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Role of Hsp 104 in the Spread of Prion Diseases
(image) Protein's role in the spread of the lethal Prion diseases has been brought to light by researchers from Brown University

Liposuction, Quick Fixes for the Obese
(image) As Britons' average waistlines expand, so does the number of people seeking liposuction as an easy way out.

Boston: Best Place For Having a Baby
(image) A new study says that Boston ranked the top city in America for having a baby. According to a survey of top 50 U.S. citi

Israeli Men Live Longer
(image) A new study shows that the Israeli men have a longer average lifespan than most of the men in developed countries like I

Child Care Centres in Tsunami Hit Indonesia
(image) In Aceh and Nias island of Indonesia which was hit by Tsunami in 2004, the UNICEF has built 226 mother and child care ce

West Virginia Organizes a Program to Fight Obesity
(image) UniCare Health Plan of West Virginia announced that it is teaming up with Weight Watchers for a 16-week program aiming a

Under-Elevens Hurtle Towards Obesity, British MPs Call for Action
(image) A group of powerful British MPs, members of the Committee of Public Accounts, has come out strongly against officials gi

Japanese Minister Fending Brickbats for Derogatory Reference to Women
(image) Hakuo Yanagisawa, the Health minister of Japan came in for a lot of criticism this week when he used the phrase' birth

Crackdown on Alternate Health Practitioners
(image) British Government has come down heavily on alternative therapists who mistreat their patients sexually and physically

A Little Heavy on the Vitamins, Please
(image) For those who faithfully take their vitamin pills, it is an encouragement to take even more. Scientists have come out wi

Less of Omega- 3 in Obese Children
(image) Swedish researchers have found out that consuming the right type of fat may actually keep child obesity at bay. Obese ch

A Protein in Brain Cells Controls Obesity: Research
(image) University of Michigan Medical School researchers report that a single protein in brain cells plays a key role in contro

28% Lower Mortality Rate In Top U.S. Hospitals
(image) According to a study released today by HealthGrades, a leading independent healthcare ratings company, patients treated

Benefits of Fruit and Vegetable Juices
(image) When it comes to some of today's health issues, 100 percent fruit and vegetable juices do help reduce risk factors relat

A Novel Technique Nudges Genes Into Activity
(image) Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have found a new technique that employs RNA, a tiny chemical cousin of DNA

Bacteriophages may Boost the Effectiveness of Antibiotics
(image) A new study by Steven Hagens finds that the antibiotic doses could be reduced by up to 50 times using a new approach bas

Yale Child Study Center Receives NIH Grant for Autism Research
(image) The Yale Child Study Center has received a (Dollor) 3.5 million National Institute of Child Health and Human Development grant f

IRS Helps Curb Malaria in the Tropics
(image) In our special series this week we're looking at efforts to fight malaria. One tool used by health professionals is indo

Scientists Find Potential Weakness In Plague Germ
(image) The germ that caused the plague epidemic that ravaged medieval Europe has a weakness that could help make a particularly

Healthy Behaviors Can Prevent at Least 50 Percent of Cancer Deaths
(image) Following on the news of the drop in cancer deaths for the second consecutive year, the American Cancer Society is launc

Malaria and TB Kills Indian Kids in Brazil
(image) Two children from the Piraha people died during the first days of January and many other indigenous people are suffering

Dengue Claims 13 Lives In Malaysia This Month
(image) Dengue fever has claimed 13 lives in barely one month in Malaysia this year, a senior health official said Wednesday.

RVF Outbreak Kills 148 in Kenya
(image) Fifty-three more people have died in Kenya in the last week after an outbreak of Rift Valley Fever, bringing the death t

Violence Against Women Fueling Spread of HIV Worldwide
(image) Violence against women worldwide is fueling the spread of HIV in the population. Some governments indifference to the is

Dental Braces Do Not Improve Self-esteem: Study
(image) Dental braces, used to correct alignment of teeth, do not improve the mental well being and self-esteem of its users lat

Anaesthetics may Cause Brain Disorder in Elderly
(image) Bhubaneswar: An Indian origin scientist in the US has reiterated that some general anaesthetics used in long operations

Let Your Genes Become Your Diet Expert
(image) New Delhi: You do not need to make sudden changes in your diet any more because of any hereditary disease. Nutrogenomics

Cancer Fears Plummet Egg Sales in Vietnam
(image) Hanoi: Sales of duck and chicken eggs in southern Vietnam have plummeted after tests showed that many had been tainted w

Stroke Prevention Technique Improves Brain Function
(image) Doctors who performed a small study on stroke patients conclude that placing stents in carotid arteries to prevent strok

Diabetic Patients Get a Reprieve
(image) A drug that has been tested in Australia for Type 2 Diabetes appears to have a twin benefit. It not only helps them to b

Straightening the Teeth Won't Guarantee Happiness
(image) Straighter teeth in children may improve their smile but there is no guarantee of happiness and improved self-esteem - s

America Sags Under Burden of Neurological Diseases
(image) It is a research that throws light on the extent of neurological ailments in the land of dreams. Compiling

Should NHS Reform Its 'Charge System'?
(image) Last week, a body of leading public health experts said that NHS should consider billing patients for ineffective treatm

To Russia With Love-Bird Flu Strikes
(image) Bird flu has come to Russia after quarantine measures were lifted August 2006. The incidence of bird flu in 2006 resulte

RNIB Receives 25,000 to Help Blind
(image) RNIB has been granted 25,000 for helping blind and partially sighted people in the Lothians to return to work. The Roy

Suppression of Enzyme Delays a Type of Breast Cancer
(image) Canadian researchers have disclosed that suppression of an enzyme called PTP1B stalls the advancement of a specific type

Australia Gears Up for Safe Sex Campaign
(image) The increase of HIV cases in Australia has prompted the government to bring about new and effective campaigns against th

Risk of Hemorrhage Increased in Vaginally Born Babies
(image) A first study, appearing in the February issue of Radiology, to use Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to study the brains

MR Angiography Detects Blocked Arteries Accurately
(image) According to a study in the February issue of Radiology, a novel type of contrast-enhanced Magnetic Resonance (MR) Angio

Worldwide Parkinson's Cases To Double In Next 25 Years
(image) A new research finds that the number of individuals with Parkinson's disease in 15 of the world's largest nations will d

Treating Severe Malnutrition in Children
(image) The World Health Organization has said that, if its treatment guidelines are followed, the death rate in children admitt

Anemia Drugs to Be Taken With Caution
(image) A trial of Aranesp an anemia drug from Amgen Inc disclosed a rise in number of deaths especially in advanced cancer pati

Drop Patent Petition, Activists Ask Novartis
(image) Seeking to keep the price of a cancer drug affordable for masses, activists from several countries Monday gathered here

Now Prisoners To Promote Awareness On Aids
(image) A group of 25 prisoners serving life sentence in different Kerala jails will perform a three-hour programme before the p

Robot Nurses Ready For Hospitals 'In Three Years'
(image) Prototype robot nurses could be bustling around hospital wards in as little as three years, according to scientists in G

Germany's Therapeutic Mud Baths Have Healing Qualities
(image) At first glance, it is difficult to believe anyone would willingly get into a mud bath. But thousands of Germans bathe i

Dengue Fever Hits Indonesia, 75 Dead
(image) A seasonal dengue fever outbreak in 14 of Indonesia's 33 provinces has killed at least 75 people and afflicted over 4,80

New Findings In Breast Cancer
(image) Scientists in Canada have uncovered the role played by a gene associated with the spread of breast cancer.

Pill-Sized Robot Tests Tumours In Body
(image) Scientists have developed a pill-sized robot that can travel inside your body, can find if you have any tumours and tran

World Leprosy Day - Easing Pain and Giving Hope
(image) bi'The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted.' /i/b

Researchers On The Path To Building Bone
(image) UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham) researchers have developed a method to increase bone density in mice, a develo

Warming Up to a Winter Cold
(image) A cold and puffy nose, during winter is extremely common. Most people are down with at least two to five bouts a year. E

Good Oral Health Practices Should Begin in Infancy
(image) February is National Children's Dental Health Month and as the American Dental Association (ADA) kicks it off with its F

HIV Dementia Alarmingly High in Africa
(image) An international study led by Johns Hopkins suggests that the rate of HIV-associated dementia is so high in sub-Saharan

Shoppers Advised to Drop Foods Not Worth Their Salt
(image) Shoppers are being fed with healthy counsel about dropping salt-laden foods. The campaign group - Consensus Action on Sa

Sunbed, a Hotbed for Cancers
(image) Skin cancer amongst sunbed users has gone up three times in the last ten years, a recent insight has shown. Nearly 100 p

Wearing No-line Bifocals Slows Myopia Progression in Some Children
(image) Certain children who wear a special kind of no-line bifocal lenses show signs of slower progression of myopia than those

Sanitation and Science Prevent Norovirus Spread
(image) Aaron Margolin, professor of microbiology at the University of New Hampshire and director of UNH's Virus and Waterborne

Operations Put Off Due to Dearth of Clean Equipments
(image) There has been a forty percent increase in number of cases where operations have been cancelled in Great Britain. This h

To Patent or Not-A Question of Life
(image) Giant drug makers Novartis, is filing a petition against a court ruling that seeks to stop the patenting of one of its a

Cannabis may Hold a Key to Fight Obesity
(image) Britain's GW Pharma plans to conduct trials in humans to treat obesity from a drug derived from the plant Cannabis. This

Kiss - and Not Tell
(image) Trevis Smith, celebrity football player, is in the dock. The Canadian Football League linebacker and father of

HIV Tests to Be Made Mandatory for Karnataka Couples, Politicians
(image) Bangalore: Karnataka is planning to enact legislation to make HIV tests mandatory for couples planning to marry and for

TCS Signs Deal With Singapore's Parkway Hospitals
(image) New Delhi: India's leading IT firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Tuesday announced a (Dollor) 6 million strategic partnership

Rift Valley Fever Outbreak in Nairobi
(image) Rift valley Fever has been identified in at least ten districts of Nairobi. This was announced by the live stock ministe

Pure Gold can Cause Allergy
(image) Pure gold can produce allergy symptoms in some people, according to a researcher in Germany whose findings fly in the fa

Lethal Hospital Bug Tough to Knock Down, Statistics Reveal
(image) There is both good and bad news in the report released by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) of Britain. The

The Psyche Behind Drug Commercials
(image) Advertisements play a vital role in the life of common man. They are intended to boost the sale of any product from a sm

Not Just 'Bird' Flu Anymore- Avian Influenza Strikes Cats
(image) In a discovery that has put bird flu experts in a state of deep concern, an Indonesian scientist has identified an outbr

Young People Who Died Suddenly, Inexplicably Had Genetic Heart Defects
(image) In 49 young people who died suddenly and inexplicably at an average age of 14, conventional autopsies found no cause of

FDA Approves A New Pill For Treatment Of Acne
(image) FDA has approved a new drug, named YAZ, which can be used as an oral contraceptive for birth control and also for treati

Antipsychotic Drug Controls Some Symptoms in Autism Disorder
(image) Risperidone, a drug used to control schizophrenia symptoms, may also help treat behaviors found in autism spectrum disor

Cancer Among Young Adults is on a Raise: Report
(image) The American Cancer Society in its recent report says that cancers like colorectal, thyroid and testicular cancers are r

Latest Research on Insomnia/Narcolepsy
(image) A latest research shows promise for people suffering from insomnia, particularly narcolepsy - a chronic disorder by whic

World's Oldest Mother Admits Her Actual Age
(image) Carmela Bousada, the world's oldest mother admitted to a British newspaper that she lied to a U.S. Fertility clinic abou

Bacteria Harnessed as Micro-Robot Motors
(image) Normally we want to avoid having bacteria in our eyes, urethras, and spinal columns, but researchers at Carnegie Mellon

Creatine Supplement May Help People With Muscular Dystrophies
(image) Creatine, a popular nutritional supplement used by weightlifters and sprinters to improve athletic performance, could le

Kalam to Commission India's First Tele-Radiology Network
(image) Hyderabad: President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam will Thursday commission India's first tele-radiology network aimed at providing

Research on Human Metabolic Disorders
(image) The Bioengineering Researchers at UC San Diego, reporting their proceedings on PNAS Journal's website on January 29, hav

China Cracks the Whip on Pharmaceutical Companies Involved in Bribery
(image) China's Ministry of Health has embarked on a drive of ridding the pharmaceutical industry off corrupt practices. In a na

New Hope for Kidney Failure Patients
(image) To help progress and financially back the drug's development, the Florey and Starfish Ventures, a leading Australian ven

Drugs Policy, Turning a Blind Eye?
(image) Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) sufferers are not being enabled the treatment which would benefit their eyesight/

Different Treatments Needed For Breathing Problems
(image) Researchers have identified a particular gene that influences how severe a M. pneumoniae infection may be, which in turn

Exercise Has No Effect on Knee OA: Study
(image) A new study published in the February 2007 issue of Arthritis Care (and) Research examined the effects of physical activity

How Bacteria Generate Energy to Live?
(image) Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have discovered new details about how bacteria generate energy to live.

Giving Nitroglycerin During Labour Improves Babies' Health
(image) A Queen's-led study shows that giving nitroglycerin to women who enter labour early results in significant improvement t

Hormone Drug Type Makes Survival Difference in Advanced Breast Cancer
(image) Aromatase inhibitors, a type of hormone therapy used to treat advanced breast cancer in postmenopausal women, result in

Ten Percent of Tihar Jail Inmates are Drug Addicts
(image) New Delhi: Nearly 10 percent of jailbirds at Tihar jail, home to over 14,000 prisoners, are drug addicts, according to t

Esophageal Cancer Rates Climb With Obesity
(image) The rapidly climbing obesity rates in the United States have created a higher risk of esophageal cancer linked to reflux

Link Between Childbirth and Stress Incontinence Established
(image) An increase among women electing to have caesarean sections in recent years has been due in large part to a concern that

Meet the Youngest Sex Change Patient
(image) Germany - Meet the youngest sex change patient in the world, with the new name, Kim. Prior to the sex change, he was kno

Know the Protective Face of the Sun
(image) A new study has suggested something off the beaten track. While we have been told periodically about the link between sk

More Money to Flow for First Responders at Ground Zero
(image) It may be described as a 'drop in the bucket' by protesters, but the White House assures that more money will follow the

Grape Juice 'Good' for Heart
(image) It is well known that drinking red wine is better for cardiovascular health. Now, a new study from researchers at the Un

Allergan Introduces 'Dermal Filler' for Smile Lines
(image) Another good news for those who want to look young - a new line of injectable product, a latest from the maker of Botox

Greeks Cautioned About 'olive' Remedy for Cancer
(image) Greek government has warned its citizens against using olive pulp as treatment for cancer. This announcement came closel

Stakes Higher for Elderly Women Exposed to Air Pollution
(image) Post-menopausal women exposed to high concentrations of air pollutants, are at a higher risk of cardiovascular problems

World Must Act Quickly To Control Spread XDR-TB
(image) The world has "an opportunity to act quickly and prevent" the spread of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis, TB that

Scientists Reverse Mad Cow Disease in Mice
(image) In a significant finding the scientists have inverted the early symptoms of mad cow disease in mice. A team of scientist

Breast Growth in Boys and Herb Based Products-probable Link, Say Scientists
(image) A doctor played Sherlock Holmes to the hilt when he discovered a link between young boys with breasts and the products t