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15 Jan 2018 14:06:57 -0800

I know how to edit information on a route, but can someone tell how to edit the information on a wall?


21 Aug 2016 16:45:12 -0800

I show two new emails, but can't get to them. Haven't been here in a while, not sure what's up with that. Any info?

Auburn Ice Canyon route listing

22 Jan 2016 07:46:38 -0800

Hi Guys, yeah I know I haven't posted here in literal years, but... I'm heading on to the Auburn Ice canyon (in Auburn ma) tomorrow, and out of

Photo upload fixed

20 Nov 2015 08:43:33 -0800

I had expected Jeff to announce it, but since it's been a while, I'll go ahead and mention it myself. Jeff has fixed the bug in the photo upload

Who is the owner.

29 Oct 2015 12:03:13 -0800

who is the legal owner of this site? Someone is operating this, I want contact information. I will settle for the existing authority, moderators

Working to fix server issues

13 Sep 2015 18:16:25 -0800

My apologies for the server issues--both outright errors and general slowness of the site. I'm aware of it and working to fix it.

Is it now policy to lock threads that you don't like, Jeff?

15 Jul 2015 22:56:46 -0800

If so, then this place really is dead.

I cannot open my email

03 Jun 2015 12:28:58 -0800

Everytime I try to open my email I am redirected to the "My Stuff" page. I have tried all the things on "Help". I need to get access to my email. my

"My topics" is died?

03 Jun 2015 03:50:46 -0800

Or is it just because I have too many topics? >:^)

Every time I make a post I get logged out on that tab after the post succesfully posts.

03 Jun 2015 03:00:14 -0800

This wouldn't be such a big problem if logging in didn't take so long.