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Overweight Women are at Greater Risk for Breast Cancer
(image) Women with higher body mass index (BMI) need an early mammography to detect breast tumor, as most of them tend screen only after it becomes larger than 2 centimeters (cm).

FDA Approved Drug, Sunitinib can Prevent Recurrence of Advanced Renal Cell Cancer
(image) The US FDA has approved sunitinib for adult patients who had undergone removal of kidney affected with renal cell cancer and at high risk for recurrence.

Body's Natural Defenses Help Fight Against Klebsiella Pneumoniae
(image) Natural killer cells, which are the important cells of the innate immune system can control the growth of Klebsiella during lung infection.

New Biomarkers Can Predict Risk of Death in Ebola Patients
(image) Newly identified biomarkers can indicate if the patients with Ebola virus would live or die and also predict the patients who are more at risk.

Novel Antenatal DNA Screening for Down's Syndrome is Safer And More Accurate
(image) A novel approach to antenatal DNA screening of Down's syndrome and two other serious chromosomal disorders is safer, more accurate and less stressful.

Here's Why Immune Cells Become Defective
(image) Effector T-cells become impaired due to undifferentiated naive T-cells that are been affected by cancer, which keeps the fighter cells from doing their job.

Manganese Based Mn-PyC3A may Take Over MRI Contrast Agents
(image) Imaging compound produces comparable image enhancement to the standard of care with rapid clearance, less likelihood of toxicity.

E-cigarettes During Pregnancy Can Cause Cleft Palate in Babies
(image) E-cigarettes pose health risks despite being widely considered a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Vaping during pregnancy causes facial defects in fetus

Social Media Can Help Rule Out Prescription Drug Abuse
(image) Many people who are addicted to drugs seek help from peer support groups on Facebook and other social media to quit the habit.

Heritable Changes in Gene Function may Weaken Immune System
(image) The immune system can fight almost any infection by creating customised antibodies for the particular infection which is influenced by genes.

Sampling Tumor DNA in the Blood Improves Cancer Treatment Outcomes
(image) Genomic variation in tumor tissues can be a barrier to precision medicine, suggests new study.

Tumor Cells Can be Inhibited with Enterococcus Faecalis-2001
(image) Enterococcus faecalis 2001 acts as an anti-Tumor and improves immune response, which can suppress the growth of Sarcoma-180 cells completely.

New Mechanisms of Immune System Can Help Treat Allergies
(image) A previously unknown mechanism can now be used to device treatment for allergies, inflammatory diseases triggered by the immune system.

Cadherin-22, Key Protein Responsible for Low Oxygen Tumors Found
(image) Drugs can now be targeted to block cadherin-22 protein a key protein responsible for cancer spread found a new study

New Strategy for Vaccination Against AIDS
(image) A potential vaccine consisting of two components which boost the immune system and then fights the virus was tested in monkeys.

Stroke Treatment Based On Brain Cells of Hibernating Ground Squirrels
(image) Drugs that induce a cellular process can help brain cells survive a stroke-induced lack of oxygen and glucose could dramatically improve patient outcomes.

Probiotics Can Control High Blood Pressure
(image) Intestinal bacteria can control the development of high blood pressure and stop a high-salt diet from inducing inflammatory response.

Computational Model That Simulates Arrhythmias That Lead to Cardiac Death
(image) Computational tool could uncover molecular underpinnings of rare, deadly arrhythmias.

Here's Why Degeneration in Alzheimer's Disease Occurs
(image) Neurodegeneration that occurs due to Alzheimer's disease has been understood as to why only some regions of the regions are strongly affected than the others.

Multi-player Games can be a Good Rehabilitative Tool
(image) Multi-player games can boost rehabilitation performance in physically impaired patients found a new study

Computer Program Uncovers a Novel Drug Approach to Treat Ovarian Cancer
(image) Computer program suggests that pain meds could be the new therapy regimen for epithelial ovarian cancer.

Safer Opioids can be Developed Without Respiratory Side Effects
(image) By avoiding respiratory suppression side effect activating pathway, safer opioids can now be produced

Guidelines for the Health Assessment of Endocrine Disruptors
(image) The EU Commission jointly commissioned the two European authorities to prepare common guidelines as to how the hazard-based criteria can be implemented practically.