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The Art and Practice of Diplomacy by Sir Charles Webster


Chatto and Windus 1961: first edition: red cloth hardcover jacket: gilt lettering to spine: approximately 5.5 by 8.6 inches tall: 246 pages. Synopsis: A collection of papers selected from lectures and articles written over 30 years by Sir Charles Webster. The posthumously published papers are entitled as follows: --.1) The Art and Practice of Diplomacy. 2) The Principles of British Foreign Policy in the 19th and 20th Centuries. 3) The Council of Europe in the 19th Century. 4)The Making of the Charter of the United Nations .5) Sanctions: The Use of Force in an International Organisation. 6) The Founder of the National Home. 7) 50 Years of Change in Historical Teaching and Research. 8) Palmerston, Metternich , and the European System, 1830 -- 1841. 9) Lord Palmerston At Work, 1830 -- 1841. 10)Urquhart, Ponsonby and Palmerston.12) The Accession of Queen Victoria. Condition: No dust jacket: spine slightly shelf- faded: ownership inscription: overall clean and good

Lovely She Goes by William Mitford


195 pages A story of Arctic Trawling -its dangers and hardships .