red

GMC Disapproves Internet Doctor
(image) A general practitioner who was accused of prescribing addictive drugs to patients over the internet has been criticized

Be Transformed and Don't Pay Interest
(image) Transform, a plastic surgery group has come out with a new scheme- Zero interest rates for improving your looks.

HIV Positive Organs Transplanted
(image) In a shocking incident in a hospital in Italy, organs from HIV positive patient were transplanted to three patients. Thi

Yearning -the Most Intense Emotion in Bereavement
(image) Yearning is the primary emotion felt after the death of a loved one, say scientists. This is in contrast to depression b

Anorexia Linked To Genes
(image) According to a research conducted in a few cities of America and Europe, anorexia nervosa is said to be associated wit

Verdict Against Wyeth Pharma in Prempro Case
(image) Wyeth Pharma has been asked to pay (Dollor) 3 million to a husband and wife couple by a Philadelphia jury in connection with its

Pregnancy Hormone Offers Hope to MS Patients
(image) In a study bound to raise hope in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients, researchers have reported significant changes in MS

Home-going Delayed for Miracle Baby
(image) Little Amillia Sonja Taylor is nothing short or tiny of being a miracle baby. The premature infant shocked neonatologist

Family Planning Method is as Effective as the Contraceptive Pill
(image) Researchers have found that a method of natural family planning that uses two indicators to identify the fertile phase i

Smoking Alters the Human Brain Like Those in Animals Using Illicit Drugs
(image) New research shows that smoking produces long-lasting changes in the human brain similar to those changes previously see

Tamoxifen Yields Long-term Reduction in Breast Cancer Risk
(image) Tamoxifen offers long-term benefits for breast cancer prevention among women at high risk of the disease, according to t

Pulse Pressure Identified as Important Risk Factor for Atrial Fibrillation
(image) Increased pulse pressure (the difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressure) appears to be an important predi

Researchers Find Predictor of Mortality in Cardiac Patients
(image) Researchers at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn have determined that low levels of a protein in the blood is a

Race May Play a Role in Children's Asthma Care
(image) Children suffer from asthma more than any other chronic illness, and new research finds African-American children have a

Beta-Blockers Should Not Be First Choice for High Blood Pressure
(image) Beta-blocker drugs such as Tenormin, Inderal and Lopressor should not be a doctor's first choice for treating high blood

Fetal Heart-Cell Enzyme and Onset of Heart Failure
(image) In almost all forms of heart failure, the heart begins to express genes that are normally only expressed in the fetal he

Newborns With Respiratory Distress Potentially Have Rare Genetic Disease
(image) Newborns with respiratory distress should be evaluated for primary ciliary dyskinesia, a rare genetic disease that has f

Delhi High Court Set Deadline to Reconstitute Medical Council of India
(image) The Delhi High Court Tuesday set March 31 as the deadline to reconstitute the Medical Council of India (MCI) and asked f

Excess Iron in Blood may Damage Arteries
(image) Excess iron in the blood may damage arteries and giving blood at six-monthly intervals to promote iron reduction may boo

Survivors of Childhood Cancers at Higher Risk for Secondary Cancer
(image) According to a recent study published in February 21 Journal of the National Cancer Institute; long-term survivors of ch

Human Genetic Code for ALS Identified
(image) Johns Hopkins scientists have newly identified 34 unique variations in the human genetic code among 276 unrelated subjec

Married Women, Children Most Anemic in India
(image) Public health in India has immensely deteriorated over the last seven years and married women and children are the worst

Baby Food Recalled in Singapore After US Alert
(image) A baby food breakfast was recalled from Singapore's markets as a precautionary measure after the US Food and Drug Admini

Filipino Children Brush Teeth in Bid to Break World Record
(image) Manila: More than 41,000 Filipino schoolchildren on Wednesday brushed their teeth simultaneously in three cities in the

Patrick Walsh Wins International Medicine Prize
(image) Patrick C. Walsh, M.D., who served for 30 years as the director of the Johns Hopkins Brady Urological Institute, has bee

Research Offers Hope to Control Meningococci
(image) Bacterial meningitis is caused by meningococcal infection and the disease spreads like wild fire. In Africa 250,000 peop

A New Guide to Choosing the Right Vitamin Supplement
(image) How do you choose a safe and healthy multivitamin? Vitamins and Minerals: What You Need to Know, a new report from Harva

Prolactin Comes to the Aid of MS Sufferers
(image) A hormone secreted during pregnancy, necessary to get the body ready for breast feeding may come to the aid of those a

Erectile Dysfunction After Prostate Cancer Surgery can Be Remedied With Nerve Grafts
(image) New York - Some men who become impotent after prostate cancer surgery may find reprieve from this problem with implants

Health Officials Approve Plan for New 28m Maternity Hospital
(image) Health officials in Glasgow gave the nod for the opening of a new 28 million maternity unit at the Southern General Hos

National Plan Needed for Severe Allergy Kids
(image) AMA President, Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, today congratulated the Victorian Government on introducing its anaphylaxis kit and

Spring is Time for Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Awareness
(image) Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of visual impairment and blindness in Americans older than 5

Researcher Studies Benefits of Reminiscing About Laughter
(image) Couples who laugh together and intentionally reminisce about that shared experience are likely more satisfied with their

Measles Strikes North Korea
(image) According to a report released by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, North Korea has been

A Wedding Gift That Helps Save Lives
(image) Dana-Farber Cancer Institute wants to be part of your wedding celebration. The world-renowned research and care center i

Income Deciding Factor For Canadians Seeking Medical Attention
(image) Canadians belonging to the higher wages bracket are more likely to seek medical attention. This was reported by Statisti

ADHD Drugs To Have Warnings On Contra Indications
(image) The Food and Drug Administration ordered the makers of ADHD drugs to indicate the contra indications clearly to the pati

Women's Health Takes the Spotlight in May
(image) The 7th Annual National Women's Health Week will be celebrated May 13-19 this year. It is an opportunity to raise awaren

South-East Asia Flooded With Spurious Drugs
(image) Numerous counterfeit drugs are being circulated in South Asia for various ailments like malaria, HIV AIDS, meningitis, t

Allergies Not Just for Children Anymore
(image) Allergy is much more than just hay fever. It occurs when the body develops an abnormal activation of the immune system -

Foot Pain Ruining Your Golf Swing?
(image) The barrier to a perfect golf swing could lie in your big toe. Or your heel. Or on the ball of your foot. Experts with t

Improving Body Image Key to Treating Eating Disorders
(image) Worrying about our weight or a bad hair day is common in our image-obsessed society. But persons with eating disorders s

Rats Feast on Dead Patient in Kolkata Hospital
(image) A state-run city hospital witnessed protests on Wednesday after a dead patient's body was handed over to his relatives

Rajasthan Gears Up for Bird Flu
(image) Rajasthan, a haven for migratory birds, is gearing up to tackle bird flu after neighboring Pakistan reported cases of

Kids Living Near Parks Less Likely to Be Overweight
(image) Kids living near green spaces such as park and lawns in their neighborhoods in urban areas are less likely to be overwei

Novel Test Identifies Leukemia Patients Likely to Respond to New Therapy
(image) Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have discovered a genetic signature identif