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Erectile Dysfunction Drugs can Now Treat Various Other Conditions
(image) Erectile dysfunction drugs such as phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitors can also be used to treat various other conditions like diabetes, cancer, urinary tract symptoms, and pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Environmental Pollutants and Genes May Up Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis
(image) Environmental factors and genes are linked to increase the risk for rheumatoid arthritis, which can further lead to bone destruction.

Why Kids with Asthma Miss their Medications?
(image) Lack of communication among patients, families and pediatric clinicians had lead kids with asthma to miss their regular dose of medication. Therefore, there is a need to improve communication among caregivers.

Healthy Ingredients Like Kale, Beetroot Introduced in Gourmet Dishes
(image) As people are becoming more health conscious, ingredients like kale, beetroot and and quinoa are now being introduced in many restaurants.

Mobile App to Promote Car Seat Safety for Children
(image) Parents reported more effective use of child car seat practices with the new innovative smartphone app in a study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Brain Processes Sight and Sound in Same Manner: New Study
(image) Previously, brain was thought to process both sight and sound differently. However, scientists have found that using four different techniques, said that the brain processes sight and sound in the same manner.

DeepDDI: New Technology Helps Predict Drug-drug and Drug-food Interactions
(image) Developing a deep learning-based computational framework called as DeepDDI can help predict and generate interactions for drug-drug or drug-food constituent pairs.

Why Antimalarial Drugs Have Become Ineffective?
(image) Prohibitin protein present in the mitochondrion of the malaria parasite is the cause for making drugs ineffective in humans.There is a need to develop new drugs, which can help disable the protein.

Here's Why Autism Kids are at Risk of Inflammation
(image) Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) children have immune system deregulation that increases inflammation and alters gut microbiota and can cause certain gastrointestinal diseases.

Why Don't Women Gain Weight as Fast as Men Do?
(image) Women have been found to have increased activity/ firing in POMC neurons (weight control regulating neurons) in the brain. This firing of neurons is much faster than the man's brain and is regulated by a specific TAp63 gene.

Low Testosterone Levels Linked to Increased Risk Of Long-Term Disease
(image) Low Testosterone Levels Could Put You At Increased Risk Of Long-Term Diseases, finds a new study.

Liver Transplantation Done On a 6.5 Kg Baby: Surgeon Shares Insights
(image) Liver transplant was done on baby Ram at Apollo hospital. His parents had little hope of seeing their baby healthy again, but Dr. Darius F Mirza gave the family a second chance. The surgeon shares exclusive insights of the experience.

New Effective Way to Deliver Anti-Cancer Drugs
(image) A new drug delivery method has been developed using nanotubes, which is found to be effective in delivering anti-cancer drugs by reducing the side effects in cancer patients.

Potential to Beat Obesity at the Cellular Level
(image) Study has determined the first crystal structure for a neuropeptide Y receptor which acts as a switch to control obesity.

Nanodisc Based Delivery of Cancer Immunotherapy Drugs
(image) Novel platform for chemo-immunotherapy eliminated colon cancer in 85 percent of treated mice

Dopamine Plays a Role in Allowing Organisms to Avoid Negative Events
(image) New study illuminates crucial links between avoidance behavior and key brain chemicals.

Treating Psoriasis With a Compound from Immune Cells
(image) Compound from immune cells may be effective against other autoimmune diseases, shows study.

Attacking Melanoma With a Combination Therapy
(image) Study findings have implications for treating tumors lacking tumor suppressor gene PTEN.

Proteomics in Cancer Research
(image) A collective of research that have used novel proteomics methods to address unanswered questions in cancer.

Artificial Mole Helps Detect Cancer Early
(image) A genetic network implanted under the skin can help detect four types of cancers like lung, prostate, colon, and breast cancer early, where an artificial mole on the skin is grown.

Injury Rates are High in People Released from Prison
(image) Mental illness and substance use problems in people released from prison are at a higher rate compared to the general community, finds a new study.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Babies may Now Stand a Chance With the New Drug
(image) An experimental Drug - RG7916 shows promise in treating babies with spinal muscular atrophy, finds a new study. These patients can usually survive for up to 10.5 months otherwise.

New Research Finds that ACL Tears Occur the Same Way in Men and Women
(image) Previous research had suggested women are more susceptible to anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears because their knees move differently but a new research reveals that ACL injuries occur the same way in men and women.

Liver Function Abnormalities Higher in Young Adults
(image) Younger adults who lead a sedentary lifestyle, along with an imbalanced diet are at increased risk of liver function abnormalities.

World Record in Laparoscopic Surgery by Doctors at AMU
(image) Laparoscopic surgery was successfully done on a 244 days old girl, setting a new Guinness World Record by doctors at the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

Risk of Irregular Heart Beat Higher With Obesity
(image) Obesity may up the risk of developing a rapid and irregular heart rate, called atrial fibrillation, leading to stroke, heart failure and other complications, says a study.

New Protein That Can Fight Aggressive Breast Cancer Discovered
(image) A protein that is strongly linked with metastatic breast cancer, which could be a possible target for future therapies has been identified.

Eating Fatty Fish Lowers Risk of Heart Disease
(image) Eating fatty foods and camelina oil increases the amount of good cholesterol reducing the risk of heart disease.

Marriage Decreases Risk of Skin Cancer Death
(image) Marital status is associated with earlier presentation of localized melanoma, revealed study.

Statins Cut Death Risk in People With High LDL Cholesterol Levels
(image) Patients with higher LDL cholesterol levels are likely to experience even greater health benefits from taking statins and some of the newer cholesterol drugs.

Over 95% of World's Population Breathing Unhealthy Air: Study
(image) India and China jointly contributing to over 50 per cent of global deaths attributed to pollution, found report

Kitchen Cabinets can Emit Cancer-causing Chemicals
(image) Polychlorinated biphenyl compounds (PCBs), which are widely considered carcinogenic, are unwanted byproducts of sealant breakdown in modern kitchen cabinetry.

Effect of Spaceflight on Human Skeletal Muscle
(image) Inactivity of astronauts during spaceflights may have more pronounced effect on skeletal muscle than hypoxia (lack of oxygen), stated study.

Smart Health: New App to Track Diabetes in Rural India
(image) An innovative smartphone app developed could enable community health workers track the growing burden of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, especially in the rural areas.

Study Highlights Effect of Anesthesia on Children
(image) Intelligence, memory and several other measures of brain function were similar among children who received anesthesia and did not, revealed study.

What's New in Breast Cancer Brain Metastases Treatment
(image) By using immune system, researchers are finding ways to improve treatment for patients with breast cancer brain metastases.