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Handheld PC Community Forums - Windows CE 2.0

Handheld PC Community Forums - Windows CE 2.0


hp 360lx serial communication hyperterminal
Hello. I am new to this forum and to HP palmtops. I enjoy using "vintage" tech but i am having some trouble using the hp 360lx to communicate with a serial port for some equipment. I have an old windows 98 desktop with hyperterminal that i use to set up equipment on a workbench. I send the equipment simple ASCII commands and get a response. I have read up as much as i can google to find the hp 360lx "should" be able to do the same. I found one on ebay and attempted to talk to the same equipment but i cannot figure out how to get the 360lx terminal set up like hyperterminal. I tried to install 24Term and one other serial terminal but they do not work with the 360lx. I read on one website that someone used an HP 200lx to talk to a CNC machine but there was not too much detail on how the terminal was set up. Can anyone tell me if what i want to do is possible? If so can i get some guidance as to set up the port? If i can get this to work on the 360lx i do not need to drag around a desktop or laptop. I have tried serial port adapters for android tablets but the terminal software does not do what i need it to do like hyperterminal. Thanks.

telnet client
Hi all,

I'm looking for a telnet client for my HP 360LX. An ssh client would be awesome but I understood there is no chance to find it.
I installed the vxHpc client listed here on the SCL database but unfortunately, it seems it doesn't run on CE 2.0 anymore.

Could anyone please help me?

Thank you.

HP 620LX

It's so strange to write on a forum that has latest post from 6 month ago, it's like shouting out in a ghost town! Hopefully some ghost will answer my call :D

Today I found an HP620LX in the garbage of my University, along with two Serial cables and two docking stations. The battery was completely flat, but I managed to turn it on dissasembling it and conecting a bench power supply insted of the battery. It works fine!

I was thinking about using this to write down thoughts and notes, the keyboard is great! I just need a two cell lithum battery and it's ready to go. But there is one problem left: how do I get my files in and out this thing?

I read a lot about how this thing worked: basically you synced it with ActiveSync (RIP), the use of the serial port stops here.
I read that the Ir port uses iRsquirt, something that if googled redirects you on porn pages. BTW is a proprietary protocol, Win95 and all that old .
I read that you can plug a WiFi adapter on this very forum, the hardware page is really excellent! But there are a lot of issues, from retreiving one of these cards to get and install the right drivers. "drivers", this word is from another era. And anyway I would need to set up some sort of home server to relay files. And these cards support just WEP protection, if any at all.

I need to buy an CF card, don't I? There are any restrictions? I was planning to buy a 128MB for about 5€
Anyone has a better idea? :cower:

Thank you to everyone is left on this forum, internet is a place where "old" thing are forgotten really fast, and places like this one help to save a knowledge that would be lost in time :rofl:

English-language settings in Japanese CE 2.0?
Does Windows CE 2.0 (Japanese Version) have settings so "Pocket Word" will operate in English?
If so, a description of the settings and how to put them in place would be much appreciated.

Ethernet Activesync Problems
Dunno if veteran users can cast their minds this far back, but I have a Cassiopeia A-22T successfully partnered with Activesync 3.8/XP SP3. My SoHoware ethernet card uses the generic NEC driver in WinCE 2.0; I'm on-line, but no syncing.

With the same card, laptop, and a J728, I can sync via ethernet, following the steps in

I've done the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\Tcpip\Hosts setup and in my card's WINS section in Control/Network, I have the laptop's IP (, everything else is auto or empty (no static ip, etc).

But when I repeat the same measures with the A-22T, I get a WINS error 10049.

Any ideas why, or have I gone too deep into the past :)


Does any one have softwares for wince2.0?
Hi guys,
I recently bought a Hp 320lx with wince2.0 in it.
But I realise there is no other software installed.
Many of its software download link have been delete yet.
Just wander if any of you guys can do me a favour.
I would like to use it has an English dictionary.
Is there any possibility I could get an Dictionary software from you?
With regards

What do you think of the HP 360LX?
I've been thinking about purchasing a HP 360LX. For those who have used it, what do you think of the backlight and the battery life?

How useful is CE 2.0 in the modern age?

barcode Scanning software for Symbol ppt2700
Hi, do youn know a barcode scanning software for a Windows ce device?
I have bought a Symbol ppt 2700 with ce 2.11 (upgradable to 3.05) software, but there isn't a scanning software!


Velo 1 4MB LCD bizarrity
Anyone seen the LCD offset on a Velo 1 as pictured? Any help with recommended fix ideas which I may try?

Casio E11 File Transfer?
Hello everyone, I recovered a Casio E-11 from the attic today that I put away a very long time ago. Seems to be a well functioning device.

I would like to know if there may be a way to transfer files between Casio E-11 and an HPC? I have tried IR transfer between my 720 and the Casio but it seems not to work.

Also would there be any file explorer or audio player program available out there for this model?


cmd.exe for phillips velo 1 (MIPS R4000 CPU) wince2
Hi !

Pllease, where I can download commandline app for MIPS CPU R4000 ,which is in Phillips Velo 1?


Casio A-21S Compact Flash Driver
I have dusted off my Casio A-21S and am using it again as an on the way wordprocessor. I like it a lot (again) but am very annoyed by the constant error message "Unidentified PCCard Adapter, Enter the name of the driver for this PCCard.

It is a standard Compact flash card that I have inserted, it works fine, but keep giving this message. Any iedeas how to get rid of it?

Edit: ATADISK.DLL isn't the answer

Color Sharp Mobilon or Compaq C2000c series?
I've wanted a color CE 2.0 device for a while and am hesitating between a color Sharp Mobilon or a Compaq C2000c series HPC.

Is it me or the Compaq C2000c series seem to be very thick compared to most other HPCs? How does it compare to the mobilon?

Where can I see instructions on rebuilding the color Mobilon battery? Is the Compaq's battery also easily rebuildable?


TCPMP for Windows CE 2.0 HPC?
I installed TCPMP for SH3 on my Casio A-20 and the installer stalls at "Writing information for remove programs..." and if I try to run TCPMP I get an illegal operation error, is there a version that works on the A-20 or another audio/video player that does?


Pocket outlook month view
I'm flabbergasted at the designer's choice not to give us a month view.
No PIM that I have tried installing works on the hp360lx, so I am stuck with outlook.
I have read online somewhere that the 360lx has a month view feature but it's
an external program that's on the CD.....I can't find it, can somebody please
provide me with the file? Thank you!