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Do you like Google Gadgets? Check out this gadget for DotNetNuke Administration

Tue, 11 May 2010 14:28:11 GMT

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I discovered this cool Google gadget over at STP Systems. The gadget once installed allows you to see information about your DotNetNuke Server directly in your iGoogle account. You can view information about all your portals as well.  Check out the YouTube video on the product.

Here are some screen shots from STP Systems site that will get displayed as a gadget:

Server Health


Most Popular Pages


User Activity









The Installation is very easy. All you have to do is go to the site and download the module and then install on your DotNetNuke portal. Place the module on a test page. The Module generates an encrypted GUID which has to be copied and pasted into your Gadget in order to establish the connection. Note: Only DNN Super User account holder can access the installed module and generate the GUID.


You need to Add the DotNetNuke Gadget to your iGoogle from the module setting. In iGoogle, go to the edit settings for the gadget and paste the GUID that you created from the module.

Try it out! It’s a nice gadget to have.

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ODUG lands DotNetNuke guru Nik Kalyani as a speaker

Thu, 22 Apr 2010 16:26:28 GMT

Originally posted on:


If you are in the Orlando, FL area during the first week of May then you should head over to the Orlando DotNetNuke user group meeting.
Nik Kalyani will be the speaker and you will learn a great deal from him.

DotNetNuke Module Development with the MVP Pattern

This session focuses on introducing attendees to the Model-View-Presenter pattern, support for which was recently introduced in the DotNetNuke Core. We'll start with a quick overview of the pattern, compare it to MVC, and then dive right into code. We will start with fundamentals and then develop a full-featured module using this pattern. In order to do justice to the pattern, we will use ASP.NET WebForms controls minimally and implement most of the UI using jQuery plug-ins. Finally, to increase audience participation (both present at the meeting and remote), we will use a hackathon-style model and allow anybody, anywhere to follow along with the presentation and code their own MVP-based solution that they can share online during or after the session. A URL with full instructions for the hackathon will be posted online a few days prior to the meeting.

About Our Speaker

(image) Nik Kalyani is Co-founder and Strategic Advisor for DotNetNuke Corp., the company that manages the DotNetNuke Open Source project. Kalyani is also Founder and CEO of HyperCrunch. He is a technology entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in the software industry. He is irrationally exuberant about technology, especially if it has anything to do with the Internet. HyperCrunch is his latest startup business that builds on his knowledge and experience from prior startups, two of them venture-funded.

Kalyani is a creative tinkerer perpetually interested in looking around the corner and figuring out new and interesting ways to make the world a better place. An experienced web developer, he finds the business strategy and marketing aspects of the software business more exciting than writing code. When he does create software, his primary expertise is in creating products with compelling user experiences. Kalyani is most proficient with Microsoft technologies, but has no religious fanaticism about them.

Kalyani has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Western Michigan University. He is a frequent speaker at technology conferences and user group meetings. He lives in Mountain View, California with his wife and daughters. He blogs at and is @techbubble on Twitter.


Office add on saves you time if you use Moodle

Thu, 08 Apr 2010 13:21:56 GMT

Originally posted on:

Moodle is a free elearning content management software program. It does take a great deal of time to set it up because you need to upload your Office files to Moodle. Now, Microsoft has made that job easier with their new Office Add on. With it you can save directly into Moodle.   Here are the instructions on how to use. Just change the URL you use for your Moodle site.

1. Go to this site and download and install the software.

2. Open your Office Word in this example and then select Save to Moodle (Notice you can also open files that you have stored in moodle make changes and then save back to moodle. (WOW)


3,  Now because this is the first time you are using this feature you will see a dialog box that looks like this: Enter the moodle website exactly as you see here along with your username and password for moodle. Click the checkbox to remember you.


4. After you click on Save to Moodle you should see a dialog box like this:


5.  Click the plus on the left this is your moodle site.

6. You will now see the listing of your moodle classes. Now click on the class that you your file to go to and save.


Now you use this file in moodle.

Good luck!


Volunteer Techies help Haiti Victims

Tue, 19 Jan 2010 17:24:14 GMT

Originally posted on: this grassroots effort, several techie groups have met to discuss how they can help the people of Haiti with various projects they started. Here’s a list of projects: Check out their Wiki and try to get involved if you can. We Have, We Need Exchange This project will create a "Craigslist" type of self-identified needs and requests by non-profits assisting in Haiti relief operations. Clay Johnson @cjoh Port Au Prince Basemap This project will provide new geospatial perspectives and data points to create a base map for non-profits in need of current geospatial information. Mapping NGOs in Action, On Wave This project will be to gather contact information, social media data (i.e. Twitter feeds, blogs) to create an overview of relief assistance deployed to Haiti.) Coordinator: Noel Dickover,, @NoelDickover Languages and Translation This project is dedicated to exploring how technology can assist in language translation, transcription as well as provide persons with special needs abilities to better communicate and engage with relief assistance. Coordinator: Greg Elin, @gregelin Mobile Applications 4 Crisis Response This project would create mobile phone applications which can assist in locating news, resources, language translation and visual communications tools. Coordinator: Chris Selmer @cselmer betterendeavor [Skype], Jonathan Nelson @jonathannelson, Brendan Lim @brendanlim Crisis Wiki This project would assist National Public Radio to create a Crisis Wiki to share real time information in a collaborative space. Coordinator: Andy Carvin, National Public Radio, @acarvin [Skype] Spinoff from/for Crisis Wiki: Regional Twitter lists for Gathering Support in Crises As part of the Crisis Wiki, we've created a Twitter account (@crisiswiki) that has a series of Twitter lists with people/groups that can help to spread the word about fundraisers, crisis camps, and other other crisis response efforts. Coordinator: Jared Goralnick, AwayFind, @technotheory CrisisCamp Art Assets This project provides useful graphical assets for CrisisCamp projects. We've developed an initial set of logos for the projects in DC. Please your assets here. Information for Radio Broadcast Focus on creating and maintaining an easy to access, one-way communications oriented list of current activity, reach out to all local and international radio broadcasting in Haiti. Coordinator: @sandraxi (Sandra Davila) + @jelly_project (Kunal Gupta) Family Reunification Systems, aka PeopleFinder This project will be focused on searching for cataloging missing persons databases and information pages, providing constructive suggestions for the[ [International Committee of the Red Cross FamilyLinks]] [3] website, [tagging news photos][4], [review of the People Finder Interchange Format][5] and document how to connect pictures. Coordinator: Andy Carvin, National Public Radio, @acarvin [Skype] TechAid This project is focused on building a collaboration tool to provide non-profit organizations with available volunteer technical assistance. This system should also be able to create Tech Action Teams which would be able to solve technical challenges. Coordinator: Name, Organization, @Twitter, Skype Tweak the Tweet The University of Colorado at Boulder's Empowering the Public with Crisis Information program seeks to build a collaboration network to promote Tweet-friendly hashtag-based syntax to help direct Twitter communications for more efficient data extraction for those communicating about the Haiti earthquake disaster. Use only requires modifications of Tweet messages to make information pieces that refer to #location, #status, #needs, #damage and several other elements of emergency communications more machine parsable. Coordinator: Jeannie Stamberger CMU, Kate Starbird, University of Col[...]

Any DotNetNuke skinners out there?

Tue, 08 Dec 2009 22:53:45 GMT

Originally posted on:

Check out the skinning contest that is going on at the DotNetNuke site and you can win some great prizes too! Good luck!


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Need ideas for a DotNetNuke Christmas gift?

Thu, 26 Nov 2009 14:51:18 GMT

Originally posted on:  I thought I would give a list of DotNetNuke Christmas gifts you could possibly buy for a client, co-worker or yourself. You can start with some Christmas skins that you could put on your site. The folks at All Dnn Skins has some skins for you to look at. Snowcovered has an array of Holiday skins as well. If you only want a Christmas skin for a period of time and want your skins to change automatically then you can take a look at PageChameleon which will do that for you. You can set the special day, the occurring frequency, skin and container. Then PageChameleon will change the skin and container in the special day and change back to normal skin after that day. And users of your web site can select their favorite skins. Subscribe or renew to DNN Creative Magazine. There are many good tutorials listed here and what I like is that the information is very current. There are several very good DotNetNuke books that you can get. Here’s a list: Professional DotNetNuke 5: Open Source Web Application Framework for ASP.NET (Wrox Programmer to Programmer) by Shaun Walker, Brian Scarbeau, Darrell Hardy, and Stan Schultes DotNetNuke 5 User's Guide: Get Your Website Up and Running (Wrox Programmer to Programmer) by Christopher J. Hammond, Patrick Renner, and Shaun Walker Professional DotNetNuke Module Programming by Mitchel Sellers and Shaun Walker Beginning DotNetNuke Skinning and Design (Programmer to Programmer) by Andrew Hay and Shaun Walker You could consider a gift certificate to a co-worker with the words Come With Me to OpenForce 2010. You do have two options to consider for this gift. Will it be in Europe or Las Vegas? Gift certificates could also be used for consulting with top DotNetNuke professionals like Mitch Sellers, Michael Washington, SEO specialist Tom Kraak,or Skinning pro Ryan Morgan to name a few. Finally, get out of the winter cold and come to an Orlando DotNetNuke User Group meeting. What a great gift to give. We have several good topics and some great speakers too! DotNetNuke Corp. Co-Founder/Technical Fellow, Joe Brinkman will be here in Orlando on January 12th. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!   Technorati Tags: DotNetNuke [...]

Not sure if you need the Professional version of DotNetNuke?

Thu, 19 Nov 2009 12:14:23 GMT

Originally posted on:

The DotNetNuke web hosters at PowerDNN have put together a nice 3 minute survey to analyze your needs on what version of DotNetNuke that you might need to have.

The survey has 3 categories.

1. Website Size

2. Website Usage

3. Project Details

With an easy UI of drop down lists, you just answer the questions listed in each category and then submit them to the site.

After you submit, you'll get reasons why you should use either the Community or Professional Edition of DotNetNuke.

Here's an example of the results that I received based on my input:


You should use DotNetNuke Community Edition because:

DotNetNuke Community Edition is designed for Small Business Websites.

DotNetNuke Community Edition is recommended for websites using only 1GB or Less of disk space.

DotNetNuke Community Edition is recommended for websites using only 1GB or Less of database space.

DotNetNuke Community Edition is recommended for websites with only 1 Portal.

DotNetNuke Community Edition is designed for small websites with only 25 - 100 User Accounts.

DotNetNuke Community Edition does not contain content approval workflows because it would overburden 2 - 5 Content Editors.

DotNetNuke Community Edition is designed for websites with only 1 Web Server.

DotNetNuke Community Edition is free and will not impact a small budget of $0 - $3k.

DotNetNuke Community Edition is much simpler for an organization with only 1 - 15 Employees to adequately leverage.

DotNetNuke Community Edition does not include legal indemnification which may be acceptable because your organization is small.


You may consider DotNetNuke Professional Edition because:

DotNetNuke Professional Edition's content management is designed for websites that have 25 - 50 Pages or more.

DotNetNuke Professional Edition is optimized for heavy usage which includes 100 - 500 Concurrent Users or more.

DotNetNuke Professional Edition's advanced security model is recommended for high-security and VPN environments.

DotNetNuke Professional Edition's Unlimited Support and Guaranteed Issue Resolution will reduce maintainance costs once the outsourced project is complete.


The results were very honest and PowerDNN was not trying to sell me the Professional version of DotNetNuke. Great idea to have for those that really don't know what version they should get.

Check it out!



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What do you know about web standards with your DotNetNuke site?

Tue, 03 Nov 2009 13:19:33 GMT

Originally posted on: of all, you should go to this site to read about the ten reasons you should learn and use web standards.  Next, you should travel to DNNCreative website to read an article by Stuart Colville entitled Become a better Standardista. Finally, you should travel to the Wrox site to read the Wrox Blox that Cuong Dang wrote on DotNetNuke and Web Standards. Many companies need to sell to upper management why they should have a DotNetNuke site and web standards often comes up in this conversation. Cuong starts off by stating that the DotNetNuke team is working hard to push for a standard compliant framework with the release of DotNetNuke version 5 which is currently available for download at the DotNetNuke site. The Blox then goes into a definition of Web Standards and the benefits of using them. This information can be found on several sites including the W3C site which would give you the most current information about web standards. The article then starts to talk about web standards and DotNetNuke programming.  This is why you need to get this blox. Cuong reviews HTML vs XHTML along with discussion on what DOCTYPE you should use for your project.  In addition, he talks about CSS and DotNetNuke Skinning. Finally, he'll walk you through developing an example skin for your site. The best part of this blox is the discussion about navigation and the difference between the DNNMenu and the HouseMenu.  The article closes by Cuong sharing his recommendation for module development and standards. This is a good read and well worth the price because Cuong knows his stuff. Here is his bio: Cuong Dang is the Marketing Creative Director overseeing the product user interface and on-line marketing at Engage Software. This position was created because of his talent in enhancing the user experience by bridging the gap between technology and the general audience.With more than four years experience with web standards, Cuong currently works with clients of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations. His primary roles include creating and assisting with modules and web site usability. Since Engage became an Official DotNetNuke Training Provider, Cuong has started providing instruction on DotNetNuke skinning and module UI for business professionals. He was a technical reviewer for DotNetNuke Skinning Tutorial, a book published in May 2008 by PACKT Publishing Company. Cuong is a frequent speaker for DotNetNuke User Group meetings in St. Louis and a featured speaker for OpenForce North America and Tulsa TechFest.In addition, he has extensive experience working with businesses in Southeast Asia. Prior to joining Engage Software, he was the Business Development Executive at Minh Phuong Co., Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Because of his international business experience, Cuong was invited to be a frequent speaker for Maryville University MBA students about global marketing and management, focusing on the Southeast Asia region.Cuong graduated from Maryville University of Saint Louis with a background in Marketing and Management with a focus on international studies. [...]

Both hands on the wheel... PLEASE!

Tue, 27 Oct 2009 13:58:55 GMT

Originally posted on:

It appears that the pilots who flew 150 miles pass  their destination had their eyes fixed on laptop computers in their cockpit and forgot they were flying an Airbus A320 with 144 passengers on board. New Safety Laws will go into effect but wow, where's the common sense of these two pilots?

Sad to say that everyone of us sees this kind of negligence driving in our cars on the way to work. Cell phone users, people trying to text and drivers with a laptop staring at the screen instead of paying attention to the road.

This plane dodged a big bullet and you have to wonder about peoples common sense driving a jet, car, or whatever.


How to create easy DotNetNuke skins

Wed, 21 Oct 2009 14:04:51 GMT

Originally posted on:    I've been looking at this skinning creator program for $129.95 from Artisteer for a while now and sure enough DotNetNuke skinning rookies will be able to create their own skins and apply them on their own sites.  It appears that the DotNetNuke community is starting to endorse this product as well. The product has been out for a while now and its advertised as a way to change your theme using Joomia, Drupal and WordPress. Now, they have added support for DotNetNuke skins and DotNetNuke users have started to explore this product to use on their sites. Every software product has it's pro's and con's. Quite frankly, professional skinners should not be worried about losing client business because there are some drawbacks at using the product. For example, it supports only horizontal menus and not vertical. It only has the skin created in the Content Pane and there are problems with containers with this version of the product.  You still need to know skinning to be able to look at the created files and tweak them. However, the folks at Artisteer seem to be listening to the DNN users because breadcrumbs was not added to the product at first and then the current version includes breadcrumbs.  So, who knows what changes may be made on future releases of the product but it does appear that the company is listening to its users. The product itself is very easy to use. In fact, you can keep clicking the Suggest Design Ideas to see various design schemes automatically         Here's an example: What is nice about this product is that you don't need to use Photoshop to create anything. It's all here. For example, look at the menu buttons you can use: When you are finished, you need to export the file to the DotNetNuke version you are using: Export your DNN skin to your computer as a zip file. If you work with DotNetNuke 4, an additional package (which is the menu module) will be generated along with the skin folder. To install the menu module in DotNetNuke 4, go to Module Definitions (Host -> Module Definitions) and select "Install New Module". You will then be prompted to find and select the on your computer. Finally, click the "Install New Module" link. This product is worth taking a look at and it should be interesting to see what gets updated in future versions. Technorati Tags: DotNetNuke, skins [...]

What is something that is longer than a magazine article and shorter than a book chapter?

Mon, 12 Oct 2009 15:55:16 GMT

Originally posted on: is something that is longer than a magazine article and shorter than a book chapter? Give up?   It's a Wrox-Blox that Wiley has available online with some going for less than $10.00. Written by the best programmers in the their fields, Wrox Blox are short informational pieces and code that will help get you up-to-speed and keep you up-to-date. Build the knowledge you need quickly on a wide variety of topics. In the DotNetNuke world, there are several of these available for you to review and stay current.  Microsoft MVP, Antonio Chagoury has one available called Done in 60 Minutes: Building a Custom DotNetNuke Membership Provider. Here's some information on it: This Wrox Blox will give you a high-level overview of the core Membership Provider and its default implementation, (ASP.NET Membership), and demonstrate how to build and configure your own custom provider. The Provider Model is a design pattern introduced in .NET to provide a simple way to extend API functionality. DotNetNuke uses this architecture to allow some of its core functionality to be replaced without modifying core code. Cuong Dang has is Wrox Blox on DotNetNuke and Web Standards. This Wrox Blox demonstrates a web standards approach to building DotNetNuke skins by defining a flexible XHTML/CSS layout. This Wrox Blox also shows the differences between HTML and XHTML and provides recommendations to the module development process using web standards techniques.Professional web designers and developers are embracing web standards more than ever before. Many businesses are considering using the DotNetNuke framework for their next projects. The framework has great potential for worldwide adoption, from the small-business to the large-enterprise level. But when it comes to web standards, the framework is still lacking. DotNetNuke has already established its name as a robust system; it needs to be improved by using the latest technologies. This Wrox Blox encourages DotNetNuke developers to adopt the web standards approach. I'm in the process of reading this Blox and will give a review of it in a future blog post. Finally, Joe Brinkman, aka, the accidental geek has a Blox on jQuery for ASP.NET Developers. This Wrox Blox teaches you how to use jQuery with your ASP.NET-based websites.  jQuery greatly simplifies JavaScript development and allows you to create highly interactive and responsive websites using the latest JavaScript and AJAX techniques. The author walks you through the jQuery API using a simple ASP.NET MVC application to highlight major topics, and shows how you can apply jQuery to your own applications. After learning the basics of using jQuery, you’ll discover how easy it is to use within your own ASP.NET projects.  Whether you are using WebForms or the MVC framework, jQuery will greatly simplify your code.  As you will quickly find out, jQuery really is the “write less, do more” framework. These information just highlights some of the Wrox Blox that are available online. I suggest you check them out and learn more. Technorati Tags: DotNetNuke, Wrox, Wrox Blox, ASP.NET [...]

DotNetNuke Book Reviews needed

Tue, 29 Sep 2009 15:30:30 GMT

Originally posted on:

There are several very good DotNetNuke books that are currently available but there are few reviews for those books. I found that to be odd because several people that I know either purchased the book or received it for free at a code camp event or user group meeting.

Your review is important to those that might be interested in purchasing the book. Please take the time and effort to support the authors who wrote the books. Tell us what you think. Did you like it? Not like it?   Did the book help you? Let us know.

Thanks very much.


Where should you go for DotNetNuke Help?

Thu, 10 Sep 2009 14:28:27 GMT

Originally posted on:

Today I ran into a problem when I tried to upgrade some Websites to DNN 5. I created my backups of the site and my database as I should do to prepare for an upgrade. My problem was that I didn't follow the proper upgrade path and I tried to skip one and ran into errors. I should have read Will Strohl's blog on this but I found a little bit of time to do this and then had to devout more time to fix it. Ever run into this?

So my web.config file was messed up and I immediately went to the DotNetNuke forum to try to get help. Sure enough someone already had the problem that I had and there was a response to make some changes in the file. I fired the site up and held my breath. The fix worked and I was happy.

Now, I need to find the time to upgrade correctly again. Thanks to the forum for the help. Go there if you need some help.

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Are you a SoapBox fan?

Tue, 21 Jul 2009 23:50:35 GMT

Originally posted on:

Well if you are, you won’t be soon when Microsoft takes down the YouTube video clone site. I just received the official announcement today via e-mail.

I had a couple of XNA games that my students created on the site. Here’s the official word:

Attention Soapbox Users,

MSN will no longer offer Soapbox, the user generated video service within MSN Video, as of August 31, 2009. Beginning on July 29, you will no longer be able to upload videos to Soapbox. People who have uploaded videos to Soapbox will have until August 31, 2009 to download them. Please make sure you download your videos by this date if you would like to keep them. We will have a notice running in the Soapbox service to remind you to download your videos. It is our goal that you download and keep all of the videos you uploaded that are important to you. Online video is a key part of the MSN experience and we will continue to offer a rich experience on MSN Video. We will also continue to invest in delivering great customer experiences, while keeping a keen eye on our business objectives during this tough economic climate. Thank you for your support of MSN Video. More details and download instructions are available at:

Thank you for using Soapbox.

The MSN Video Team


Kudos ODUG

Wed, 01 Jul 2009 20:42:32 GMT

Originally posted on:

Today marks the day when the Orlando DotNetNuke User group officially has 200 members.


It was a year and half ago that I started this group with about 7 members who came and met on a Saturday morning to discuss issues relating to the best open source web portal, DotNetNuke. Will Strohl was there along with a co-worker. Will has been a great member and now great leader of the group.

More recently, Will was in charge of putting together the Day of DotNetNuke held last month at the Microsoft Office in Tampa, FL.

Many members are benefitting from this user group and I wish it continued grown and success.


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Is DotNetNuke getting female friendly?

Sat, 20 Jun 2009 19:21:10 GMT

Originally posted on:



So if you attended the Day of DotNetNuke in Tampa, FL last Saturday, you had to notice. There were many females in attendance. Some were there being good sports and attending with their husband/boyfriend. Some were w(image) eb designers who wanted to learn about DotNetNuke. This was much different than past events that I’ve attended.

I have spoken at many code camps in Florida and you have the typical geek whose overweight like me and has face hair or hasn’t shaved yet toting their laptops from room to room. This event was different.


So to all the females who came out last Saturday, Welcome. I hope DotNetNuke is getting female friendly. Thanks for coming to my session.


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Day of DotNetNuke a HUGE SUCCESS!

Sun, 14 Jun 2009 00:42:25 GMT

Originally posted on:

Kudos to Will Strohl for the countless hours he put in to organize the Day of DotNetNuke held in Tampa, FL today. Thanks to the sponsors, speakers and volunteers who made the day a huge success.

The official count for the day verified by Microsoft host Joe Healy was 138. Joe was a great host making everyone comfortable and he also was one of the speakers. Yes, Microsoft does love DotNetNuke! Joe would make a great WROX salesperson as he was trying to sell the WROX Professional DotNetNuke 5 book that I coauthored along with Floridians Darrel Hardy, Stan Schultes, Ryan Morgan, and Canadian Shaun Walker.

There was much to learn about DotNetNuke 5 and favorite 3rd party modules during the day. Gifford Watkins from Atlantic Webfitters traveled from Nova Scotia to speak at the event.

It was great to see everyone and a special thanks to DotNetNuke Corporation for sending Joe Brinkman to give the Official/Unofficial DotNetNuke State of the Union Address.


Look for some changes in DotNetNuke 5 builds

Fri, 22 May 2009 14:45:56 GMT

Originally posted on: have been a couple of builds already for the new version 5.1 of DotNetNuke. On the DotNetNuke site, there is even a thread for users to discuss any problems they are having with the builds and they are encouraged to log their problems or suggestions on their Gemini site. The current build is 364 and there's already changes from the previous build. For example, here's the new Admin Settings: One change from the previous build is that Google Analytics is now located here. You could find this setting under Admin> Site Settings and this new feature makes it easier to locate. This is primarily used to set up your site with Google Analytics and you need to sign up with google and get verified to do this. When signing up with Google Webmaster Tools you will need to Verify your site ownership. Choose the "Upload an HTML file" method from the Google Verification screen. Enter the filename displayed ( ie. google53c0cef435b2b81e.html ) in the Verification textbox and click Create. Return to Google and select the Verify button. Missing from the Control Panel is the Install Additional Modules link. To do this you will need to go to Host>Extensions and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and then click on Batch Install Extensions and then select the Available Modules that you want to install. In version 5 of DotNetNuke, only the Host can install modules and skins. Once available to the site, the Admin can add new modules or skins to their site. Taken off the Control Panel was the aligning of modules on the Pane. What was added was a drop down list of the modules that you have on a pane.  On the right of the Control Panel is a link to Host or Admin Console. Here's what it looks like: These are the same settings that you get in the drop down list and you can see them all on a single page if you want. One thing for sure is that DotNetNuke will require the current Microsoft .NET framework to be installed on your site. You'll get a warning under Host >Settings if your not current. I'm looking forward to the final build. Hope you are too!   Technorati Tags: DotNetNuke [...]

DotNetNuke 04.09.04 Upgrade

Thu, 21 May 2009 13:57:45 GMT

Originally posted on:

In the past, after backing up my SQL database and DNN site, I'd hold my breath when I upgraded my sites hoping and praying that all will be well after the upgrade. Today, I did the same when I upgraded to version 04.09.04. Low and behold, all did go well with the upgrade and the site came back up after the upgrade.

Here's what the upgrade has to offer:

What's New in 04.09.04

Major Highlights
  • Fixed a major module caching issue which resulted in empty content for webcrawlers
  • Improved performance of FormatRemoveSQL method
Security Fixes
Updated Modules/Providers

The following modules and providers have been updated in the 4.9.4 packages.  Please see the specific project pages for notes on what bugs or enhancements were corrected with each release.

  • Removed the AD Provider so that it cannot be installed by the Install Wizard.  It can still be manually installed.


I like to stay current with my version of DotNetNuke and I'd advise you to do the same. Check my Security posts in my blog as to why you should. Good luck with your upgrade.

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Free DotNetNuke Webinars

Tue, 19 May 2009 13:54:07 GMT

Originally posted on: Co-Founder, Nik Kalyani,  has added some new webinars to attend. The most popular is a demonstration of DotNetNuke. Here's the webinar information on that one: DotNetNuke is the leading open source solution for website content management and web application development on Microsoft ASP.NET. Nik will demonstrate how easy it is to create and maintain your website using DotNetNuke. He will discuss the flexible open framework and show how easy it is to add functionality to your website by adding modules. He will also talk about the concept of skinning and how easy it makes customizing the look of a website for novices or website professionals alike. Tom Kraak, from Seablick Consultion is doing one on Search Engine Optimization. Tom was recently at the Orlando DotNetNuke User Group meeting and he knows his stuff about search engines and DotNetNuke so you won't want to miss this webinar. Join us as we discuss DNN search engine optimization with expert Tom Kraak. We'll start with the basics of SEO, then learn how search engines work and the difference between on-page and off-page SEO. Next we'll dive into a discussion on specific aspects impacting SEO in DNN and what you can do to ensure that your DNN-based website gets high ranking in search results. The session will last for one hour followed by a 30-min Q&A segment. Nik is doing a good one on Module Development, Skinning, and an Introduction to the Professional Version of DotNetNuke. Modular Development: In this DNN Fundamentals session, we describe the process of creating a DNN module. Targeted to ASP.NET developers who want to get started with DNN module development, this session will help you understand how modules fit into the overall DNN framework, how they are developed, packaged and deployed. The session will use C# as the development language, but the concepts can also be used for developing in VB.NET or any other CLR-compliant language. Skin Design: In this DNN Fundamentals session, we describe the process of creating a DNN skin. Targeted at web designers who want to get started with DNN skin design, this session will help you understand the role of skins in the the overall DNN framework, how they are designed, packaged and deployed. We'll also visit some great-looking DNN-based websites and discuss the skins used on these sites. Professional Edition Overview: In this DNN Fundamentals session, we review DNN Professional Edition. We'll start with an overview of DNN's capabilities and architecture, then explore features specific to the Professional Edition. We'll explain why Professional Edition is important for businesses that want to use DNN for mission-critical scenarios and answer your questions about this edition of DNN. Nik is a DotNetNuke pro and does a great job in his webinar training. All these are for free! Technorati Tags: DotNetNuke, Webinar [...]