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Preview: Handheld PC Community Forums - H/PC Linux / Unix

Handheld PC Community Forums - H/PC Linux / Unix

Handheld PC Community Forums - H/PC Linux / Unix


Difficult to install linux on Jornada 728
Hello everyone!

Im trying to install linux on my 728 jornada and dont know whats wrong

Following that page:

Using a mini sd with 8GB, and a sd-cf adaptor like that: sdcf adaptor

Im using ubuntu, 14.04, partitionate disc in two: 100mb to FAT partition and rest to ext2.
In Fat partition linexec, initrd vmlinuz, image opie , modules uncropessed on ext2 partition

when start linexec, the screen turns black and a cursor blinking ad eternum.

i m lost , what happened ?

tks a lot for attention

Sigmarion 1 running NetBSD

I managed to make Sigmarion 1 run NetBSD yesterday.
I'm still new to BSD OS, although I have experience with Linux.

vi is working, but not X window system (yet).


Maybe I'll go back in time and connect to the internet via a serial cable...

HPC:Factor JLime Repository
JLime Repository

By popular request, here is a code repository clone for JLime

What is JLime?
JLime is (was) an open source Linux distribution for a small number of Handheld PC devices - primarily the HP 620 and higher as well as the NEC 900 series. As most devices do not have a flash ROM, instead of completely replacing Windows CE, the JLime system runs off of a CF card, meaning that you can easily return to running Windows CE without risk to the device.

You can read a review of an early version of JLime from 2007 at the link below

View: JLime Donkey 1.0.2

Non-repository Content
I have attempted to mirror the download section from on the WBM as best as I can. This material can be found at:

It does however need a lot more work and there are a lot of missing files (either missing or with 0KB place holders).
If you have some time to try and extract more material from the WBM or have any missing materials, please get in touch here.

The repository is currently around 4GB. This also means that the HPC:Factor server disk is almost full (1.7GB free). Please consider donating to help with running costs if you found this useful or if you are in the UK, please shop with Amazon using our Amazon associates link at the bottom of the page. There are no ad's here and I single headedly pay for the running costs of this myself.

Connecting your H/PC to the Repository & Mirrors
If you want to hook your device up to the repository please edit your /etc/opkg.conf file to match the distribution link.



Psion Lx on Psion Netbook Pro
I've been using LX on the nb pro for a while, loading from cf card. Recently I stared to lose programmes, first the clock dissappeared from the taskbar, next the media player stopped loading and email fails to load. I've tries reboots and reloading but its seems to remember the last configuation with the missing apps. If I load onto another nbP everything is there and working. My question is is ther a Linux command to cause the configuation to be restored to new on a reboot.

Thanks Allan

This is a test, using w3m to post to the forum from my J820 running Debian-arm.

Jlime: opkg signature issue
Hi all

I have an issue with opkg on Jlime Vargtass.

I get a signature error when trying to get update from deuills mirror of the Vargtass repo. apparently there is a way to disable such signature checks but it does not work with the version of opkg present in Jlime it seems.

How to get around this ? is gone - GCC on Jornada 680?
Hi everybody.

I acquired a nice retro-thingy, a HP Jornada 680. For this, I wanted Linux. And it turns out, once upon a (not too long ago) time, there was a nice Linux distribution named Jlime.

This resided, not too surprisingly, on is now GONE.

I did manage to fish out of the gutter of the internet,, a working version - and successfully installed it. - Apparently, Jlime also had a repository, namely:

- But I did not find a snapshot for that thing. Which is highly unpleasant, as it seens to have included GCC there.

So... where do you propose can one get Jlime packages, and particularly GCC on Jornada 680? Or for any other Linux distribution for Jornada 680, perhaps?

(Assume, for now, I am not fiddling with NetBSD.)

NetBSD/hpcmips not installing correctly on Mobilepro 880?
A while back I tried to install NetBSD/hpcmips on my 880. I could not get it to work, however I could get it to work with a copy from (if I remember correctly) 2004 or so.

I believe I used 2 CF cards, one for the loader and one to install the OS to. (If I did it today, I would partition it to have a FAT partition as well as the several NetBSD partitions.)

I can't fully replicate this because I put my (broken) 790's ROM in my 880 but I was stupid enough at the time to throw away the 880's ROM. :pinch:

Does anyone know 1. why newer versions of NetBSD won't install correctly and 2. (slightly off-topic) if the SH3 version works/installs correctly on the Jornada 6xx series? I'm planning on getting a Jornada and I'd rather deal with BSD than JLime as a more modern alternative to Windows CE. (I'll still use CE!)

Help I can put custom wallpaper files on my hp 320lx
i have a hp 320lx and i want to put a wallpaper on it a custom one i try a .bmp but when i open it it say there is no applicantion associated with { named of the file } run the application first then open this file from whithin the application. there is no bitmap software on my pda And it runing windows ce 1.0 so i do know what files it surport
replay will be appreciated thanks

J820 Running Debian-arm
Hi, first post.

It's nice to see a forum with some relatively recent posts about these old devices. After several tries I finally managed to get my device to boot Debian. I made several tries with different d/l's from the net. What finally worked for me was a 820 kernel and a debian-arm tar.gz built for 720. I'm sure most of the problems were self-inflicted but at least I have a (barely) functioning system to start from. Fun.

chinese netbook
I still have a generic wm8505 7'' Chinese netbook that currently runs on the sylvania image. Is there a linux image for my machine? Do you think that raspbian would work?

Linux for the Clio 1050?
Like the previous z50 thread, I'm looking for a stable, GUI Linux install for the MIPS-based Clio 1050, which is the "fast" Clio. :) The links I've followed lead to dead or incomplete projects. I'm turning to the H/PC gurus for your insight. Are there any out there?


How to Install Linux on a 128MB CE.NET 4.2 Psion NetBook Pro
From some other threads,
(which handle both the OEM WinCE and Linux versions of the Psion NBP),
I've gathered this:

1)- PARTITION a CF card with FAT16 and ext2 partitions.
Would FAT32 work also instead of FAT16?

2)- COPY NBP BOOT IMAGE TO CF, in FAT16 partition
"download = nBkProOs.img_cf
Once your CF card has been partitioned, copy the file from 1 above to the FAT16 partition.
RENAME IT “nBkProOs.img”. This is very important, or Linux won’t boot".

I could not find a working link.
Got this: nBkProOs.img
Is that the exact file that can be placed in the FAT16 partition?

Official original Psion LX version:

What's a link for the best current distro?

This is not a hobby for me I really need to get my Psion working in Linux to use it for travel,
so I'd appreciate all help given before I spend a lot of experimentation time I don't have -
many thanks
Please do answer for the 128MB WinCE.NET 4.2 version of Psion NBP

So I've done the whole JLime thing and frankly it's just not that impressive. The apps are outdated and in some cases broken (AbiWord).

I know there's a currently maintained NetBSD port to the Z50 and the Jornadas. Has anyone on this board used it?

I'm curious what sort of window managers, word processors, and other Unix apps are available on hpcarm

JLime on Jornada 720
Hey guys,
have anybody tried JLime on a Jornada 720 recently?
I can't boot it!

The only way I got it to work was by replacing the kernel, params and bootloader from my debian install (got here: It complained about a lot of modules it couldn't load, but worked.
Anybody had a similar experience?