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The Banshee


Author: Elliott O'Donnell

Language: English

The Amalgamated Brotherhood of Spooks


Author: John Kendrick Bangs

Language: English

Published: 1901

The Haunted Sentry Box of Porto Rico



Author: Lewis Miller

Language: English

Published: 1916

At the Ghost Hour


The House of the Unbelieving Thomas

Author: Paul Heyse

Language: English

Published: 1894

Four ghost stories translated from the German.

The Room in the Tower


Author: E.F. Benson

Language: English

Published: 1912

The Dutch Officer's Story


Author: Catherine Crowe

Language: English

Published: 1858

The Laird o’ Coul’s Ghost



Author: Anonymous

Language: English

Published: 1722

An Episode of Cathedral History


Author: Montague Rhodes James

Language: English

Published: 1914

No Living Voice


Author: Thomas Street Millington

Language: English



or, The Mystery of Ghosts, Hobgoblins, and Haunted Houses Developed

Author: Joseph Taylor

Language: English

Published: 1815

This Collection of Stories is well chosen, and affords a fund of amusement that is cheap at the price of five shillings. By putting such a book as this into the hands of children, parents will more effectually guard their minds against weak credulity, than by grave philosophic admonition.

Four Ghost Stories



Author: Mrs Molesworth

Language: English

Published: 1888

Graceful and attractive, these four stories are remarkable for the pretty setting which surrounds the thrilling part of the narrative.

Lady Farquhar's Old Lady
Witnessed by Two
The Story of the Rippling Train

The Chromatic Ghosts of Thomas


Author: Ellis Parker Butler

Language: English

Published: 1907

A feline ghost story.

The Fifth of October


Author: Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews

Language: English

Published: 1910

Soul View



Author: Jeff Inlo

Language: English

Published: 2009

Dr. Jim Sagacity has the special ability to see souls. He watches spirits depart this world in a display of pure wonder until one day he learns that not all souls are able to make this transition. With a new perspective of death, he attempts to intervene, but despite his best efforts, he finds that not everyone shares his views and that the world he lives in can be a very dangerous place.

Byways of Ghost-Land


Author: Elliott O'Donnell

Language: English

Published: 1911

The Spectre of the Severn Tunnel


Author: E. Thurlow

Language: English

Published: 1899

Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters



Author: H. Addington Bruce

Language: English

Published: 1908

The devils of Loudun -- The drummer of Tedworth -- The haunting of the Wesleys -- The visions of Emanuel Swedenborg -- The Cock Lane ghost -- The ghost seen by Lord Brougham -- The seeress of Prevorst -- The mysterious Mr. Home -- The Watseka wonder -- A medieval ghost hunter -- Ghost hunters of yesterday and to-day.

The Body-Snatcher


Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Language: English

Published: 1884

Out of the Air



Author: Inez Haynes Irwin

Language: English

Published: 1921

A psychic tale in which a lovely woman, dead some fifteen years, tries most earnestly to deliver a message to a young man who is very modern and very much alive. Alone she seems unable to effect her purpose, although he is trying his utmost to understand, and she summons to her aid the shapes of the dead and the--presumably--astral forms of whom some are still alive. --New York Times

The Spectre Bride


(The Baron's Bridal)

Author: William Harrison Ainsworth

Language: English

Published: 1822

Masterpieces of Mystery in Four Volumes


Ghost Stories

Author: Various Authors

Language: English

Published: 1920

The ghost has held his own with his human fellow in fiction, and his tale has been [Pg viii]told with increasing skill as the art of the writer has developed. To-day the case for the ghost as an element in fiction is an exceedingly strong one. There has indeed sprung into being within a couple of decades a new school of such writers. Nowadays almost every fictionist of account produces one good thriller at least of this sort. The temptation is irresistible for the simple reason that the theme imposes absolutely no limit on the imagination.

The Nature of the Evidence


Author: May Sinclair

Language: English

Published: 1922

Border Ghost Stories


Author: Howard Pease

Language: English

Published: 1919

Shapes that Haunt the Dusk


Author: Heney Mills Alden

Language: English

Published: 1891

The writers of American short stories, the best short stories in the world, surpass in nothing so much as in their handling of those filmy textures which clothe the vague shapes of the borderland between experience and illusion. This is perhaps because our people, who seem to live only in the most tangible things of material existence, really live more in the spirit than any other. Their love of the supernatural is their common inheritance from no particular ancestry, but is apparently an effect from psychological influences in the past, widely separated in time and place.

Humorous Ghost Stories


Author: Dorothy Scarborough

Language: English

Published: 1921

The Canterville ghost / by Oscar Wilde
The ghost-extinguisher / by Gelett Burgess
"Dey ain't no ghosts" / by Ellis Parker Butler
The transferred ghost / by Frank R. Stockton
The mummy's foot / Théophile Gautier
The rival ghosts / Brander Matthews
The water ghost of Harrowby Hall / by John Kendrick Bangs
Back from that bourne / Anonymous
The ghost-ship / by Richard Middleton
The transplanted ghost / by Wallace Irwin
The last ghost in Harmony / by Nelson LLoyd
The ghost of Miser Brimpson / by Eden Phillpotts
The haunted photograph / by Ruth McEnery Stuart
The ghost that got the button / by Will Adams
The specter bridegroom / by Washington Irving
The specter of Tappington / compiled by Richard Barham
In the barn / by Burges Johnson
A shady plot / by Elsie Brown
The lady and the ghost / by Rose Cecil O'Neill.

Across the Stream



Author: E.F. Benson

Language: English

Published: 1917

In this book Benson attacks spiritualism.

The Man of Science


Author: Jerome K. Jerome

Language: English

Published: 1892

The Ebony Frame


Author: E. Nesbit

Language: English

Published: 1893

Black Spirits and White



A Book of Ghost Stories

Author: Ralph Adams Cram

Language: English

Published: 1895

No. 252 Rue M. Le Prince
In Kropfsberg Keep
The White Villa
Sister Maddelena
Notre Dame Des Eaux
The Dead Valley

The Ghost Whistle


Author: Eugene K. Jones

Language: English

Published: 1917