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ID:135882 - Double Indemnity?

Sat, 18 Nov 2017 12:06:00 GMT

There has been quite a bit of interest in the policy offerings of Club 4x4 Insurance, particularly in their upgradable vehicle recovery benefits. I am sure that a lot of their policy holders, including myself, also have RACV (or equivalent) Total Care, which is also an insurance against breakdown recovery costs. So, is this a form of double indemnity which in itself is against the law & could open a can of worms as to which company is liable for the recovery, maybe neither?
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ID:135881 - Pyrenees gathering

Sat, 18 Nov 2017 09:33:00 GMT

What a great weekend was had by all who attended. I came late and missed the early drive into the wild blue yonder.
The evening was great with a long table dinner,a roast , a quiz that i only got 55% , much harder than year 12 kids had.
Bonz had glow sticks and a couple of sparklers that i found in the back of the car.
Overall the weekend is well worth attending .
Thanks Bonz , another great weekend.
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ID:135880 - Follow up from Common Rail Diesel problem

Sat, 18 Nov 2017 19:03:00 GMT

Three months ago I reported on a problem with my Prado when it blew a piston on the way back to Melbourne from Qld and now a site I was beginning to think I would never see. After 3 months to the day I have a fully functioning Prado back at home. Blew a piston on our return from Queensland and Vehicle and Caravan were trucked back to Melbourne. Took me three weeks to source a new motor and Patterson /Cheney in Dandenong fitted the motor and two weeks later. picked the car up and drove it home but next morning auto tranny would not go into reverse. Eventually disconnected battery terminal and finally it went into reverse but after a short time went into limp home mode so back to Toyota. Threee weeks later Toyota gave up and said it was inside the auto. Took it to Wholesale Automatics in Bayswater and after a week they gave the auto a clean bill of health and said it was in the ECU so back to Toyota. After another 2 weeks they finally rang me after three days of testing and I picked it up yesterday. The ECU fault that kept throwing fault codes apparently was a fault in a 30 amp fuse connection to the Alternator that was giving false readings to the ECU. Bloody electronics in these new cars is a nightmare and I don't know how you would ever find it the bush. Took it for a short drive today 150Kms and over bumpy dirt roads etc and it performed as it should.
Very happy Chappie today
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ID:135879 - 6.5m Wide Load on Eyre Hwy

Sat, 18 Nov 2017 12:01:00 GMT

Driving my 200 series LC towing 19ft 3500kg Bushtracker Easterly near Baladonia WA when I came across this 6.5m wide load, it took up both lanes of the highway and then some more. I followed it for some time expecting it to slow down and pull over every now and then to let traffic go past - think again. I had to do 100kph to get past with only inches to spare on either side.
This was very scary; my friends in the vehicle behind said that the caravan was being buffeted around quite severely and at times was only 10cm from the truck load. I am not sure I would do the same again.
Overtaking 6.5m Wide Load
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ID:135878 - EGT temp

Sat, 18 Nov 2017 00:55:00 GMT

Hi all
with all the modern technology in diesel engines around today, and the many accessories available I am wondering what your average EGT temp is on your vehicle.
And what motor it is that you are monitoring ?
After fitting one to my HDT FTE am finding much difficulty to find an average.
Many factors to consider I know, but more of an average at highway speed on reasonably flat road is sure to give a good indication.
I am aware of pre and post turbo on the installation and difference can be as much as 200 c , and also weight factors, but more of a curiosity thing.
Thanks in advance
Cheers & Regards
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ID:135877 - Friday Funnies

Sat, 18 Nov 2017 02:46:00 GMT

Nuts n bolts Once upon a time …. In the early days of nuts and bolts, when machining was pretty imprecise, the bolts weren’t too hard to make but making the internal thread for the nuts was a real problem. Initially, a number of nuts would be made until one fitted the bolt. That particular nut then stayed with that particular bolt. As precision improved and the yields got better, different manufacturers adopted different “standards”, ensuring continuing return business. Nuts and bolts were big business during the industrial revolution which had its core in Britain, and the lack of standardization was a serious impediment. The business of making threads was hardly new. Rifling in gun barrels goes back to the early 1500’s, though not in Britain. In America it was used, with variable success, during the Civil War. Rifling for larger artillery lagged way behind, so that a competent sharp shooter with a rifle could take out an artillery crew without much risk from the big gun! Toolmaker Joseph Whitworth developed the necessary tooling to provide rifling for British artillery pieces. This work for the military influenced the development of the British standards for nuts and bolts In the mid 1800’s, Whitworth introduced his revolutionary thread system to the Institute of Civil Engineers. His system defined the shape of the threads (55degrees with radiused peak and valley), the pitch (threads per inch as a function of shank diameter) and sizes expressed as the diameter of the material on which the thread was cut. The size of the hexagonal head was defined by the available hex rod sizes from which the early bolts and nuts were made. Thus a ½” Whitworth wrench actually fits a hex bar which is the size bigger than ½” round and which itself isn’t ½” anywhere. Three British families of threads were adopted; a miniature series known as BA or British Association, a coarse thread series known as BSW or British Standard Whitworth and a fine thread series known as BSF or British Standard Fine. As one would expect, a ¼” BSW was threaded onto ¼” diameter rod, a ½” BSW from ½” rod and so on. Pretty simple so far. BA however went the other way – the diameter of the rod is dictated by the pitch, and the smaller the bolt the larger the BA size number. A 0BA bolt is actually 6mm in diameter with a 1mm thread pitch, and a 6BA bolt is much smaller – remember, this is a historic British standard! The BA standard was also departed from the 55 degree thread of the BSW. Although a great leap forward, the British standards still offered plenty opportunity for confusion. BSW and BSF remained the standards for nuts and bolts used in British machinery and vehicles until the mid 1900’s and were still in common use until the 1970’s. Meanwhile the Americans had developed their own standards, again 3 sets, under the auspices of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). They adopted the i) The SAE number series, equivalent to the British BA series ii) SAE UNC or Unified National Coarse equivalent to the BSW iii) and SAE UNF Unified National Fine, equivalent to BSF. A significant departure from the British standards was the adoption of a 60 degrees thread angle rather than the Whitworth 55 degrees. The Americans also dispensed with Whitworth’s radiused thread shape which required complex tooling. Some SAE nuts will almost go onto some Whitworth bolts, but only almost! The American Standard or SAE sizes relate to the distance across the flats of the head, not the diameter of the stock from which the thread was made. In 1949, after the Second World War, these SAE standards became the Unified Thread System. It was the Second World War, which brought to a climax the disastrous lack of standardization. America’s industrial strength supplemented British industrial efforts in opposing Germany and the lack of standardized tooling and sizing proved massively cos[...]

ID:135876 - Waeco CF50 latch issue

Fri, 17 Nov 2017 06:05:00 GMT

As you wonderful people helped me fix my temperature selection switch issue I'm hoping you can do the same for the lid latch

The spring inside the handle on my CF50 disengaged itself and the latch no longer works. I fiddled with it, got it back together and working but it failed again.

Is there a permanent fix for this or perhaps an alternative and hopefully more robust system that I can use or will have to buy a replacement latch assembly?

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ID:135875 - Planning a trip somewhere new?

Sat, 18 Nov 2017 11:23:00 GMT

If you've got a trip planned within the next 12 months and it's either your first visit or first time back in many years, then please tell us where you're going!

Just post a reply below with as much/little info as you like but we're keen to see how far/wide people are exploring. It would be good to see where you're starting from (town/state), and approx what time of year you intend to go etc.

If there is any specific information you're seeking, then mention that too.
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ID:135874 - Dual voltmeter wiring

Fri, 17 Nov 2017 07:51:00 GMT

Hi Folks, I have a small dual voltmeter that I want to install in my Landcruiser, to display the voltages of my main and auxiliary batteries.
Obviously I don't want them connected when the engine is not running, even though it appears that the current drain is very low.
Is there a way, using an appropriate single switch or relay, that I can have this meter turn off and on, given that I need to keep the 2 circuits separated?
Thanks in advance,

GReg and MArgaret
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ID:135873 - ExplorOz Member Cards & Stickers

Thu, 16 Nov 2017 01:43:00 GMT

I occasionally receive questions from renewing Members who realise they haven't received an updated Member card so I just wanted to reconfirm that we ceased production of Membership cards a few years ago and instead have been sending out year-dated Membership stickers for you to put on your vehicles.


These are sent out to all new Members and all renewing annual Members. Lifetime Members get sent one upon joining.

REPLACEMENT STICKERS: are available to purchase for $2 if your window is damaged or you sell your vehicle or if you just want more. You simply log into the site and you'll find the applicable sticker for your Member status is available to order - go to the ExplorOz Branded Gear section in our shop.

*Also note that Members can order free windscreen stickers and standard bumper stickers.
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