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Drug Uses Up Water in Yemeni Capital, People Must Relocate
(image) Sanaa is at least 2,500 years old. It claims to be the world's oldest inhabited city. It is also the capital of Yemen in

Law Emerging in US for Generic Versions of Biotech Medicine
(image) The US might be a capitalist-friendly land. But there too strident voices are being raised in favor of consumers. As a r

Ancient Indian Herb May Prove Cure For Recurrent UTI
(image) A Duke University scientist has come out with a possible herbal cure for urinary track infection (UTI). Soma

Many Women Undertreated for Ovarian Cancer
(image) One in three ovarian cancer patients in the U.S. fails to receive the recommended comprehensive surgical treatment, acco

FDA Re-Emphasizes Warnings to Consumers on Risks of Pet Turtles
(image) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is urgently reminding the public that contact with baby turtles can pose a seriou

Hormone Replacement Therapy- Not A Fallen Angel
(image) Experts are describing as a " U-turn of dramatic proportions", a study finding which says that hormone replacement thera

Hope For Epilepsy Patients
(image) Epilepsy patients whose symptoms remain uncontrolled with currently prescribed medication are being offered hope, by a n

More Aggressive Breast Cancer in Hispanics Independent of Health Care Utilization
(image) A new study provides evidence that racial differences in the clinical presentation of breast cancer may be due more t

Obese Prone to Colon Cancer
(image) San Diego - Obesity is back in the news with one more ailment added to its list of exploits - Colon Cancer. People who a

Study Finds Link Between Secondhand Smoke and TB Infection in Children
(image) There could be a link between secondhand smoke and an increased risk of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in childr

More Mutations Of Gene That Cause Skin Disorders And Asthma Discovered
(image) Scientists have zeroed in on 15 more mutations of the gene responsible for the debilitating disorders eczema and asthm

FDA Announces to Companies to Stop Marketing Products Containing Trimethobenzamide
(image) Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) has announced that companies must stop manufacturing and distributing unapproved su

A Baby Out of the Blue
(image) London-Mandy Davidson, 45, was basking in the happiness of her 27th marriage anniversary, extremely content with two twe

Ecstasy Makes People Bond Better, Says an Australian Study
(image) Ectasy, the 'love drug' might be frowned upon. Dancing at all-night raves combined with heat, heavier sweating,

Tea Workers Health Precarious, a Study
(image) A large number of laborers in Assam's tea gardens are suffering from under nutrition and infectious diseases, according/

Combined Imaging Approach may Be Effective in Diagnosing Some Brain Clots
(image) University of Cincinnati (UC) neuroradiologists believe a brain imaging approach that combines standard magnetic resonan

NYC Mayor Raises Questions About Male Circumcision as HIV Prevention Method
(image) New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has raised questions about plans recently announced by the Department of Health an

Early Estrogen Therapy May Reduce Cardiovascular Risks
(image) A new analysis of both estrogen and estrogen plus progestin shows a 24 percent reduction in risk for coronary heart dise

New York Health Department Distributes Five Million Condoms in a Month
(image) The New York City health department announced that from mid-February to mid-March it distributed five million no-cost co

Training Health Workers and Better Drug Access Vital to Combat TB in Mozambique
(image) Mozambique needs to invest in training increased numbers of health workers, promote research and widen access to drugs t

Drug Used to Prevent HIV Transmission from Mother to Child Damages DNA
(image) HIV transmission from mother to child can occur in utero, during labor or from breastfeeding. If left untreated, approxi

Glucose Causes Death of Brain Cells in Rodents Following Hypoglycemic Coma
(image) It was thought that hypoglycemic coma causes brain damage. On the contrary brain damage occurs only when glucose is give

Beijing Adequately Prepares for Potential Health Eventualities During Olympics
(image) In preparation for the Olympics next year, Beijing has reserved many hospital beds for emergency use to save the day in

Bhutan Leads the World in Preserving the Environment
(image) As the world community struggles to come to grips with global warming and climate change, the small Himalayan kingdom of

Bangladesh Wages a War Against Polio - 22 Million Children to Receive Vaccination
(image) Dhaka - Bangladesh is on a massive vaccination drive. Nearly 22 million children under the age of five are slotted to ta

Recovering Pranab Mukherjee Likely to Be Discharged Tomorrow
(image) External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee who is undergoing treatment for head injuries at the Army Hospital at Delhi i

Scientists Receive Patent for Development of "combination" Proteins to Produce Vaccines for Lyme Disease
(image) UPTON -- Scientists belonging to the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory and collaborators at Sto

Certain Vitamins may Have Adverse Effects on Human Lifespan
(image) Taking vitamin supplements may no longer be a mantra to stay fit. New research suggests that certain vitamins can have a

500,000 Chinese Die of Hepatitis B Annually
(image) China has the world's largest population of hepatitis B patients, said an official of the Chinese Hepatitis Prevention F

Acupuncture Points Way to Relief from Many Ailments
(image) Your knee hurts, and every little movement is sheer torture for your aching back too. If medication or other therapy fai

Accident Victims Often Need Psychological Help
(image) A traffic accident can change a person's entire life from one moment to the next, and experts say the physical injury of

Texas Youth Commission Reeling Under Multiple Charges
(image) The Texas Youth Commission's (TYC) facilities continue to reel under allegations of ward neglect and abuse, after the Da

Study Finds Dietary Fat Interacts With Genes
(image) Research finds that for most adults in the Framingham Heart Study, dietary fat intake is associated with body mass index

Household Guns Associated With Higher Rates of Suicide in US
(image) A recent survey by Harvard School of Public Health has found that the state level rates of suicide in the US are much hi

Melamine Contamination Killed Thousands of Pets, Says a New Report
(image) According to data released by Banfield, The Pet Hospital, one of the largest chains of veterinary hospitals in the US, n

New Zealand's Medical Lab Workers On Strike
(image) Medical lab workers of New Zealand will be on strike for a total of three days, in the month of April. The w

Mental Distress Sufferers Loathe To Come Out In The Open
(image) According to a survey, which was carried out to mark Mental Health Action Week, in Scotland, more than 80 percent of res

Patents: Appellate Board Becomes Functional
(image) After getting caught on the wrong foot in the Novartis case, the government of India is moving fast to plug all loophole

India's Biotech Companies- Jumbos Waiting to Grow
(image) A Canadian report has come out with news that would gladden the heart of investors of Indian biotechnology companies, as

Groups Join Forces to Fund Promising Lung Cancer Research
(image) Two health groups are joining forces to fund three promising lung cancer researchers. The LUNGevity Foundation and the A

Diabetes May Bring You A Step Closer To Alzheimer's Disease
(image) According to a report, being diagnosed with diabetes has another new risk- it heightens your chances of developing probl

Smoking on Television is Harmful to the Health of the Nation's Youth: BMA
(image) Deirdre Barlow is obviously stressed. Who wouldn't be with a daughter like Tracey! But is that a good enough reason to s

Restless Legs Syndrome Poses Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
(image) A study published in the April 10, 2007, issue of Neurology, has indicated the pronounced risk of cardiovascular disease

Blood Pressure Tackled Better With Cocoa Than Tea
(image) An analysis of a previously published research in the April 9 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine has revealed that f

Officials Indicted for Allowing a Fast Food Joint Teeming With Rats in New York to Function
(image) Third Word Officials may take heart. Their counterparts in the Health department of the much-vaunted New York have been

Abbott to Subsidize Price of HIV Drug
(image) The US-based pharmaceutical multi-national, the Abbott, has agreed to lower the prices of Kaletra/Aluvia in low and low-

Smoking and Caffeine Inversely Associated With Parkinson's Disease
(image) Individuals with Parkinson's disease are less likely to smoke or consume high doses of caffeine than their family member

Bladder Infection Drug, Ditropan Could Trigger Hallucinations in Both Adults and Children
(image) Washington - The Food and Drug Administration has warned that Ditropan, a drug employed to remedy overactive-bladder con

Dengue Claims 41 Lives in Jakarta
(image) Dengue fever outbreak has claimed at least 41 lives in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. The local media reports that more

Heat Wave Sweeps Chhattisgarh
(image) Chhattisgarh is reeling under a heat wave with day temperatures in state capital Raipur and the northern region of Korba

Ray of Hope for Women on Motherhood Day
(image) From 407 in 1998 to 301 in 2006, the maternal mortality ratio (MMR) that marks the number of women dying at childbirth /

Pranab Mukherjee was Back Home from Hospital
(image) External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee was discharged from the Army Hospital here Tuesday, three days after suffer

India's Water Availability Will Decline by 2050
(image) The availability of water per person in India will drop by almost 38 percent by 2050, a report on climate change said Tu

Ramadoss Vows to Set Up Food Regulatory Body in India
(image) India will soon have a food regulatory body to address issues such as food quality and safety, Health Minister Anbumani

Are Dietary Supplements Empty Promises?
(image) Americans seem to be flooding their body with dietary supplements, without any proof of its benefits. It is estimated th

Press Note Amendments To The Drugs And Cosmetics Rules 1945
(image) Government of India, Ministry of Health (and) Family Welfare has proposed amendment to the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 f

New Research on the Effects of Smoking and Coffee on Parkinson's Disease
(image) Washington -A new study seems to portray benefits of smoking and coffee as a preventive measure against Parkinson's dise

New Guidelines to Address Growing Obesity Epidemic
(image) The first-ever Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) has recommended that waist circumference be measured in all C

Excessive Salt - Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke
(image) Washington-A report published by the World Health Organization has reiterated the earlier warning about the enhanced ris

Canadians Consuming Too Much Salt
(image) According to a report, Canada's citizens are quite heavy-handed on the salt. This, researchers say is dangerous simply b

New Therapy for Lipid Disorder Demonstrates Varied Results
(image) Preliminary research suggests that use of a novel, potent drug to treat cholesterol disorders decreases triglycerides an

Sons Gone Up In Smoke
(image) Researchers have come out with profound findings claiming that not only do heavy women smokers have a higher chance of

Dieting Fads -Flab Revisited
(image) University of California researchers have come out with findings that dispel the halo around dieting regimes. Not only d

Court Refuses to Intervene for Law on Surrogate Motherhood
(image) The Delhi High Court Wednesday asked a woman advocate, seeking judicial intervention for enactment of a law on the issue

Data On Three Million Georgia Residents Lost
(image) A CD containing information on almost 3 million residents of Georgia, U.S has been reported missing. The data is believe

In Vitro Treatment Only When Both Partners Agree, Rules European Court
(image) Can a woman fall out with her partner but still insist that he agree to let his sperm to be used in vitro so that she co

Stress may Make Cancer Cells Resist Treatment
(image) Stress hormone epinephrine causes changes in prostate and breast cancer cells that may make them resistant to cell death

Kolkata, Mumbai to Face Maximum Brunt of Climate Change
(image) Mumbai and Kolkata will be the worst sufferer among Indian cities with flash rains, floods and fall in water tables as w

Vitamin E- Take Its Benefits With A Pinch Of Salt
(image) For many, Vitamin E is beneficial and therefore, their use as a regular supplement. In spite of the absence

AIIMS Director Venugopal Removed from Additional Post
(image) P. Venugopal, director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, was Wednesday removed of his additional charge as

Make Treatment of Parkinsons More Affordable, Doctors Plead
(image) A team of doctors led by Mona Raghothaman of the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, Bangalore in so

Sugary News for Diabetics - Cure Stems from Stem Cell Therapy
(image) Chicago - Type 1 diabetic patients could be bailed out with stem cell therapy, according to a recent finding.

Different Approach Needed to Protect Brains of Premature Babies
(image) A study of how the brain of a premature infant responds to injury has found vulnerabilities similar to those in the matu

Clinical Trials for a Low-dose Steroid Therapy for Bone Marrow Cancer Prove Positive
(image) Researchers see hopes in a new therapy combining low dose steroid with lenalidomide, already found effective against m

A Broken Heart can Break Lifeline
(image) London: Acute stress on the heart due to bereavement could make the aggrieved die from a broken heart, scientists said

Lithium Increases Gray Matter in Bipolar Brains
(image) Researchers have shown that lithium, the standard treatment for bipolar disorder, increases the amount of gray matter

Fish Oil - Foils Cognitive Decline
(image) Fish is in trouble once again. Researchers have given us adequate reasons to make fish a part of our regular diet. Ome

Drugs for Parkinson's May Be Useful for Stroke-related Disability
(image) Scientists have untangled two similar disabilities that often afflict stroke patients, in the process revealing that o

Stricter Norms for Chemists in Punjab to Curb Addiction
(image) The Punjab government and its pharmacy council will frame stricter rules for the chemists to curb addiction to medicin

Arsenic in Chicken Feed may Cause Health Complications
(image) This piece of news may vie for space with stories on bird flu. After all, it is about the popular delicacy, chicken. E

One Fourth of Hospital Patients Admitted for Mental Health or Drug Abuse Disorder
(image) Almost one-fourth of all stays in U.S. community hospitals for patients age 18 and older involved depressive, bipolar,

Experimental Flu Vaccine Appears Promising in Early Tests
(image) An influenza vaccine produced with the use of insect cells appeared safe and produced an immunogenic response in healt

Ontario Encourages More Organ Donations
(image) With a view to increasing the number of organ donors, Ontario's health ministry is considering the plan of reimburseme

Hospital Infection Deaths Continue in UK
(image) A UK hospital has reported a further death linked to the superbug Clostridium difficile (C-diff). Clostridi

Yoga Helping Fight Autism Down Under
(image) Yoga is finding a new role Down Under. Australian experts dabbling in this ancient Indian science believe it can help fi

Protecting Oceans is Important to Keeping Planet Cool
(image) Increased protection for the world's oceans and coastal areas is a vital part of the fight against global warming and sa

Scales Tipping Alarmingly in the U.S.
(image) Reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say there has been a sudden increase in the count of extremely

AMA Urges COAG To Put Patients First
(image) AMA President, Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, said today that the highest quality health care for the Australian population must b

AMA Welcomes Recognition For Rural GP Training
(image) AMA President, Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, today welcomed the Government's decision to officially recognise the Australian Coll

Irish Nurses To Continue Their Protest
(image) Ireland's tottering health service was plunged deeper into crisis last night with hospital consultants threatening to

NHS Online- Promise Of 'Choices' To Patients
(image) Calling it the 'gateway to navigate the NHS services', UK 's Health Minister Patricia Hewitt launched a website that i

Denim Lovers Beware, Fertility Could Be in Danger, Says a New Study
(image) Fertility declining among men of north India. And thanks to tight jeans. So says a study conducted by the All India Inst

Parents To Blame For Soaring Counts Of Binge-Drinkers And Smokers
(image) Britain's schools watchdog Ofsted, has revealed that smoking and binge drinking among teenage girls have scaled worrying

Phone Counseling Helps Patients Improve Eating and Exercise Habits
(image) Telephonic counseling has been found to be of immense help for patients to lose weight and become fit, according to a

Campaign Against Obesity Taken to Schools in US
(image) A special program enrolling schools in the fight against obesity has started delivering results in Michigan, a Midwester

Alarming Rise of Methamphetamine Use Among Australian Youth
(image) Drug abuse is increasing at an alarming rate in Australia, among the youth especially. Teens as young as 1

Sleep Disorder Linked to Heart Failure Patient Deaths
(image) Heart failure patients with untreated sleep apnea are more likely to die than those without this sleep disorder, says a

High Job Strain Linked to Increased Blood Pressure
(image) Workers reporting high levels of job strain have higher blood pressure than workers who are under less strain, reports a

Doctors Treat Early Heart Attacks Before Labs Could Confirmation It
(image) An international found that doctors do a good job of aggressively treating the early stages of heart attacks - even befo

PSA Doubling Predicts Prostate Cancer Recurrence
(image) A detectable level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is the first indicator of recurrent prostate cancer after radical/