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Handheld PC Community Forums - Developers Arena


Windows CE 3.0 Platform Builder Trial Request

I'm looking for some time the Windows CE 3.0 Platform Builder as a trial version. All download links are dead, maybe someone has a way to provide me with the program.

Beaglebone Black, CE7 and HDMI
I recently got myself a little Beaglebone Black dev board, and am currently building a little media center connected to my TV with it.
I've got both VS2008 and Platform Builder, along with the BSP for the beaglebone. I can build an image just fine, and it boots and runs great.

Problem is, that it will only output video when connected to my PC monitor, but not when I connect it to my TV ('unsupported video mode').
The image output is over HDMI.

Now, how would I solve this? Another, pre built CE6 image worked fine with the TV, but it had no sound driver. The image resolution in my CE7
image is 1280x720.


PersonalJava Tutorial!
As requested, I wrote a quick tutorial for getting started with developing applications using PersonalJava! :)

Start of Simple Browser using winsock 2 (working!)
Hi guys, as all of you may know, there aren't many decent browsers that are out there for Windows CE.

I've started a simple browser project mostly making use of a sample I found on the internet plus gluing stackoverflow codes. (
I now have a simple browser without the rendering / parser just to show that a little progress on my part has been done! :D (More like a stripped down version of lynx, even simpler, just displaying the source code lol)
It's nothing amazing, but it might be a little bit interesting for Windows CE fans out there...

I've attached the compiled exe file here.
I think I will release the source code to GitHub today or tomorrow.

Tested on my Sigmarion 3 right now using a CF Ethernet adapter.
It should work on Windows CE 4.1 or above.

How to use:

1. start up Command Prompt (cmd.exe) from Start -> Run...
2. change directory to where tinybrowser.exe is
3. type in tinybrowser.exe to start
4. type in url (withot http:// or https:// I made the port fixed to 80.
5. View the source code of the url ;).

I am planning to somehow study the source code of the first version of lynx or similar, and implement my version to this when I have time.


Meanwhile, the source code / project file .zip is up on my server at:

.net CF Initialization error
I've built a Windows Embedded Compact 7 image for the Beaglebone black. It works perfectly fine, the only problem is, that when I try to run a .NET executable (c#) it will give a .net CF Initialization error (I have added the CF 3.5 to the OS design)

Is this a common problem? Thanks! ;)

C# - get command line args
I'm writing an image view program in C# for .NET CF, and at the moment I'm trying to implement command line args, so that the program can be associated with image files and can open them upon double clicking.

I've tried String, but it gives this error: 'System.Environment' does not contain a definition for 'GetCommandLineArgs'

Any thoughts? :pinch:

What's this theme?
Just saw and was wondering what theme that is, it's probably blatantly obvious but could somebody tell me? Thanks :p

"Create project failed" - VS2005
I've just installed VS2005 Pro and am trying to create a Visual C++ smart device project. When I try to create it though, it just says "Creating project . . .create project failed."
Is this a common problem? Is there a solution?


Could this be of any use to us here?
I found the below file package on this page on

Could this help us modify some apps to work on our core CE devices? :unsure:

calloc for WinCE
Hi -
I just downloaded OpenSSL 1.0.2j and tried to compile it for Windows CE 2.11. I got the libraries compiled, but then when I tried to link them, I got an unresolved external: calloc.

calloc seems like a fairly basic function, but a Google search turned up a compatibility tip (from the book "Making Win32 Applications Mobile" by Nancy
Nicolaisen) that says to replace calloc and malloc with WinCE-specific functions. Anyone here familiar with the replacements?


VB Script on WinCE?
Hey all! :)
How can I run Visual Basic Script files on Windows CE? I suspect my device lacks the required components (I've heard of CESCRIPT.EXE, which is not in my \Windows folder. Also, I have a few other questions: Is a script written for desktop Windows compatible with CE? Can I also run JavaScript (JS) files?
I have access to platform builder for CE 5.0, so I can essentially build a frankenstein-type of image.

Windows CE 5.0 gwes.exe with XP skin
Before i seen screenshots with Xp skin borders.
It is been built gwes.exe with XP skin.
Who have this for WinCE 5?

Twitter client for Windows CE 2.11
I finally got to do what I planned to do for a while! Give my Jornada 820 some purpose in life and write a Twitter client for it :)
Twitter is perfect as it's just text and a few pictures, the Jornada can handle that easily with some efficient coding!

Here's a screenshot! (Most tweets blurred out for privacy)

I used PersonalJava again for realizing this as I can easily write Windows CE apps that way without any specific CE api knowledge. Actually, the app also runs on any platform that supports Java of course, could even run it on Windows 95!
Before you get your hopes up, there is a little catch! It's actually a thin client as some processing happens on my little server. Twitter uses PNG for a lot of the pictures, so my server converts them to gif/jpeg and resizes them as well, as a too big photo would easily fill up the whole RAM of the machine at once.
Otherwise, it's a basic Twitter client that displays the stream of my timeline.

Things to do still:
- Create option to send tweets
- Show previews
- Implement word wrapping (as you see Tweets are cut off atm)

If anyone is interested I'll post the source :)

Pocket Scheme for H/PC
Pocket Scheme for H/PC is working well on Sigmarion and Sigmarion 2 devices (as far as I can remember).

It also works well on my EMONSTER S11HT (HTC Kaiser).

The point is, are there any other Schemers out there making AIs? I'm learning perceptron with perl, but Scheme is really cool with lambda and stuff. :cool:

eMbedded Visual Tools download link
Hi friends!
I'm trying to download the eMbedded Visual Tools 3 to develop for my Jornada 728, but the link seems to be broken. When I clink on it to download, it appears a message saying: "Invalid file reference..." Can you fix that please?