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Low Fitness Associated With Higher Degree of Inflammation
(image) Excess abdominal fat may increase the risk of chronic system inflammation and metabolic diseases.

Antibodies Show Effectiveness for HIV Prevention
(image) Combinations of three broadly neutralizing antibodies have yielded promising results in animal models of HIV prevention.

Long Term Vaping Has No Adverse Health Impacts
(image) Regular use of e-cigarettes does not have any negative health impact on smokers.

Internet may Have Influenced Our Opinion on Religion
(image) Frequent Internet use may decrease the affiliation with a single religious tradition.

People Play Online Games to De-Stress
(image) Playing online games will help you relax and calm down. Apart from metros cities, users from tier-II cities are the most active online gamers.

AIIMS Started CBCT Scan Facility to Improve Dental Care
(image) AIIMS has started Cone Beam CT (CBCT) scan facility that will give dental surgeons a 3D image of the patient's jaw before the actual surgery is performed.

Simple Cell Carry 42 Million Protein Molecules
(image) Predicting diseases could improve with new 'reliable' count of cell proteins, researchers say.

Simple, Swallowable Test for Early Detection of Barrett's Esophagus
(image) Rapid, minimally invasive and cost-effective swallowable balloon device , can now be used to identify cancer of the esophagus.

Family History of Heart Disease Increases Risk of Cardiac Problems
(image) Individuals with a positive family history of heart disease in first-degree relatives are genetically at an increased risk of acquiring cardiovascular diseases.

Get, Set and Goal Your Fitness Resolution
(image) Make health your no.1 priority this year. Make a few lifestyle changes to bring desired results in fitness this year.

Chemotherapy with Jaundice Treating Drug Alerts Immune System Against Cancer
(image) Chemotherapy combined with experimental drugs found to reduce tumor growth significantly by stimulating the immune system.

Milk Formula Containing Prebiotics may Improve Baby's Developmental Skills
(image) Feeding prebiotics in combination with milk formula early in life may have a positive impact on the cognition and other developmental skills in babies.

Black Death may Have Been Spread by Humans, Not Rats
(image) Black death pandemic may have been caused by humans and not rats. Human ectoparasites were primary vectors for plague during the Second Pandemic.

Writing Down Traumatic Experiences Reduces Symptoms of Stress
(image) Five sessions of Written Exposure Therapy for Post traumatic Stress Disorder was as effective as 12 sessions of the usual Cognitive Processing Therapy.

Loss of Muscle Strength and Mass Slows Down Walking Speed in Elderly
(image) The decline in walking can lead to a less active lifestyle and can lower the 10-year survival rate for people at age 75.

Special Protein That Works To Extend Life
(image) Klotho proteins bind to a family of hormones, designated endocrine FGFs, that regulate critical metabolic processes.

Blood Cancer Precursor may Increase the Risk of Cancer Even after 30 Years
(image) Patients with Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance (MGUS) are at a risk of developing into multiple myeloma or a similar disorder.

Presurgical Targeted Therapy can Delay Recurrence of High-risk Stage 3 Melanoma
(image) A presurgical treatment for melanoma using targeting therapies can delay the rate of relapse and progression of stage 3 metastatic melanoma.

Depression Before A Heart Surgery Can Increase Risk of Death
(image) Depression symptoms in older adults before heart surgery to replace a damaged aortic valve can increase the risk of death within a year.

How Does the Brain Remember Special Occasions?
(image) Strong neural activity in the hippocampus associated with repeated words, but not novel words, was deemed evidence of activity related to episodic memory.

Birth Control Pills for Men from Arrow Poison Coming Soon
(image) There are a range of contraceptive pills for women while there few for men. A plant extract is soon to be used with another protein to develop pills.

Mid-brain Circuits may Regulate Speed and Gait While Walking
(image) Two regions in the mid-brain play specific roles in controlling the start, speed and context dependent selection of walking.

Ways to Strengthen Immunity against Skin Cancer Identified
(image) New ways to unmask melanoma cells to immune cells have been identified by recent research. This new therapy has been put forward for phase-1 of clinical trial.

Radical Change in the Way Alzheimer's Disease is Characterised
(image) Contrary to what was believed, neuronal and synaptic loss is relatively limited in Alzheimer's disease.

Gastric Bypasses, a Better Option for Patients With Gastric Acid Reflux
(image) Gastric bypasses and sleeve gastrectomy operations to combat morbid obesity perform similarly.

Cancer Therapy: The Double-edged Sword
(image) Co-mingling of tumor cell debris from radiation and chemotherapy and living tumors cells resulted in 100 times more accelerated tumor growth.

Cannabis Abuse Associated with Negative Emotionality
(image) Cannabis abuse (CA) is associated with psychopathology, including negative emotionality and higher risk of psychosis, particularly with early age of initiation.

Microsoft Patent Highlights Mind Control For Apps
(image) Sensor-equipped headbands could leverage neurological data to allow users to open and operate apps with just their thoughts.