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VR Sense Preview Feel the Scent of the Girls in Dead or Alive Extreme and More | DualShockers
DualShockers gets some hands-on time with VR Sense, Koei Tecmo's take on the future of arcade virtual reality entertainment.

Tekken Still Trying to Overcome the Shadow of Street Fighter Despite Topping the Fighting Genre
In a new interview, producer Katsuhiro Harada talks about Tekken series beginnings, the fighting game boom of the 90s, competition from rivals, and more.

Podcast: Ep. 111 PewDie, Why?
This weeks stories: HTC reduce the cost of the VIVE and introduce a monthly payment plan, Oculus gain market share with their summer flash sale, PSVR gets a price cut, KFC uses VR to train their chefs, North Korea make an American bashing game, Some more L.A. Noire Remaster details emerge, Microsoft promise that the Xbox One X dashboard is prime for performance and speed, Capcom release their first Super Nintendo cartridge in 25 years, YouTube superstar PewDiePie drops the N-Word in one of his streams, Plus the games weve all been playing.

Exclusive Limited Edition of Caveman Warriors Coming out in November, only 2600 copies
JanduSoft announced its partnership with Eastasiasoft to deliver 2,600 limited edition physical copies of Caveman Warriors for PlayStation 4. Digital version of the game will launch this week in online stores.

Street Fighter Crossovers: The 25 Best Moments
Whether they're taking on SNK, Marvel, Malibu Comics, or Dr. Robotnik, Ryu and the gang really get around.

Quick Jabs: How Alpha Counters Changed the Game
Scholarly Gamers' Christian Vazquez gives a brief rundown on the Alpha Counter, its history, and why it's important to the genre.

Pokkén Tournament DX (Nintendo Switch) Review - I Bruise You!
If you missed Pokkén Tournament DX for the Nintendo Wii U, it's definitely worth catching this proper tournament fighter on the Nintendo Switch.

DDR: The Best Workout You're Not Doing
What if there was a way to get an almost-full-body workout and play games at the same time? As luck would have it, Josh Crete of the Scholarly Gamers shows that DDR provides just that.