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1 potential cap casualty for each NFL team


Dez Bryant, Aqib Talib, and Jason Peters could all be free agents soon as NFL teams prepare for the offseason. Free agency is on the way with the 2018 league year beginning March 14. For most teams, there is plenty of cap space available to make a splash, while a few will need to make a few moves to free up space. Almost every team has at least one contract that will become a “cap casualty” and get terminated before the new league year begins as a way to clear a little extra space. Here’s a look at players across the league who could be packing their bags as teams make room before free agency: Arizona Cardinals: Adrian Peterson, RB Peterson had a hot start in Arizona, but he didn’t score a touchdown in the last five games of the season and was bottled up by most opponents. With David Johnson returning in 2018, the Cardinals can dodge a $2.9 million cap hit by releasing Peterson. Atlanta Falcons: Matt Schaub, QB Matt Ryan hasn’t missed a game since 2009, and the Falcons can save $3.25 million by cutting Schaub. A restructure could be a better way to save money and make sure there’s still a reliable backup quarterback in place, though. It will likely depend on how the Falcons feel about Schaub, who turns 37 in June, and whether the team can find a cheaper option to put behind Ryan on the depth chart. Baltimore Ravens: Jeremy Maclin, WR Maclin was a surprising cap casualty for the Chiefs last summer, but it wouldn’t be as shocking if the Ravens did the same thing this offseason. He finished the season with just 440 yards receiving and three touchdowns. With a $7.5 million cap hit coming in 2018, the Ravens could save $5 million by releasing Maclin. Buffalo Bills: Tyrod Taylor, QB The Bills appear likely to move on at quarterback, and cutting Taylor will save the team $9.44 million. It’s really the only option to rid the roster of his team-leading $18.08 million cap hit in 2018, as Taylor isn’t interested in negotiating a pay cut and isn’t likely to be traded. Carolina Panthers: Jonathan Stewart, RB Production for running backs often drops off at age 30, and Stewart averaged a career-worst 3.4 yards per carry in 2017. His 31st birthday is in March, and the Panthers can save $3.7 million by releasing him this offseason. That’s not a ton of savings, but it might just be time for the Panthers to move on. Chicago Bears: Mike Glennon, QB Glennon received a three-year, $45 million contract last offseason with the hope that he’d hold down the starting job and allow the Bears to groom Mitchell Trubisky. Instead, he threw four touchdowns and five interceptions in his four starts and was replaced in October. Now he’s a backup due to count $16 million against the salary cap in 2018. The Bears can recoup $11.5 million of that space by releasing Glennon. It’s a no-brainer. Cincinnati Bengals: Adam Jones, CB Barring something really shocking, William Jackson III, Dre Kirkpatrick, and Darqueze Dennard — three first-round picks — will all be back in 2018. That’s a lot of money committed to cornerbacks, and the Bengals can save some by cutting Jones. He isn’t quite the headache he was in the past, but Jones served a one-game suspension for violation of the personal conduct policy in 2017. The opportunity to free up $5.8 million could make the 2018 offseason a good time to part with the cornerback. Cleveland Browns: nobody The Browns enter the 2018 offseason with more than $100 million in cap space and no need to make any big moves to clear more space. Even if Cleveland was looking for contracts to cast off, there really aren’t any. The Browns could save $14.25 million by releasing Joe Thomas, but even the thought of that is sacrilegious. Cleveland will make cuts in 2018, just like every other team, but none will be motivated by the need to clear space. Dallas Cowboys: Dez Bryant, WR This would be a surprising release, but it’s not out of the question. Bryant and Dak Prescott have never really been on the same page, and the receiver hasn’t topped 1,000 yards or double-digit touch[...]

Why the Texans are moving on from Brian Cushing after 9 seasons



Cushing served two PED suspensions in his career. Now Houston turns inside linebacking duties over to Zach Cunningham.

Brian Cushing was a staple of the Texans’ emergence from expansion also-ran to NFL playoff regular, but his veteran presence wasn’t enough to justify his $8.8 million salary cap hit. Houston is expected to cut him, just months after missing the bulk of 2017 due to a violation of the NFL’s performance enhancing drugs policy, according to the Houston Chronicle’s John McClain.

“It’s all good,” Cushing said Sunday night in a text message to McClain. “It’s part of the business.”

Cushing suffered his second PED suspension last fall, paving the way for his replacement and showcasing how the Texans’ defense can perform without him. 2017 second-round pick Zach Cunningham performed well in his stead, making 82 tackles and helping tie together a defense ravaged by injuries and absences last fall.

Now Cunningham will be called down to hold down the middle of the field in Houston as Cushing prepares for the next phase of his career. The veteran linebacker will have to prove he can still operate at a high level despite his history of PED violations and significant injuries.

What’s next for the Texans?

Cushing has been a useful part of the Texans’ dominant defense, though hardly its most important piece. Houston struggled in 2017 thanks to the absence of several players, but losing the veteran middle linebacker was one area where the team didn’t lose much value. Cunningham, a former All-American at Vanderbilt, is a growing presence in the middle. In 2018, he’ll be bolstered by the returns of stars like J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus.

Saving $7.6 million in cap space will also help the team surround second-year quarterback Deshaun Watson with weapons on the other side of the ball. Watson looked like a shoo-in for offensive rookie of the year honors before tearing his ACL early in the season, and a successful comeback will be much easier if he’s got more than just DeAndre Hopkins to take the pressure from his shoulders. Cushing’s vacated contract will give the team some extra flexibility in its pending rebuild.

What’s next for Brian Cushing?

Cushing will turn 31 this summer and has plenty to prove when it comes to his next contract. While he’s avoided the injuries that derailed the middle portion of his career, his most recent PED suspension raises questions about his viability. A third positive test will all but end his career — it would include a mandated suspension of at least two years.

He hadn’t been especially impressive in 2017 even before suffering the league’s wrath. Cushing made five starts but only recorded 16 tackles. While he may be valuable for his leadership as a savvy veteran, his days as a high-level starter may be finished.

I tried to eat every hot dog at the NBA All-Star Game and lived to tell the tale


Why would you eat all the hot dogs at Staples Center? ...Why not? Attending the NBA All-Star Game for the first time, I thought to myself: “Is there anything at the actual event that I can be the All-Star of?” Being a bigger dude, the easy answer was eating a bunch of foods at sporting events. Specifically, hot dogs. Luckily for me, Staples Center offers a variety of dogs. Some are simple — just a plain ol’ dog with relish and mustard — and others are the equivalent of a small Thanksgiving dinner packed into a bun. So I decided to eat them. All of them. Let’s get started, shall we? 1. Duck and Bacon Jalapeńo Sausage — Wurstküche Sweet peppers, grilled onions, and whole grain mustard Any hip 20-something Angeleno has taken a trip to Wurstküche. It’s a restaurant located downtown and it has a great selection of beers and exotic sausages. You can order a rattlesnake, rabbit, and jalapeńo hot dog to go along with your pint of Schneider Edel Weisse. This pop-up located in Staples Center didn’t have the range of exotic sausages. In fact, their entire food menu is two hot dogs. One of which is the duck, bacon, and jalapeńo. This looks fake healthy. I can do this, though there is a lot of bread which I fear is what will eventually do me in during this marathon. The peppers and onions look delicious, but the sausage itself looks gray, like it’s telling me not to eat it. But I’m not a sucker. I liked the peppers more than the sausage, to be honest. Like, I could eat a hot dog of just those peppers. (Are spicy peppers inside a bun technically a hot dog? You know what, never mind). This also might be because at the end of the hot dog, I was left with just bun and peppers. 2. Mac N’Cheese Dog — Dave’s Doghouse Three cheese mac, bacon bits, old fashioned yellow mustard This hot dog is way smaller than the first, but I’m already hesitant to take a first bite. Mac and cheese is heavy as a side dish. Bacon is also heavy as hell. Combining all of them into one dog is just a testament to mankind’s desire to test the limits of how sluggish someone can feel after a meal. There’s a dense amount of mac and cheese on the hot dog itself, so much that I could barely see the actual dog. From an aerial view it’s just bacon chunks and mac and cheese. I’m not complaining though. One bite in and I can already envision a lot of heavy breathing. I feel like i just ate a really hearty dinner. The sausage itself is more traditional than duck and bacon, which I appreciate. Everything else is doing the heavy lifting. And I am just heavy at this point. 3. California Dog — Dave’s Doghouse Josiah’s signature all beef chili, onions, old fashioned yellow mustard hahahaha I thought the mac and cheese hot dog was going to be the challenge. This hot dog is straight up insulting me now. I can see why they call it a California Dog. The smell of it reminds me of a Original Tommy’s chili cheeseburger which doesn’t get any more Californian unless you’re hanging out in traffic on a freeway near a beach. I’ve been staring at this hot dog for way too long and haven’t taken a bit out of it. The chili in this is really good and the onions don’t overshadow anything. After I finished it, I felt both proud and ashamed of myself. This must be what it feels like to be the world’s most crafty thief. Intermission: Churros I took a break from devouring another hot dog to eat two churros. I was expecting a lot of crunch but this wonderful desert just dissolved in my mouth like a cloud. It’s the lightest thing i’ve eaten (not sure if that’s a good thing or not), and it’s a well-needed break. The second churro tasted as though someone removed my taste buds, placed them inside a transparent box, and then proceeded fill the box with a ton of glitter for an Instagram boomerang. It was a lot of sugar. Time to keep eating hot dogs. 4. Dave’s Dog — Dave’s Doghouse Sweet relish, on[...]

Literally everyone is roasting Fergie’s ridiculous national anthem including NBA All-Stars


This was hilarious! When Fergie was selected to sing the national anthem before the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday, she decided that there was one way that people hadn’t been singing the anthem, and should have been: sexy. So Fergie, being a trendsetter, sung the first sexy national anthem in history. Someone had to be this brave pioneer. Here’s the result: How did the NBA players on the court feel about this amazing, ground-breaking sexy national anthem? Let’s focus on Draymond Green, like the cameras (thankfully) did. All you need to watch from the Star-Spangled Banner performance— Mark (@tole_cover) February 19, 2018 Thursday, Feb. 15 Women’s SlalomRun 1, Time 8 p.m. ET, live streamRun 2, Time 11:45 p.m. ET, live stream Friday, Feb. 16 Women’s Super-GFinal, 9 p.m. ET, live stream Sunday, Feb. 18 — Tuesday, Feb. 20 Shiffrin has announced she will not compete in this event. Women’s DownhillFeb. 18: Training, 9 p.m. ET, live streamFeb. 19: Training, 9 p.m. ET, live streamFeb. 20: Final, 9 p.m. ET, live stream Thursday, Feb. 22 — Friday, Feb. 23 Women’s CombinedFeb. 22: Run 1, 9 p.m. ET, live streamFeb. 23: Run 2: 9 p.m. ET, live stream Learn skiing and snowboarding lingo for the Olympics [...]