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No Smoking During Play Rehearsals: UK's Health Ministry Drops the Curtains
(image) Actors have come out in protest of a new smoking ban to hit the nation-and one that's aimed at them directly.

Child Brain Likely To Be Harmed By Stress
(image) According to a latest study, increased levels of stress experienced by children may hamper their brain. This study revea

'Braveheart'- Woman Becomes First to Climb Mountains After Heart Transplant
(image) Kelly Perkins is on top of the world, literally. The brave woman added another mountain to her basket of mou

AMA Wants Government Action To Make Models 'Models Of Good Health'
(image) As Australian Fashion Week activities commence around the country, the AMA is calling on the Federal Government to work

AMSA Hosts International Health Conference
(image) The Australian Medical Students' Association (AMSA) is hosting the 56th General Assembly of the International Federation

Tasmanian Car Smoking Ban Sets Good Example For Other Governments
(image) AMA President, Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, today welcomed the decision by the Tasmanian Government to ban smoking in cars carry

Routine Oxygen Administration in Heart Attack Victims, Challenged
(image) Oxygen is Nature's gift to man and indispensable, yet says a doctor, when administered without need, in a clinical situa

Alberta's Mental Health Act Welcomed
(image) Alberta government has planned to introduce an amendment to their Mental Health Act, which will make it simpler for ment

Not Having a Good Night's Sleep? -You Might Need a Check Up
(image) According to a study, a person who snores or wakes up several times in the night may be causing more harm to himself, an

Transcendental Meditation To The Rescue of Cardiac Patients
(image) According to a report published in Ethnicity (and) Disease (Winter 2007), transcendental meditation has a positive effect in

Childhood Obesity Linked to Early Puberty.
(image) Obese four year old girls are expected to reach puberty before their 10th birthday. This was revealed by a study in UK w

UK Indian Doctors Obtain Injunction Against New Rule
(image) Doctors of Indian origin obtained an unprecedented emergency injunction Sunday against a new criteria laid down by the D

Umbilical Cord Blood Banking of Negligible Value: Experts
(image) New Delhi: Several private companies have established umbilical cord blood banks in India saying they would be a life sa

Diabetes Threat Greater Than Feared
(image) The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has warned that the diabetes threat is greater than feared. The nu

Researchers Urge Regulators to Rethink Strategies for Soot Emission
(image) Carnegie Mellon University researchers say government officials need to adopt new ways of measuring and regulating the f

'Gypsies' and Travellers' Health Much Worse Than Other Vulnerable Groups
(image) The health of Gypsies and Travellers is significantly worse than that of other vulnerable groups, reveals research in th

Certain Drug Treatment Associated With Orofacial Clefts
(image) A new study has confirmed the orofacial cleft (OFC) inducing effect of phenytoin, carbamazepine, oxytetracycline, and th

Dance to De-stress
(image) Dance has been found to be more appropriate to de-stress oneself, than going to a gym or taking a stroll. "

Working Conditions of Teenage Workers Cause Anxiety
(image) A national study on teenage workers in the U.S. finds that teenagers use dangerous equipment or work long hours during t

New Device Offers Hope to Children With Chest, Spinal Deformities
(image) Two-year-old Ariana Martin had a rough start to life. A fraternal twin, she was born without four ribs on her left side

New Protocol Targets Aggressive Brain Cancer
(image) After 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, 50-year-old Joseph Wollschlager Jr. felt invincible. Until one day at work when

Study Finds Many Older Women Also Victims of Partner Violence
(image) About one in four women older than 65 has been the victim of physical, sexual or psychological violence at the hands of

J591- an Antibody Exclusively Targets Tumors
(image) A clinical trial confirms that an antibody called J591 specifically targets an antigen found in high amounts in prostate

New Surgical Technique Decreases Colorectal OR Time
(image) For patients with colorectal cancer who require the surgical removal of a part of their colon (colectomy), an experiment

Vaccines Effective in Preterm Babies too
(image) A recent study assures that vaccines for measles-mumps-rubella and varicella, or chicken pox, are equally effective in e

Multiple Course of Steroids Protects Preterm Baby's Lungs
(image) A recent study finds that repeated courses of steroids to women in preterm labor do not result in brain damage of the ba

Ticking Time Bomb of Scotland-diabetes
(image) Modernization has begun to demand or rather extract its pound of flesh. According to Scottish experts from E

Diplomat's Body To Be Exhumed For H5N1 Clues
(image) Exhumation of the body of a British diplomat who died due to Spanish flu in 1919 is likely to commence within the next f

Oxygen Treatment To Cardiac Patients Questioned
(image) The standard practice of giving oxygen to patients of heart attack was criticized by Professor Richard Beasley from Medi

Pilates-new Age Gimmick or More?
(image) Ever since Joseph Pilates invented this popular form of exercise, Pilates has been patronized by many including Hollywoo

Lifestyle Changes Suggested To Latin Americans
(image) The major risk factors for cardiovascular diseases in Latin Americans were outlined in a report in a journal called circ

Extreme Treatment for Obese Teens Becoming a Fad
(image) Bariatric surgery once considered the last resort treatment for morbidly obese adults with accompanying medical problems

Simple Act of Brushing Your Teeth can Trigger an Epileptic Fit, Say Experts
(image) Brushing your teeth can set off an epileptic fit, say researchers. Take heart, not many, at least in Australia, have a

Protein Blockade For HIV Infection
(image) Scientists have found out that langerin, a protein produced by the human genitalia may have contained the spread of HIV

Britain to Explore Opportunities in Bengal Medical Sector
(image) Kolkata: The British Healthcare Mission, a seven-member delegation visiting Kolkata, is exploring opportunities in the h

India, China Trying to Fight Disease With Nanotechnology
(image) Citing ongoing research in India, Brazil, China and South Africa, scientists say nanotechnology - science on the scale o

Children Find Effective Pain Relief With Ibuprofen
(image) Ibuprofen seems to score high as an effective pain reliever for children suffering severe musculoskeletal injuries, as c

Nepali Doctor Conferred Asian of the Year Award
(image) New Delhi: Sanduk Ruit, a Nepalese eye surgeon educated in India, was Monday conferred with the first Reader's Digest As

Cancer-hit Geelani to Travel Abroad for Specialized Treatment
(image) Kashmiri separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani, diagnosed with renal cancer, is awaiting his travel documents to go to

Body Mass Index may Not Reflect Fat Accurately
(image) The body mass index (BMI) may not reflect the accurate amount of fat in a human body, according to new research.

75 Filipinos Afflicted With TB Die Everyday
(image) The World Vision Foundation, Incorporated (WVFI), a Geneva-funded organization, appropriated (Dollor) 4.6 million dollars to fig

Yale Researchers Weigh the Science on Soft Drinks and Health
(image) Yale University researchers have released results of a study showing clearly that soft drinks are associated with increa

Triptolide: A Potential Drug for Polycystic Kidney Disease
(image) A treatment for polycystic kidney disease(PKD), a leading cause of fatal kidney failure worldwide, has been identified b

Gene Cell Test may Aid Early Lung Cancer Diagnosis
(image) Scientists have developed a test for the early diagnosis of lung cancer. They hope the analysis of which genes are switc

Children Under Stress Develop More Fevers
(image) Children whose parents and families are under ongoing stress have more fevers with illness than other children. The stud

Nigerian Programme Increases Polio Immunisation
(image) An initiative to increase polio vaccination in Nigeria has been a success, but continued commitment from the government

Four-way Dengue Vaccine a 'success', Say Scientists
(image) Researchers in the United States have developed a method that could lead to a single vaccine against all four types of t

Prescribing Off Label Drugs for Children may Be Hazardous
(image) A recent pediatric study finds that nearly four out of five hospitalized children receive medications that have been tes

Mental Health Conditions Could Be Detected With Blood Tests
(image) A University of Iowa study has revealed that it may be possible to detect certain mental health conditions like panic di

All Forms of Ill Treatment Cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-PTSD
(image) A study report based on detainee interrogations finds that forms of ill treatment during captivity that do not involve p

Genetic Tests to Reveal 'substance Abuse' Tendencies
(image) Studying the genetic make-up using blood samples to detect certain diseases, with a view to customizing treatment, has b

Club and Bar Owners may Sell Laughing Gas at Their Own Risk
(image) Reports that nitrous oxide is being sold to party goers at night clubs has prompted authorities to issue a warning to or

DU Test Finds UK Troops Uranium Free
(image) A test developed by a team led by a University of Leicester geologist was recently used by the UK government's Independe

Assam Reports HIV Suicides, Treatment a Distant Dream
(image) At least a dozen HIV-positive people have committed suicide in Assam in the last few months while hundreds of others are

India to Beat Blindness Elimination Target by 2015: Health Minister
(image) Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss has said that India, home to 12 million blind people, will achieve its blindness elimi

Flood of Fake Drugs Must Be Stopped, Warns UN
(image) The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) - an independent body that monitors the implementation of the United Na

Blood Tests may Be Possible for Mental Health Conditions
(image) Blood tests for panic disorder and other mental health conditions are potentially around the corner, based on results

UNESCO Launches HIV/AIDS Education Kit in Nepal to Combat Epidemic
(image) With almost 100,000 people in impoverished Nepal living with the HIV virus that causes AIDS, the United Nations Educatio

Type 1 Diabetes Linked to Pancreatic Cancer
(image) It's already been established that type 2 diabetes increases the risk of pancreatic cancer. And now, research indicates/

Weed Killer Plays a Pivotal Role in Those With Genetic Vulnerability to Parkinson's
(image) Scientists have come out with a find that may make people even more wary of using agricultural chemicals in their garden

Whole Grain Breakfasts Linked to Lower Heart Failure Risk
(image) In an epidemiological study of 10,469 cereal-eating physicians taking part in the Physicians' Health Study, those who at

Researchers Design Pulsed Mircrojet System to Deliver Protein Drugs Without Pain or Bruising
(image) Santa Barbara, California - March 6, 2007 -- A team of UCSB researchers, in collaboration with colleagues from UC Berkel

Targeting SOCS-3 can Control Obesity
(image) A new research demonstrates how obesity causes the breakdown of a brain system that regulates appetite. The study also p

Gene Hunters at Johns Hopkins Close In On Lou Gehrig's Disease
(image) In the first genomewide search for the genetic roots of the most common form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Johns Hop

Ovarian Cancer May Mimic Fallopian Tube Formation
(image) A new study suggests that ovarian cancer cells form by hijacking a developmental genetic process normally used to form f

New Study Suggests Special Cocoa may Lead to Sustained Improvement in Blood Vessel Function
(image) Drinking a specially-made cocoa beverage daily may have the potential to reverse impairments in the functioning of blood

Scientists Explore Ways to Reduce Insulin Resistance by 'handcuffing' Genes
(image) Scientists from the renowned Salk Institute for Biological Studies, have discovered that silencing a gene for a peptide

Same Areas of the Brain Prepare for and Respond to a Stimulus, Say Experts
(image) Scientists have smashed preconceived notions of brain function in the field of conducting tasks that involve spatial pro

Scientists Enlist Worms to Discover New Therapies for Huntington's Disease
(image) Scientists from UAH are working with the U.S army to find clues that may help to build therapies for Huntington's dise

UCI Scientists Reconstruct Migration of Avian Flu Virus
(image) UC Irvine researchers have combined genetic and geographic data of the H5N1 avian flu virus to reconstruct its history o

Sword Removed from Thai Teenager's Face
(image) Doctors at the Chulalongkorn Hospital here removed a 60-cm-long sword that had been thrust through the nose cavity of a

Eat Chillies, Burn Fat
(image) Chillies could help burn fat, says a study that adds to a weight of evidence on the health benefits of capsaicin, the co

Researchers Discover Gene Essencial to Cerebellum Formation
(image) A study published this week in the scientific journal PNAS provides new information on the origin of different cells in

Research Finds Why Omega-3 is Able to Improve Our Mood
(image) A study done in University of Pittsburgh at Budapest, Hungary found some interesting results. Omega-3 fatty acids, found

Scientists Genetically Engineer Tomatoes With Enhanced Folate Content
(image) Leafy greens and beans aren't the only foods that pack a punch of folate, the vitamin essential for a healthy start to

Jaya Cracked Ankle at 'Drona' Sets
(image) Mumbai, Actress and Rajya Sabha MP Jaya Bachchan, who was seen visibly limping at a film awards function recently, had b

US Consulate to Start Hyderabad Operations Next Year
(image) The proposed US consulate in Hyderabad will start operations in a makeshift location by early next year and is expected

Moderate Quake Injures 35 in Iran
(image) Earthquake in Tehran,Iran, has injured at least 35 people who need medical treatment. Several bulidings were destroyed

Pilot Crashes Himself, Daughter, into House
(image) Police suspect that a plane accident that left a father and young daughter dead in the mid-west state of Indiana may be

Patient Sets Medical Counsellor on Fire
(image) A medical college counsellor set afire by his patient Tuesday is fighting for his life at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Me

370,000 AIDS Cases in Russia
(image) About 370,000 Russians are found HIV positive during 2006 and, among them, over 1,000 children carried the infection fro

For an Anthrax Free Smailholm, Decontamination Operation Begins
(image) Remanence of anthrax spores in Smailholm and the border areas has raised the concern of NHS Borders, instigating a decon

Atkin's Low-carb Diet Best for Weight Loss
(image) A study conducted by Stanford University finds that women on the Atkins low-carbohydrate diet lose more weight than thos

Diminishing Differences and Empowering Eves
(image) bi"Woman was taken out of man; Not out of his head to top him, Nor out of his feet to be trampled unde

Glucocorticoid in 'bad Light' During Fertility Treatment
(image) Netherlands - Recent findings by Dutch researchers suggest that the hormone glucocorticoids may not be as beneficial as

Simon Cowell Has No Sympathy For Britney Spears Mental Health Problems
(image) New York, 'American Idol' judge Simon Cowell has no sympathy for troubled singer Britney Spears and says singers' recent

Sleep Problems of Women
(image) A new study on sleep patterns in American women found that most of them had insufficient sleep which in turn reflected o

Fired HIV-infected Soldiers to Get Back Their Jobs
(image) Mexico City- Mexico's Defense Services will be bound by a Supreme Court order that will require them to re-instate HIV-i

International Conference On Thoracic Cancer To Be Held In Jordan
(image) Jordan is to host a symposium on Thoracic cancer, reportedly the countries number one cancer killer. The conference is s

Autism Affects Half a Million Australians -Survey Reveals Startling Facts
(image) Australia's first national autism study has grim facts to state. The study estimates that more than 10, 000 children age

Pass the Orange Tomato Sauce Please
(image) Next time you load on the sauce, onto your pizza or spaghetti, make sure it's made from orange tomatoes, not the usual r

Government Tries To Change Nursery Admission Cut Off Age
(image) The Delhi High Court on Wednesday rejected to consider Delhi government's plea to change the cut-off age for nursery adm

Biologists Trace Cause Of Early Blindness To Tissue Defect
(image) Researchers at Texas A (and) M University are shedding light on a rare form of early blindness, identifying the cells involved

FDA Decision Encourages Lamictal Generics
(image) As the FDA cannot approve an abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) for a listed drug that has been withdrawn due to re

Major Gene Study Uncovers Secrets of Leukemia
(image) Investigators at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital have discovered previously unsuspected mutations that contribute

Wet Distiller's Grains Could Play a Role in Cattle Diets
(image) CANYON -- Wet sorghum distiller's grains can be fed in a steam-flaked corn ration without affecting efficiencies, said t

U.S. Child Health System Needs Total Overhaul
(image) When it comes to health care for our kids, we live in a hardscrabble world that is only going to get tougher. That is th

Doctors Not Drowsy When Treating Women's Sleep Issues
(image) A new survey confirms that pulmonary/critical care physicians are knowledgeable about women's sleep issues and are activ

'Mesothelioma'- Trouble Under the Asbestos Roof
(image) In the sixties many schools and homes were housed under asbestos roofs. The children of the sixties, the baby boomer gen

Cardiology Department, Need of the Hour at Mackay Base Hospital
(image) A Queensland Health communique released yesterday has indicated the need for a cardiac department in Mackay. The report