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Preview: High Probability Selling Turns the Numbers Game Upside-Down

High Probability Selling Turns the Numbers Game Upside-Down

Articles on selling and salesmanship: Selling techniques, sales tips, how to close sales, sales prospecting and cold-calling techniques.

Last Build Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 12:20:26 GMT

Copyright: Copyright 2007, High Probability Selling

Features vs. Benefits
Contrary to popular belief, your sales pitch should include Features, not Benefits- and here's why...

Training the D Team
Save time, energy, and resources by dis-qualifying poor sales prospects.

Top 6 Pitfalls of Voice Mail Messages
If you don't want to sabatoge your own sales efforts, Avoid these Top 6 Pitfalls of voice mail.

Building Rapport: Don't!
Building Rapport loses sales, contrary to popular belief. Here's what really works.

Does Cold-Calling Work?
How to make sure cold-calling works for you- not against you.

The One-Call Close
How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle While Closing More Sales

Getting Real About Sales Training
If you want to join the Top 10% of salespeople earning $150,000+, you'll have to get real, get committed, and learn a sales process that really works.

Top 10 Reasons Sales Managers Fail
The Top 10 Reasons that Sales Managers Fail.

Top 10 Reasons Salespeople Fail
The Top 10 Reasons that salespeople fail.

Top 10 Prospecting Tips
Top 10 tips for prospecting success.

A Clearly Defined Sales Process Yields Big Results
If you want to dramatically increase your probability of success, you must learn the selling skills that are most likely to yield the results that you want.

Being "Right" vs. Being Rich
Clinging to archaic beliefs about selling leads to being Right, but not to being rich.

Poison Words: The Top 6 Words that Sabatoge Sales
These Top 6 Poison Words sabatoge sales. Don't use them!

Question Reluctance Sabotages Sales
Learning how to overcome Question Reluctance and skillfully asking questions is critical to sales success.

The Power of Good Timing
Being in the right place at the right time is NOT just luck when you use High Probability Prospecting."

Top Producers- How They Get There
Top Producers fully understand that in order to get dramatically better results, they must make dramatic changes in the way that they sell. They must do what others won't even try.

A Different Spin on Consultative Selling
You may be playing the same old sales game while dressing yourself up as a Consultant.

Monkeys, Bananas, and Sales Management
An amusing and satirical look at ineffectual sales management.

The Top One Percent Sell with Precision
The Best Salespeople utilize a precise, highly organized sales process that leaves very little to chance.

Telephone Prospecting- Is It a Waste of Time?
Cold-calling is usually a waste of time. However, telephone prospecting is rewarding and produces results.

Closing the Sale - Timing is Crucial
Waiting until the end of the sales process before closing a sale is akin to waiting until the last ten minutes of a flight to Venus before making course corrections. In both cases, there is a very low probability of success.

The Importance of Your Prospecting List
As many sales managers and salespeople have discovered, the accuracy of your prospecting list is of utmost importance..

Overcoming Self-Doubt In Selling
Anyone who has done any selling realizes that some forms of rejection are inherent in the selling process.

No More Cold-Calling? Well, Almost...
You can almost eliminate cold-calling, as well as the rejection you usually experience from cold calling.

Are You Worth Another $100,000?
What will it take to boost your sales earning power by $100,000?

Are Top Salespeople Born or Made?
That's the question that was posed by a writer for a major trade publication.

The Power of Two - Marketing and Sales
Leads: Salespeople need them, and Marketing Departments (theoretically) generate them.

Are You One in a Million?
There are over 1 million realtors in the United States. What are their Top 3 Selling Mistakes, and what can you learn from them?

Are You a Victim of the Financial Services Industry?
Most buyers want to do business with people they can trust: Being trustworthy is key to successful selling. Yet, most salespeople who work in the field of Financial Services have been deliberately and calculatedly misled by their employer- usually a Brokerage Company or an Insurance Company. Is it any wonder that only 3 out of 20 people who enter the field survive?

What's Trust Got to Do With It?
The fact that many salespeople deliberately lie while conscientiously avoiding being 'caught' suggests a commonly held belief that Lying is Wrong, yet Necessary. This is a Sales Myth. Our research indicates exactly the opposite..

Can You Afford to Improve Your Sales Skills?
Many salespeople think they can't afford to enroll in sales training courses. The reality is that they can't afford to NOT improve their selling skills.

How to Persuade Prospects to Buy - Elsewhere!
Selling is often dubbed "The Art of Persuasion". When was the last time a salesperson talked you into buying something that you didn't want? When was the last time a salesperson hard-closed you into purchasing, before you felt ready to buy?

Execs' Top Priorities in 2004 - Acquiring and Retaining Customers
Accenture recently published the results of their global study of Executive Priorities for 2004. Selling - acquiring new customers - is Priority 1, and Selling - Retaining Customers - is Priority #4. Selling is clearly a major concern among company executives.

High-Tech Selling: Is It Really That Difficult?
Selling high-tech products and services is much more difficult than selling most other products and services: Truth, or just a popular myth?

Finding the Sales Job You Want
Sales managers want salespeople who are smart enough to apply their prospecting and selling skills to finding a job. The fastest way to find the job you want, with a company you want to join, is to do it differently from everyone else.

Why Traditional Cold-Calling Doesn't Work
Traditional cold-calling techniques are obsolete. Systematic 'warm-calling' is more effective and productive...

Most Salespeople Are Professional Wimps
Most salespeople are wimps when they talk to prospects and customers, but not when...

The Sale Trainee
A young guy from New Jersey moves to California and goes to a big "everything under one roof" department store looking for a job...