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BreakPoint topics

BreakPoint topics

Published: Tue, 19 Sep 2017 21:26:48 GMT2017-09-19T21:26:48Z


Monthly Bugs Thread, September 2017

Fri, 01 Sep 2017 13:41:51 GMT2017-09-01T13:41:51Z

Continued from the August 2017 bug thread


The posting rules are as always:


  • Each post here should only contain a brief description of a bug, together with a link to the thread where it is being discussed.
  • One post/bug!
  • One bug/post!
  • No discussion of bugs. All discussions of a bug must take place in the original linked thread.

Re: pwm based dc motor speed control using labview .vi

Wed, 16 Aug 2017 17:00:27 GMT2017-08-16T17:00:27Z

so i have daq that does not...






nothing really, just wanted to see your reaction to me replying on a 4 year old thread

Programming Trivia Pop Quiz: Be Different!

Tue, 08 Aug 2017 16:25:34 GMT2017-08-08T16:25:34Z

Unlike the last question, this one should be common knowledge for everybody.


QUESTION: Find a value that will cause the boolean to be TRUE when the code is executed.



Programming Trivia Pop Quiz: Make it TRUE!

Tue, 08 Aug 2017 15:34:50 GMT2017-08-08T15:34:50Z

According to Wikipedia, "Trivia" refers to bits of information, often of little importance.


(Questions posted here are very unlikely to show up on a CLAD exam, for that we have these other discussions)


I guess we could have an occasional quick pop quiz that should post no problems to the seasoned programmer, but might stump some of the newcomers for a few minutes. So here is the first one:


QUESTION: Given the code shown in the image, find four different inputs that will make the output TRUE when the program is executed.



(Any numeric datatype is allowed, that's why the wire is currently a generic black. All primitives are straight from the palettes. No fake modifications or hidden custom code).

Monthly bugs, August 2017

Tue, 01 Aug 2017 13:30:29 GMT2017-08-01T13:30:29Z

Continued from the July 2017 bug thread


The posting rules are as always:


  • Each post here should only contain a brief description of a bug, together with a link to the thread where it is being discussed.
  • One post/bug!
  • One bug/post!
  • No discussion of bugs. All discussions of a bug must take place in the original linked thread.

Invert three signals with only two NOT gates

Wed, 12 Jul 2017 11:27:24 GMT2017-07-12T11:27:24Z

Few days ago I've seen nice "breakfast exercise" for the brain in one forum.

You have three separate booleans, which needs to be inverted, and you have the only two "NOT" primitives available. Also you can use any suitable amount of the "AND" and "OR" logic, but no "XOR" (and bundling into clusters or arrays also not allowed, of course). Start point:


This funny task coming from old school electronic, when engineers trying to use as less inverters as possible. You can easily found an answer in the Internet, but it is quite interesting to solve it (at least was for me).


Good luck!

Favourite sci-fi books?

Sun, 09 Jul 2017 16:47:22 GMT2017-07-09T16:47:22Z

I wonder if there are sci-fi literature lovers here? If so, favourite books? Can be old or either contemporary.


For me, the all time best of is the Hyperion Cantos. It is just the most amazing story I ever read (well, I think I read the books like 4 times? (image) ). 

“The universe is indifferent to our fates. This was the crushing burden that the character took with him as he struggled through the surf toward survival or extinction. The universe just does not give a **bleep**.” 


Hmm, when I was a kid, beside the big classics, like C. Clark, Asimov, Stanislaw Lem, and so on, I really enjoyed the book Ender's Game (the movie is real bad). Ah, and a very special one from Alfred Bester, very unique story from 1957 (!): The Stars My Destination, or Tiger!Tiger! Very powerful book, starts with the famous poem from Blake! (image)  

"Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye,
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?" 



1 Million LabVIEW Posts Reached

Wed, 05 Jul 2017 16:28:51 GMT2017-07-05T16:28:51Z

The LabVIEW forums just reached a post count of 1 million!


The forums are a great place to learn about LabVIEW, and get specific questions answered quickly. I know my applications would have many more unresolved issues (or goofy workarounds) without some of the great advice I've gotten here. Thank you to everyone who has made this a great technical forum! 

Monthly bugs, July 2017

Sat, 01 Jul 2017 17:26:04 GMT2017-07-01T17:26:04Z

Continued from the June 2017 bug thread



The posting rules are as always:


  • Each post here should only contain a brief description of a bug, together with a link to the thread where it is being discussed.
  • One post/bug!
  • One bug/post!
  • No discussion of bugs. All discussions of a bug must take place in the original linked thread.

NI Days London - Registration Fee?

Wed, 28 Jun 2017 19:56:37 GMT2017-06-28T19:56:37Z

I received the email from NI UK this morning with regards to registration for NI Days London is now open. I noticed that they mentioned a registration fee and on looking on the website was pretty shocked that they're charging £150+VAT (early bird) or £250+VAT for entry to NI Days.


Previously, I have found NI Days to be a useful event for networking and catching up with old colleagues, but found it to be fairly poor from a technical point of view - it seems to be mostly aimed at new LabVIEW users (hands on sessions etc.) and/or as an NI marketing exercise. I also recommended that colleagues went in the past when they were offering the free CLAD and CTD exams during the day as this definitely made it a very worthwhile day/trip.


I've spoken to a few other colleagues about it and can't find anything to suggest what NI Days @ £150+VAT is now offering over the previous 'free' NI Days of the past.


This doesn't seem to be a global move - the NI Days in Copenhagen is still free to register for. I had a look at flights and it would actually be cheaper for me to fly to Copenhagen for 3 days than to attend the London event?!?!


I know that NI Week has a registration fee, but it also offers vastly more high-level technical content over multiple days to justify that. I imagine that it will have a pretty significant impact on attendance.


Does anyone else have any thoughts/comments on this? Is there something I've missed that's coming to NI Days in the UK to justify the cost?



Link to NI week technical presentations

Tue, 27 Jun 2017 17:31:55 GMT2017-06-27T17:31:55Z



I am trying to find a link to the 2017 NI week technical presentations.


Specifically I am looking for a presentation on malleable VI's and a presentation on LabVIEW NXG



Some musings on NI Week 2017

Tue, 13 Jun 2017 19:59:03 GMT2017-06-13T19:59:03Z

Hey, did anyone else catch all the (LabVIEW) 3D references? That was pretty amusing.

Starkloff and Gretlein in full on troll-mode. Love it!


A few comments:

"Grandma friendly".. Shelley.. (image)


Aaand as expected, nothing new to show for, just the regular graphs and charts and some reshuffling in the NXG UI.

NI still lumbering along with that SW paradigm waiting to be shifted. The hardware; well we already know it's great.


And that long haired "weird" (ex.) hippie that runs SW engineering...

On showing that old picture though.. Perhaps not weird, more akin to, well.. What's that word now again.. "Strange."

Anyway, that sort of explains it all I suppose. so why not crank that troll lever to 11. (image)


Btw, a cowboy on stage in Texas isn't 'weird'.

The world wonders: why did it take so long?


Starkloff for NI CEO. (image)


To DIAdem or not...?

Mon, 05 Jun 2017 18:29:07 GMT2017-06-05T18:29:07Z

I do have a call in to Sales and they are going to get back to me on this subject but I thought I would ask the community too.

I'm coming to a decision point whether to purchase DIAdem or use some other method (SQL, VBA) to glean some data from my TestStand results databases. 

First I'm a database neophyte but I am tasked to query some data from the ATE systems that write their results to Jet 4.0 (Access) databases using the TestStand 2010 sp1 Generic Insert (GI 2.x-4.0) schema. 

Each ATE has it's own results DB so I would need to deal with each one separately. I know the data I am asking for is in those databases.

Basically I was asked to determine how many operators used the ATE's, how many total sequences were run per year, and how much total time was spent (per year) running sequences. 

 I could take the time to learn VBA and query for the data and total it up in, let's say a Excel spreadsheet. I could take the time to learn SQL and do the same thing or I could spend my time learning DIAdem scripting. Either way I am going to have a learning curve ahead of me. 

Any thoughts or comments are welcome.

How to learn all those?

Fri, 02 Jun 2017 19:55:57 GMT2017-06-02T19:55:57Z

I am a 2nd grade mechanical engineering student who is willing to learn about test machines, test systems and lab applications. Simply, I want to design and make use of lab systems. 


I just do not know where to start because I still could not make a connection with my major. Whoever people I see working on areas fitting my description are either physicists or electronical engineers, so I started to think getting some additional lessons or getting into electronics might help, but how?


I have not started using labVIEW. As much as I informed, labVIEW does exactly this, so I thought there should be people who might give some idea.


I am open to any comment. Thanks for help.

Monthly bugs, June 2017

Thu, 01 Jun 2017 02:16:06 GMT2017-06-01T02:16:06Z

Continued from the May 2017 bug thread



The posting rules are as always:


  • Each post here should only contain a brief description of a bug, together with a link to the thread where it is being discussed.
  • One post/bug!
  • One bug/post!
  • No discussion of bugs. All discussions of a bug must take place in the original linked thread.

What's a "good" LCR meter?

Mon, 22 May 2017 19:16:57 GMT2017-05-22T19:16:57Z

I currently use a Tegam 252 to measure conductance and capacitance, but it doesn't have a communication output (and it's not really supported by the manufacturer, or it's custom for our company, or something else undesirable).  The PXIe-4082 is about the same price ($3K), and I'm willing to buy one to play with test, but I'm interested in a lower-cost option as I'll need at least five if they work out.  Any ideas?


The testing has to do with, as it's been explained to me, the fact that different LCR meters use different methods to measure LCR circuits.  I'm told that, although any NIST-traceable, calibrated LCR meter will measure L, C and R independently just fine, the Tegam 252 is the only one that does a combined measurement "correctly" (for us).  Yes, I heard what I just said. (image)   Different meters give different results, and they're all correct.  I'm too embarrassed to repeat more of what I've heard.  Suffice it to say that the Tegam 252 is specified in our Acceptance Test Procedure and cannot be substituted (at least until I can demonstrate that another device can provide the same results.)


Thank you.

Please provide ideas for the new Knight of NI badge!

Wed, 17 May 2017 17:57:24 GMT2017-05-17T17:57:24Z

With the introduction of the new badges from NI there is now a question about the badges associated with community involvement. 


In a private forum I asked "what design for the Knight of NI badges?"


a shrubbery or

a flying cow perhaps?


Now I believe it was Christian that was not around when we settled on "Zealot" for the Knight less 5K option and mentioned he did not like that title.


So now is your opportunity to suggest badges for each of the achievement levels for the NI forums. Do not limit the suggestion to just the Knights if you have ideas for the other levels.


Also be aware that NI may not like any of our ideas and invent something tasteful or whatever.


I had my son sketch-up this for me some time ago.



That is a "G" on the front of the super hero's shirt by the way.



Recommended Reading list from some of the smartest people I know

Tue, 16 May 2017 15:34:08 GMT2017-05-16T15:34:08Z

Technically I do not know most of you but I pretend I do. (image)


As many of you know I am a crazy prepper preoccupied with preparing for the next disaster. The ransome-ware attach that started last Friday and persisted got me thinking about if I have enough of the right types of books to be able to preserve technology in the hopes of putting back together again post-TEOTWAWKI.


I was thinking as I drove home yesterday that I only know the high-level ideas involved in purifying silicon and the dirty little details are beyond me. Yes I studied material science and electrical engineering and have books to help me calculate the junction voltage given a specified amount of dopant but I would have to re-invent the wheel to purify my own silicon crystals.


So this prompts me to ask YOU...


Imagine a cyber attack takes down the grid and you find yourself living more than a days journey from the nearest technical library...


What books would you recommend be acquired now that would help then?


The recommended books do not have to be technical. Any book that you think should be on your book shelf is just fine.




brainstorming about carrier options; should I learn a second computer language? :)

Tue, 16 May 2017 14:57:59 GMT2017-05-16T14:57:59Z

Hello,   I would like to ask the opinion of those who are more experienced and more aware of recent trends in industry + R&D. One thing which comes to my mind recently, is whether it would be useful to master a second computer language beside LV? The other thing in the present is that, I often brainstorm about where I should lead my carrier in the close future?   I am a 37 y old physicist by qualifications (MSc and PhD in physics) but recently I would say, work more as a "technician"/LV programmer in a research center doing some technical physics experiments. This involves a little project management (meaning some paperwork to give reports for the budget responsibles), building up experimental rigs, programming them usually with LabVIEW (otherwise other colleagues manage this part using Siemens platforms, PLCs and PCS7 soft). Also, I supervise ongoing experiments/projects, analyzing data, and writing either publications (or supporting others writing them) or giving reports. So in a nutshell, this is the kind of work environment I am in the last 6-7 years until today, lets say.   Before this part of my carrier, I worked on my PhD topic/thesis from 2006 to ~2010. I learned solid state physics, and the actual PhD work was related to a mainly application oriented topic of non-destructive analysis of steel components used in the industry (Barkhausen-noise). This meant developing measurement equipment mainly for laboratory tests, but also examining available industrial application, and comparing these approaches to the theoretical findings/models in the literature. Beside performing experiments, I developed some simple numerical tools for data analysis using ANSI C, and I did some basic computer simulation work (also C - non-object oriented) to compare theoretical models with my experimental data.   Recently -maybe we could call it "mid-life crisis" ( )-, I often think about which way I should try to govern my carrier (and also which country? ). Do not misunderstand me, I like my recent job, but in some aspects I do not feel enough challenges in it. We mainly benchmark technologies to see if certain methods are viable or not. Some of these experiments involve interesting fundamental research questions, but most of them are "just" looking for performance results of different variants of an existing technique. Building up such experimental rigs are fun, however they do not give me much challenge in hardware management, since the required solutions mostly are standard and repeated many times: measuring/controlling temperatures, pressures, flows, valves, data logging, display, and monitoring, etc.. These projects only require ~medium sized LabVIEW applications to develop, and because I work alone on these (practically I am the only one here with CLD level, or even with CLAD), I lack of any mentoring, so I am also kind of stuck with my present programming skills and style.   Next year around this time I will probably already know whether I stay at my actual work place longer, or not (i mean if the employer offers a new contract or not). If not (or I decide so), I will need to look for new opportunities. To be honest, I still cannot really decide which field would attract me better, or which one is more suitable for me? Moving to the academic route back, and get involved in some fundamental research? In this case for sure I would prefer to look and learn some new topic in physics or in a multi-disciplinary field (which is usually more fun). I would even consider to take a 2nd PhD scholarship, to master a new topic (rob[...]

Monthly bugs, May 2017

Mon, 01 May 2017 15:29:39 GMT2017-05-01T15:29:39Z

Continued from the April 2017 bug thread



The posting rules are as always:


  • Each post here should only contain a brief description of a bug, together with a link to the thread where it is being discussed.
  • One post/bug!
  • One bug/post!
  • No discussion of bugs. All discussions of a bug must take place in the original linked thread.